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  1. The Hero's conquered all Wicked in the land and banished them away to a secured island bound my magical boundaries and limits impossible to be breached or left from the inside... The children of the Wicked One's lived a life in a joined banishment with that of their parent's. One day it is decreed by the King and a select group of Hero's children that a set amount of children of the Wicked One's would be sent to attend Enchantsia Academy where all the children of hero's and those of the good attend. A second chance. They will be faced with the choices of good over evil and that of the drama's and issues of being a teenager and the fates they wish.. Romance.. Drama.. Magic.. Choices. They will all be tested by their bonds with another and the strength they have in themselves. In the end they will be asked to on Fate's Day to sign , Delevore , The enchanted book.. This book contains the fates they can follow in the steps of their parents to become precisely like them. They all must sign if signed they have chosen to follow in their parent's steps or not to sign and choose their own path in life. Write their own story.. Make their own path... Meet Fate.

    Will you follow the path destined , or choose your own fate?

    Now... Are tale begins in the town of the Wicked.. A new chance begins for them whilst the Hero's ultimately prepare to accept them in as one of them.

    Our tale begins... A day in the lives of the Hero's and Villain's.

    ~ The Island of the Wicked ~

    ~ Lizzie Heart ~

    Lizzie scaled atop the roof tops as the heel's of her black leather boot's clattered with each movement. Just another day she wished she could say that still.. Today , she and many of the other Misfit's were to be shipped off to attend Enchantisa Academy by a decree. She wasn't sure whether to be happy or not over such.. She all but sighed a bit as she made a sprint atop the roof only to jump off the edge and grab hold of a laundry rope as it swung down low with her held to it. She released the rope and jumped down with nimble ease to the ground below as she whipped her hair back over her shoulder. It was time to just forget about all these dumb worries.. At that her lips curved into a devious grin as people backed away at just passing near her as she stepped in close to one." Boo." In that moment the boy yipped and ran off as quick as his damn legs could take him. She laughed as her eyes glimmered at the action taken.. Mommy dearest sure had set her path into being feared and she couldn't help but love all the little perks that came with it. Stealing , crashing , no rule's and ultimate freedom. Which left her mind to wonder where the rest of her little crew was off at or hiding from the impending doom as she roamed the streets in search of them with a slight commanding strut in her step as she went on looking for them to prepare for the bloody madness ahead as her hair lit like fire against the sunlight.

    ~ Alissia B. Beastly ~
    "Your highness? Could you please turn around?" Alissia's head shot up quickly as she broke her gaze away from the window.. Her thoughts had strayed away as she thought of day to come as she watched the Island. Only days ago had her father the King.. Asked the Student Council if they truly wished to allow the offspring of the Wicked One's attend their school. Many had been so very cautious but in her mind all deserved a chance. She gave a slight nod as she smiled to the seamstress as she turned just a bit as she finished off the last detailing to her dress. At that the woman stepped back and gave a curtsy before collecting her things and departing from Alissia's room. Alissia gave a sigh of relief as she stepped down nimbly from the stool as she shook her darkened locks back over her shoulder. Her eyes lifted to look to the clock as she all but smiled a bit to herself.. Only just a little longer until they arrived and yet so much for her to supervise as the school's student body president. With that she fetched her satchel off the chair and quickly exited her room to walk down the slightly crowded dorm halls. She received many a smile and wave as she nodded back in her constant polite way. She knew quite a few were always kind to her due to being the next in line to rule over several of the protected kingdoms of Enchantsia.. It was something that always laid heavily on her heart and a form of worry swarmed around it. But today , it just wouldn't be as she exited out the doors to feel the crisp breeze greet her. She watched as several animal trailer's larger and small began to enter.. Many a noise echoed forth from them as she knew all to well that they were the pet's of the Wicked One's... She watched several cages of birds , weasels , snakes , bats be taken out only to be followed by several large horses and big cat's amongst other creatures.. They were to arrive before that of their owner's and only shortly would they arrive. She finally caught sight of some of the Council member's gathered about the entryway courtyard as she noted a few others were still missing. Alissia clapped her hands as she smiled warmly to all as they turned and she spoke up."Glad to see that most of you are here. Now , you all know your jobs so let's make sure everything is in tip top shape , alright?" They all agreed loudly as they dispersed to do their jobs as she accepted a clipboard with all the new names as she grinned a bit to herself... As she began to speak to another as she waited for the other members. A new year and a new chance hopefully for them all.

    ~ Arabella J. Snow ~
    Arabella sat at her desk with a smile held ever constant to her lips.. Her eyes beamed with a sense of joy as she all but glowed. Today all the new little people were coming to join her at their school! Now , she knew all to well that some had been against it and made sure to put out those terrible things as quickly as they began. Oh , how she disliked those that judge before the other's are even given a chance. It scared her just a bit to think that things may turn out awfully wrong. In her heart though she knew Arabella and the other's would keep everything just peachy! She giggled a bit to herself as she slipped up from her chair to only feel Isla purr against her leg. Arabella kneeled down just a bit to scratch behind her ear's as she dashed away to go lay by the window sill. Arabella lightly fluffed her blonde locks as she paused to take a quick glance of her outfit in the mirror as she gave a gleeful spin.. Oh how she did love a pretty outfit! She remarked in her head as she turned and whistled as Tirzah , her large white tiger padded over to her side. It was than she spoke up in her silken honey tone." Well Tirzah we best get going before we miss all the fun!" At that she beckoned Tirzah to follow as she padded closely behind as she exited the room with a skip in her step. Many did wonder as to how she kept such a happy spirit going... I mean she was to sign the book soon and fall into a poisoned sleep.. The tale did scare her but she decided to never let her be seen as weak or foolish. She knew all to well she would have to sign but , she always wondered if there could be more to life than what had been assigned to her to take over in the time to come.. Sadly , it didn't seem like they would ever have a choice in what she wanted for herself and her heart. Her lips still remained curved in a smile as her eyes differed. At last she crossed down the stone steps as her heel's clicked and Tirzah took up her perch on the wall to watch all things occurring. Arabella stood tall with her constant smile as she waved happily over to Alissia as she awaited for the Welcoming Committee . Oh , how today was going to be so much fun and all the new people she's have a chance to spread the joy with and oh how she hoped it would be a good day to come. She stood there and waved to all as they smiled happily to her in that given waiting time.

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  2. Alexia Horseman

    Alexia was roaming around the island, mainly throughout the main town. She was without a doubt not looking forward to being shipped off to the school for all those goodie goodie children. She was one of the less well known children of the wicked ones, her father not some queen of evil or tyrant. However, those who knew who she was still stepped back or hid whenever she walked by. Sitting down one of the alleys after walking around for a bit, preferring the shadows the buildings on either side offered, she saw the red haired queen's child walk past. She was friends with Lizzie, in a way. It was obvious she was looking for everyone else, prehaps wanting to gather them all up before they were shipped off to doom. Alexia passed a coin around between her fingers before dropping it into a bag at her waist, full of money she had 'gathered'. Whilst Lizzie got away with things due to her mother being a big bad queen, Alexia got away with it because she was inconspicuous and hard to notice. For her, that was by far much better. Walking out of the alley and slipping by the fearful crowd of Lizzie, she obtained an apple from somewhere sneakily before falling in beside Lizzie quietly. She didn't say anything, and instead just took a bite of her stolen apple.​

    Fa Ying

    Finally, the day the idiotic stereotypical barrier between 'good' and 'evil' would begin to be brought down. To him the idea of the children of the 'evil' figures being entered to enchantia was an idea that needed to be brought in sooner. However, as he walked towards the enterance of the school to do his part as a member of the welcoming committee, it was clear some were disliking of the decision made by the council. Ying believed those people would learn in time that the whole concept was just imaginary and that everyone had parts of good and evil within them, not a clear split between the two. He got out to the main courtyard in front of the doors, finding something to sit on whilst keeping an eye on the pets being brought in for the wicked ones. He noticed animals of all kinds: birds, horses, dogs, and lots others. Whilst he waited, he was alos keeping an eye out for any other members of the welcoming committee. He ended up sat on a low wall, hands idly in his pockets as he waited. He noticed a few people around, mainly from the student council, so instead of going up to them he simply waited to see if anyone would come over to him and make conversation. If not, he would simply wait until his help was needed or until he noticed one of his close friends come outside, then he would head over to them.​
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  3. The little adorable blonde girl had just woken up from a long nap. Today was going to be a very hectic and busy day. Crescent was the Preisdent of the Welcoming Committee, which meant she was in charge of the event of Welcoming the Wicked Ones...she doesn't like calling them that, the New Exchange Students into Enchantsia Academy. After taking a quick shower and getting dressed in a cutesy outfit, Crescent grabbed her bag and walked out of her dorm room. She was excited to meet these new kids...even though some of the Heroes kids were making a fuss about it...including her twin brother Caiden, he would have a problem with it of course. She took out her gilttery tablet, which had all her notes and To-Do-List in it. Walking to the courtyard, she noticed Alissia and her half-sister, Arabella waiting for her and the others. She gave them both her brightest smile. "Hey! Ali and Ara! Are you two as excited for this as I am?!" She hugged her tablet to her chest, she was really happy that these kids would get a chance, that their parents never got. There was also something else that she couldn't wait for...but that was a secret.

    Crescent started to walk around, checking out everything. She checked detail after detail. She then looked up, and saw that The "Welcome New Students!" banner was sagging a little, she couldn't have that. Just in time, Crescent spotted her friend and member of the Welcoming Committee, Ying standing close by. Her heels clicking under her, she glided over to Ying. "Ying! Can you please fix the banner for me. I really want this WHOLE thing to look A-M-A-Zing for the new kids. You'll be a total life saver if you do." After waving him a see you later, she went back to checking stuff off her To-Do-List. They had nice warm cookies for everyone and refreshing lemonade, hopefully the new kids would appreciate all the hard work that was put into doing this for them.

    I; @Shayla @UnboundDestiny

    Caiden was wide awake in his dorm room, he wishes he could stay asleep the whole day. He didn't want to be involved in anyway with "allowing" the Wicked Brats into the Academy. If only he was next in Line for the whole Kingdom, instead of just a part of it. At least when his father, King Charming stepped down, his part of land would not allow any Wicked...even if his twin sister begged him to let them come in. He was in a basic outfit, just lounging around. He was annoyed, but he couldn't do anything about it, for now he just laid in his bed. Maybe he could ban together with some other Heroes Kids and get the Wicked Ones Brats to leave...he smirked at that idea.
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  4. Eva Snow
    The white haired teenager was sitting in her room reading her book. The book was what she was most interested in today not wanting to think about the new villains coming to the academy. Her public appearance about the situation was that everyone deserved a chance but secretly she hated it. Putting her book down she put it back in her bookcase nicely and started to clean up. Even if she didn't necessarily like the villain whom she was about to share her room with she always wanted to seem nice and elegant. As she was folding clothes she stared out her window to see the welcoming committee and some students standing around outside. Today was going to be interesting.
    Eva decided she was gonna go stand with the other students and welcome the new students. Walking out of her now cleaned room she made her way outside and smiled. "Hey guys! What's up" Pulling down on her skirt [​IMG] she made a wave as she sat with them. Not knowing what to say and just awaiting the villains.​
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  5. Blair & Drew

    Both Blair and Drew found themselves in the market place. It was a good thing for them, but not the people in the market place. Blair alone could strike fear into the hearts of each and every single individual in this place, especially when they showed fear she would never let up on them. Drew being who he was, never had the threat of someone opposing him because when Drew went green it was bad for everyone. The duo stood in the center of the market place, examining today's goods. Drew leaned down to Blair. "Where to start, where to start." He said. "I know! How about this..." He said, taking his baseball bat and swing it. The bat collided with a vase, causing for a loud sound to ring through the market place, and shards of clay to fly. A small girl began to cry, and call Drew a 'meanie.' "Does it look like I care?" He asked her. "Besides, your art work reminds me of the crap my monkey took this morning!" He told the girl, who then ran away screaming for her mother.
    Blair laughed. "Grow a pair!" She called after the girl. Looking around the market place, she spotted a woman a little older than her playing with her hair in a mirror. Blair glared at the girl, and then found herself walking towards her. "Such beautiful hair." She commented. The girl looked over to Blair and smiled. Blair then noticed the picture of Rapunzel she had. The girl was trying to match the hairstyle to the one in the picture. "I can of course help you with this." She said. She then moved and started to play with the girls hair. A few moments later, her hair matched the one in the picture. "Just one more thing." She said, holding out her hand to Drew. Drew handed her a pair of scissors. The girls face was so absorbed in the look, she didn't see Blair with scissors until it was too late. Holding up her hair, Blair laughed. "This looks so much better off your ugly head." She said. Drew and her both snickered. The girl started to cry. Blair smiled and leaned down to her, and looked at the both of them in the mirror. "Don't worry, it wasn't like you were pretty anyway." She said before walking off with Drew. The two found themselves out in the streets walking around.


    Maddie seemed to skip through the hallway with glee. It was the day the new kids were to arrive! Oh how she looked forward to this day, since she was moved into her new room and few weeks prior. Maddie wasn't like some of the haters at the school, the ones who were so closed-minded it made her want to commit suicide or homicide. She made her way out to the court yard. She wasn't apart of the welcoming committee, but she did like saying hello to new people. Feeling her skirt blow in the breeze, she smiled. She normally wasn't much of a fan of pink, but this outfit looked good. Coming upon the site of the welcoming banner, she smiled. "Wow!" She said, looking at the warm welcome as a whole. "This is looking great, Crescent!" She said, looking at the flawless blonde herself.
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    Keenan sat on the roof of the building, looking down at the welcoming site. Keenan seemed to spend a lot of time on the roof, seeing that he was used to talking mostly with apes. He was a sociable person, and in fact very popular. Quarter back of the football team, and well he never had trouble making friends...or enemies. He liked the idea of the wicked children coming to school here, but he didn't think that all the bright colors and Crescent personality plastered every where was going to make them feel very welcomed, but more like crept out. Though he knew that Crescent was just trying her best at showing the Enchantsia spirit.
    Keenan remembered his own first year here, he hated it. Going from a place like the jungle to something like this, well it felt behind on human nature. He had the nature part down, but he didn't know how to socialize correctly. He was put into a manner class of some sort, and within a month he was able to socialize with others without a problem. Enchantsia defiantly wanted their students to be the best they could be.
    Pulling on his pant legs, he watched as he noticed a familiar rainbow headed girl, Maddie. She was always such a nice person to everyone, however, she was nice even when she was mad. It was like a silent revenge, that only few people knew she was doing. Her and him seemed to get along fine, and in fact Maddie was his first friend here. Anyway, Kennan had no intent on leaving his spot on the roof anytime soon. He would be able to watch the new students come in, without meeting them yet.

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  6. ~Mal~
    Mal smiled to herself as she finished up the last bit of her graffiti, one of the many around, but certainly the biggest one yet. It was a picture of her mother's silhouette and green fire, that said long live Evil. Smiling, she pocketed her spray paint, reaching up to her neck to pet Anubis. "Hmm, come on Anubis, let's go find Lizz, she would love to hear about this." She said, smiling. She only had so much time to make fun of people before she left, might as well spend some time doing mischief like they used to before they left. Walking around, Mal smiled evilly, letting her steps ring with defiance as everyone ran away from her. One child with their face terrified, seemed like she couldn't run. Walking up to her, Mal smiled and looked at her. "Aww, what a nice piece of candy you have." She said, taking the lolypop and twirling it in her fingers. She took a bite out of it, chewed, and dropped the rest in the mud, leaving the girl crying. A few seconds later, the candy lost it's flavor, and she spit it out along with her gum at a kid, getting it stuck in his hair. "Oh, it's an improvement kid." She said, smiling evilly as she walked towards Liz, who had a smile plastered on her face. "Uhu, looks like someone had fun today. So tell me, how is my co leader of the most wicked kids around doing?" Mal asked, smiling evilly at her as Anubis snaked down her arm.
    I: @Shayla Liz

    Ann sighed to herself, running a hand though her hair. 'Ahaa, this is boring.' She thought to herself as the man next to her kissed her neck, trying to entertain himself with her. Growling slightly, Ann shoved him off her, her finger nails turning sharp as claws and raking across his arms. Her eyes were narrowed to slits, and she smiled, revealing a nice set of fangs. "Ahh, but we don't want to be too cocky and mess with the beast." She said, smiling before snapping her teeth at him and causing him to run away. Smiling to herself, she got up from her chair, stretching her arms. She looked back at the guys around her chair, and shoed them away, sighing as she slipped on her boots. "Damn thirsty men." She mumbled, flipping her hair and looking down at her kitty, giving it a quick pet before going to find her friends.

  7. ~ Lizzie Heart ~

    Lizzie had been trailing her way down the street's as she noticed from the corner of her eye Alexia all of a sudden at her side , working her way through a brightened red apple. She all but gave a smirk as she flashed a look her way." Stolen apple's taste the very best don't they?" She gave her a devious look held within her eyes. Yes , Alexia and her were friend's that much said was true. But , she knew all to well that she thought her life simple all because she was a Queen's child..Hardly. At that she cut away from her for but a moment as her eyes lit with mischief at a child wide eyed and happy with a fresh caramel apple in hand.. Her heel's clattered against the stone as she walked in closer before snatching it up from the little tyke." Aww for me? Thank's Brat." She grinned devilishly as the child ran off crying as she went back to her spot beside Alexia as she waved the apple a bit." But , Stolen Caramel apple's are just far better." She winked quick as they walked down the crowded street's. She all but grinned widely at hearing Mal come up behind her with a screaming child running away in the other direction." I think you were having far more maddening fun than me , darling... How am I? Damn well irritated.." She looked between the two." Mal , you do realize we are being shipped off to those damn goodie's today? Prissy little princes and princess's. Ugh." She all but rolled her eyes as her finger's snaked out to slowly brush her fingertips over Anubis's sleek head. Today , they had taken her pet's away to the school already without her.. It was than she took notice of Blair and Drew walking down the street's with scissor's in hand and wicked grins to match.. She all but laughed as she ran slightly ahead and behind the two sneakily as she snagged the scissor's away along with Drew's bat as she came along infront of them.." Blair... You must stop doing all the fun without me.. I need my wicked fun as much as you." She gave a smirk before eyeing the bat and seeing an incoming soccer ball with a herd of children following it in laughter. Her foot lifted and she trapped it beneath the heel of her boot." Miss...Thank you for catching our ball!" Her brow raised as she tsked them." I just wanted to see how fast you creature's could run." They looked at her confused it was only when she spun on her heel and aimed the bat low.. With a mighty swing she sent the ball soaring in the air and over a house.." MEANIE!!" She gave a feigned pout before laughing as they ran off for their ball.. At that she extended the bat back to Drew." Are you guys ready to attend Prissy Enchantsia?"

    ~ Alissia B. Beastly ~

    Alissia all but smiled warmly as her dress breezed against the wind as she more than happily gave Cres a hug as she looked over the Welcoming Committee's progress."Such a fantastic job as always , Cres! I know I love it and hopefully they'll appreciate all the effort you all put into the work." She flashed a whitened happy smile as she saw Maddie come skipping down with her usual smile plastered to her face. She had always considered Maddie a great friend and even though she hadn't learned completely the riddle talk of Wonderland she always tried on her behalf to. At that she crossed over as her heel's clicked against the stone pathway as she gave Maddie a big hug.. She did so love having this girl on Student Council with her." Are you ready to welcome our new student's? You know on the list I'm pretty sure that I saw the Red Queen and Cheshire Cat's children would be among all of those student's.. You ready for some more Wonderland peeps for yourself?" Honestly she looked forward to the new student's arriving and she always silently hoped that their would be no bad boy's among them all to go.. Stealing her attention... By the God's she had a weakness for them that not many were aware that she did have said weakness for such. Her eyes drifted off as she watched the two limo's zoom off down the road to go fetch the Wicked one's children as she grasped the clipboard closely against her chest as she turned back to the other's in hopes of the rest of the Council to arrive and finish off the last of things.

    ~ Arabella J. Snow ~

    Arabella all but gave a small squeal of happiness as her golden ringlet's bounced against her shoulder's as she gleefully hugged her half sister , Cres. Yes , she knew it was only a tad bit awkward between them but they were accepting at the time being of the choice's their parent's had made. She stepped back in a small spin on her heel's as her eye's glowed with a sense of constant happiness and joy as her blue eye's glowed with it. In that moment she waved over to Ying as he entered the courtyard before she breezed by Alissia to hug Maddie ever so tight. She was one of her favorite people in the land's and God's forbid imagining a life without her around."I'm oh so excited for all the new people to come meet us!" She clapped joyfully as she had someone stop beside her with a clipboard as she looked over the paper's with a momentary serious expression." Do take their animal's to their room's and see to it they have all that they need.. As for the larger creature's send them over to Mister Galvira to attend to and make sure they are situated in the stables and Domain area." The student gave a nod as Arabella signed off on the lines with a flourish of her hand as she smiled ever cheerfully to the student as she waved as they walked off. It was than she saw Eva enter the area as she smiled sweetly to her as she tucked the ringlet's back behind her ears, delicately. She spoke up in her nearly silken lyrical voice"How are you doing today , Eva? Ready for some fun and meeting all the new little peaches coming to live with us?" She knew sometimes people were bothered by her happiness and personality but it was just in her nature to be such and be sweet and kind to all she met and knew.. Might as well love it whilst she still had the chance to she thought as she eyed Eva with a happy gaze.
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  8. Aniyah Laveau - The Voodoo Princess

    Annie groaned as she roamed around the town a bit before she and her friends has to leave for Enchantsia. She was definitely the last person who wanted to go to school with a bunch of goody-goodies and people she didn't want anything to do with. She sighed, thinking about how much she would miss the island. Things would be so different, and Aniyah didn't want that. She might even have to be nice to the people at Enchantsia Academy. She almost screamed at the thought, but shuddered instead, her bat Shadow perched on her shoulder like a parrot. Her python Boba wrapped around her arm and her pet serval Nilla walking gracefully next to her. "I guess we get to go to Hell today guys." She groaned and Shadow squealed as if to agree with her. Annie chuckled a little bit and petted her winged little friend as she walked. "Come on, let's go find Mal and Lizzie. Maybe we can do a little bit of bad before we go." She smirked and when she saw a screaming child running towards her, she knew she'd found her friends. Chuckling as the kid passed, she quickened her pace, seeing Lizzie, Mal and the rest of them. She was surprised that they took a break from torturing the children of the island. "Hello lovelies. Is everyone excited to be shipped off to the pits of Hell?" Annie asked with a smile before rolling her eyes. "Oh. who am I kidding? The pits of Hell would be better than having to go to Enchantsia." She shook her head.

    Mentioned: The Wicked Ones
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    Jacob Marin - The Bubbly Merman

    Jacob was pretty excited for the Evils to come to their school. Well, he had mixed emotions about it, but everyone could definitely have some fun with it. 'At least there would be some fine girlies to look at'. He thought to himself and smirked. 'I mean they're evil girls, but girls all the same.' He shrugged and shook his head. He definitely didn't want to date an evil girl. They were mean of course and he couldn't be bothered with a girl who was rude. Even though he did like them feisty and it was more of a challenge. No, Jacob had his eyes on another girl. Breanne was the princess of Arendelle, and she was all he wanted in a girl. She was quiet and book smart, and her head was always in the right place. And she had these gorgeous red curls that reminded him so much of his mother. Jake smiled and blushed just thinking about her. One day, he would make his move, but until then, he'd be the goofy, sweet, charmer that everyone knew and loved.

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    Melia Rose - The Narcoleptic Princess

    Mel was dancing around her dorm room to the cover of Erased by K Enagonio, Christina Rotondo and Lauren Babic as all of her pets ran around the room playing with one another. Well, except for Loca, she was flying around the room, squawking along to the song. "Looking back at your bullshit, you came crashing down. You think I'll forgive you, never gonna take you back!" She sang along with the song. She wasn't too thrilled that the little devil's were coming to their school. Hopefully no one made fun of her narcolepsy. It wasn't her fault that she fell asleep at random times during the day. It didn't matter what she was doing, she'd just fall asleep. Melia was singing the bridge of Erased when all of a sudden she fell asleep, collapsing onto the floor. Her parrot Loca squawking before flying out of the room. Loca flew around, attempting to find one of Mel's friends, considering she knew all of them by name and face. Eventually she came across Arabella, one of Melia's close friend. "Bella! Melia passed out! Bella, Melia fell asleep." The bird squawked as she perched upon Arabella's shoulder. Melia fell asleep about 30 times a day, because of this, she trained Loca to say something or tell someone when she falls sleep.

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    Austin Goth - The Closet Nerd

    Austin was walking around town to wreak a bit of havoc before he and the other wicked ones had to leave for Enchantsia. He was sort of looking forward to going to going to the new school, but not because he wanted to meet everyone. It was because there was nothing he wanted to do more than mess with the goody-two-shoes of Enchantsia Academy. Although, he wouldn't be that mean, he didn't want everyone thinking he was all bad. Austin often thought about what it would be like to be good. He'd thought about it all the time, and didn't think it'd be that bad. However, he would definitely not tell anyone else that.

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  9. Crescent had finally checked off everything on her list...it was a lot of work, but everything seemed to fall right into place, just like she liked it. When Madeline came over to her and complimented her hardwork, she beamed. "Thanks Maddie, but everyone pitched in, I just looked over everything." She really liked Madeline, they were roomies and she was a great girl to hang with. "This is going to be a great and wonderous day!" She twirled around, her long and curly blonde hair flowing around her. Nothing could go wrong, hoepfully...then she saw her brother, Caiden come out to the Courtyard...maybe she spoke to soon. Crescent hopped over to her brother. "Brother, please do not ruin this...for me, please." Caiden just looked at her... He tapped his chin. "Maybe I will, maybe I won't" Crescent sighed and went back to looking over everything. Caiden wasn't going to actually mess the event up...he just wanted to see what was going on. Until then, he took a seat near the entrance, he even took a cookie...they were good at least. He didn't know WHY his sister and most of the Heroes Kids were all for the Wicked Brats arrival...they would destroy everything...they were criminals in the making. Crescent noticed as the limos went off the get the new students...she waved them off. "Okay Everybody! It's Almost Showtime!" She turned off her tablet, and waited for their arrival.

    I: @Autumn_Burns_Red

    Uwe, or U as he told everyone to call him...if you didn't he would drown you...seriously, he was roaming the Island. He usually never came to the town, liking the water surrounding it way better...which was his home of course. His Mother, Ursula may not be a Queen anymore, but the Undersea of The Wicked Island was her new Kingdom. Uwe was still not use to his "land legs," his human body was annoying...but at least he had his blinged out wheelchair, that his mother created for him personally. If he was going to be going to Enchantsia...unfortunately, U would need some type of way to get around...other than his teleportation power. He was dressed in a casual outfit, looking around for his peeps. They were all upset about this bullshit...U was kind of intriqued about Enchantsia, but he would never tell them, that would be the dumbest move ever.

    While rolling in his wheelchair he noticed an old lady walking by, he grew a devilish smile. When she got close enough he used his pet Electric eel, Sparks to shock the old lady...she fell over in a panic. U laughed and started to roll off again, Sparks was U's first pet that his mother got him, he was the son of Flotsam, one of his mother's most loyal minions. U had him in a nice size Spehere of Water, so he wouldn't die of lack of water. If only Sparks could turn into a land animal, like U...but that's what magic is for. "Come on Sparks, let's go find everyone else.

    Say whatever you want about U, which most people did say, but when it came to locating people and things, he was a natural detective. It didn't take him long to find the Misfit Bunch, you could tell by all the other residents running in the other direction. When kids were crying and old ladies were frying, everyone knew who to blame. He rolled up to them, smirking their way. "Hey everybody, looking as sexy as ever." He winked right at Aniyah. U and Aniyah had a thing going on, he would tell everyone, but she wanted to keep it a secret just for now. He noticed limos pulling up to the beginning of the island, looking back at his crew he pointed. "I guess they want to show off already, let's do this!"

    I: @Shayla @IceQueen @UnboundDestiny @Little_Ghost98 @Autumn_Burns_Red
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  10. [BCOLOR=transparent]Fa Ying[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ying watched cresent come over, getting up as he expected she undoubtedly had some task for him to complete to help the welcome look perfect. Once he listened he smiled and replied. "Yeah sure, I'll get on it now." He replied, walking towards the banner to fix it as Cres waved bye to him. Upon reaching the banner he looked up at it, deciding what the necessary adjustments would be. Upon making his mind up he went to the side that needed to be raised to make it straight, reaching up to get it by finding a small foothold in the bricks a little way up the wall and moving it from there. Upon completing it he jumped back down, wiping his hands off against his trousers as he walked back over to Cres. "All done." he said before leaning against the wall by them all casually, watching the limos drive off. He wondered just which children would be coming to the school, thinking of if they would get any trouble (knowing they probably would get a bit) and also thinking about what each individual would be like, and who they would be the children of. Now there was nothing more to do than just wait for the arrival as he idly drummed his fingers against the wall where he stood.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: @Shattered♦Secrets™ ~ Cresent[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alexia Horseman[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alexia sighed, listening to everyone complain about Enchantia. She hated it just as much as them, but was just less verbal about it. Then again, she was less verbal in general, preferring to speak only when her words were needed, or on the rare occasion, whenever. Taking a small bite from her apple, she threw the thing away, by chance hitting a small girl eating a candy bar right in the head, causing her to drop the food and run off crying. She smirked, putting her hands back in her pockets as they walked along. She then looked over at the limos Uwe had pointed out, waiting for the others to go ahead to them before she made her way to the limos.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentioned: The wicked ones[/BCOLOR]​

  11. Blair & Drew

    Blair and Drew walked along the streets looking for their next victims, when a certain red headed heir to a throne sneaked up behind them and took Blair's scissors and Drew's bat. At first the duo was ready to basically kill whoever took their fun away, but once hearing the voice of the thief, the two laughed. "Well I could never have too much fun without my best friend!" Blair chuckled out, watching Lizzie walk with them. Lizzie was always a blast to hang with, especially when Blair and her always managed to make other's lives miserable. It thrilled Blair, and was one of the only ways she found happiness anymore. Her mother always seemed to be disappointed in Blair if she was not working on being fare, or even the best. Blair didn't care for being the best, what she cared for was causing mischief and mayhem.
    Drew didn't mind seeing Lizzie, in fact he enjoyed it. Lizzie knew a thing or two about fun in the evil sense, and well when you're the son of the wicked witch, you love evil. Watching as Lizzie sent the child's ball flying, he laughed. Listening to the children cry and call names, Drew smiled. "We did you a favor...child obesity isn't a good thing, Fatties!" He called after them. Taking his bat from Lizzie, he sighed. "Enchantsia is just another place where we will rule and destroy their spirits." Drew noted, before walking back to the others.
    Blair looked at Lizzie, and linked arms with her. "Let's just say, something wicked this way comes." She said with a laugh, as they walked. "I just hope I don't have to share a room with Snow White's daughter...ugh, if that is to happen I will burn the school to a crisp!" Blair noted.
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    Mentioned: The Wicked One's


    Maddie looked at Crescent. "Well of course, everyone helped! But it just screams of Crescent design, which is fantastic." She added. Looking at everyone else, she giggled and applauded them in their excellence. She loved the colors they chose, warm and inviting. Seeing that Alissia's sparkling eyes spotted her, she flashed her usually bright smile in her way. Giving her a big hug, she giggled at the sound of Alissia's voice informing her of the Red Queen's daughter, and Cheshire's daughter. "Isn't a tea party great when a guest can crash it!" She said, he smile a bit fake now. Everyone knew that Maddie's father's parties were great, but at the same time some of them were as worse as a meteor crashing to earth and killing more people than anyone. Maddie mostly meant, that they will see how this will go down.
    Interactions: Crescent @Shattered♦Secrets™ , Alissia @Shayla

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  12. Eva Snow

    Getting up Eva walked over to Caiden and sat by him, "So you're not too excited, for the wicked" Eva spoke quietly like someone was listening, sometimes royalty went to her head and she thought everyone was listening to her. Straightening her hair she looked at Caiden, he wasn't someone she usually talked to but he shared the same disagreement about the wicked being let into the academy. It was all she could think about the fact she had to share her room with someone who was evil. Would they touch her stuff, prank her, throw parties? The thoughts were coursing through her head as she sat there with Caiden.

    Eva never liked villains after hearing what happened to her aunt and the story of villains. Although surprisingly she still went for guys like her Aunt did out of the blue and falling in "love." Again looking at Caiden she looked the cookie crumb on the side of his mouth. "You have a little something here" Eva said with a giggle and pointed to the right side of her mouth. Waiting for Caiden's response felt like forever even though she just asked it, she was nervous about someone finding out how she really felt ruining her "professional" appearance.

    I: @Shattered♦Secrets™
    Jacy Rolfe

    Jacy sat in his dorm and looked around at his stuff, he wasn't ready for the wicked. Actually scared for them, already being the youngest at the academy now kids who are..evil are coming they might pick on him. Scared and paranoid he quickly rearranged everything in the room to try to make his stuff as small as possible not wanting to upset his roommate. Quickly scanning his room Jacy approved and walked out into the hall as he quickly made his way to the front of the school surprised by the welcoming party they were throwing.
    He knew Crescent was good at being enthusiastic but this was a lot. They were evil and they may not like all this, shaking the thought out of his head he walked further out where he saw a group of girls but then he saw Arabella and the parrot squeaking about Melia. Jacy always felt bad for her and being narcoleptic it must be hard. He saw Ying standing over by the wall and drumming his fingers on the wall. He walked over to the boy to confide in some advice. As he got over there he tried to mimic the motions of Ying.
    Jacy was all but awkward leaning on the wall next to Ying as he turned to Ying he finally worked up the courage to ask. "Do you think they'll be mean? I'm a little scared since I'm the youngest and usually the youngest is picked on" He had a scared look on his face and knew he probably sounded so helpless as his face was bright red embarrassed. Jacy just didn't know what else to do.

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  13. _|Alex|_
    Alex sighed to himself as he bounced the ball on the floor, sighing softly. He was supposed to get a new roommate today, a bad roommate at that. He just hoped to dear god that he didn't bother to touch Crescent. At that thought, he tightened his grip on the sphere in his hand. If any one of them touched her, he swore he was going to rip someone's head off, or maybe use his magic to drown them in vines. Sighing softly, he pulled himself off his bed and left his dorm. He walked down, just in time to see Crescent closing her tablet. Smiling, he snuck up behind her and covered her eyes. "Guess who?"
    I: @Shattered♦Secrets™ Crescent

    Mal sighed gently, looking at Liz. "I was just trying to make bad out of a really good day." She said with venom, sighing gently as she petted Anubis. "Anyway, it seems most of us are here." she said, looking around as Ann showed up. "What up Blair, Ann, everyone." She said, seeing as the group was quite big. The limo's were already showing up and they would have to be shipped off soon. Smiling, she linked arms with Liz. "Hmm, I agree Blair." She said, a glint of evil intent in her eyes. "Let's destroy every fucking piece of them until they burn in hell." She said, letting Anubis coil around her neck. "Hmm, if I even see the child of the Beast I am going to cut every little pretty lock off her head until she is left bald. See how she finds prince charming then." She smiled evilly. "Or if it's some self centered guy, I will just see what I can do about their self confidence." She said, smiling at Liz and Blair. "We can cook up so much evil together." She smiled, just thinking about the spell book that was in her bag. Looking at Drew, she smiled, motioning him to follow them into the limo.
    I: The Wicked Ones, Specifically @Autumn_Burns_Red Blair,Drew @Shayla Liz

    :~:Ann:~: and ||Jack||
    Ann smiled as she approached the group, keeping on the edge. She was never really all that close to Mal, she was only the Cheshire cat. She could have been on the island, but her father, her father took a woman who was married, so that was off to the island for her. Sighing gently Ann meandered off towards a certain icy cold male who was stewing in the corner from the group. "What got your nickers in a twist Jack?" Ann asked as she snuck up behind him, causing the male to jump. Jack glared at her and heaved a sigh. "Ann, stop walking up behind me." He pouted, looking at her. Ann was one of the people he could actually trust on the island, and she could trust him with all of her depressing ish, though she held back on telling him that. "But I love doing it." She smiled, laughing softly before taking his hand and pulling him out of the shadows. "Come on!" She said lightly, heading for the limos.

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  14. [​IMG]

    "Thanks so much Ying." Crescent was happy to see that the banner was fix and ready to go. She wondered how long it would take to bring the students to the school...she hoped that the lemonade wouldn't get hot and the cookies wouldn't get hard and cold. Well with a little magical help, she could fix them if they did. While standing there, Crescent felt a pair of hands cover her eyes. She jumped, a little startled. Only one person would do that...and the voice gave him away. Crescent would play along for a bit though. "Ummm...who could it be. This is super tough...I actually have no clue." She then smirked, grabbing Alex's hands. Crescent turned towards him...still holding onto his hands. When she realized that she was, she took her hands away. She blushed a little. "Hey Alex. You look nice...I mean you always look nice, well no one ALWAYS looks nice...I mean." Crescent looked at the ground...her face was turning candy apple red now. Only around Alex did Crescent get tongue tied, she was usually a ball of energy and coversation...but Alex made her a nervous wreck.

    I: @UnboundDestiny @IceQueen


    Caiden noticed as Eva Snow came over and sat next to him. Caiden had never really talked to Eva that much...he didn't know if she was a social girl...Elsa being her mother and all, she was probably more sheltered than him and his sister were. When she stated that he was probably not that excited for the wicked brats arrival, he started to laugh. Putting the cookie down, he turned towards her. "That's the understatement of the decade...they probably don't want to be here, as much as I don't want them to be here. I just know I will be stuck with one of the more annoying Wicked Boys...I can just feel it, maybe it's my sister's Intuition rubbing off on me or something...but this is not going to be good." When Eva told him he had something near his mouth, Caiden smirked and wiped the cookie crumbs off his face. "Even a Charming can be a little sloppy. So, Eva...how come we never talk with each other...like this. You seem like a really cool girl..." He smiled at her, waiting for her to respond.

    I: @Dramma


    With Sparks floating behind him, U made it over to the first limo...being that he wanted to see Enchantsia right when they landed...or arrived...or which ever way they would get there. Dang, never leaving the water...let alone the island, U had a lot to learn and discover. "Hey, driver! You need to help me get in the car...like now!" The driver got out of the limo...grunting, he picked U up out of his wheelchair...setting him inside. U watched as the driver shoved his wheelchair in the trunk. "Hey! Watch it, before I cause you to never want to take a shower again...idiot!" U sat there, waiting for the others to get in. "Candy! Cool!" U shoved a handful of assorted candies in his mouth...not caring what they were. He sat back, stuffing his face.

    I: @The Driver Of Limo One

  15. ~ Lizzie Heart's ~

    Lizzie all but gave a grin as she saw Annie walk up to the group as she grinned wickedly." Welcome to hell to come , darling." She all but winked as she shot Drew a look as he called out the the brat's.. Oh how she would miss torturing people on the island. In that moment her and Blair linked arms as she gave her bestie a playful bump with her hip. This girl had been her partner in crime from the day they were able to throw things. Both of their mother's demanded much out of them repeatedly but that was their expectation's talking. She gave a sly grin as she spoke of Snow's daughter and all but laughed." But Blair! Don't you want to braid each other's hair , sing songs and talk to all the wittle animal's?" She glanced at Blair stifling her chuckle as she dodged a bit off to the side in case of a thrown punch for that comment. At that the group all but continued their walk down to the limo's as Mal came up at her side and linked her arm through her remaining freed arm as she glanced to her with a small chuckle falling from her lips. Though her brow quirked a bit at the talk of burning the Beast's kid."Mal lovely , your goal should be aiming for the family that had your's locked away in this bloody place away from everything... From our rightful places. Besides.. Dealing with Aurora's kid would probably be the easiest fun for one to have." She grinned broadly to them all as they all finally had come to the limo's only to see Uwe threatening the driver as she smirked and slipped her hand up to give his hair a solid tug. " Easy tiger... We want to have that kind of fun on the island and not on some petty driver." She all but gave him a smile as she saw a can on the ground as she gave it a sly kick as it rolled as the driver tripped and lost his balance with a resounding thud as she laughed." Besides surprise is far more fun!" She smirked as she released from Blair and Mal as Uwe had been settled within already eating all the candy as she slipped inside onto the cold leather seats as she adjusted her leather jacket as she propped her feet up on the small table held within the middle of the limo as she snagged up a piece of candy as she called out to the other's." Double , Double... Toil and trouble.. Watch out , here us wicked one's come!" All the while she comfied herself for the ride and fun to come.

    Mentioned: All the Wicked One's

    ~ Alissia B. Beastly ~

    Alissia all but smiled softly to Maddie as she gave her shoulder a lightened pat. She knew all to well that everyone was a bit worried. Especially those whose families were entwined in a past with the Wicked One's children.. Chaos would brew forth on that behalf for certain but she all but hoped for a change to occur in the heart of all Good and Evil. " I know your a bit worried , Maddie. But , just think this is our second chance to change things and maybe even have friendships with them. Maddening or not." Her smile remained held brightly to her lips as she held the Ipad close against her chest as it flashed only to show a message saying the wicked one's were loading up and on their way. She took a small breath as she spun on her heel to call out to all present." Alright everyone! They are on their way so let's make sure all is good to go and that we are smiling even if you don't like it!" Her gaze in that moment carried over to Eva and Caiden as she gave them both knowing looks. They were against it and being one to always have grown up with these two you could always determine what they were thinking on something." You two above all... Please for my sake don't go saying anything. I want this to go well for us all whether everyone likes it or not." She gave them a soft smile with reassurance before focusing on all the rest at hand before taking her spot on the stair's for the welcoming ceremony.

    Interactions: Caiden , Eva and Maddie

    ~ Arabella J. Snow ~

    Arabella had been adding some finishing touches to the flowers gathered about as she gave a bright smile to Alissia as she nodded in her cheery expression. Suddenly , a voice squawked through the air in a echo as she turned nimbly on her heel only to watch Loca , Melia's parrot come to perch atop her shoulder as she all but giggled with a matched sigh. " Already passed out hmm? Oh that silly girl! Whatever am I to do with her?" She smiled a bit as she gave Loca a light scratch under his beak as she made a dash off to the dormitories as she gave a wave of her hand as the ground all but lifted as she came in close near Melia's open balcony door only to drop steadily onto her feet on the balcony as the ground settled back to its normal positioning. With that she crossed into her best friend's room only to discover her fast asleep upon the floor as Bella came to kneel down before her allowing Loca to fly back over to perch on his tower in the corner. Bella just continued to smile as she gave her hand a slow but fluent wave in a twirl." Water oh water... Come to my aid and wake my sleeping beauty for this day." At that water came forth and sprinkled over her face as she began to watch Melia's eye's slowly begin to peer open as Bella clapped cheerfully."Morning sleeping beauty! You best wake up or you'll miss the arrival!" Her eyes locked to Melia as they glimmered in happiness and amusement as she extended her small handkerchief out to Melia to wipe her face of the flicker's of water as Ara's golden locks breezed a bit behind her as the wind from outside creeped in and played against it.

    Interaction ~ @Little_Ghost98 - Melia
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  16. Braeden Anthony Zeus Ω Son of Hercules and Megara Ω 16 Ω Junior

    Click here to reference Braeden.

    By the time Braeden bothered to drag himself out of bed his roommate, Kennan, had already left. This wasn't unusual, and Braeden was sure if he went looking for him roommate he'd find him on top of some building. Kennan seemed to like being up high, and Braeden suspected it had something to do with most of his family being apes.

    The teenage boy crossed across his dorm room, peering outside his window. The courtyard seemed to be busier than usual, many of his peers were gathering to greet the new students. Braeden would have joined the welcoming committee, but he didn't want to be that guy who committed to something and then ended up forgetting about it. So he decided to play it safe and just not join. Besides, just because he wasn't on the official committee didn't mean he couldn't go down and say hello to everyone.

    He turned on his heel, making his way to his closet. There, he pulled out a simple grey t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, socks and his sneakers. In seconds he was dressed in his plain attire, and fixing his hair in the mirror. At home he usually wore a toga, or sometimes special clothing made from lion hide, but at school he tended to dress more casual. Unless it was spirit week, then you can bet your ass he's going all out.

    Humming to himself, Braeden walked out of his dorm room, reminding himself to lock it on his way out. He was forgetful, so it wasn't unlike him to forget to lock up his dorm room. However, since the Wicked Ones would now be attending the same school as him this was a habit he would need to break. He didn't want to risk getting his things stolen.

    That being said, he was very excited about the new students. He thought it was great that they were finally breaking down the walls created by their parents and extending an opportunity for a better life to those who never really had a choice. Plus, he was really looking forward to making new friends and hearing stories about the island they grew up on.

    It didn't take long for Braeden to end up in the main hall, where the welcoming committee was waiting around for the new students to arrive. He instantly spotted his best friend, Madeline Hatter. She was hard to miss in a crowd, thanks to her hair. "Maddie!" He called out excitedly, jogging over to her. He ran right up to her, picking her up and spinning around a few times. When he placed her down his brown eyes flickered past her, just in time to see the returning limos. "They're here!"

    Braeden reached for Maddie's hand, dragging her closer to the entrance with him. If it was anyone other than Madeline he probably wouldn't have acted so enthusiastically, but she was his best friend and he was extremely excited that morning. He simply couldn't control himself. Braeden could only feel his smile widen as he stood beside the doorway, watching the new students pour out of the limo's. They looked so much different than anyone he had ever seen before. The way the stood, the clothes they wore, the make up they had on their faces. It was amazing.


    Dylan Dean Hook ⌡ Son of Captain Hook ⌡ 18 ⌡ Elite

    Click here to reference Dylan.

    Unlike his friends, Dylan spent his last few hours on the island stealing all that he could rather than terrorizing little children and old ladies. As a pirate, he had perfected the art of theft by the time he was four. It was so easy it was almost boring, and so he was looking forward to going to Enchantsia. Dylan hoped things would be more challenging there.

    Also unlike his friends, he was excited to attend the school. He wasn't excited for the teachers or the classes, or really even the school itself. But he was ecstatic to see some other part of the world than Neverland and the island he had spent most of his life on. He couldn't wait to meet new people and learn new tricks.

    And, like any normal teenage boy, he was excited about the girls. He'd only ever hung out with girls with black make up and bad attitudes. He was really looking forward to meeting some different kinds of females.

    Dylan had just finished pickpocketing some poor old sucker when he noticed the limos arriving to take him away. With a smirk, Dylan stepped on a skateboard that a little kid had just fallen off of and headed towards the vehicles. Along the way he picked up an apple off a cart and stole a purse. He stored anything valuable into the pouch he kept on his waist and then handed the purse off to a stranger.

    He arrived at the limo's just as his friends had, and he smiled at each of them in turn. It seemed to him like the whole gang was there- Blair and Drew wore wicked grins, which could only mean they had spent their morning picking on younger children. Mal also wore a smile, and he was sure she had spent her last morning on the island painting. Jack and Ann stood off to the side, as usual, and Alexia seemed almost bored. As he looked to Austin and Aniyah he realized that almost all of them seemed extremely annoyed.

    "Ah, come on guys," He said with a smile, kicking the skateboard away. "This is going to be so much fun. Those goodie goodies have no idea what they've gotten themselves into. We are gonna cause so much trouble." He already had the first few pranks for his roommate planned out, as well as a few for his teachers.

    With a smile still on his lips, Dylan climbed into the same limo as Uwe and Lizzie. Lizzie was his favorite of his friends, because he just got along with her best. She was bad in the best way- the subtle way that catches people off guard. She's less in your face than the others. He also liked Uwe, simply because anyone who couldn't walk but still found a way to be evil was awesome in his book.

    Minutes later the limo pulled away, and Dylan reached for a drink. He downed half of the beverage before reaching for a lollipop, unwrapping it and sticking it in his mouth. He then turned to the window, watching as the island grew smaller and smaller in the distance. "I ever thought I'd get out of that place," Dylan said to no one in particular. He could see his father's ship out as far into the water as the border would allow, and he was sure that the pirates were drinking themselves stupid over the fact that Dylan had been able to escape the island.

    They were sure he'd find a way to get them out as well. And that made him a hero in their eyes.

    After what felt like an eternity, Enchantsia came into view. Dylan watched as the fancy building grew larger, the details became more vivid. It was much bigger than he had expected it to be. In fact, it was the biggest building he had ever seen. It took his breath away, but he was sure to keep that from his companions. They'd surely never let him live it down if he showed any amazement towards the place. So, instead, he took on a look of disgust and said, "I've never seen anything so clean. It hurts my eyes."

    When the limos pulled up in front of the school Dylan was the first one out of the car. His pouch clanged against his thigh as he got out, heavy from all the coins he had stolen just that morning. For a minute he stood outside the car, taking in all the faces staring at him. It made him feel uncomfortable, honestly. Their smiles were creepy to him, and it was very obvious they had been standing around just to greet them.

    His eyes landed on a girl with brown hair and striking features. (Alissia) She was the most beautiful female he had ever seen- which actually wasn't saying much, considering where he came from. He stared at her for a long moment, until finally smirking and glancing over at his friends. Once they were all out of the cars he started walking up, heading straight to the girl he had spotted.

    "Hey, babe," he said as he approached her, winking. "Wanna show me to my room? Or we could head over to yours, if that works better for you." He looked her up and down before licking his lips and meeting her gaze.

    @Shayla @Shattered♦Secrets™ @UnboundDestiny @Autumn_Burns_Red @IceQueen @Little_Ghost98

    Breanne of Arendelle ♥ Daughter of Anna and Kristoff ♥ 16 ♥ Junior

    Click here to reference Breanne.

    It was finally that day. The day the 'evil' kids would arrive at Enchantsia. The day that the whole school had been preparing for for almost a month. The day that Breanne had spent weeks ordering decorations for, the day she had found the money for new stables to be added for, the day she had lost several hours of sleep over.

    And she was running late. Of course.

    The red head rushed around her room, throwing together an outfit while simultaneously brushing her teeth. Never before had Breanne gotten ready so fast. Only when she was about to run out of the door did she stop to make sure she looked good. She wore one of her favorite dresses, and had opted for a flats because she knew she'd be on her feet all day. He long red hair fell in normal loose waves over her shoulders, though she had bothered to braid the front over the top of her head.

    The teenager jogged through the hallways, checking off things on her checklist. She was the Student Council Treasurer, so it was her job to make sure everything she had ordered had actually arrived and was in place. She held a clip board in her hand, which was propped against her hip. Since she was the Treasurer her clip board had a built-in calculator, and it also opened up so she could hold things inside of it. She did have a tablet she could use, but she felt her clipboard kept her more organized.

    On her way to the main entrance Breanne couldn't help but wish they hadn't decided to allow the children of those deemed evil to attend Enchantsia. She was openly against it. The way she saw it was that they were raised to be evil, wrecking havoc and causing chaos was all they knew how to do. And so allowing them into their school would only cause trouble. Unfortunately, her opinion had been the minority, and so a select few of evil children were allowed to attend.

    "Sorry I'm so late," Breanne chimed as she reached the main entrance, just as Ying was fixing the banner. She looked around, checking off the last few things on her list before turning to Allisia and Crescent. "Looks like we've got everything we ordered," she informed them with a smile, her brown eyes flickering around the room still. She noticed her cousin, Eva, sitting with Caiden, and raised an eyebrow.

    That's weird, she thought, they almost never talk. She decided it was probably because, like her, they both weren't happy about the new students. They were probably just discussing that together. Suddenly, the horns went off, indicating that the limos were nearing the school. Breanne stood at the bottom of the steps, flipping through her papers. She found the one with the pictures, names and dorm rooms of the new students and put it at the front of her pile of papers. She also had a copy of all of their school schedules alphabetized and ready to go.

    Biting her lip, she looked up as the limos pulled up out front, and watched as they all poured out of the vehicles. She looked them all up and down, realizing that they were much worse than she had previously imagined them. Here we go...

    @Shayla @Shattered♦Secrets™ @Dramma @UnboundDestiny

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  17. Drew West
    Climbing into the second limo, with Blair, Drew wasn’t exactly disappointed with going to the goodies school, but he was more disappointed leaving his mother here, especially with his aunt. His aunt was a lot to handle, especially after getting a house dropped on her, she was completely miserable. Then again leaving and not being around his aunt was amazing in his eyes. He swore up and down the house knocked the evil right out of her.
    Looking around the limo, he sighed as he looked at the luxurious things that the vehicle contained. This place that was about to be his ‘new’ home was going to defiantly be different then the Island. He sighed and sat back into his seat to wait their arrival.
    Upon getting to the school, Drew nudged Blair’s arm. “Hey, look out the window.” He said, turning around to gaze out the window better. “Oh god.” He hissed out. This place was bright a cheery, this place was hell on earth. He swallowed his frustration and exited the vehicle. Though upon getting out, his frustration seemed to get the best of him. When a part of the welcoming committee asked who his wicked parent was, his skin started to turn green. “Drew West, son of the Wicked Witch of the West.” The small girl told herself. He glared at her for a moment, before Blair touched his shoulder and brought him down from evil cloud ten. His skin turned its normal color again.

    Blair Queen

    Blair hadn’t taken much too any notice in the whole travel process here. She was regretting forgetting to pack her dress with a purple lace pattern on the waist. Though when Drew touched her arm, and told her to look out. Starring out through the tinted glass limousine windows, she smiled devilishly. This place was perfect to destroy. She couldn’t help it, evil was engraved into her DNA.
    Though Blair was bad to the bone, she secretly wanted to know what it would be like to…not be so bad all the time. However, she kicked that thought out of her head each time it entered her mind. Evil was evil, or at least that was the way she was raised. “You know I might just poison that girl now before she can even reach the age to claim her throne, maybe then we can start our take over.” She said. “Besides, it’s not like Fairy Godmother’s magic can do anything to me. I can easily override it and carry on with my day like nothing happened.” She said to Drew. He chuckled and shook her shoulder. “That’s the Blair I know.” He said, with a grin.
    With the chauffer opened the door, she smiled and got out. “Thank you, butt breath.” She said. She didn’t mean to, but it was like her words became magic. The male’s breath began to stink of a foul odor. “Opps.” She said before laughing.
    Noticing that Drew had grown green, she smiled and walked to him. Putting her arm on his shoulder, his skin returned to a normal state. “So your mother was right when she said, here your skin would go green with angered in anyway.” She laughed a bit, before looking around at the goodies. Some had warm, disgusting, smiles on their faces. Other’s well, lets just say being born to a ‘good’ parent didn’t mean you were good themselves. A certain white head girl off on the side, with a blonde guy, looked exactly like a secret holder. Blair’s smile grew wicked. Continuing to looking around at them, she noticed a guy standing off against a wall, drumming his fingers. Blair’s smile changed, no longer wicked, but something else. Blair didn’t know what was going on, so she took her eyes off him.

    Mentioned: Eva @Dramma, Ying @UnboundDestiny

    Maddie Hatter
    When Alissa said something about having friendships with the Wicked’s children, Maddie smiled. “Maddie loves friendships.” She beamed. In all honesty, Maddie loved friendships because they were easier than being enemies with someone. However, of someone wanted to be her enemy she could care less. Her mother was secretly evil, and he father was mad, that would have a hell of an enemy on their hands if they wanted to test her.
    Being lost in her thoughts, she jumped when she heard a male voice call her name. Turning, she smiled at Braeden. He had been her best friend since the day she met him. They were like two peas in a pod. Sometimes Maddie considered him a brother. She squealed in excitement, as he spun her around. “Braeden!” She called out as he put her down, though she launched back into a hug.
    Letting go, he said something about them being here. Following his gaze, she looked over at the incoming limos. She smiled for a moment, though it wasn’t her usual happy-go-lucky smile, it was her maddening smile. It was almost like a replica of her father’s. Watching as the driver’s opened the door and let the kids out, she immediately noticed the flaming red hair of the Red Queens daughter. Than the color’s similar to the Cheshire cat’s fur. These were her Wonderland counter parts. That at least looked the part, wicked and unusually sly. Maddie liked them!

    Mentioned: Lizzie @Shayla, and Ann @IceQueen
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  18. Eva Snow
    Eva was sitting there with a smile as she looked at Caiden. When he questioned why they never talked much Eva readjusted her skirt and sat there starting to question it herself. Why hadn't she ever really talked to Caiden before, she knew absolutely nothing about him other then he was Cinderella's son. Oh and that he was a twin, but other then that Eva was clueless about him really. Smiling she turned to him "I actually have no idea why we never talked before." As she realized he didn't like the wicked ones coming to the school she decided to comment on it, "I actually yes dislike it as much as you do then, I'm a little nervous as to what I'm going to have to deal with but good has always triumphed" She said with a smile as she turned to the sounds of horns as the limos rolled up.
    "Speaking of the devils" Eva rolled her eyes, she was never usually this open about her feelings especially of disdain of other people as she was a Queen to be she always made it seem as she liked everyone. She found that she scooted over just a tad away from the approaching limos and she was closer to Caiden. "I don't know why I'm nervous though, I could easily take care of them, then again that's just talk I'm not sure if I can" Eva said as she put her head in her hands and shook her head slowly. Why was she revealing herself to Caiden, she had no idea but it needed to stop. Picking her head up Eva fixed her hair and stood up. "I'm going to go welcome the..newcomers if you'd like to come"

    I: @Shattered♦Secrets™
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  19. [BCOLOR=transparent]Fa Ying[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]"No problem Cres. Let's hope they'll get here soon." Ying said as he kept idly drumming his fingers on the wall as he looked around, eventually noticing Jacy approach him. Upon the other boy leaning on the wall next to him, Ying stopped his drumming and looked to the side to see and hear what Jacy wanted to ask. Upon listening, he felt bad for the sophomore, although understanding where his fears came from. "I'm sure there will be others your age coming along with this group anyway." He commented. "And, you won't get any trouble. They may seem scary and inhospitable at first, but they will fit in and get along with people in no time. No one is truly evil, it is just how they were brought up, trapped away over on that island." Ying said, putting his hands in his pockets as he stood next to Jacy. "And, if anything does happen, I'll be here to help you out." He added quickly, feeling that giving the younger student the reassurance of having someone there to look out for him would help settle his nerves.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Finally, the students got there, a horn signalling the arrival. Looking up, Ying took out his phone where he had a list of names with faces, to help him understand who was who and where they all needed to go if any got lost. As he looked across the group of new arrivals, he noticed one girl in particular looking at him for a slight second, looking down to his phone after she looked away and identifying her as Blair Queen, daughter of the evil queen. He remained stood by the main door as the wicked ones approached, since his position would allow him to easily help if need be and also hear what they were saying, incase any early trouble was unfortunately already brewing.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]M: @Autumn_Burns_Red ~ Blair[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I: @Dramma ~ Jacy[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alexia Horseman[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alexia had randomly picked one of the limos, not caring who she was in one with. She looked out the window as they approached the academy, feeling repulsed by the happy, clean, joyful look of the place. Oh well, they would ensure that all changed sooner or later. Some mayhem and chaos would let all the goodie goodie kids know who are better, and then that would begin to turn things in their favour again, hopefully.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]When they pulled up outside of the school, Alexia was one of the last out of the limos, hands in pockets as she walked at the back of their group. She wasn't one to be in the forefront and attract a lot of attention, mainly because she liked people to underestimate her, but also because of the whole social status surrounding how important their parents were. Unlike most of the others, her parent was not some noble or royal figure, just a lowly soldier who had lost his head in a war and carried on haunting and killing from beyond the grave. She looked around at the colourful displays for welcoming them as they walked towards the academy, finding the colours stupid and off putting, building up her suspicion that this place would need to learn who they are and what they are capable of quite quickly.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]M: The wicked ones[/BCOLOR]

  20. ~ Alissia B. Beastly ~

    Alissia stood by as she signed off on several paper's as she watched Ara run off to go fetch Melia.. Always falling asleep that one was she thought as a chuckle escaped her lips. She than saw Breanne come quickly wandering down the stairs as she all but gave a wave to her as she came over to speak with them. She nodded as she glanced over the paper's before smiling warmly to Breanne."Great job and it seems we are all set to go for our new arrivals!" At last the limo's came to pull around the courtyard bend as she all but straightened before taking a deep breath. The time was really here and soon they would all be living among each other...Hopefully in not to much chaos. She stepped down the stone staircase with held grace as she remained surrounded by her fellow Council member's as they began to spill out from the limo. You could most certainly tell who came from who's family. They stood out not only with their clothing and looks. More so by the way they held and carried themselves. It was extremely similar to that of their parent's. Suddenly , her eyes came to land upon a guy... An extremely handsome one with a devilish gleam held in his eyes. Did she mention he was staring at her? Her brow all but quirked as he strode his way up to her with great confidence. Alissia grinned just a bit out of amusement as he approached her with a wink and called her babe. His comment all but made her feel amused as she locked her gaze upon his. At that she stepped forward to walk down the stair's only to stop in close enough to his face as a smirk like smile curved to her reddened lips." You know what... I think I'll let one of our boys have that special chance to show you to your room. Lucky man! Not to mention I hate to share my bed even with heartbreaker's." She began to step around him as she all but chuckled before whispering." I can only assume you call all babe.. But , my name is Alissia.. Babe." She grinned widely to herself as she stepped around him in a light brush against him as she came to stand before the other Wicked One's as the Council trailed behind her. She looked to them all as she smiled warmly." Welcome to Enchantsia Academy.. I'm Princess Alissia Beastly , daughter of King Adam and Queen Belle.. I'm the Student Council President here so if you need anything feel free to ask me whenever.. I'll let everyone else introduce themselves before we give you all a tour. Arabella Snow will be back shortly I hope and than she'll be able to give you the first tour stop." Her eyes held to them all with a confident glow to her eye's and stance to her body as she stood tall as her hair whipped behind her as she spared a momentary glance to the boy who had recently approached her before extending her hand out to shake with them all.

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