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  1. Plot:
    It's May 12 2034, the world has fallen. It started a year ago in a lab, a group of scientists were trying to find a cure for the rare Empolo virus. They had found a cure or they thought. One of the scientists had contracted the virus in testing and the cure was then tested on him. It seemed to erase the virus having the person not show any signs of having it. The scientist was released from solitude and went to work around the lab then things started happening.

    This scientist would stay at work for days on end not eating anything, most would say he was just dedicated. When questioned he would stare into space till the person left, then things got weirder. His hair turned gray and started to fall out of his head his nails stopped growing and turned purple, he grew wrinkles and rested a lot. At this moment the cure was being sent out to everyone as a vaccine. The original scientist died a week after he was given the cure, he died of old age at the ripe age of 23 but his bones said he was 98.

    Week after week people dropped dead like flies all of old age. People who didn't locked them selves inside and started robbing store. The world's rulers fell to the virus and soon the world was a waste land. Vegetation grew over the abandoned parts of town and were people weren't it grew. The news made a final broadcast on July 5, 2033.

    It described what was happening and then went over to one of the original scientists who was very anxious. He told of how the discovered that the vaccine didn't get rid of the virus it made it stronger and that people with it were to go to the pit. The pit is a gigantic grave yard in which all the victim's are to be played to rest. Then they said it spread by water and that the virus couldn't survive heat and water could only be drunken when it was warm or it had no contact with the air when cooling. Then the broadcast cut off. Men burst in every house dragging out dead body's and anyone with symptoms and dropped them in the pit. Those who were still alive were scared and stocked up on everything, before the power went out.

    It's been a year since Empolo virus broke out and the men in yellow suits have stopped coming to collect bodies. Your a survivor of this outbreak how would you survive this terrible apocalypse.

    Setting: You are in the city called Empald were the virus came from. There are four sectors tov the city. The shopping district, the housing district the Industrial district and the Mixed area which has everything but a industrial buildings.

    NO gmodding,
    Fallow site rules:
    Do no post with out being accepted,
    I have the right to make more rules.
    I have the right to not accept your character,
    If you have a question ask me I don't bite, that much,
    NO killing off others characters unless its imposilbe not to but give them time to get out of the situation do not kill in one post,
    Don't argue in the IC that's what the OOC Is for,
    If you get hurt in game it needs medical treatment and you need to eat and drink also,
    There is no cure to the virus so you can not magicaly get rid of empolo.
    Please tell me where you are in your post like as a header or something I get confused. On characters a lot and it helps in these types of roleplays.

    Acepted chars:

    OOC and signups:
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  2. May 12, 2034. 6:01 a.m. Mixed District

    Alice woke up and checked her outdated calender. She liked it because it told her what the date it was but not which day it is. She got up off her bed and walked into her apartments kitchen and yawned. Opening the third story window. She yawned again making her way downstairs to the convenience store she used as a daily marker of her time by taking the vines and weeds that grew and make them into long strips and them to mats which she sometimes traded with the rogues that went thru towns looking for supplies.

    People knew it was her store cause the sign from the third story Windows say so. She had only one break in she could remember and that was because they were cold and wanted to warm up inside. Alice looked to the bookshelf she pushed in front of the broken window to push out drafts and other intruders. So peaceful here isn't it.

    The IC has started now post and don't forget to state the time at the beginning of each post.
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    Gustav Tanner - Gus (24)
    The housing district, May 12, 2034 8:30 AM

    Gustav turned around on the thin blanket he called his bed, his back ached but he was used to it and managed to ignore it. He faced the wall; old and damaged by the weather. He brushed his fingers over the marks, one cut in the wooden wall for every day since his mothers passing. It has been 379 days. He felt a lump in his chest develop. He wanted to forget and move on but it was yet to happen. He sat up and rolled the wool blanket together and stuffed it into the tired leather bag. The world had turned everyone into selfish thiefs, himself included. He never left anything behind in the small box of a house he called his own. He had build it himself; however it was barely high enough to stand up right inside of it and it had a severe leakage problem.

    He curls his ink covered fingers around the handle of his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Standing outside his home for a moment taking the surroundings in, watching people gather around their homes watching each other. Lurking. Gus didn't have any friends around, he was never considered a people person. Especially not now that everyone was scared and fragile and constantly in defense. He locked his home with the thick metal chain. However the shack was easy to break into if they really wanted in.
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  4. May 12, 2034 9:00 AM. Industrial district.

    On top of an old industrial complex Alex wakes up. He groans and looks at the sun to determine the time. He sighs and rolls his bedroll up and ties it to his backpack. He stands up on the rusted sheet metal stack where he made camp. He jumps and walks to the side of the building to scan for nearby threats before going down. When he sees nothing he puts his gas mask on and climbs down to the street and moves a bush that he used to conceal his bicycle. He gets on and peddles to the mixed district.
  5. May 12, 2034 10:25 a.m Mixed district.

    Checking the lock on the stores only door she went back up the stairs yawning a bit. Checking her window she look out and the street corner across the overgrown street.

    A few men and women were shouting about a new world order that we should have democracy and try to rebuild the world. Another survivor probably a route threw a rock at the group and shouted something back. Throwing more rocks he walked along the store fronts moving faster than most people would walk. She left her window open and went into her kitchen to make herself lunch as the drip clock she had set up outside had almost filled halfway.
  6. May 25, 2034 10:35 AM mixed district.

    Alex sees the shouting people, speeds up and rides towards them. As he passes the edge of the group he swipes a small loose bag from one. He rides off with it and discreetly enters an alleyway. "Easy pickings" He thinks. He stops and makes sure the alley is clear before going through what's in the bag. He finds some bread and a very small flask of something clear. Knowing the bread wont last long he decides to take his mask off and eat this stolen food first. He tries whats in the flask. It burns all the way down. "What the hell is this?" He says disgusted. He tosses it aside and starts eating the bread. It's stale but he eats it anyway.
  7. May 25, 2034 10:40 AM industrial district

    She screamed. A silent scream. Her mouth opened with no sound. It was the same. Always.

    Iris was sat bolt up right, the rags which had managed to keep her from the cold had been tossed away from her sudden awakening. She'd done it again, relive the moment, her most dreaded moment. She could only be thankful that her conscious some how knew how to survive, how to stay quiet.

    "Stop it brain..." Iris muttered half heartedly. She walked to the edge of the room, making a note to not step on the glass along the way. The battered iron door was already open, as she had left it. It creaked in the slight breeze that brushed past Iris' face. Slowly, Iris gently pushed the iron door open before crouching low. The only way to get into her room was by the broken outside stairs which had quite a gap at the top and often shook in the wind. Iris got a good grip on the bottom of the door frame and gradually let her self down until she was hanging in open air. She then began to swing her self.

    Just like monkey bars... you remember that right, brain? When I was four...

    She swung far enough to get a foot hold on the first step. Then she allowed herself to let go one hand off the door frame before swinging one final time and landing on the stairs. "J-Job Done" Se shivered from the cold.
  8. May 12, 2034 10:58 a.m Mixed district

    Alice decided to have a can of beef stew. Since it had a good serving and could be used for dinner two. She hummed while she went about her room to the bicycle power generator which could light her old gas stove.

    Taking a can off the stove she let it burn the twigs she put under the can. Looking out side the group had diminished which was good though some lady was looking for her bag. She was cleary showing the first signs of Empolo. The weather liked to change fast in this town. Sunny here stormy there well it seemed another spring rainfall was in session because the wind picked up and it started a light drizzle.

    Great just what we needed. Ugh well at least I'm safe and warm.
    She took a spoon from her rack of spoons and started to eat the stew from the can. Walking over two her window she adjusts the sign and it still said in bold colors that this building was claimed. Pulling the window shut again she sat in a old rocker eating her soup tomorrow after the storm she was gonna plant her first harvest.
  9. May 12, 3034 11:00AM Mixed District

    Not again thought Alex. He sighed and put his mask moved himself and his bike underneath an old awning attached to an old shop. He notices his bike handle is falling off. He takes some rope from his pocket and starts tying it together. He sighs and waits out the storm.
  10. May 12, 2034 11:05AM The housing district

    Ellie woke up in the house she was staying that week. She didn't like to remain in the same place for too long because she didn't feel safe, so she'd rather go from abandoned houses to dark alleys for sleeping. Her stomach growled, she needed to go hunting because there have been a whole day since her last meal. But, of course, it was soon going to rain.
    "Shit" she muttered, going to what used to be the kitchen. She looked everywhere until she found a kettle and some matches. Most of them weren't working because they were kind of wet, but she finally started a little fire and put the kettle filled with water on it. Drinking water would help calming her stomach.
  11. May 12, 2034 11:10 AM Industrial district

    Iris practically leaped down the rickety stair case, skipping every other step along the way. She was glad it was only two stories, when the disaster had hit, that building in particular had taken heavy damage. Most rooms were accessible pretty easily except hers, the indoor stairway had been rendered useless after being destroyed. Iris admitted that she had indeed done the damage to the indoor stair well but the rest was not her fault. She preferred it that way, difficult but safe at the same time and that was what mattered. That was what had mattered to him anyway.

    She was going to do the usual. Equipped with the same back pack with the same equipment. Nothing would changed and Iris willed it that way. She didn't know what to do if it changed and change meant trouble. It was quite saddening, he used to always welcome change, she had to disagree.

    Iris made her way along the long since abandoned road, littered with broken down cars and technology from a past life. From sweet wrappers to the odd discarded smashed T.V, it brought a sensation of longing over Iris, so she tried to ignore every last piece.

    "First stop, mixed district, it's more relaxed over there" Sarcasm twisted itself through her words as soon as they left her mouth.
  12. _____________________

    Gustav Tanner - Gus (24)
    The industrial district, May 12, 2034 11:10 AM

    Gus had reached the industrial district where he had assaulted twice this week already. People were desperate and Gus couldn't even judge them. Despite their attempts he still held onto his stuff. However his knuckles and ribs were more sore than usual. Gus climbed up the side ladder to the top of the old liqueur factory. He used to spend most mornings up here, with a nice view over the districts. He sat down on the very edge of the roof with his legs hanging off the edge casually. His boots were tired with a hole along the sole. Gus pressed his face against palms.
    What did he do to deserve this.
    He looked down between his legs seeing 4 floor height between his feet and the ground. He knew a fall from this height would kill him, yet he felt tempted.

    Sitting on the edge he reflected upon the reasons to stay alive, feeling like the biggest coward alive as he wasn't able to do it.
  13. May 12, 2034 11:20 a.m Mixed district

    Alice smiles and finished off a proportion of the stew before putting it on the counter to check her rainwater collector. She had set it up not just a week ago and though that she should have a barrel full by now And she was right.

    Pulling the large funnel out off another second story window Alice checked the weather. Still drizzling huh well ill put a barrel on. Alice removed the funnel from the barrel and attachment to a new one sticking it back out the window. Alice took a box mover and started to wheel the water barrel to her kitchen.
  14. May 12, 2034 12:00PM The housing district. Ellie:

    Being unable to hunt didn't only make her grumpy and hungry, but she was also bored. She went to the house porch and watched the rain, being careful of not getting wet. She took advantage of the situation and left his bottle of water open to get it filled. Ellie just waited for something interesting to happen, or at least for the storm to go away so that she could go hunting.
    She sighed. Her life sucked.
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