Enchantress and the Chamber of Chaos

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    T H E M E S O N G
    Can't Sit With Us, By Honey Cocaine
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    "I use to be the sweetest girl ever... Til I found out being the baddest girl was better."

    • [​IMG]

      N A M E
      Auteanna Lashay Grant

      P R O N U N C I A T I O N

      N I C K N A M E / S

      A G E

      B I R T H D A Y
      15 June

      G E N D E R

      H E R I T A G E
      50% German (paternal)
      50% African American (maternal)

      S E X U A L I T Y

      E D U C A T I O N
      Currently studying eleventh grade (junior year)
      With Honors Classes

      J O B
      Helps her mom with her professional dance studio

    • [​IMG]

      H A I R
      Light brown, long, thick and straight

      E Y E S
      Light brown, wide, cat eyes, mysterious feel

      S K I N
      Light Brown

      H E I G H T

      W E I G H T
      59kg (130pounds)

      B L O O D T Y P E

      D R E S S
      Auteanna has a very high sense of fashion. Most of her clothes she purchases from thrift stores, and she knows all the best stores with great deals and discounts. Auteanna loves to make her own fashion so most of the things she buys and changes into her own style. Mixing clothes, cutting holes, make ribbons, ties, etc. Dress, skirts and half tops she makes them all. It's not her desire to be a fashion desire she just simply loves the fact that she's able to have her own style. She's a bad girl at heart. So she wears mostly jeans, with boots, half tops with jackets, high top sneakers, etc.

      P I E R C I N G S
      Belly Button, Tongue, Different piercing all only on her right ear
      Click To View Image

      T A T T O O S
      Even though she's not eighteen she has two tattoos one behind her left ear, that shows when her hair in pushed aside or in a ponytail/bun
      Click To View Image

      On her right arm she has a half sleeve
      (only half sleeve so it's stop at the last flower)
      Click To View Image

    • [​IMG]

      P E R S O N A L I T Y

      Auteana is a "ruin your life ask questions later" Kind of girl. She doesn't take well to people in general and has what others call as the resting bitch face syndrome. She's very...punctual with her words. She loves to toy with people's emotions. Her words cut deep like a double sided knife, piss her off and she'll get pleasure out of making you feel so bad about yourself, you'll want to change your whole appearance, stop hanging out with the people you know, switch schools and pray you'll never see her again. She fears no one for her motto is you bleed just like her. She's known for beating that ass and asking questions later if you speak foul of her name or any one she cares about. She's witty and very smart when it comes down to school. She's that old school 80's kind of excuse my language....bitch.
      The kind that walks into class late with her pants, boots, half top, leather jacket over her shoulder. Pushes your books off the desk and claims your seat as her. Has one headbud in her ear listening to her music loud enough the whole class can hear and pops her gum every time the teacher speaks. A bad girl/bitch.

      L I K E S
      Animals | Rain | Holidays | Her close friends | Reading |All music from classic, old school, rock, even Korean pop very ranged in music since she's a dancer| Autumn | Fall | Brooklyn | Museums | Mexican Food| Chicken Enchiladas| Thrift stores | Halloween | Smoking Marijuana | Hennessy | Records | Tight Clothing | Spicy food | Pizza| Dancing | Studios| Bates Motel | Vampire Diaries| | Baths | Piercings | Tattoos | Nature | Water | Swimming | Boxing | Kick Backs | Smoking on rooftops | Traintracks

      D I S L I K E S
      Preps | Most people | Screamo music | People who don't back up what they say | Scary Cats | Know-it-alls | Rich Snobs | Cocky Jocks |

      H O B B I E S
      Reading | Dancing | Exploring new areas | Thrift shopping | Browsing music stores | Finding new dance ideas | Making clothes

      H A B I T S
      Smoking Marijuana | Fighting

      F E A R S
      Clowns | Darkness | Snakes

      I N S E C U R I T I E S
      Auteanna is insecure about her shape. She's always caught the wrong attention because of how thick her bottom and thighs are. Boys tend to only want one thing from her.

      M E N T A L A I L M E N T S
      Auteanna struggles with accepting her past and dealing with issues calmly.

    • [​IMG]

      F A M I L Y
      Edward Grant | Father | Alive | 41 | Producer
      Nakia Kawan Grant | Mother | Alive | 37 | Dancer

      F R I E N D S

      E X E S

      E N E M I E S

      P E T S
      Oliver | Tabby Cat | Male
      Dodger | Jack Russel Terrier | Male

      Clink Here To View

      O T H E R R E L A T I O N S

    • [​IMG]

      Will Be Working On This Shortly

    • [​IMG]

      Will Be Working On This Shortly

    “Never run back to the people that BROKE you.”
    face claim: ZENDAYA
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    T H E M E S O N G S
    Skin by Rhianna
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    Te Amo by Rhianna
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    Russian Roulette by Rhianna
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    "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and even a little bit of danger."

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Leila

      Meaning Of Name: Dark as night or Dark Beauty

      Nickname(s): Lala

      Age: 875

      Gender: Female

      Affiliation: Regulus Pandemonium

      Race: Vampire

      Position: General

      Height: 5'3"

      Weight: 126

      Sexuality: Straight
      (Though in her lifetime of living she has experienced brief moments with girls)

      Talents: Singing and Photography and Swimming, archery somewhat was learning and still practicing.
      Leila Swimming Click Here
      Leila With Camera Click Here

      Leila Singing Click Here

      As far as additional strengths she is very cunning and wise. She can figure out about three different ways to infiltrate an enemies fortress within minutes. It's easy for her to guide herself and others through an enemies territory without being noticed. She has the patience of an animal hunting their prey and the wisdom of an owl.

      Smart, Flexible, Patient
      and Hand to Hand combat are her strongest strengths when it comes down to fighting.

      Fighting Skills Click Here
      More Fighting Skill Click Here
      And More Fighting Click Here

      1. She's smaller than the others, Sometimes the petiteness of her body can cause complications.
      2. Still weak at her archery
      3. The one thing that still haunts her to this day is a game of Russian Roulette she played and the disaster that came with it.

    • [​IMG]

      Piercings: She only has piercings on her ears. The same amount on both sides.
      Click Here to View Piercings

      1. Twin set of Garter Tattoos on thigh. The left thigh also has a gun going through the garter.
      Twin Garter Tattoos Click Here
      Style of gun in left side of garter Click Here
      2. She also has a quote in the center of her back which reads...
      "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and even a little bit of danger."
      Quote Tattoo Click To View

      Hair Color: Blonde

      Eye Color: Green


    • [​IMG]


      Sunrises and Sunsets | Pearls | Music Boxes | Fighting| Training | Being in battle | Horses | Lipstick | Sex | Sensual People | The idea of love | Singing | Swimming | Snakes | Horses | Excitement | Adventure | Do Not Enter signs | O + Blood Type | Archery

      All Negative Blood Types | Russian Roulette | Small Guns | Small Rooms | Insects | Werewolf Bite

      Being tied up
      Candle Wax

      Turn Ons:
      Running hands/fingers through hair
      Tracing fingers over skin

      Vampire Traits
      Mind Compulsion, Immortality, Super Speed, Senses, Agility, Strength & Durability. Dream Manipulation, Healing Factor, Emotional Control, Enhanced Emotions & Limited Telepathy.

      Vampire Cons
      Witchcraft, Animal Blood, Broken Neck, Fire, Sunlight, Decapitation, Heart Extraction, Invitation, Werewolf Bite, Werewolf Blood, Wooden Objects & Hunger (Unless Controlled).

      Positive Traits

      Admirable, Eloquent, Elegant, Sultry, Cultured
      Leila has a very admirable personality. With human's most of all, due to the way she carries herself and how she speaks she has an awe to her that any can't put their finger on. She also has a very eloquent way of speaking; It's very fluent and persuasive. As far as how she carries herself she had a vary elegant yet sultry way of her. Do to her time in the late 1200-1600's. It was one of her favorite decades and It did seem to rub off on her. Though she still dresses to fit in with the current period you can still see the old school sultry elegance to her.

      Goofy, Funny, Lighthearted, Adventurous, Daring
      Leila also has a very funny side to her. Almost anything can make her laugh. She has learned to find the joy in the simplest of things for the world can be turned to darkness within a matter of seconds. And with a world so vile a more light hearted, funny, caring personality is what everyone needs.
      Curiosity definitely killed the cat with this one. She tends to find herself in odd situations due to her curiosity, daring, and adventurous side

      Personality on battle field, during training.
      Alert, Brilliant, Calm, Discreet, Loyal

      Whenever Leila is on a battle field or training her personality is known to swift dramatically. She becomes very alert her senses seem to peak at a higher level then when she is in a day to day situation. Her wisdom for the battle field kicks in as well. She is able to come up with at least three different plans on how the team should infiltrate buildings, take out guards, how to sneak up on them, who to kill, who should be taken for interrogation, etc. All in just a matter of minutes or to other seconds. She has more brains than brawn in battle but nonetheless can kick your ass if needed as well. Her loyal side shows greatly in this mode though she is always loyal it will never show as highly as it does during battle. She will lay down her life for her family; and will stop at nothing to bring your walls down. She becomes very calm in this state, relaxed for she knows this is what she's best at. As well as being discreet in all the movements she takes.

      Negative Traits
      Protective, Abrupt, Blunt, Rude, Petty, Libidinous

      Libidinous the worse trait of all her bad traits. Once she was turned and after the blood-lust settled her sexual drive became quite excessive. She grew even more lustful than she was before, and given her drive as a vampire has not yet found the right person to fulfill her wishes. Which causes a frustrated side to rise out of her more times than not. Besides this she can come off quite protective for the ones she cares for. Although many wouldn't consider this a bad thing with her you should. Her keen way of moving on battle makes her the perfect person to cause your "disappearance" if you were to do any of the ones she cares for wrong. It takes a lot of effort and time to push Leila to a point where you have pissed her off, but if done so you catch a very abrupt, blunt, rude, petty side of her. And when the petty side of her strikes it strikes back full force.

    • [​IMG]

      Family: father Lucius, mother Christine, and older brother Luke.

      Current Status: Single

      Love Interest: (NONE AS OF YET)

      Friends: (OPEN IF INTERESTED)


      Frenemies: (OPEN IF INTERESTED)

    • [​IMG]

      Still Working Progress Just quick pin point ideas
      1141 to 2016 outline pin point ideas

      ~1141 to 1800's~
      From the time Leila was born she knew that had to be more than life, born within a time-frame others called the renaissance, where females were damsels in distress and man fought with heavy medals, pretty much where men ruled and controlled everything. From the jobs even to the female roles. Where females where stroked down if caught stepping out of line. Though most of the centuries were like this until the genre she lives in now kicked in. She lived a simple life with her father Lucius, mother Christine, and older brother Luke. At this time her name was known as Candice.
      At the age of twenty-three Candice came across a man like no other, from the way he fought in battle to the grace he carried when he spoke, she felt an odd danger around him yet it gave her the excitement she always craved. Late one night under the dim lit sky as the wind danced along her skin he took her far away from the village. They began to make what she thought was going to be endless love, but she noticed something change in this man's eyes and before long her whole life turned upside down as a searing amount of pain ran through the course of her body, throughout her veins. When she woke the sun burned her and she had to flee within the darkness of the underground sleeping with snakes as her new family. As the night grew towards her a lust for blood burned within her throat, she went to see her family out of worry but ended up killing the three of them out of hunger Terrified of what or who she would harm next she vanished into the darkness with her pet snakes and slept for many, many years. Letting the soil be her burial ground.

      ~1800's to 1926~
      In the 1800's though woman still dressed with their skin covered they began to show a more attractive side. Beautiful dresses that where tight around the waist and flowed to the bottom of your feet. Elegant floral hat, with fancy white lace gloves, and dainty umbrellas. As Candice slept peacefully not knowing of the new world with carriages riding around her. In the depth prison men dug at the ground day in and day out. Punishment for the laws they had broken, on one unfortunate day just as the sun began to set and the man began to stop digging one came across something. With curiosity being the worse type of behavior they began to dig in the spot with their hands, disgusted yet in awe at the sight they saw never truly thinking the stories were real. Yet there before them laid a female vampire in sleep no blood in her system she laid desiccated. Out of ill thought on of the man began to pry open her mouth looking at her fangs only to be cut himself. And as the blood hit her lips her eyes shot open, hunger rising and with a burn throat she managed to kill all the guards and prisoners that night and sneak of into town.
      Years passed and as she came across a male human named

      Xavier who was fascinated with vampires and knew all about her wanting to spend his life with her she turned him, along with his teenage son and two teenage daughters. Time passed and they were tacked down by foul coven witches. Using a spell the witches all made them play a game of Russian roulette. Repeating the process with adding a bullet once one was used until only Candice was left alive. In her grief she left seeking revenge on the females and forcing one to carve her a ring that would protect her from sunlight.
      As time passed Candice became a bandit robbing carriages, coaches, and trains. Stealing items and draining blood as she did so.

      ~1926 to 1962~
      After many years of getting her anger out, Candice grew smarter knowing that she would live forever she decided to give herself more potential so with her daylight ring she began to learn how to hunt like an animal in search for his prey, she grew wise like an owl. Following witches and werewolves who had been kicked from their packs. She never killed them she just learned their movements so if the time ever called for it she would be ready to strike, She grew very decent with a sword/daggers, and hand to hand combat, as well as swimming. When the decade began to change she took a break from her training to enjoy a new time. A time where females wore makeup, tight clothes, and beautiful jewels. She even sung at a night club. As she grew found of this edge she gave herself a new name...

      Leila a name which meant dark as night or dark beauty. She grew so found of this age that her rage died down and she only feasted on the criminals in the town. She knew of Marilyn Monroe and sung with her once at the club. She was at peace as she collected trinkets and explored a beauty she never felt before, but nothing last the same forever and when Marilyn the closet thing to a friend or family she had left passed away from an overdose she knew she had to search for her own kind.

      ~1962 to Now~
      Leila walked the nights and days alone training, learning, and fighting. Werewolves and Vampires were at each other's throats more than ever and if she ever found herself at the wrong place or the wrong time she was always fighting. She grew stronger day by day until one night a pack of wolves surrounded her. She held her own for long moments of time until one struck her down and as he was about to bite her another vampire stepped in. They fought side by side and when the battle was over they told of a place where she could be surrounded by her own kind she accepted without hesitation. Showing and teaching other her fighting skills and battle knowledge she even tries to do archery although that is still a working progress with her. She is now one of the generals in a vampire clan led by none other than vamp leader (waiting for name)

    • [​IMG]

      Music Boxes one of her favorites being the music box of Anastasia
      Music Box Click Here
      Music Box and Necklace Click Here
      Music Box Moving Click Here

      Pearls and Lipsticks Click Here

      "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and even a little bit of danger."


      Skin by Rhianna
      Click Here To Listen
      Te Amo by Rhianna
      Click Here To Listen
      Russian Roulette by Rhianna
      Click Here To Listen

    "The worse day of loving someone is the day you lose them."

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    Will Be Working On This Shortly
    “Never run back to the people that BROKE you.”
    face claim: ZENDAYA


    "The worse day of loving someone is the day you lose them."

    face claim: scarlett johansson


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    Zaphira Enchantress, Location: East End (Laugh &Tits Strip Club)
    Interactions: Joker Tagged: @

    Zaphira walked into the club in her witch like form for when seeing someone like the Joker there was no reason to hide your wicked side, as she walked in heads began to turn and people began to whisper. She wore a tight black dress that hung all her curves ever so perfectly. Her breast sitting up perky in her dress. She wore black heels with lace that ran up to her upper calves. Her long silky black hair was down dancing along the lower part of her back right before the curve of her bottom started. Her eyes were a piercing dark bloody red, and her lips matched, her nails out long and her fangs visible. Her hand tattoos and her thigh tattoo visible for everyone to see, and her light brown skin had somewhat of a glow in it. As she entered the bar she glanced around for any sight of the man they call Joker a.k.a King of Gotham but he was nowhere in silent.

    She closed her eyes taking in a deep breath listening; and although it was faint she could here Joker's voice and it seemed as though it was coming from a basement. Turning her head she glanced at a door that had two men standing in front of it with a wicked smile on her face she walked over slowly her steps swift.

    "Unless you have an appointment I suggest you get back to the dance floor."

    Zaphira only smiled turning her gaze from one man to the next. They were both equally large and probably equally stupid as well, but she didn't come here to cause trouble. She snapped her fingers at the bouncer on the left and spoke.

    "Be still and say nothing."

    Within moments his eyes turned black and he swallowed hard not moving or saying anything. She then turned to the next bouncer and smiled eyes beginning to glow.

    "I have a message for your boss..."

    She said as she started walking closer to him.


    The bouncer had no control of his body as he walked towards his boss, although the feeling wasn't painful it was very odd. It felt as though he had been hypnotized the only difference was he couldn't see anything. His whole vision was black as if he had went blind, yet with some miracle he still knew where he was going. Without warning he stood right in front of his boss his eyes pitch black inside and out.

    "Forgive me Mr. Joker for I don't mean to interrupt any festivities you might be doing at the moment. My name is Zaphira I'm sure with you being the King of Gotham you've heard of me. I caused that ruckus at the asylum and penitentiary and if I'm not mistaken I believe a few of your men were trapped in that asylum as well so let me say your welcome. Along with that I do also apologize I didn't want to use your bouncer to get my message across but I wasn't sure how else to see you, No I'm not in his body but I can see you through his eyes. Anyway, I don't mean you any harm nor do I mean to disrespect you in any way. I just need a little chaos stirred and I heard you were the men to see about that. I'm afraid me freeing the prisoners isn't enough of the distraction I need. Oh yes and I believe you know the infamous triple threat squad. Harley, Ivy, and Cat I was also curious in finding out where I could find them. Again I don't mean to intrude I'll sit by the bar and we can discuss thing when your ready."

    After speaking the spell was lifted and the bouncer's eyes turned back to their original colors he was now able to see clearly and his attention turned to the Joker whose expression was a hard one to read.

    "She...She's quite gifted sir...A witch or enchantress of some sort sho...should I go grab her?"

    He had a nervous tint in his voice for he knew how much the joker hated to be interrupted when he was "playing" with his guest.[\glow]


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    • Zaphira, also known as the charmer has a two sided type of personality. Giving her being a Gemini and her strong distaste in man. When she rose from her grave and became what they call her as "The Wicked Enchantress" her personality shifted

      Good Traits
      Admirable, Captivating

      Zaphira may come off as very captivating to watch. Due to the way she carries herself, how she walks, how she talks. Villains even admire the way she kills. For she never leaves a mess, never gets a drop of blood on her hands. She kills in unique, detailed, intricate ways which only makes villains want to be around her more. She speaks as if she's been around for centuries, Delicate define words. A very rare trait in modern personalities.

      Brilliant, Calm, Confident
      Zaphira has a brilliance to her that not many recognize, for she doesn't have many friends and if she did have any they would all say she talks very little. Though when she does speak she tends to always have something smart to say, and when she kills she always has a brilliant way of hiding her tracks. She comes off very calm even when she kills, speaks, walks. She never seems rushed or in a hurry. Even when being transported to the Arkham Asylum she remained calm. She also has a high sense of confidence it just glows off her face without her trying.

      Eloquent, Sexy
      Her speech is very eloquent. She speaks very fluent and persuasive. Not only that but her voice is soft like a whisper, gentle like a birds song. Adding elegance to her eloquent way of speaking. Yes she is sexy but not in the way most people would think. Her outfit is decently well covered and she doesn't purposely ooze sex appeal, but because of the way she talks, acts, carries herself her sexiness pushes through.

      Loyal, Possessive
      Though she doesn't have any friends Zaphira if you earn her respect and trust is a very loyal villain. As of now her loyalty only lies with her sister. The only living relative she has. Her loyalty will fall mostly in the hands of females for not many men can earn her respect. If earned though she will protect you, commit crimes with you, and if ever in trouble find and help you. She also has a possessive trait but only over those she cares about. You are apart of her once claimed as a friend. Your more family than friend to her and although she will give you her space she will make it known to others if they hurt you they better start to dig their grave.

      Bad Traits

      Zaphira can become very unimpressed or indifferent to a situation in the matter of seconds. One of the main reasons she doesn't have friends. If you explain something with un-needed information, to detailed, or it's completely irrelevant and unimportant she will show no interest at all.
      Cold-hearted, Evil, Harsh, Wicked
      Due to the story of how she came to be the Enchantress of the Wicked, overall her personality is very vile and tainted. More so to men instead of women. Just know she already has a nasty personality so if you cross her in anyway her face will be the last thing you see.

      Dauntless, Malicious
      There are very little things that scare Zaphira, due to her being a Enchantress and her powers coming from a dark, powerful magic she comes off as of very dauntless, and because of her past has a very malicious side to her as well. Though in the deepest parts of her mine even the enchantress knows everyone has a weakness.

      She does have a very sexist personality. Her heart wavers more to females than males. Though at times when bored she finds the company of a male rather....interesting. She tries not to let her past bother her but it caused her to became who she is so she embraces it instead of blocking it out.


      Zaphira is all about the woman although she enjoys teasing men when she's leading them into traps. Using her seductive, sexy ways to pull them in and watch their skin burn under her touch. Overall though she enjoys the presence of females and loves a female with a nice pair of full seductive lips.


    • Zaphira's uniform consist of the color black and red. And form to fit her body tight and comfortably for teleportation and fighting reasons.
      Villain Uniforms

      She still goes by the name Cattleya, not able to part with the name her mother gave her. During the day she works as a private investigator for females. Given her being so young it's easy for people not to see her as a threat. She investigates to see if the husband is cheating on you, living a second life, lying. She also does investigations for woman who run businesses. Finding out why their money is vanishing. As long as your a female and you need help you can contact her. She does her work very secretively and the only way you'll find out about her is if your a female in need of assistance.

      By Day Attire



      Zaphira has a very smooth, angelic yet at the same time somewhat demonic voice. It comes off very seductive with a harmonized tone.
      Her Voice


      Tattoo that when touched turns into deadly chain lasso/rope weapon as discussed in weapons/abilities

      Have no meaning as of yet, showed up when she rose from ground as Zaphira





    • The Three Deadly Weapons

      Twin Daggers & Matching Swords
      Zaphira has a pair of matching daggers. Said to be so sharp it can cut a single strand of hair into two. Just looking at it could cut you. Or so it's said. No man has ever been close enough to it to live to tell it. Her daggers have a rigged edges so once she cuts or stabs you with the knife it will puncture in seven different ways. The daggers can cut through medal, and glass, humans, demons, souls, etc. Her swords are just as deadly as her daggers both swords and daggers were said to be created by a coven of seven witches who placed the seven deadly sins curse on the items. It's said if the sword is the cut you that your true form would show. It's said it can read your most darkest desires and can feel who you truly, it will bring fourth one of the seven deadly sins and you will live your life based of just that one sin.
      A curse that stands directly in the balance of good and evil.

      Garter Chain Tattoo
      Zaphira also wears a weapon as a tattoo. It's on her left leg, and looks like a simple garter tattoo. But if she touches it with the tip of her nail and presses down on it a chain forms around her leg. The golden chain hangs there until Zaphira is ready to use it. When ready she can grab the chain in her hand and use it as a lasso, or whip to catch her victim. Though it looks fragile it is as strong a lethal as her blades

      Deadly Venom
      Zaphira has a venom that runs through her nails, fangs, lips, and tongue. She can use it to poison her prey and put them in a deep sleep or if she wishes she can simply just kill them with it. Her venom is of that of acid. If ever trapped behind bars it will come in handy for her acid is so acidic it can simply melt the bars away

      Deadly Weapons

      Only difference is she has two

      Only difference is she has two


      Claws when out




      Zaphira has the ability to heal with great speed basically within seconds or minutes depending on the fracture. Most cases she can heal herself within seconds, but if the wound is a major wound or a wound cause by another magic source of good light. Her healing process may take a few days.

      Zaphira has the ability to vanish right before your eyes and teleport anywhere she wishes to. As long as she's been there before. If she hasn't been there before she needs a picture to look at to imagine herself being there. She also has the ability to transport anything she touches. She can also walk through walls.

      A spell Zaphira does somewhat often. Walking up to a person she will snap her fingers and whisper the words "stand watch" the humans eyes will turn black and they are forced to stand guard if they see someone coming Nerezza will see it when they do. Once she is out of a certain distance the spell will automatically wear off.
      As well as with the stand watch spell she also has an obey spell. Same concept she snaps her fingers and whispers "obey" your eyes turn black and you will do anything and everything she ask of you. Once she snaps her fingers again you break out of the hypnosis spell, no harm is done by you, expect you may feel slightly light headed afterwards.

      Nerezza can open portals to other dimensions not to summon demons or weak havoc. Only for herself to go to and from the dimensions

      If need be she will most likely speak to you though your mind. If she wishes she can link others in the conversation as well. Causing everyone invited to the conversation to temporarily speak telepathically.

      1. Twin Daggers & Twin Swords
      2. Garter Chain Tattoo
      3. Deadly Venom


      With the wave of her hand she can cause your eyes to turn black with a fog like smoke in the middle of the blackness of your eyes, this will cause you to see the things you crave so much in life only for them to turn dark. Twisted, making the thing you crave wicked and demented before your eyes. This effect doesn't cause you to go insane but it brings out the wicked part out of you so you will have an urge to cause chaos.

      This spell will cause whoever is in Zaphira's presence to weak chaos how ever she show desires. From a bar breaking out into a brawl scene, to humans attacking officers, even riots. She uses more as a distraction than anything else. Basically manipulating your mind so you will want to cause destruction.


      With the wave of her hand Zaphira can lift things. Although since this is a minor power of hers she can only lift small trinkets. Items that would fit in the palm of her hand. Though in Gotham she's sure this can come in handy if she needed to get on someones good sad by stealing a piece of jewelry.

      Zaphira is well trained in hand to hand combat, something that seemed to come naturally to her in her change. She has long powerful legs, and is very flexible. She moves fast and swift. She's also very pro when it comes to holding daggers and using them. Zaphira can cut you without you even realizing it. Other than her blades, she uses her legs to her advantage as well.






      Weaknesses | ParselMouth | Love of Snakes | Enchanted Book |
      Other Facts

      Zaphira's Sister. The only thing she has left of her past. Though no one knows of it and can't relate the two together she is still a strong weakness of Zaphira's.

      This simple red pearl links the spell castes on her together. Destroyed there is no telling what could happen. Zaphira keeps it hidden yet still claimed to be in plain site. No one will ever find it unless by her will, but if found and destroyed it could possibly be the end of her as well.

      light source/good magic. Good magic effects her just as well as her dark magic effects anyone else. If faced to battle a good witch with the right spell they could leave her very weak.

      Zaphira has the ability to speak the language of the snakes. Parsel Tongue,though right now she only uses the language for two reasons. One to open her enchanted book for now that she is linked with it the book only opens itself and the words only appear on the paper when she whispers to it in parseltongue. As well as when she wants to bring out her enchantress side. When speaking secret words in the dark language her body and appearance will began to change. Causing her to change from Cattleya to Zaphira the wicked enchantress.

      Zaphira has a thing for snakes, could be due to the fact that she speaks parsel-tongue and shares their language none the less she finds the creatures very intriguing and soothing.

      The book said to hold many different spells and powers all dark. As well as important information Enchantress gathers. This was the book used to bring her back as Zaphira giving her the name that brings the Asgardian's hope. A book only Zaphira is able to open and read now that she holds it's darkest powers. It opens up when she speaks to it in Parsel Tongue a dark language known from snakes. And as she grows stronger more spells and different abilities will reveal themselves to her.






      IRON MAN




    • Zaphira lived with her father Nicholas, younger sister Crystillia, and her mother Crystal. When she lived amongst them she went but the name Cattleya. Her mother naming her after a beautiful orchid that grew in Costa Rica. She fell in love with the flower on her honeymoon. When Zaphira was ten things started changing for the worse. Her father began coming home late hours of the night, her mother and father were constantly arguing. Her mother cried at night at times her father even hit her. It grew to the point her younger sister would climb into her bed laying a pillow over her head to block out the sounds of their bickering. Not long after her turning ten her father packed up his things and left. Leaving the three of them. As her mother dropped to her knees begging him to stay he simply smirked.
      "Three hoes in a house."
      Were the last word Zaphira heard her father say as he vanished into the night. Looking at the pain her father caused her mother her taste for him went sour. She began to hate him losing all respect of him.
      When Zaphira turned fourteen her mother found a new boyfriend his name was Christopher and he was vile. He ran a gang that helped the cartel. He was vile always beating on her mom, kicking and eating her. Breaking plates when she didn't make what he wanted for dinner or when it wasn't out fast enough. There were times when he would spit on her. He always smelled of drugs and alcohol and Zaphira locked her and her sister in their rooms for she never felt comfortable with the looks he gave the two of them. One night a few days after Zaphira turned fifteen her sister now ten, she heard screaming. Standing up she realized it was coming from her sisters room and quickly ran to her side. Knocking her mothers drunken boyfriend out with a lamp. Moving quickly she grabbed her sister and ran out of the house where she tried knocking on neighbors doors for help giving the fact their mother was knocked out cold from her previous beating. Though none of the neighbors would help out of their own fear of the man.
      In his drunken rage Christopher woke still drunk and even more pissed ff than before. He began breaking alcohol bottles, and tossing lighter fluid around the house. With his mind a mess he lit the house on fire and Zaphira watched as it burned from outside. She tried to run in for her mother but Christopher's mob was waiting for them and when she tried to run in the house they ran for her sister. Torn between the two Zaphira grabbed her sister and ran deep into the woods. Once she lost their trail she came across a well. Knowing her sister was thirsty she looked in to see if there was any water. With her being distracted she didn't realize how close his thugs were and within seconds they grabbed both her and her sister. Zaphira put up one hell of a fight which only pissed them off as they stabbed her repeatedly and through her down the well. The fall should have broken her neck but instead she lived. Gasping for breath as she bled to death, eyes full of tears as she heard her sisters screams fill her ears.
      By time morning came and the police arrived Zaphira was dead and her sister traumatized. Her aunt and uncle came down to give her and her mother a proper funeral while taking in her sister. The day before her sister turned eighteen she went to an old witchy cavern store where she noticed a book that was said to have been found in a cave where the enchantress that took over Junes body lived. She could feel the dark aura seeping from it and asked to purchase it but the woman guarding it denied her. Later in the darkness of the night Crystillia stole the book and ran to her sisters grave. She held a small pearl in her hand that once belonged to their mother. A single white pearl. Without fear she began to read the spell from the book and her sister rose. The once white pearl turning red and her sister rising as an enchantress. A wicked enchantress named Zaphira. When she saw her sister she rejoiced in her presence only to soon after reek the revenge she so craved for on the men before. Watching them take their last breath at her feet. Her sister handed her the book and pearl. A pearl the only thing linking the spell. Zaphira hid it somewhere safe hugged her sister goodbye and vanished into the night. As she wandered the streets now intrigued with her new self a light laid over her from above. Within seconds she was transported to a place she never knew existed. Asgard where a man named Thor held her trial.
      You see the gatekeeper saw her demonic aura and informed Thor. Thor wanted to see if she would be a threat. He understood her anger from her past and knew revenge would be obvious. With one question to mind he asked her what her name was now.
      When she said Zaphira he gave a soft smile.
      "Zaphira means aspiration, inspiration, hope, and guidance. This book that's now yours is old and ancient. It gives the name it best feels fit. If the book gave you this name she sees hope for you. As well do I, be free but be warned you now have my attention."

      With that they sent her back to earth, she smiled with a wicked grin for she was darkened now, her soul tainted with bitterness and she would reek hell on any man she desired. She decided Gotham was the best place for this, and that is where her next chapter begins.


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    Starfire, Location: Flying over gotham city, old building
    Interactions: Nightwing Tagged: @

    Starfire flew across Gotham City. Her heart and mind truly only looking for one person in particular. Nightwing. After returning from her home planet Tamaran and handling some of her princess duties she was now free to have a life of her own. A life that always included Nightwing. She had flown through planets and galaxies in only a matter of minutes to reach this man. She saw the terrors of Gotham from a sky view and as much as her body ached to fight she held back the urge. Daylight would be rising soon surely the crime would lighten. As the night sky beamed soon to fade within the hour she continued to fly. Until she came across a building protected by gargoyles and an eery man standing next to them. Looking down at the city he called home. Slowly, quietly, gently she placed her feet on the cement behind him.

    “Nightwing it is I.. Starfire.. Oh let us rejoice for I have found you again.”

    Her voice was just as playful and soft as it always had been and she jump up and down clapping her hands with excitement, her eyes gleaming a light green with joy.


    She spoke softer this time.

    Very, very good. Tell me what was your happy thought?

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    "Very very good, what was your joyful thought?."


    Princess of Tamaran

    • Starfire has an outgoing and vivacious personality that epitomizes the joy-seeking aspects of Tamaranean culture. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, loves to have fun, and often expresses herself in flamboyant ways. Tamaraneans tend to wear very little clothing compared to humans, both as a reflection of their uninhibited culture and in order to absorb more solar energy through their skin and convert that energy into the power of flight. Starfire is no exception to this, and she finds the human mode of dress to be unnecessarily prudish and restrictive. She prefers wearing outfits that cover as little of her curvaceous figure as is possible to get away with, and enjoys the obvious attention that this creates. She is openly flirtatious with men, even taken ones, and is seemingly oblivious to the jealousy she generates in other women. Starfire can instantly assimilate other languages simply through physical contact with the other person, and if that other person is male, she will usually kiss them (often without any warning) since it is more fun for her that way.

    • Tamaraneans tend to wear very little clothing compared to humans, both as a reflection of their uninhibited culture and in order to absorb more solar energy through their skin and convert that energy into the power of flight. Starfire is no exception to this, and she finds the human mode of dress to be unnecessarily prudish and restrictive. She prefers wearing outfits that cover as little of her curvaceous figure as is possible to get away with.

      Starfire wears human clothes as needed but when it's time to fight her outfit changes. This is the transformation process.

      These are her three main battle outfits




      Her Voice

    • Abilities

      is a Tamaranean and as such her physiology is designed to constantly absorb ultraviolet radiation. The radiation is then converted to pure energy, allowing her to....

      1. fly at supersonic speeds

      2. capable of using this power to fly in space and even go fast enough to cross several solar systems in minutes to seconds

      3. incredible superhuman strength and durability

      4. in the New 52 reboot, having used her internal energy to melt the metal of Jason Todd's gun when it came into contact with her skin.

      5. Starfire, and all Tamaraneans, are capable of assimilating languages through physical contact with another person. When Starfire attempts to do so with a male, she typically does so by kissing because it is "more fun"

      6. Starfire is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat

      7. She also doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep and doesn't require an atmosphere to breathe, though she has to if she is low on energy.

      Abilities In Action








    • Koriand'r, Starfire's given name, is a princess of the fictional planet Tamaran in the Vegan system, and was in line to rule the planet as Queen. Komand'r ("commander", also known as Blackfire), her older sister, developed a bitter rivalry with her after suffering a disease in infancy that robbed her of the ability to harness solar energy to allow her to fly, and by extension, her right to the throne. This rivalry continued and intensified when the siblings were sent for warrior training with the Warlords of Okaara. Things came to a head during a sparring exercise in which Komand'r attempted to kill her sister. As a result, Komand'r was expelled and she swore vengeance.

      That revenge came in a plot where Komand'r betrayed her planet by supplying detailed information about Tamaran's defenses to their enemies, the Citadel. They conquered Tamaran with ease, and the surrender conditions included the enslavement of Koriand'r, who was never permitted to return, since that would mean the Citadel would devastate the planet for abrogating the treaty. To Kory's horror, she learned that Komand'r was her master; Koriand'r's older sister made the most of her sibling's years of horrific servitude. When Koriand'r killed one of her captors, Komand'r decided to execute her as punishment, but the sisters were attacked and captured by the Psions, a group of sadistic alien scientists. While performing deadly experiments on the sisters, the Psion were attacked by Komand'r's forces. Koriand'r broke free using her starbolts, destructive blasts of solar energy which were a result of the experimentation. She freed Komand'r, who was still absorbing energy. Far from grateful, Komand'r struck her sister with the same, but more intense, power, and had her restrained for later execution.

      Koriand'r escaped by stealing a spacecraft to flee to the nearest planet, Earth, where she met the first Robin and his compatriots; she joined them in forming the Teen Titans. She became a charter member of this team and remained a member for years, finding work as a professional model using the name Kory Anders.

    How many okarins does it take to hogie a morflark? Fimbar!

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