Enchanted Isles.

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  1. In an unknown part of the ocean, there rests a small collection of islands protected from planes and ships by strange weather and protected from satalite by a mysterious energy field. These islands are the last major haven for Magical phenomena on Earth, and is all but untouched by man, with a few exceptions of shipwrecked individuals, most of whom don't last very long.

    This will be an open world RP, exact details on the island were kept out intentionally, as I'd like to see players contribute to the setting.

    Suggestions and questions are encouraged and appreciated.
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  2. I am interested in your concept. Do you have a general idea on where you want to guide it, or are you planning on making this completely sand box?
  3. There may be a malevolent force on the island to act as a common enemy, but other than that, I'd imagine it being sandbox.
  4. I think it might be pretty fun to link this in to an actual location... The Bermuda Triangle would be a good bet :D It comes with pre-installed legends about boats being destroyed after all.
  5. I will bite.
  6. when you mean "magical" does this describe just the environment or whoever is native to the island as well. I was picturing mermaids and whatnot when i was reading it, though it doesnt have to be. im looking for potential characters right now.
  7. It's essentially a nesting place for both magical forces and creatures.

    There's the previously mentioned storms and energy field.
    Creatures from multiple mythologies are present on the island.
    The magical energy around the island makes it one of the last locations where the casting of spells is even possible.
  8. niceeeeee awesome concept. this is going to be an awesome RP
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