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  1. IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/empolo-virus-ic.66467/

    Still accepting characters.

    It's May 12 2034, the world has fallen. It started a year ago in a lab, a group of scientists were trying to find a cure for the rare Empolo virus. They had found a cure or they thought. One of the scientists had contracted the virus in testing and the cure was then tested on him. It seemed to erase the virus having the person not show any signs of having it. The scientist was released from solitude and went to work around the lab then things started happening.

    This scientist would stay at work for days on end not eating anything, most would say he was just dedicated. When questioned he would stare into space till the person left, then things got weirder. His hair turned gray and started to fall out of his head his nails stopped growing and turned purple, he grew wrinkles and rested a lot. At this moment the cure was being sent out to everyone as a vaccine. The original scientist died a week after he was given the cure, he died of old age at the ripe age of 23 but his bones said he was 98.

    Week after week people dropped dead like flies all of old age. People who didn't locked them selves inside and started robbing store. The world's rulers fell to the virus and soon the world was a waste land. Vegetation grew over the abandoned parts of town and were people weren't it grew. The news made a final broadcast on July 5, 2033.

    It described what was happening and then went over to one of the original scientists who was very anxious. He told of how the discovered that the vaccine didn't get rid of the virus it made it stronger and that people with it were to go to the pit. The pit is a gigantic grave yard in which all the victim's are to be played to rest. Then they said it spread by water and that the virus couldn't survive heat and water could only be drunken when it was warm or it had no contact with the air when cooling. Then the broadcast cut off. Men burst in every house dragging out dead body's and anyone with symptoms and dropped them in the pit. Those who were still alive were scared and stocked up on everything, before the power went out.

    It's been a year since Empolo virus broke out and the men in yellow suits have stopped coming to collect bodies. Your a survivor of this outbreak how would you survive this terrible apocalypse.
    Setting: You are in the city called Empald were the virus came from. There are four sectors tov the city. The shopping district, the housing district the Industrial district and the Mixed area which has everything but a industrial buildings.

    Character Sheet;
    Base/ supplies: ( basicly what you have )

    NO gmodding,
    Fallow site rules:
    Do no post with out being accepted,
    I have the right to make more rules.
    I have the right to not accept your character,
    If you have a question ask me I don't bite, that much,
    NO killing off others characters unless its imposilbe not to but give them time to get out of the situation do not kill in one post,
    Don't argue in the IC that's what the OOC Is for,
    If you get hurt in game it needs medical treatment and you need to eat and drink also,
    There is no cure to the virus so you can not magicaly get rid of empolo.

    this is my first role play on this site so be nice.
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  2. Character Sheet;
    Name: Alice (Aly ) magleaf
    Personality: Alice is a fend for her self type of girl who after the people started dropping like flies stocked up on canned food so she didn't have to go out side and risk getting infected. She is a Girl who gives no point in saving others who wouldn't help her or it risked her life. Most who knew her were put of by this but when you do know her she could go after you as along as she doesn't get hurt her self.
    Appearance: Alice has dirty blond hair that goes a bit past her shoulder, and dark brown eyes. She has a peaches and cream complevshon that is riuned by freckles that spot her face and arms. She is 5,11 and weights around 120 pounds from only having two meals a day.

    She is usually wearing jeans a blue shirt. Though she can be seen wearing a dress from time to time.

    Base/ supplies: ( basicly what you have ) her base is a store bottom with apartments on top. She used to live in one of the apartments when the virus killed off the other residents. She is in the mixed area.

    She has a few packs of basic first aids kits she got from other apartments: each kit including a box of bandages, a wrapping bandaged, antibacterial gell for cuts, alcohol wipes and a few other thing varying from first aid kits.

    A duffle bag full of her clothes: including five pairs of jeans, two dresses, five blue shirts, underware, and sport bras. She has a few coats hung up in a closet two.

    A pantry in her apartment: full of cans and boxed up things. Half full at moment.

    other things she scavenged from the other apartments: Blankets, pillows, silverware, glasses and plates, one house had a human powered generator and a shotgun with 20 ammo in it, a few juicers, one camping stove and a pack of matches.

    Bio: Tbd (/only for me.)
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  3. Name: Amaya Bloom
    Age: 26
    Personality: Stubborn, fun-loving, protective, kind.
    (Minus make-up and necklace)
    Base/Supplies: (In shopping district, at an old Target store, mainly hides in the mattress department.)
    SUPPLIES (open)

    Pistol Collection with Ammo
    Emergency Kit

    (All of target, a base full of scared people)

    Bio: Amaya lost her parents to the Empolo virus, along with multiple friends. She fled to a nearby store as the the virus got worse. As time went on, she had turned the store into a base. Although she can be strict at times, her fun side always reveals itself.
  4. Character Sheet;

    Name:Phaire Knockz

    Age: 24

    Personality: Very Closed and not so bubbly. Quiet and not seen unless being very clumsy. She's Shy and Stutters whenever she talks, Just being every since the Virus Breakout she had no one to talk to.

    Appearance: ( She Usually Only Has Two Pairs Of SweatPants On At A Time And A Thin Sweatshirt, Plus A Hat And Old Nike Tennis Shoes )

    Base/ supplies: A BackPack Full Of Bandages, One bottle of Vodka, Five Apples And 5 Oranges. 2 Bags of chips with one half gone and A oversized Blanket, Plus A Hammer.

    Bio: Phaire Lost Her Single Mother To The Virus, And Soon Her Fiancé Plus Her New Born Child. After Losing Her Family She Was Soon Kicked Out Of Her Little House To Thrive On The Streets. Thankfully, Every Night She Camps In At The Base And Eats Her Little Amount Of Food Daily, Thanking Anyone Who Is Generous Enough To Give Her Any Type Of Supplies.
  5. Name: Alex Mills
    Personality: prefers to be alone, smart and clever but tends to fuck up sometimes.
    Appearance: 6 ft tall w/ brown hair, brown eyes and very normal looking face. Wears a Green hoodie with a blue T-shirt underneath, army green cargo pants and hiking boots
    Supplies: back pack with some food, gas mask, basic medical supplies, a picture of his family, can of spray paint, bedding, rope, revolver (No ammo) and a machete.
    Bio: Lived a care free life before the virus in LA. He sat around playing games and enjoying life and then the plague struck. Eveyone he knew including those he loved succumbed to the illness. Now he is much more hardened and hates everything.

    I don't know how I fucked the bio up like I did. Is this better?
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  6. Amaya accepted

    Phaire accepted.

    Orbital can you give me a bit more detail on the appearance and bio.
  7. Edited bio
  8. I'm mean like could you make it like a paragraph for the bio so I know at least where did her come from did he have a girl friend? You give me no answers. And for the revolver thing did he have ammo for it how much?
  9. Any better? My new-ness is showing.
  10. Alex accepted.

    Much better I know newbyness is annoying.
  11. Name: Iris Lennar
    Age: 14
    personality: She's learnt to live through life and fend for her self. Because of certain events, she's turned towards the life of a loner. However, she honestly needs the company but is held back by distrust created by her past. She is mostly kind and has become extremely wary of other people. She isn't often depressed and usually pushes such feelings to the sides.
    • Her grandfathers multipurpose pocket knife
    • Her fathers axe
    • A back pack
    • A utility belt (Contains knife and axe holder)
    • A single packet of water proof matches
    • A water bottle
    • A spare change of clothes
    Bio: Before disaster struck, Iris lived with her family: Little brother (8 years old), Mother and father. She was a bit of a tom boy and often went with her dad on trips to her grandfathers house. Her Grandfather used to work for the army then retired, though he still kept a lot of equipment, in fact as much as he could keep. His prized possession was his pocket knife, he'd had it from day one and never wanted to part with it until the end. Sadly, that happened sooner than later. He died of a heart attack, before the initial break out. Iris' father then inherited the pocket knife. When the disaster did hit, Iris was visiting her grandfathers house which had became property of the family with her dad. For quite some time, Iris and her father stuck together, un aware of the rest of the families well being. Until, when water was extremely scarce, Iris' dad fell for the easy trap of drinking water cold from a stream. He later died from the illness leaving Iris to fend for herself, inheriting both her grandfathers pocket knife and her fathers axe.
  12. Gus
    Name: Gustav "Gus" Tanner
    Age: 24
    Personality: Withdrawn, passiv-aggressive, shy, paranoid, kind, naive. The rest of his traits and personality will be developed over time.
    Supplies (everything packed in a tired leather backpack):​
    • Swiss army knife
    • A silver cross necklace
    • An extra hoodie and a pair of socks (full of holes and stains)
    • A water bottle
    • A wool blanket (Which he had gathered from a shut down military camp)
    • Matches and lighters (He collects these.)
    • Bandaids
    • Reading glasses
    • A sketchbook and pencils
    Bio: Gus was born and raised in this god forsaken town, he always knew it'd be the downfall of his life. But would never guess how badly things would turn out. He hadn't been a troubled teen. He was quiet and withdrawn spending most of his times drawing cartoons and watching movies on one of his fancy electric devices. His mom never understood him. She had always hoped he'd be a jock with no emotional outbursts. At least she could handle that but she never understood how Gustavs mind worked. How he could sit hours by himself and enjoy his own company.
    It didn't make it easier when Gus came out as openly bisexual at the age of 19.

    Gus regret not giving his mother a bit slack, after all she wasn't a bad mother- she raised him on her own and he had about everything he needed no matter how hard she had to work for it. But it was too late, Gustavs mother had caught the virus. She was a nurse working double shifts at the hospital when hell broke lose. Before they knew how dangerous this epidemic was to become she was already flatlining. She was one of the first 50 who caught the virus, but also one of the ones who lived the longest after catching it. What had saved Gus was that he never came out of his room while this was going on. He drank energy drinks and coca-cola only.

    Today, one year later Gus is one of the loners within the community. Some other survivors had tagged him along during the evolution. When they seperated the city into sectors.

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  13. Iris excepted

    Gus accepted.

    The ice is open so go post the link is on the top of the page.
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  14. How much infrastructure is left in the city? Has it full on shutdown or is there still basic control?
  15. Most officers of the law were infected and died no rulers it's a fend for yourself type of world. If you did find someone trying to take control they wouldn't survive long as the people who did survive don't care anymore and just want to live.
  16. Name: Ellie White
    Age: 17
    Personality: she acts cold, unsensitive, distant and agressive. She won't rebel her real feelings to anyone. She's strong and brave.
    Base/ supplies:
    - Crossbow with 8 arrows
    - backpack
    - a change of clothes
    - a swiss army knife
    - bottle of water
    - a winter jacket
    Bio: She was an ordinary kid with an ordinary family. She had a brother and two parents that loved them. When the whole apocalypse thing started, she used to stay home with his younger brother while their parents went out to get food and supplies. It was probably in one of their trips when they got infected. When they found out about it it was too late for them, but not for their children. They prepared them, giving Ellie a crossbow with some fast lessons and Jason, her brother, a backpack full of supplies and a swiss army knife. They couldn't just leave the house for the two kids because it could already be infected. They both said goodbye knowing that they would never see their parents again and faced street alone.
    It was a cold night that they were sleeping in an abandoned building, when a man attacked them. He just wanted their supplies, but when he saw the young girl, he decided to have some fun. While he was all over Ellie ready to rape her, the 12 years old kid attacked him with his swiss army knife, but he didn't really hurt him and the man didn't hesitate to kill him. Thanks to Jason, Ellie had a chance to put an arrow on the monster's head, but it was too late for her brother.
    Ellie went on by her own, hunting animals to avoid starvation and no trusting anyone. She became very good at hunting and fighting, thanks to the exhaustive training she puts herself into to survive.

    Hi! Just tell me if I need to change anything. By the way, which are the ways to get the virus?
  17. Drinking in heated water. And your good. The parents must have drank some water they found. It's kinda like germs they are killed in warm water and thrive in cold. So basically leaving water out in the sun on a hot day then drinking it could reduce your chances. But sometimes I will randomly affect a player because they didn't say that the water was warm and all. But that shouldn't happen to often. Anyways accepted.
  18. Just noticed the ratio of boys to girls

    2/5 lol numbers on the girls may be off but well that's a normal number right?
  19. Ok, thank you!
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