Empty sands

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  1. >Access logs


    >Open file: Welcome.

    Greetings, and welcome to the wastes. The world of earth welcomes you. If you are reading this, you are a survivor. Let me tell you a bit about the world. The world is dead. We have simulations, and they all show the same thing. We have left you with a few databases, but other than that? Rubble. I suggest you find some friends, before the muties come and eat you alive.

    Our world is divided into three lands.

    The Wastes: A barren desert land, where buildings lay strewn about. Muties are predicted to spring up a lot here. Be careful.

    The Sewers: A place we are unable to predict. We have no idea what will happen there. Our guess is, it won't be pretty. Stay away from here.

    The City: The haven for survivors. This land is built well, and we predict it will survive mostly unscathed.

    >Open file: Muties

    Muties are the mutated humans. Devoid of all emotion, they are only out to turn you into one of them. More info can be contributed after the apocalypse.

    Edit: They were wrong. We aren't devoid of emotion. We think just like you do. Or at least, some of us do. Muties and survivors can live in peace. We could, at least, but the prejudices held in place aren't helping.

    Character sheet for Muties.

    Species: (what is the name of the mutant type you are building?)
    Description: (Is your mutant a bat with tentacles instead of a lower body? A huge clawed beast with two faces? The sky is the limit!)
    Evolutions: (A powerful sense or body part, or a body part that can be applied. E.g. Extreme scent, Elongated claws.)
    (Aggressive [Evil], Passive [Good])

    >Open file: Surivivors

    Is there really anything you need to know? It's you, the person reading this, who lived. What more can be said?

    Character sheet for survivors

    (Bandit, mutant sympathizer, Peacekeepers, or Just without a side?)


    -No Gary stus or Mary sues
    -Follow iwaku rules.
    -No being a jerk
    -I will change these when needed.
    -No godmodding
    -No metagaming
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.