Encounters with drunken people

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  1. So, depending on your age and where you live in, you've most likely come across a few drunk people. If not, you probably will. Everyone does, and everyone has an interesting story to tell about said drunken folk. Here's a little story about what happened with me last night.

    So one of my best friends works at a coffee shop in our city's University District. In exchange for bringing him food, helping him close and driving him home I often get free drinks (I also get free drinks from all the other baristas as well because I have them make me whatever they feel like it, and that seems to bring them a little bit of delight). Usually I hang out at the counter and chatter with him and whoever else is working there, going back to my group of friends who sit at the bar table a few steps behind me. Now, this is a slightly unusual coffee shop because it closes at midnight. So around 8-12 we can get a lot of really strange people and a lot of extremely drunken people (especially on a Friday). Anywhoo, I had my first encounter with a drunk person that wasn't obnoxious or absolutely dreadful.

    He came in, absolutely overwhelmed. I think he was somewhere in his mid 30's to early 40's? His eyes, extremely red and glossy. The guy orders something and I'm still standing there talking to my bro. The man introduces himself (and I cannot, for the life of my remember his name) and tells me that, even though I probably don't care, that he just sold his ENTIRE gallery today. Everything. All of it. Every single painting sold. I actually found is extremely fascinating, but he is totally overwhelmed by it and has absolutely no idea what to do. Now we could tell he was a little drunk because at times he made no sense (and he said he stood at the back of his gallery the entire time, drinking beer). Then he looks to me and my barista friend and starts telling us of his screenplay. Absolutely marvelous. Brilliant. Dark, twisted and beautiful at the same time. The man is actually a genius for once. I usually come across drunks who hit on my female friends or wave their arms calling my barista friend and I gay.

    After explaining his play he started to size my friend and I up. The man turns to me and said that I would be a perfect Lucas. I was INSANELY flattered. Even gave the man my e-mail address for if he actually wanted to go through with turning his play into a reality. So after a bit of acting that he tries to get us to do, he starts to get overwhelmed again by all the compliments we're giving his play. He starts to say something at one point, but becomes much too overwhelmed and leaves the cafe. I thought he was probably gone.

    A few minutes later I head out to my car to get my eraser so that I could join my friends behind me with some sketches. Whilst coming back, I see the man slouched outside the cafe. He had lost his bag with his passport. I spend about 40 minutes trying to help him find it, listening to his story about how he's tired of always messing up and how he thinks that he is probably a future homeless person. At one point it becomes extremely depressing when he says; "What good is it being a genius when you're so screwed up?" That kind of got to me.

    We never found his bag, and I even let him call his husband (who hung up on him). Eventually he calmly told me I should go back to my friends, even though I said I'd be willing to run around the block and check in all the bushes, just in case (it was 11PM by then). But he insisted.

    I'm a little afraid he actually slept on the street last night, but I have to say, he was the most fascinating, and brilliant drunken persons I have ever come across. I do kind of hope he tries to keep in touch.

    So, have you come across an interesting, fascinating or just plain strange drunk person before? I'd love to hear your stories.

  2. Well.... *Turns and looks at Kitti*


    Kitti got so drunk during my wedding vacation that I had to take the booze away to hide it on a shelf in the laundry room. She's short and I figured she wouldn't be able to get it. But she climbed on top of the washer and dryer and got it anyway. And then she exorcist barfed everywhere! >:D Purple vodka barf.

    I had to take off all her clothes. >:3

  3. :[ The only drunk people I've ever met were my high school friends (at the ONE party I was invited to) and my Grandma. My Grandma has the more interesting story >_>

    So, my family and friends of the family were all hanging out, when my mother decides it would be a brilliant idea to invite over my Grandma so she can converse and get out of her house. My Grandmother was well on her way to being senile at the time. Things seemed fine for the first bit. Grandma didn't talk much, but seemed happy-ish. I don't know WHAT possessed my mother, but she gave my Grandma booze. Lots of it :[

    So my Grandma, her system swimming in alcohol and her mind not being able to comprehend where the fuck she is anymore, starts to think that we are all in her house. And she wants us to leave. She kicks my Dad's friend out of the house, so he and my Dad head out to the garage to wait her out. She tells me that she wants me to stay and live with her, because my parents are evil monsters who are trying to hurt me :[ . She kicks my friend out of the house, so I take her over to the park across the street to wait her out.

    The next thing I know, there is a police cruiser parked outside my house, and they take my Grandma away. Going in I ask what the fuck happened? Apparently my grandma had grabbed a knife and threatened my Dad's friend's wife, forcing my mother to call 911.

    :[ Moral of the story? Don't give your senile grandmother alcohol.

  4. A friend and I one night in Mainz (Small town about twenty minutes from Hamburg) We're so *Bezoffen that our vocabulary had dropped to one word, Doner (there are supposed to be Umlauts over the o but i don't have a character map.) so for the next hour and a half we two man drunken support stumbled all over Mainz, so shithoused that we were bilingual, and managed to find someone who could point us to a Doner stand.

    It was daylight once we got back to post.

    *Bezoffen; when the Germans have to come up with a word for how dick-shittingly drunk you are, you know you had a great time.
  5. I had an interesting encounter once which made me a bit richer xD

    In my hometown there is not many people that get drunk (it is a reeeaaally small town where nothing happens.. EVER) But I go in school in the city and once when I waited for the buss home I sat down in a park, because I didn't feel like sitting an hour and just watching buss's passing by.

    So I sat there and listened to music and all of a sudden a old man (around 60 I think) sat down on the bench I were sitting on and started to talk to me. I didn't want to be rude so I just smiled and said "hey" when he said hey to me. He had a bag of beer with him and he walked like if he were a bit drunk so I am pretty certain he were drunk x3

    Anyways, he suddenly started to talk about his life and all that and told me all the time that he weren't a pervert or anything like that, he told me about his dead wife and a lot of things and I sat there and just thought 'I shouldn't be talking to a stranger, and definitely not a drunk stranger, but it would be a bit rude to just leave' Me and my manners xD

    He then started to talk about that he had a lot of money, and if I ever needed money I could just ask him. It felt a bit weird but I sat there and nodded and just tried to look like I weren't a bit uncomfortable with a stranger talking to me.

    After some time I told him that my bus were coming soon so I had to go, and when I started to walk he told me to wait and took up a 100 crown bill (around 14.9 US dollar) I told him that I didn't need money and I had my own money but then he said "I don't care, just take the money, buy ice cream, buy flowers, just take the money"

    So I took the money and said thanks and then walked to the bus, when I stood and waited for the bus that wouldn't come for another 40 minutes I called my friend and told her what had happened then she told me to come to where she were to I could treat her to an ice cream xD hahaha

    It was a interesting encounter, I hope it doesn't happen again xD I'm not good with strangers xD