Encanta Joins The War~!

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  1. The War.
    The Rebellion vs. The Empire


    Many have fallen in this great war between the Jedi and the Sith. Many great heroes as well. Until this time, the planet Encanta has chosen to stay out of it. None can sway them, for their ways are old and mysterious. Magic. The art of Wizards and Witches is their forte, their power. However, just because the planet does not want to interfere, doesn't mean all of it's inhabitants do. We join in the story of a certain group. They are not allies, and may never be, but they are the ones who will shape the end of the War.

  2. Dalen walked through the halls of Hogwarts, never meeting anyone's eyes. They did not try to meet his either, he was not a very popular student at this school. Only one person had tried to befriend him, and he had just shrugged them off. The descendent of Goyle held no interest to him as an ally. No parents, no friends, and he liked it this way. It meant no distractions, he was able to focus on his studies and his saber craft. He could always see the girls giggling at him when he practiced in the main field. Not at his skills, he was confident in those, but because they thought he was cute no doubt. They never approached him, however... they didn't have the nerve.

    23 years of age, and he was just graduating. He had been held back a couple years for his attitude. The Headmaster was an old lady, the daughter of some old witch named McGonagall. She had held him back for lack of respect to his teachers, so he had been forced to repeat his sixth year... several times. Didn't matter, gave him more practice. As he turned to start heading down to the Slytherin dungeons, he heard someone call his name. He turned to see his Head of House, Albus Potter.

    "Yes, Professor?" Dalen asked calmly.

    "The Headmaster wishes to see you," Prof. Potter stated. "Nothing is wrong, she simply wishes to give her response to your request." Dalen shrugged, guessing the answer.

    "Thank you, Professor. I'm guessing you're to escort me?"

    "Of course."
  3. Space. Big was not a great way to describe it. It was full of stars, planets yet to be discovered upon, and even races never met. Soon that would change. The universe... The galaxy they knew would change soon. Races would come together. Different factions would be built and fought against.

    Why was the galaxy about life and death?

    That question haunted her. She didn't want to be a part of the destruction. Her ways of the Sith may be abandoned if not yet. All she wanted to do was travel. See the unseen. Go on adventures. Maybe even find love. She wasn't into the normal lovey dovey crap either. Forbidden love was what she was about. A complex love. Something that she'd have to literally fight for to keep alive. She chuckled at the thought. "What ever. That will never happen." She was probably right. The person she was people of human lives would call being a whore. Eh, it didn't bother her. She was about the action and adventure anyways.

    She sat back in the captain's seat of a space craft. It was small and very fast. Useful for escaping people who tried to capture her. Which she was also used to. The dreams of becoming like her father were slim. He was human and a bounty hunter all about his freedom. That's all she ever wanted. It didn't happen. She had to stick with having the force. It's all about the rice she was told. You're lucky. Not many people have a strong force in them. Blah blah blah. It meant nothing to her. At least she grabbed her own ship... Even though she kinda went off trail from her mission. Who wants to look into the enemy's defenses anyways? Not her.

    A planet that wasnt on her map, was her target. She spotted it on a darth's map. Memory serves her well. She was closing in on this planet. Goregous waters. Green luscious lands. Woods and forests left to be looked upon. This place was amazing. She camouflaged her ship into the surroundings. She wanted to know what was this place. Her companion landed the ship and opened the hatch. The girl walked out and smiled at this discovery. She didn't want to leave. Her footsteps circled as her body soaked in the beauty. She already didn't want to leave.
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  4. Kita ran through the halls with abandon, weaving in and out of the throngs of students with a grace and practicality born of years of practice. There were things to do, people to meet and work to be done. She counted herself lucky, fresh out of school and she had a job already! A few people waved at her as she passed, those few she could count as friends did anyways. Everyone else thought she was off her rocker A.K.A had a few screws loose. Personally she didn't care what others thought of her, they were just jealous.

    Her scarf trailed behind her whipping about in the wake of her passage. At her side a small black shadow ran besides her, it's ears twitching every way at the slightest noise. Kit reached her destination at last, the library. There she turned in the few books she had checked out and browsed through the bookcases for new books to read. She chose a few and was out of the library almost as fast as she had entered. Her next destination? The school grounds. There was no better place to feed her very active imagination.

    It was her imagination that gave her an advantage in almost all situations, able to use old spells in new ways or just creating new spells when an old one didn't do what she wanted. That was her job, to research new spells for the new generation of witches and wizards. She laid back on the grass, her familiar jumping up to sit on her chest. The black cat curled her tail around her feet and stared into her partner's eyes. The two of them then preceded to converse, both out loud and mental.

    "you need to get away from here and start a new path." The voice was soft and calm, a complete opposite to Kita's own mental voice. "I know. But where would I go? Here, there, up, down, left, right, in-between, outside, underwater or in the sky? To the stars or on the ground? So many choices." Kita said out loud, earning her a look of disdain from a few nearby students. One would think they would get use to her by now she mused, sending the thought to Seren, whose tail twitched in silent laughter. "the stars. under the water is too wet for my liking." The stars, something Kita looked at every night for new inspiration. Could she really find a way out there? Perhaps, if she ever got enough money for a trip... She was to entrenched in her thoughts to notice the few students going back inside, nor did she notice a newcomer stepping on to the grounds.
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  5. The land still captivated her. She knew she had to do something. Kadri couldn't just stand there. She walked back in her ship and Valle out to er crew. "Gadius! Tre'Kall!! Fadeiot!!!" Three individuals lined up in front of her and saluted. She refused to salute and nodded upward as the 'response salute.' Her arms stretched out a over her head and locked together behind her neck. "I'm going out. Don't come looking for me and stay hidden. Find a remote location where hardly anyone goes. If I holocall you, then simply follow what I say. Besides that... Do whatever you want as long as you stay in the ship and don't blow our cover." Her arms fell to her side and her hip swayed to the left. Her face shifted to a bold and serious face. "If you dare to cross me... Prepare for your death. I will hunt you down..." She turned her back to them and waved them off. "That is all." it wasn't like they couldn't take the ship else where after moving it. Her own modifications were in that baby. Them on the other hand had secret location devices hidden on them. No matter where they would go she could find them. She began skipping in the field which they landed. Her attitude shifted into her giddy happy one. "Time to explore..."

    Her body traveled forward seeing everything there was to see. She practically looked human minus her eyes and the small horns that ran down the center of her head. Her jet black hair was slicked back and pulled into really thin dreads that portrayed braids. The bunch tied back in a loose ponytail like hair due. Her eyes were an orange color that was decorated with black eye substance which is 'recieved' when you work for the Sith Empire. Eye shadowed red lines ran vertical right underneath her eyes. Kadri's lips were darkened with the same dark side protocol as her eyes. The horns on her head were colored with her normally sun kissed skin tone.

    Her feet carried her to a near by pond where she witnessed her reflection. She knew she'd stand out. Honestly she didn't care. If her face wasn't a dead give away, her selected attire would be. Her top was barely covered. Her breast were all wrapped with a black fabric of some sort. The cloth then trailed up an wrapped only a few times around her arms to help hold herself up. The last of the fabric wrapped around her neck. Kadri'sstomach was bare. This led to her tight dark brown leather like pants that hugged her complete lower body. Sandy colored boots covered her feet. She was a strange one but enjoyed the chance to look different. Buckles were tight against both wrists as a handle of some sort held from both. They were light sabers no doubt.

    Her body turned away and headed towards the castle like building. Where in the world did she land? With how the building looked could the civilization not be that advanced? Medieval times maybe? He saw a few cloaked individuals walk through out the outside. Her body pressed on reaching the courtyard. People starred at the girl. She wasn't sure what to think of these people. They looked completely human. She knew English... Maybe give it a shot? Her hand reached out and stopped a kid a gold and maroon crest of a lion. "Unmm where am I?"

    The student just looked at he and laughed. "You live under a rock? This is Hogwarts. You know the school?" she shook her head and walked away from the complete weirdo.

    "wait... Where's your master then?"

    The girl sighed and turne herself around. "Come on." Kadri followed not saying another word. This thing she followed had an attitude. All she wanted to do was find the connection of this place and the empire and republic. Down narrow hallways. Passed roaming ghosts. Even rode a few revolving stair cases. This place was just amazing. The girl stopped and knocked on the door. "Go up there and she should be there." the girl ran off in an instant. The Zabrak did as she was told and waited for a response at the door.
  6. "No?!? Again?!? Why the hell not!?"

    Dalen had just been refused his request for the 3rd time that year. Headmaster McGonagall just looked at him sternly.

    "I had hoped you would understand... we can't let our secrets leave this planet!" She replied. Dalen just shook his head.

    "Like I know anyone who would want to learn from me! We follow this creed of never leaving the planet, and even wiping the memories from the few who even GET here! There is no one I know, or even LIKE... that I could possibly teach!" Dalen retorted.

    "Well, I'm sorry. But the answer is 'No'." She responded. Dalen cursed under his breath and spun around to leave. As he approached the door, he read the magical signature of another living presence on the other side. In one swift motion, he opened the door, slipped through, and shut it behind him.

    In front of him was no Hogwarts student, but a charming female nonetheless. She had horns, which immediately tipped him off that she wasn't from this planet... which was an issue. He grabbed her arm and urged her to run.

    "Follow me, let me hide you, and I will explain everything afterwards." He hissed out before pulling her along to the Slytherin Dungeons.
  7. The door opened then closed. It even disappeared. All was left was a dark haired male that had stood infront of her. Kadri was completely confused. It also didn't help that moments later she was being pulled by her arm. "Where the hell are we going-!?!" her voice carried out as their bodies rushed for a set location. She jerked back her arm tired of the change in sudden surroundings. It was nice outside and inside was like astle of doom or something of the sort.

    No one was around her minus the weirdo. What a bore... Plenty had already seen her. So why not head back? She place a hand in her hip then swayed to one side. "Stop jerkin' me around like a puppet." The guy had some good looks but to her that was all. First impression on his part didn't turn out so well. She looked around and rose an eye brow. "Dungeons? Really? I must be in the Medieval times." her head shook as her body twirled around she threw her arm back as if waving. "See ya." She didn't have time for little games. Her body swayed as that was something that had developed nicely thanks to her mothers side of genetics. Kadri was slightly interested in this 'I'll explain everything' ordeal but was more interested in the person who ran the place. She was stubburn no doubt.
  8. Kita laid back staring into Seren's emerald green eyes and nearly oblivious to the outside world. The topic of conversation this time? The temperature. How something so simple and uncomplicated could be a topic of deep conversation was something that only Kita could do. If people were near her, they would have heard her muttering about cold and freezing, then with no pause be muttering about melting and boiling. It was when Seren looked away to survey the surroundings that Kita took notice of some commotion.

    "What's going on now? The Planet choosing to change poles all of a sudden?" She paused as her mind twirled around the thought. It was something that would be interesting she decided.
    "do come on. something is going on inside and I want to know what." Seren rubbed against her partner's leg purring and looking over at the school. "Yes yes you impatient thing. Let's go." Kita sighed and gathered up her books, absently taking notice that she hadn't done anything with them.

    With Kita's twisted permission, Seren ran on ahead and every so often would stop and look back, wordlessly say hurry up. And hurry Kita did,running to catch up to her companion. " Slow down you silly thing. I'm nowhere near as fast as you. Not to mention, you have four legs! I only have two!" She faltered in her running as her mind presented her with the thought of being an animagus. She nearly tripped over her own feet, causing her to spend a few frantic seconds trying to re-balance herself.

    She finally caught up to Seren, who was sitting in-front of someone Kita knew wasn't a student. "Seren! There you are! How many times have I told you to run off?" Kita huffed in good nature while taking a studying look at the newcomer in front of her. " Your new here." She stated the obvious with little care, literally not caring about the female's first impression of her. "I can show you around if you want! Or are you looking for someone in particular?" Kita said bending down to gather Seren in her already pacted arms. The black cat determinedly climbed out of her arms to perch on her shoulders with a grace only cats could accomplish.
  9. Dalen rushed forward, pushing himself with the ability he had felt since birth. It was a presence of some kind, some kind of force, that he was mildly in tune with. With his burst of speed, Dalen found himself in front of the darkly-clad girl. He pulled out his wand and pointed it at her. But this was no ordinary wand, he had built it himself, using the rites he learned from Ollivander, and his own genius.
    It was metal based and it combined magic, and the technology he had found in a shipwreck off the coast of the Black Lake before the teachers came and scorched it. It was a metal hand-grip that elongated into a spiky tip. The base was flat, and quite hollow. The core was unicorn hair and the whole contraption was 8 and 3/4 in. The hollow base served a purpose, it housed a saber. A lightsaber that he practiced with daily. Never in front of teachers, they would take it away in a heartbeat.

    As he pointed it, he furrowed his brow.

    "I'm telling you, you don't want to leave. They will get to you and you will be sent away. Trust me... I've seen it before. If I have to, I can and will stop you. But only long enough to EXPLAIN," Dalen reported. Then he noticed the ever talkative Kita next to him. Everyone knew Kita... there was no choice when it came to her. She wouldn't shut up.
  10. Kita blinked when another person showed up, this time a student. "Oh! Are you taking care of our visitor, Dalen? If so, you might be wanting to put your wand away, then you can explain to her." She said this and without pause turned the conversation to the newcomer. "What he is trying to say, is that nothing good will come if you continue your path. Many times have strangers been turned away with no memories." She nodded as if she was wise. Seren, only shook her head at Kits's actions. For surely, the world would end if Kita ever intentionally said something wise. Saying something wise in her ramblings however, is a different matter entirely.

    "Oh! Dalen, have you ever wanted to go to the stars? Seren said we should go there! Don't you think it would be fun?" There she went, talking about her ideas when no one cared. Who cared? Not Kita.
  11. Dalen simply looked back at Kita, nonplussed. She seriously didn't even flinch at the new arrival's appearance. But then, that was Kita's style: Take everything in stride, and smile about it. Then talk some more, but that was everyone else's impression of her. He lowered his wand.

    "Kita..., what?" he simply asked. "Go to the stars? Have you been... I don't know... spying on me? How can you just bring up what I have been asking the Headmaster for 5 years about as if you've known the whole time? Even for you... this is surprisingly specific." Dalen shook his head and turned back to the girl.

    "She's right though, if you get found, they will erase your memory and send you away. Multiple times this has happened, every time is the same. I can't let you meet the teachers, or the Headmaster, but I can give you information... or something. Whatever it takes to make sure I can get off this rock, I will do it." At this he looked back at Kita. "Can you promise to keep this between us?"
  12. Kita huffed at Dalen's questions. No, she had not been spying on him! What did he think she was?! On her shoulder, if cats could smile, then Seren was most definitely smiling. No one paid attention to the little shadow in the corner! " It was a better destination than the bottom of the ocean." She meowed with a sniff, of course, Kita was the only one to understand her.

    "No, I don't spy on people. I just get conveniently forgotten. Besides, Seren figures it to be dryer there than at the bottom of the ocean." Kita answered accompanied with a nod from Seren, not at all concerned about Dalen's obvious indignation. She quieted down and watched as he tried to persuade the newcomer into not meeting with Headmaster McGonagall.

    She became lost in an internal debate about the virtues of fruit against tender meat, when again Dalen turned to her with a question. "Hm?" She blinked and backtracked to the start of the conversation and moved forward from there. " Promise to keep what between us? Your desire to leave this rock, as you so fondly call it, or your plan to leave with the stranger?" She looked as if she had no clue as to what Dalen meant, and to a passerby, seemed to have already forgotten the point of the conversation.

    Frankly, she thought, with a female looking like that, I don't think I would want to just jump on the first plane out of here....
    "it must be part of her charm. though I would have to agree with you on that point. there is something about her I just do not like."
  13. She stopped and stared at the two. Kadri heard them blab about what? Absolutely nothing. She had heard that kind of thing happened often on a few planets. She smirked as she leaned in close to the boy causing the wand to press against her chest. "If your gonna use that thing. You might as well try." One moment she had him in front of her as another she was behind him. Her nails dug lightly into the skin of his neck as her body pressed against his back. "I don't think you'll actually use it though..." Sadly seduction was an easy game for her to play. One of her red light sabers slowly zapped out. It wasn't naturally that slow she controlled the speeds. "I'm sure I can catch all your attacks."

    Even though she was not sure what a simple stick was to do to her she looked at then girl then appeared in front of her. Her face got close as she examined her. "You're actually quite pretty. I'm sure your popular with the boys and girls." Kadri couldn't admit the same to the boy. She couldn't help she was quick. It was just a good talent she received from her training and well maybe genetics? She appeared in the middle of the two letting the lightsaber go back in. She wanted to play around. Kadri loved excitement that's why she practically abandoned the Sith.

    A voice came from her wrist. "Ummm... Miss? We have a problem. You have a massive bounty on your head." The twil'lik hurried and ended the holocall. She sighed and realized she was in need of these people. Yay her.. A new bounty.

    "Alright... I'll cooperate. How do you plan we do this?"
  14. Dalen nodded.

    "OK, I want out of here, Kita... apparently wants to come with, and you don't want to be assaulted and lose your memory, agreed? So how about this, you take us out of here on whatever got you here, then you can ask whatever questions you want-"

    "Is that so?"

    Dalen froze and turned around to see Headmaster Mcgonagall glaring at him.

    "I wondered what made you leave the room so quickly after our discussion earlier. Now I see why, you were trying to... HARBOR this... ALIEN. Well I'm sorry Dear, but this is for the good of all," she finished raising her wand. Dalen reacted instinctively.

    "Immobulus!" he shouted raising his wand. At this, the Headmaster froze and stood there like a living statue. He nudged the girl and Kita.

    "Run! Lead us to your transportation before the spell wears off!" he said to the girl.
  15. Kadri leaned over to see who startled her half to death. This old prude was was behind Dalen. Before he had frozen her, Kadri got the chance to yell at her. "I'm not a fuckin' Alien!" She loathed the term "alien." Why couldn't she just be different? Unique? Sheesh... Alien my ass.

    She stepped up at the eldest individual. "So... I believe you're the one in charge then?" Kadri stepped up to the headmaster. She understood the lady wasn't really frozen but wanted to knock on her head anyways. The zabrak halfling giggled then grabbed the hands of Kita and Dalen. "This way." Kadri figured the cat would keep up.

    Down the hall and jumping out the window. Easily landing on her feet. Probably puzzled the two she dragged but they could ask questions later as well. She didn't know her way around the castle labyrinth so why not just take a shortcut. They ran down the court yard and through the field. Finally letting so she slowed her running and brought up the holocall screen. One of her lackies answered within seconds. "Yes my lord?"

    "First: Stop calling me that! Second: Open the hatch of the ship. NOW!" Right when she yelled a block of metal fell down and opened a hole in the scene in front of them. Little later the ship uncamouflaged and showed its metal form. She stopped at the entrance waving for the people to hurry.
  16. Kita watched amused as their guest turned the tables on Dalen. But when she appeared in front of her, Kita took a half-step back and narrowed her eyes at the imposing figure now in front of her. At the woman's comment, Kita blinked and Seren meowed in laughter, causing Kita to raise a hand a flick the kitty's nose. "Boys and girls? I suppose I should thank you for the compliment, if it was one. Buuuut..."and here she drew out the but " I scare them for some reason. I think it's because I'm smarter than they are. Who knows?". Up on her shoulder, Seren occupied herself by washing her face very intently and mentally teasing Kita. "boys and girls? girls? I knew you liked the toms, but the queens as well? do tell when that came up!"

    Kita blushed but chose to ignore her partner's teasing. The talking coming from the girl's wrist caught her attention and she darted forward to find out where it was coming from. There was a unique object wrapped around the wrist that was spitting the voice out, it must be a radio of a type she mused as their visitor answered back.

    At the headmaster's voice, Kita turned to say "Hello, nice to see...." but before she could finish, McGonagall was frozen. She turned to Dalen mildly impressed at his spell-casting. "Nice."
    She didn't have time to say more as she was suddenly grabbed and they were jumping out a window. Seren dug her claws into Kita's shoulder and hissed in discomfort all the while her voice chanted in Kita's mind," stupid.stupid.stupid! here we go on another one of your mad trips and I dont have my cat bed!" Yes, well, can't help that now can we Kita replied sarcastically inwardly grateful that she kept her trunk with her at all times. That shrinking spell sure came in handy.

    The mad dash out of the beloved school stopped infront of what Kita assumed to be the ship that brought their visitor. She shared a look with Seren wherein they debated the moral rightness of the choice before them. Both agreed that this was likely going to be their only way to get to the stars, but one was wary of the person offering the way while the other was all for taking the risk and diving head first into the fray. Kita won the argument by darting on the ship after a quick 'Accio' summoned the rest of her stuff, including Seren's dearly loved cat bed. It only took her a few minutes to have every thing shrunk and packed away.
  17. After the surprise of getting pulled out of a window, Dalen found himself inside the belly of an amazing metal beast. Lights flashed in places, there were chairs with straps, and the ground was textured to allow maximum grip. It was amazing.

    "So... uh... where ARE we going to head off to?" was all Dalen could ask.

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  18. (( No worries, Hun. Just happy to see you post.))

    She pushed a dark blue button beside the exit as she saw everyone was in. The zabrak girl paused for a second. "Ummm..." she scratched her black dreads and gave a fortieted smile. "I'm not sure. Anywhere the ship takes us, I guess..." Kadri rushed to the cockpit area and pounced in her seat. Her fingers moved quick pushing buttons and nobs that would just confuse the strange and plain magical beings. As the ship pick up and zoomed in the air soon escaping the planet she sighed and leaned back in her seat.

    They were in the middle of nowhere and not near any planet or star that'd cause harm. Her body propped up and pushed her to her feet. Her hands caught the two again as she skipped through the ship. Sadly there were only 4 rooms. She resigned her lackies to one room then the cat and the girl to the opposite room. She smiled at the girl and greeted her to her new room. "Miss... This will be your own room. If you need help in understanding anything of the room push this button here." Kadri pointed to a red button. "This will bring up a holo-recording that will demonstrate and explain every part of your room. Nothing in her would you have to share. It's all yours. So relax and feel at home." She closed the door behind her as her hand tightened around the males.

    They walked across the ship to her wing. "This room will be yours. My room is the one right across the hall." She pushed him on the bed and showed every button and its explanation for usage. "Sorry your holo-recording is broken... If you have any questions just ask me." She proceeded to walk out of the room to head back to her lackies.
  19. Space... there was no other word for it but beautiful. The way the stars contrasted against the pitch black emptiness. It was breath-taking to say the least. He had finally done it. He had finally escaped that oppressive structure of Encanta. He was free.

    "Um, Hey!" Dalen called out. He kept his promises, even given how unorthodox they were. He leaned his head out of his room to see their host walking down the hall. "Hey! My name's Dalen! We never got a chance to properly introduce ourselves. And I know I promised you information. So when you're free, go ahead and ask away! Until then... w-what's umm... what's your name?"

    Oh my gods... had he stuttered just then? What the hell was that about?
  20. Her black dread slapped and whipped around. Her eyes met his which lead her body back in his room closed the door behind her. "It's nice to meet you Dalen." Kadri didn't even comment on his stutter. Her cheeks burned a bit as she thought it was kind of cute. What the hell was she thinking? This boy... Attractive? What a laugh. Interested in a human with powers? Powers that were not the force... How ridiculous. Kadri rolled her eyes and tossed back a few strands of her dark locks.

    Kadri walked over to his new bed and sat on it. "The names Kadri." She leaned back and began kicking her feet. "We will pass off questions you just asked your first." The girl winked and continued on. "So my first question is... You have a lover?" Kadri winked again. She was her natural flirty self just why was she doing it so much to this guy? He teeth nip and chewed on her bottom lip.

    Waiting for his reaction, she finally added a last bit. "Just kidding. Why was your headmaster the way she was about me?"
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