End Daylight Savings in the US

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  1. Who want's to sign this petition? I have found that Daylight Savings has long since past it's usefulness. If you agree, sign!
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  2. I hope you don't get enough signatures cause if Sweden have to suffer through that meaninglessness then so shall US!!!! Mohahhahaahha
  3. What is daylight savings even.... *^*
  4. Its when you turn back or forth the clock one hour. This is done every half year in some countries, it has something to do with the sun so that there will be light at the right time or somethin like that. I don't even know. Its kind of ridiculous and messes up peoples sleep habits!!! I hate when I have to adjust to go up an hour earlier Dx

    Here you can read:
  5. Oh my goodness. Daylight Saving Time is such nonsense. I mean, I don't mind falling back in fall, but springing forward? It's the worst.

    Although, I don't really have a set sleep habit, so really I just like having a reason for not getting enough sleep. XD
  6. Wow that sucks. D: lucky I live in a tropical area XD
  7. It's not an issue to me, and it works fine in a nordic climate.
  8. Daylight savings time is a relic from the days when you didn't have electricity on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and didn't live near the equator or in Alaska, and only exists because some people can't be assed to get up earlier on their own. ._. I mean, you want to wake up earlier in the fall so you make EVERYBODY get up earlier with you? Fuck you, mang.
  9. We could get rid of this.. as well as go ahead with a 24 hour clock.. make it less confusing to try and translate between the 12 hour and 24 hour clocks at work.. the 12 hour clock I all so sorta passed it's usefulness..

    Everything paperwork wise and on bags of chicken and cans or any products is all ways done in 24 hour time..
  10. Unfortunately, as I do not live in the U.S.A., my signature would be probably useless even though I agree with this petition. Daylight savings is just out of date, not to mention that I have read somewhere that D.S.T. does not help to reduce the costs of providing electricity to the populance at large. I really have no idea why this practice is in effect in many countries as it just messes with one's sleeping schedule.
  11. Daylight Savings is pointless. Some have tried to cite environmental reasons for its continued existence, and yet studies that followed concluded there to be virtually zero benefit.

    For my sanity, and my sleep schedule, I implore our government to stop screwing around and finally get rid of this useless bane.

  12. Daylight savings is stupid.

    Daylight in general is stupid.