Empires and Kingdoms Season One!

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  1. Premise:

    Kingdoms and Empires across the world of Thde(th-h-E) have rose, some have come from ashes of other nations, while others have just awoken. Its time for those who are awake to find a place within the world, and those who cant, to die within the heat of the scorching sun.

    1. This Role-play will last two weeks!

    2. During those two weeks, and during the Friday of both weekends till the Sunday of both weekends, will be the scorching summers. They are so hot the burn all food that is being grown outside and even kill a living person within a few hours while they are outdoors. The sun will burn grass and lit trees on fire, and even scorch the ground.

    3. This role play will be based on quite a few things, war between nations, friendships, misunderstandings, diplomacy, and plenty of other stuff.

    4. no super over powered nations please.

    5. I have the right to add or remove rules as I see fit.

    Character sheet:

    Name of the empire/kingdom: Self explanatory

    Technology: level of tech they have.

    specialty(s): max of two. It can be the ability to use magic to anything else.


    Name of the capital: self explanatory

    Form of government:

    Ruler: self explanatory

    Crown authority: Does the crown have any power?


    Domain: where they live.

    Race: name of race

    Appearance: what the race looks like.
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  2. WIP

    • [​IMG]


      "Endora reward us strength and glory!"
      -Escarinus Imperius's national motto

      Under the Royal House of Krona - Selected by the Escari People
      High Emperor Syris Krona

      The Escarians are very adaptable and well rounded. Their skin color come in different colors, but most of them are colored white or light brown. Hair and eye color also comes in different variants. Both male and female have a strong and powerful build, making them ideal for hard labor and combat.
      Escarians make amazing fishermen and farmers and with training learn to become skilled soldiers and knights. While they sometimes fall behind in attributes compared to other races do their raw willpower often go unmatched. The common Escarian roughly live 70 years. They are able to adapt to different climates, but can be vulnerable to longer periods of strong cold/heat and hunger/thirst if not properly equipped. Certain Escarians have proven to be able to master Magic at an extreme level.
      Reproduction & People:
      Just like normal humans. 9 months and chance for more than one child. The Empire is currently supporting a large amount of Escarians. Farmers make up for the biggest part of the population.

      The Escarians have a very strict culture. Royal House Krona have been in power since the very founding of the Impernus, with not a single successful rebellion in its history. Unlike other cultures does the throne room also serve as a shrine for Endora, their God, further boosting their claim to power and control of the people. Many of the Escarians are very proud of their roots, and remain loyal to the High Emperor nonetheless. The people are for the most part welcoming to foreigners, but the military however will act harsh. They will treat other races that don't look "human" or "Escarian" lesser than they would one of their own. Discrimination can be as normal as buying bread in the Imperius and territories owned by them. All men is expected to serve in the military, and much of their culture is built around war and expansion. They do have a good side to them through and are very social. People gather together in many different communities within the nation. Parties and celebration are also often seen and at least once a year there is a military parade. Many songs sung in taverns praise the common soldier's bravery.
      Foreigners might joke with nervous eyes that Escarians live in a constant state of war preparations. Many technology advancement does indeed focus in this area, and the large Escarians cities are filled with guilds that craft weapons and tools.
      Government system:
      The High Emperor rule above all. He is not worshiped per say, since Endora is a very popular God. The High Emperor have final say on all military matters, but offer different position within the government to worth men and women.

      Below the High Emperor rule the Grand Escarinus Council:
      Minister of Economy, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Imperia Commander, General of Krona High Constable, Admiral of Krona's Armed Fleet, including various notable merchants, leaders of crafting guilds and noteable nobles. Next to the Grand Council is the religious wing, the worshipers of the Dragon All-God. The highest title in this organization is the Invoker. Below the Grand Council and Religion wing are the Ruling Wizard League. The top spots are taken by the 10 most powerful Mages in the Imperius.

      With a strong culture, a strict dresscode comes as well. The rich are able to buy silks and other fine products. Commoners wear more rough and medieval clothes.

      The noble Escarians follow Endora at an almost fanatic level. It is what keep the nation together, and the army willing to fight to the last man. Everyday there is hold an hour long prayer in the many grand churches and cathedrals built solely for Endora and her servants. Especially the shrine in the Palace Throne Room is busy with rich merchant and other important figures coming to speak with the High Emperor. The Escarians know little of Endora's actually form, but many books contain paintings of the servants. Ten books have been written that describe the Dragon All-God and her laws. The Dragon symbol is widely used, and many of the military uniforms use them.

      The Escanrians are known master builders. They have created a special, and secret, concrete that allow them to build huge cities. Farms and fields shoot up and can produce enough food to feed its entire population. From the underground they have made mines that bring up gold, iron, copper and coal. It is not common to keep slaves, and only the rich can afford to keep human servants. For construction trained and paid labor is used, for the Escanrians believe in perfection.

      Due to hot summer climate have the Escarians come up with a special building design.

      Water that isn't taken directly up from the underground is brought to the cities via aqueducts. In the later years smoke and fog have started to collect over the populated areas, but nothing have been done to stop the development and rapid growth. All roads leads to Saryris Capital City is a widely used saying, and it just might be true for the Escari region with their many roads. Most impressive might be the vast fields supporting rice or wheat. With such a huge population, food is more important than anything else. Another reason why they keep expanding their land.

      Ways of transportation:
      Horses, but carriages are not used. Ships are widely used to get around. Some of the best horses are trained and breed in the southern part of the nation.

      Not all Escarians are born able to control the magic flow. Pure magicians make up only a small percentage of the population, and only the more rich citizens are able to get the training needed to master the power. In the Capital of Escari Empire do the National Esper Academy each year only send 100 new Wizards to the Royal Battle Wizard Legion. Magic is important to the Escari Empire and 'ranks' have been created to determine the strength of a magic user.

      Class A know how to use a large range of magic items. Being the lowest rank, he can't cast magic himself. The classes goes from A, F, S then move up to SA, SF and finally SS the highest level. Class F mostly do research and the classes S, SA make up for the most Battle Wizards. Of course, class SF research higher level magic while SS make up for the extreme elite. Roughly 5.000 are trained to use magic items for war. The public does not have access to magical items, as all these are reserved for the military and noble. (Black markets can be found in all cities. They will often sell magic items.)

      The Lands: Much of the land dwell on the mountain range that start in the south and end in the north. Many of these mountains hold forests, while the area closer to the sea is filled with rich plain soil. The Escarians keep cows, pigs, sheep, chickens for food. In some areas large rice fields been built, while other areas make a living on wheat. Scattered around lies ruins from old civilizations, but many stones have been taken from the ruins and used in new cities. The roads are patrolled by units in the day time, but there have been few reports of beasts who attack travelers in the night.

      Notable beasts:
      The advancement left many of the beasts either killed for their skin or trapped for entertainment. You can however, find Griffins, sable tigers and large bears hiding in the mountains. Most of them are on the brink of extinction. Deep underground near lava sources live huge lizards.

      Saryris Empire trade with others as long they see a profit in it. Openly friendly to races that resemble their own, but may show hostility towards "alien like" races.

      Stories have it that ghosts from the people that was killed from Ragnar's flames sometimes haunt travelers on the many roads.

    • x

      The Escari Empire is, and have always been a fight-for-survival race. The people have forged strong swords and with training learned to defend themselves. They truly believe that the best defense is a good offense. From a small State, to a massive Empire. Out of Saryris Capital City gates Legion after Legion march under order of their new High Emperor. The rich south was taken first, and from there the army went north with the support of the newly founded Krona Armed Fleet. Since then have the Empire slowly been building up its military.
      The Ground Forces
      The main body of the military is huge, and many jobs await within the army. Common soldiers make up the bulk of the forces and they are equipped with anything from swords and shields to spears. They carry both equipment and armor themselves, since carriages are not used. Light soldiers use thin metal plates and leather, while the heavy use thicker armor plates. The heaviest unit, the Elite Dragon Knights use special forged Dragon scales. One Legion consist of 60 units. One unit hold 100 men, all fighting as a giant war machine for the High Emperor. The Escarians relay on advanced military tactics, where all the different units play a key role to success. Special skilled soldiers receive medals for their work, and quite a few men and women become famous back home. The front units are usually spearmen, while the units right behind them carry swords. Legions should not be confused with the "Knight Orders". Few Noblemen want to be mixed with the common folk. Instead a Noble wishing to fight can be accepted into a Knight Order. They are trained to become the Elite, and can afford to carry expensive Dragon armor. The Dragoon Knights are nobles on strong horses while Dragon Knights carry huge shields and walk. These two Knight Orders take commands exclusively from the Imperia Commander. The Imperia Commander is also in charge of the Empire's spies.

      Krona's Armed Fleet
      The Enlisted sailors takes many kind of roles on board the navy fleet. From cook to gunner. Krona's Armed Fleet proved itself worthy when it was used to take large parts of the western continent. Not only became transportation of troops faster, it was now also possible to create blockages and bombard cities from the sea. The fleet empower different ships, each severing their own purpose. The standard ship engage enemy vessels with smaller versions of Ragnar's Revenge. Craftmen have improved the smaller design to withstand water. With the smaller payload comes better range as well. Krona's Armed Fleet now count x ships. x men serve onboard. Being able to swim is not a requirement. x of the x ships are classified as heavy, but only x of those are listed as Titan Class. x ships are for transport of troops.

      The Battle Wizards
      Only x of a x men strong Battle Wizard Legion can actually use powerful spells. The rest are trained to use magical items, such as rifles or magical shields for defense of the Espers. Many problems are currently rendering the Battle Wizard Legion useless for battle. Often the Wizards will seek out battles between each other. The Imperia Commander is often forced to completely split up the entire Legion, but that means no control whatsoever.

      The Royal Commanding Rank Tree
      Ground: 100 men or a unit, is put under a Squad leader. The Squad leader follow orders from the Sergeant, who is in charge of 5 units. The Officers takes order from the higher ups and control a Legion each. The Commander is the last link on the battlefield, and follow but also provide their own input on military strategies from the General stab. The Commander usually have 2 strategist on field with him. The General of Krona High Constable is the highest rank, and serve directly under the High Emperor. During peace times, only the High Emperor can call for the attack on a foreign nation.

      Navy: The Lieutenant is in charge of keeping check on the Enlisted. Depending on the size of the ship, a single ship normally have minimum two Lieutenants. The Commander is second-in-charge of a vessel. The Captain takes order from the Admiral and each ship bring its own Captain. The Vice-Admiral aid the Admiral of Krona Armed Fleet who serve right under the High Emperor.

      Elite: The Imperia Commander is in charge of every elite unit.

      Last details:
      x men and woman serve in the entire military. All men and women are required to work in the military for a minimum of 12 months when they turn 17 (6 months are spent with training). Under this period they will be provided free food and shelter. Depending on the need, they are free to select ground forces or navy. Men cannot refuse service, but women are placed in a lottery. 1/5 of the female populace serve in the military. Teamwork is a must, and the soldiers learn to fight side to side in huge Legions.

    • Endoraism or The Worship of the Dragon All-God.

      Name of the major God:

      Servants: (Minor Gods)
      Ragnar. (War)
      Vinter. (Death & weather)
      Prospera. (Life & magic)

      Endora have always been there. Hiding in the Old Gods shadows, Endora kept to her own little plane which hold nothing but void. The servants are as old as Endora, who has the same age as the Old Gods.

      Major God:
      Endora real form take the shape of a massive black Dragon (Roughly the size of a huge mountain). Beside the incredible hard scales and sharp claws, she can breath a purple flame which kills anything that stands in its path. Endora is a powerful God, and even more so now that many of the Old Gods are gone. Lurking the worlds, she have created a 'presence' of herself that can walk the lands. This form is usually a woman dressed in black armor and with blonde hair.


      Minor Gods:
      God of war and destruction, Ragnar is the most brutal of the servants. His flaming breath of Armageddon lay ashes to anyone who dare raise against Endora. He is about the size of a small mountain and have red scales. He represents strength and due to this is the most popular minor God among Krona knights and soldiers. Ragnar is more beast than anything else, and strong control is often required when he is used.

      God of death and weather, Vinter is the one who takes man and women to his realm of Aether when they die. His breath freezes the very soul and he swoop down from the sky without a sound. About the size of a large castle and bear grey scales. Unlike Ragnar is Vinter capable of human like thoughts, and can speak with the world's people and Gods. It will often be him who is sent, should a God dare enter Endora's realms without permissions.

      Prospera is the God of love and magic, and her Dragon skin takes all the known colors. She can take both the form of a Dragon and a woman. The Dragon form is about the size of a small house. She is often seen next to Endora, but rarely speak.

      Real body:
      Endora's real body is the massive Dragon. However, since that one is trapped in a shadow plane, Endora have created a 'fake' body or 'presence'. This presence is like a cloud of smoke and can therefore not be killed. She can still kill a person. The servants only have their real form and are not immortal. (They cannot die of age, but require a deadly hit to be taken down.)

      State of existence:
      4. Unseen even for your race, you thread the lands like a ghost, none noticing but those that understand to see past the facade, your slumbering wrath.

      Endora's Dragon servants visit the lands from time to time, either to punish, bless or to protect her people from other Gods.

      To put it bluntly, Endora is your typical female villain who drown in her own arrogance. She look down on other divines, refusing to see them as major Gods and truly believe she is the only true God. She relay on brutal power to get what she want, and enjoy watching her victims beg for mercy. She is full of hate, but usually hide it behind a ice cold face.

      Endora would never sacrifice herself to save her race. For Endora, the mortals are mere pieces in a game and would rather see them wiped off the board than her. Should her servants die, then so be it.

      Endora came with the Old Gods. But where many of these Old Gods would work together to create wonderful worlds and creatures, did Endora decide to keep to herself. She felt herself superior and went to watch from a shadow plane for a long period of time instead. Growing bored, she threw a shadow over the worlds that quickly left them with earthquakes, floods and powerful volcanoes. Angry by their creations in ruins, a large group of the Old Gods placed a lock on her shadow plane, trapping her inside. Realizing there was little she could do, she went into a deep sleep. After the first battles between the Old Gods, Endora slowly woke up from her slumber due to the shakes it left in the planes. Endora had been more or less sleeping through the entire new world creation phase. When her servants reported that many of the Gods who had locked her up was gone, she reached her mind out to discover the new world and Gods.

      Endora remained trapped, even after many of the Old Gods was gone. To escape, she would require a huge amount of magic to break the seal. So she decided to play along for now, and with the use of her servant she took control of a area in the new world. With massive flames, Ragnar killed the original people. With magic and life, Prospera created the Escarians. With weather and death in Vinter's control, the land came in balance to allow it to grow.

      She's a bad poker player, but hate to be left out nevertheless. Gods Meet Up? She'll be there just to talk down on them or listen in on gossip.

      The Holy Sword of Endora. This sword have passed down from High Emperor to High Emperor and have the power to blind it enemies and prevent the bearer to loss blood from wounds.

      The Jäger Sceptre of Vinter. Dead Escarians have their body overtaken by Dragonic Knight Souls, who have double the skills of a regular Knight.

      Demonic Blade of Ragnar. A single hit by this blade will set an enemy ablaze, but can also create a firewall for protection. The Highest Ranked General carry this.

      Shapeshift Rope of Prospera. Allowing its user to change to the shape of any animal, this makes it a great use for espionage.

      Endora have blessed the leader of her race the power to summon her Godly servants for battle.

      Trapped in a plane distant from the rest of the world, Endora have to rely on a few magic tricks and her servants when things happen in the real world.

      In her own personal realm there is nothing but dark, endless void.
      Here she have slept since her entrapment but woke up after the War between Gods. Because Endora is trapped in her own Realm, can she do little should God enter her people's lands. However, a hostile God will be met by her servants. These battles will take place in the mortal world, most likely with catastrophic consequences.

      The story of creation told by the Escarians (open)
      (Credits goes to Alakaba for this amazing piece of unfinished religion telling)
      The story of creation told by the Escarians (open)

      Before the time of man the world as we understand was teeming with life both unfettered and unrestrained. Over time this land had become full of excess, races were at war with each other for no other purpose than greed and scourging the lands they traveled. From another realm a being of immense power heard the cries of the dying and took pity upon the condemned world. This being takes the form of a dragon known now as Endora. Endora drew from her blood to create the body of man, to be governed by hers Rex. From the vapour that drew forth form the blood she molded man’s spirit, this was entrusted to her servant Lucius. From her breath of fire she melded the two parts together with a third, thought, and entrusted this to her servant Prisma.

      Thus with man complete as a pure being Endora rent a hole into the world, scouring the land with her mighty talons and planted mankind in his wake. Thus mankind began their journey to remake the world in their divine image. Humanity grew and flourished under the care of Endora and her servants but was unable to convince the other races into a peaceful collective free from vice. As time went on man grew tired and angry of the attempts to seize their fortunes and began to arm themselves in defence. So did the fall of man begin when he had his drawn sword in anger. Humanity then ignorant of their guiding powers began to believe themselves blessed by their own achievement and began to take the lands of those races they believed inferior. After claiming lands outside their right, the servants laid a warning to humanity by rendering the land barren through blight and drought. This punishment when unheeded by the people who then sought claim over each other’s dominion, believing it to be the only land worth holding. Thus the first war of humanity had begun, the war went on for 200 years until at last Endora could bear it no more. He sent forth Prisma as a woman clad in white to the capitol of each faction to deliver the truth of their existence in the span of one day. In all instances she was met with hostility, for man had sold himself to gods of wealth and desire, thus she was forced to call upon the aid of Rex to purge the towns in a torrent of flame and Lucius to gather the souls, sparing only the infants, which she collected as she went before traveling to the next town in hopes to find a pure home for the children of man.

      As she traveled to the city of the largest house to again deliver the words of her master she was taken back in shock. Where she had planned on preaching her word she had instead found a noble looking man preaching the same. Though he did not mention the gods of which he could not have heard he spoke of the opulence of mankind and how they had fallen into the decadence they had once abhorred. Curious to test this man, Prisma took on the guise of an old woman weathered by many years. She approached the man and asked why the man was preaching. The man replied, “My family has taken much but given little, the seeds of wealth are to be spread evenly across the fields of man lest they rot in the hands of the tyrant who rots with them.” Upon hearing this Prisma had concluded that there was still hope for mankind, no sooner was the thought complete did no fewer than ten soldiers lead by the lord of the land had shown up demanding the head of the one who blasphemed against his lord. The people who had gathered began to cheer the soldiers by begging for an execution on the spot. The man said to the people, “Why must it be that you who go hungry are so thirsty for blood, when you have not even bread for your children?” As the soldier in charge of the operation drew his sword to strike the man Prisma had reached out grasping both men in the talons of her true form. As she took to the skies she said to the executioner, “gaze upon your lord, how he is but a worm writhing in the mud”. With those words spoken she had dropped the soldier into the inferno the city was fast becoming.

      The noble man had spoken in words of fear and anger, “why dost thou purge my kin, though they have done wrong they had still chance to be saved!” Prisma then replied as the pair landed by a glade “the time of salvation is now and their judgment has been passed, you who have inherited the mind of humanity’s origin are to be it now.” Upon entering the cave and seeing the hundreds of children within he said, “How am I to provide for these when our land has been scourged so!” Then did an eye open from the air and reveal the truth to him, Endora spoke, “As I and my servants have provided before, so to shall we now provide when given sacrifice of man’s ignorance.” The man taken aback by these strange words had asked, “What have I who possess nothing to give a being who has all they require?” Then Endora proposed her offer to the man, “You still have your name, give it to me and I shall grant you another that will hold the power to call my servants to your aid and the aid of rest.” Thus the man had given his mortal name and become the first Invoker of the gods.

      He turned back to the ruins of the city and asked that life be returned to the ashen land. No sooner had he made his request had plants begun to spring from the earth and animals return to the land. When he gazed upon to verdant green that had arisen he turned his gaze back to eye in joy and proclaimed, “What does one call a power so great that it can create the purest of scenes for the ruins of the damned!” “Endora”, spoke the eye and thus he revealed the names of his servants; Prisma, god of emotion and keeper of the mind, Lucius, god of weather and keeper of spirits, and the oldest Rex, god of fortitude and keeper of the body. With that Endora than spoke, “With these three to guide you I will entrust this land unto humanity once more, so long as you trust in us and our ways so shall we trust you and yours, no go forth and spread your word of virtue to the world so that generations after you may life without pain.” It was at that point that Lucius had appeared as a spirit of wind with the souls of the dead in tow. He spoke to the invoker and said, “gaze upon these the souls of the damned who go unto their maker for judgment, their fate is not their own to decide and their fault is not any others. Now lead these children in pure thought so that one day I may rejoice that this grim task is complete. Now onward wary spirits your time is at an end.” With that Lucius and the souls departed through the eye into the abyss. Then appeared Rex as an avatar of flame. He spoke, “One man has not the power to raise many by his own will, I will grant you these servants of clay to tend to your needs until the children are grown.” After thanks from the Invoker so too did Rex depart. Prisma once again as a woman in white spoke to the Invoker saying, “You who are as a beacon to your people shall be granted clarity of mind to lead the people unto greatness, so that we may one day gaze upon your works truly knowing that you have acted out of the good for all.” With that message of hope did Prisma depart and the eye vanish from existence. Thus had the era of man’s rebirth begin.

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  3. [ Work in progress ]

    Empire of Balharia, the sanctuary of knowledge, the land of wanderous wonder, the house of questions and answers.

    Motto: "Under the sun of knowledge we flourish, under the moon of truth we shine."
    Capital: An-nar houseki bun-hanag
    [ Translation: House/mansion of the (seven fire jewels)/(fire jewels of the next world) ]
    Ruler: Emperor/ Bal
    Crown authority: Absolute
    Succession: Agnatic-Cognatic Premogeniture
    [ The eldest son inherits the throne, but daughters may also inherit, if there is no direct male heir. ]
    Domain: The Balkan mountains, The Govad desert, The Vanant sea. (more may be added)
    Race: Marudeva

    || Appearance of the race ||

    Marudeva (open)
    Appearance-wise, the marudeva are a race of beings quite similar to humans, seeing as they share a common ancestor down in the annals of ancient history. They are straightened-up bipedal individuals with four limbs - two hands and two feet - and main bodies of hair located on the head, underarms and intimate area. However, that is where the basic similarities end.

    Whilst their upper limbs have five digits, their lower ones have three that are relatively the same size - wide and short - but only the first having a nail. Their feet, in turn, are rather large both in length and in width, which combined with the shape of their toes creates a "snowshoe" effect, allowing them to easily maneuver in their usually sandy landscape. The length of the legs is always long in comparison to the overall anatomy in each individual, even among the shorter dwarf-like examples of the race, and their musculature is notably tough and compact, providing an increased jumping and leaping ability, as well as stability when carrying a great load. Aiding these movements is also the spine, which is notably flexible, giving the marudeva almost monkey-like agility, despite them lacking a tail of any sorts.

    This race has evolved for generations in a very specific environment - the Govad desert. The lack of abundance of water, strong dry gusts, the sea of dunes, hot days and cold nights have all played their role in molding the marudevan people into a perfectly fitting piece in the puzzle that is this sunny corner of the world.
    In order to protect themselves from the overwhelming amount of sand coming in from all directions, carried by the wind currents, they have specific adaptations to shield the three main vulnerabilities - eyes, ears and nose. The first are guarded each by a nicitating membrane - a third transparent eyelid that can stop and remove particles- and long thick eyelashes. The second have long hairs protruding from them in both genders, often a shade lighter than the hair on the scalp. Finally, their nostrils are narrower and can completely close at will.
    The heat of the sun is ofttimes unbearable and even life-threatening to those that chose to journey in this wasteland. To reduce the loss of water, their digestive system can extract the maximum amount of liquids from the ingested food, while their kidneys reabsorb water to the fullest and produce urine that is as concentrated as possible. It should be remarked that marudevans in general do not urinate often, but if necessary, can stop completely and lose the excess minerals through salt tears as a last resort.
    Another feature for battling the harsh climate is the skin. The marudeva have multiple glands, which help regulate body temperature by sweating. The colour of the skin comes in three main variations - dark, sandy/ash and "splashes". The first two are equally common throughout the country, whilst the third can only be found in those that live by the sea. This particular idioadaptation consists of the entire frontal area of the subject ( from the arms - the inner parts that go alongside the torso) being light, from sandy to pale, and the entire back area being dark, the two colours never being too drastically different. This type of skin appeared recently from an evolutionary standpoint, merely 30 generations ago, and is a type of camouflage when swimming in the sea.

    Considering their surroundings, it is no surprise to find that the majority of the marudeva are slim without being burdened by it. While they are not skin and bones, most certainly have an athletic appearance. In height they rarely come anywhere higher than humans and dwarfism is not an oddity among them. In fact, it has been found that the race is gradually getting smaller. The less you are, the easier you'll survive. However, the desert does not give without taking its tole. As they are agile and fast, so they are lacking in physical strength. Natural selection has made it so that the bodies of the marudeva are not a burden to them. Enduring and speedy in the heat, they can not last too long in far colder climates, and whilst their legs are strong to carry them forward, the rest of their muscles are there for movement, not for battle. Thus it is extremely uncommon to spot a huge bulky heavy marudevan, even by the coastline.

    The sensory system of the marudevans significantly differs from that of humans.
    At first glance the most noticeable difference are the eyes, which are in number not two, but three. One set is places just like the latter mentioned race - for binocular vision, yet the third, called the "eye of wisdom" or "the third eye" is set slightly above them in the middle and its axis is perpendicular to that of the others, not parallel. In legends it is said that this was the first big leap that separated the marudeva from humanity, granting them superiority in the art of magic. The most common eye colours are brown, amber and light orange in the inner parts of the desert and green, red and purple on the coastline. A blue possibility is nonexistent in this race. When it comes to vision, they can detect all colours, but also switch to infrared with the use of inner magic, and can see well both at day and at night.
    The senses of smell and taste have gradually dulled out with time, with the first more so than the second. They can taste bitter, salty and umami, but sweet and sour are less detectable.
    Hearing and touch are remarkably heightened, due to the hairs growing out of the ears and the small almost invisible ones that grow all over their bodies, making it possible to detect vibration, especially when barefoot.

    Speaking of hair, facially its growth is rather slow, yet on the scalp - incredibly fast. Its shape can range from straight to curly and its colouration is ofttimes black or brown in those in the desert and on the coastline - black, brown and dark to medium shades of green.

    || Structure of Balharian magic ||

    The history of the marudeva records a long battle between the race and the world around it as they struggled for centuries to maintain their existence and face the challenges of the desert. Because of the body's mortal structure, they were initially not able to build enormous buildings to shelter them from the heat and lived, at most, to the age of 40 years before dying, usually, because of dehydration.
    Realizing that the constant clash with the elements would never end, for the world could not fundamentally change, at some point of time the marudeva people decided not to look outwards, but inwards. They accepted their homeland and sought harmony with it, finding it to actually be a wonderful system with a complex, yet understandable mechanism behind it. Thus a teaching arose and spread, a combination of lessons that taught how to control one's breathing and tap into one's inner energy. The marudeva, that had until then been scattered across the desert in groups, united under the flag of knowledge and continued tapping into the depths of themselves, finding remarkable possibilities that were waiting to be discovered.

    Nowadays, after centuries of practice through the generations, this race can easily tap into their inner energy to create any kind of magic.​

    Learning scale (open)

    ~ First floor of magia - The onlooker ~
    All marudevas come into this world on this level. For many normal creatures, such as humans, it takes years to reach this stage of development, yet evolution has done its job to give this race a head-start in life.
    The mass majority of Balharia's commoners can be found either here or at the floor above.
    At the first floor of magia one is capable of manifesting their inner energy, also known as personal spiritual energy, into one specific type of magic. Ofttimes in strength it is mediocre, in complexity it is simple and does not require any kind of summoning, seeing as it comes from the depths of the subject's self.
    Fortune-tellers and match-makers favor using the type of magic an individual has to determine their personality and compatibility.

    ~ Second floor of magia - The seer ~
    A small evolutionary leap is the resent increase in marudevan children being born on this floor, rather than on the first. While relatively common nowadays, it can still be attained fairly easily by all members of the race, if the individual grows enough spiritually.
    On the second floor of magia one or both of two things may occur: a new specific type of magic may be available from drawing out energy from oneself or/and a significant increase in one's original power.

    ~ Third floor of magia - The listener ~
    It is quite uncommon for someone to be born on this level of development, with the only reported cases being in the royal family and among some high nobles.
    On the third floor of magia the user may either gain a third specific type of magic or receive a significant increase in the power(s) they already possess.
    In the empire most guards of officials, higher merchants, country teachers and the small middle class are at this stage.

    The first three floors can be reached by anyone among the members of the race. From this point onwards it is believed that it highly depends on one's inner potential just how far one may go. In the majority of cases, the following floors are reached only by those, who have been taught at academias in the empire.
    However, it should be remarked that the portion of children that are sent to these special institutions of knowledge is small and belongs to the wealthier part of the social structure.

    ~ Fourth floor of magia - The senser ~
    Marudeva children, that have entered this world into the right families, most of the time enroll in an academy at the age of 10 or 11 years of age, after completing three years of elementary education.
    A person reaches the fourth floor of magia once they have learned how to properly tap into an outer source of energy.
    Students are given three general sources of energy by their teachers - basic elements (fire, earth, water, air), solid materials and living things. Which source and what variety is to be used entirely depends on the student's capabilities, with some managing to reach out to more than a single one. Such children are considered to be "gifted beginners" and are given financial aid to continue their education.
    Inner magic is not forgotten, however, at it is continuously developed in class.

    ~ Fifth floor of magia - The craftsman ~
    A great percentage of students, who have taken up further enhancing their abilities only reach this level of learning.
    On the fifth floor of magia the individual is capable of creating complex forms with all of the magic already in their possession, using it with ease and further enhancing it. Those a bit more gifted than the mass are also capable of learning one new type of magic to a certain extent or even reach the next floor, if they wish.
    The empire's royal army, guard and house of healing are especially composed of such individuals.

    ~ Sixth floor of magia - The orator ~
    An exceptionally high point in one's rise on the ladder of knowledge, it would be a peculiar oddity to find a marudevan from the simple folk rise to this floor, yet such cases have been observed in the past. Yet those, who stand on this level, are commonly members of the elite or higher middle class, with a history of educated family members.
    On the sixth floor of magia one has mastered their initial outer magic, as well as their inner magic, and learns entirely new types of magic - those related to the untouchable or unseeable. Examples would be sound magic, illusion magic, energy barrier magic, mind-connected magic, teleportation and many others.

    Setting foot on this floor is considered a form of "higher education", seeing as the academia normally teaches "secondary education", which includes reaching the fourth and, potentially, the fifth floor, until the students are at the age of 17 or 18. Those, who after a series of tests, prove they have the potential to rise even higher can be placed in a program for further education at the academia and taught for three years to master one or two types of new magic, along with courses for the career of their choice, of course. Most end up becoming lecturers, researchers, inventors or preachers in their own respective fields.

    ~ Seventh floor of magia - The stargazer ~
    Through careful match-making and intensive development of the spiritual skills of each passing generation it has become possible for the elite to reach this level of spiritual development. It is available to them because of their genetic make-up their own ancestors have sorted out and maintained, plucking out all the unnecessary burdens and inserting the needed to enrich their blood.
    Those on the seventh floor of magia have mastered their inner magic, basic outer magic and have medium secondary outer magic. They can drain energy from an outer source for an incredibly long period of time in comparison to those on the sixth floor and can craftily use it to their advantage. At this point, the maxim number of magic types for the three sectors is three.

    ~ Eighth floor of magia - The eight-point star ~
    The octagon, the eight-point star - the mark of the ruler.
    Only those in the royal family have the potential to inherit the key to this final floor of the ladder of knowledge, with the emperor, or bal, always being an eight-point star.
    Basically speaking, the higher the spouses are in spiritual level, the higher the chances their child will have. An emperor will never have a proper heir from his minor harem, where his lower wives(or husbands) and "presents" are, but the harem major, in which the maximum number of wives(or husbands) is eight, is where the true princes and princesses are born.
    Whether or not a child can be an eight-point star is determined when they reach the age of eight and most are taught privately and extensively. Naturally, the eldest among them is given the right to inherit, but if the emperor agrees that a younger sibling has far more spiritual potential, they may deal with the situation as they see fit. (murder, peaceful change of rights, ceasing education, etc.)
    On the eight floor of magia one is capable of learning all kinds of magic. They truly have an infinite amount of possibilities.​

    The eternal 8 (open)

    The marudeva believe that their magic is a gift bestowed to them by the lord of this cosmic system, the star Slovosura, referred to as "the sun" among other races and sometimes by marudevans themselves, yet rarely. The key to the long-lost knowledge of magic at that level was a marvelous present they thank for in their daily prayers, however, it did not come without its own basic organization and limits, for which the mortals are also thankful for, since they understand that without order there shall be nothing but destruction.

    ~The shield of earth~
    ~The cup of water~
    ~The wand of fire~
    ~The sword of wind~
    ~The note of sound~
    ~The thought of immater~
    ~The prayer of life~
    ~The wish of ____ ~
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  4. ~WIP~

    The Sahikan Tribes

    Sumna - Located in a cave at the base of the Hoishu Canyon.

    The Sahik dwell in dark places that little light reaches, making caves an ideal residence. Thick forests are also inhabited by the Sahik, but these small tribes are few and far between. Inside these caves, the walls are chipped away to produce individual living areas for each family. These holes are usually only large enough for sleeping and a majority of their time is spent in the large caverns that act as public areas. A similar way of life is practiced by the forest-dwellers except instead of cave walls rooms are usually in tree trunks or built by branches and leaves. Much of how the cave is utilized depends on the original layout of the cave, but in general residence areas and shopping districts are limited to their respective caverns and do not intermingle. Other aspects of society, such as the military, are also issued their own specific cavern. The only Sahik that receives its own cavern is the chief who resides in the capital.

    The Sahik have many similarities to all of the other humanoid races inhabiting Thde. The have five fingers and five toes and all of the other usual appendages. What makes them unique is that they are extremely pale, nearly white in color. This is due to them being nocturnal and living in environments that lack much light. They also lack body hair, the only exception to this being the hair found on their heads. The usual colors for this hair include black, white, grey, dark brown, and, in rare cases, red. Their eyes have adapted to function in the low light environments which they dwell. This has resulted in them being larger than other species and it has also caused their unique shape of pupil which is large and circular in the dark but then narrows into a slit when exposed to light. This gives them very good night vision, while protecting their eyes against large quantities of light. Their eyes are also very reflective and can be easily seen darkness if a light source shines on them. The colors of their eyes include red, black, grey, dark violet, light blue, and gold, though the latter two are rare occurrences. Their physical build is generally thin and sleek. Because of this what they lack in strength they make up for in speed and agility. Men, as with most other races, are generally larger and more muscular than women.

    The traditional clothing worn by the Sahik is dark in color. This aids them in blending in with their dark environment. Younger generations, however, have deviated from tradition and have started to intermingle their dark clothing with white to provide contrast. In addition to the dark color, their clothing is often long and heavy to provide warmth in the cool, damp caves. This is obviously not a concern for forest-dwellers whose clothing is much lighter. It is also common to see them wearing jewelry made of rare metals and gems, as mining is a large part of there economy.

    The Sahik are a mainly hunter gatherer society. At night hunters set out in order to acquire meat and gathers go out in search of forageable goods. These goods are then sold to the respective tradesmen and end up in market for citizens to purchase. This uncertain system used to secure food forces the Sahik to stomach a wide variety of substances.

    The technology used by the Sahik is very primitive. They have no mechanical instruments to speak of and rely solely on simple tools, such as spears, pickaxes, and hammers. Due to this, all of the goods produced by the Sahik must be made by hand, providing a large quantity of jobs for the tribes' citizens.

    The Sahik speak Phesius, a language that's sound can most accurately be described as a soft hissing. The dialects very slightly in each tribe, resulting in some Sahik sounding more gruff than others. It is uncommon for the average Sahik to learn languages of other races since it is unusual for them to come in contact with other races at all. Only those who find themselves in politics bother to study other languages.

    The Sahik society revolves around specialized trades. Due to this their education largely consists of apprenticeships for individually chosen crafts. The responsibility for teaching language and other basic information falls on the parents. The average age for the start of apprenticeship is nine years old.

    Gender Roles
    Males and females are treated equally in the Sahik society. Each gender is given equal choice and treatment when it comes to positions of power and employment. The only time when females are treated differently is when they are pregnant. During pregnancy females are treated as one would treat someone with a sickness. They are cared for and left to relax, getting a leave from there work until they are well enough to return. When the female returns to work, the responsibilities of caring for the child is split evenly between both parent.

    General Personality
    The Sahik people are a very secretive people. The are not fond of outsiders and see any non-Sahik as a threat. This distrust results largely from ignorance as many Sahik never leave the cave they were born in (unless they have the job of hunter or gatherer or are part of the military). Within there communities, however, the Sahik are compassionate and generous. It is not uncommon to see Sahik without children giving food to those with children to help lessen the strain on the parents. In fact, the members of every tribe treat each other as if everyone were part of the same family. The only reason that this would not be the case would be if an individual did something against their religion.

    Females give birth to live young in the same way as regular humans. There pregnancy, however, only lasts six months as opposed to the usual nine. It is also important to note that the Sahik commonly only have one partner in their lifespan.

    The average lifespan of a Sahik is roughly one hundred years. As they age, their shadow companions fade. Then during death the shadows disappear completely.

    Each tribe has at least one doctor with the biggest tribe, Sumna, having three. Each of these doctors usually has at least one apprentice. The treatment for sickness and injuries is rather primitive, with herbs being the main remedy used. Any illness, whether physical or mental, in a Sahik reflects in its shadow, making spotting a sickness extremely easy. Along with the normal assortment of ailments, there is also a particular illness that only occurs within the Sahikan race. This disease results in the victim being consumed by its own shadow. It has been named the Uysin. As of now the doctors have yet to find a cure. Although it is not unheard of for victims to suddenly be released from the disease and have no long term effects, many Sahik who contract this disease die within three weeks.

    The Uysin (open)
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  5. I shall be making my kingdom tonight!
  6. Due to technical difficulties I am experiencing with my laptop, I might not be able to finish the sheet as quickly as my original planning went, however, it will most certainly be complete by the end of this week.

    May you have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone~
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  7. WIP
    The Elvonty have a mix matched set of technology, while their medical tech is at the level of turning medical herpes into modern medicine, their sense of war troops are the highest ranking magister's going into war with their 470 students and their trapped beasts known as Lifly. They use magic to build, using it to lift, lower, and hammer things. While they use magic for everything they could, they make tools similar to the American's in their early 1900's. Their homes however have indoor plumbing, but not electricity. They also have library's full of hand written books, proving they have not learned or mastered the Technology of the hand press, or printing. The Elvonty however, know how to transfer their magic into items, creating dangerous and incredible items of mass destruction or items of great help and importance.

    specialty(s): The Ability to use magic, and turn it into physical force.

    The Ability to transfer their magic into items.

    Lify: Large elemental beasts, they are combined with the very elements they represent. They ones the Elvonty are commonly know for keeping are the wood Forest Birds, Flaming tigers, Spin Wave Lions, and Icey Wolves.

    Magical Items: The Elvonty has only 3 magically enchanted items in their passion, one being the Lindinson(Line-din-son), which they believe to be the first item in the world, and the only thing that their demon god has touched within Thde. The second is the Li, which is a square item with a sliver circle at its center, it is the only item they have with a incredible amount of Elvonty magic stored within it. Its capable of leveling entire citys, its power up however takes weeks, sometimes mouths. The last item is Tu, a item that is capable of restoring lost limbs and caring all Illnesses. However, this item has long been made since the beginning of the Elvonty race, it has been given to the citizens of the kingdom and has all but hung on, it is nearly 200 years away from being completely empty and unable to be restored.

    Religion: The Elvonty worship only one demon god, his name is known as Lolan, and his believed to be the demon god of thieving, Killing, sickness, Death, and magic. He has only 2 shrines, one being within the capital of Lavok, within the stone walls of the temple that is attached to the castle. The Second is in a city known as Klo, which is located within the sacred Lolo forest. The shrine is in the towns middle tree, which is the largest.
    Lolan (open)

    Name of the capital: Lavok

    Form of government:

    Ruler: self explanatory

    Crown authority: Does the crown have any power?


    Domain: where they live.

    Race: Elvonty.png

    Appearance: what the race looks like

    (Due to a wedding, I shall be back in a week, hopefully finishing this sheet then starting the RP.)
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  8. Name of the empire/kingdom: Hú zú

    Technology: The technology level is rather basic. They run on a level of tech similar to that of the far eastern countries such as china and japan in the 12th century. They know about smiting and fashioning of clothing. Houses are normally constructed from wood and stone. Metals are rare and are normally used for weaponry or armour. Due to the compact area, transportation is normally on foot. However cargo is normally carried by bull pulled carts. Even with there lack of technology, the Hú zú kingdom have a rather vast knowledge of weapon making.


    Martial art knowledge: The Fokkusu are not really magic using people. But to make up for this they have practiced many different fighting styles and even developed their own. Their fast developing muscles allow them to become incredibly powerful warriors. It is common for the Hú zú to take in and study martial artists building on their ability then killing them throught testing their skills.

    The Key (also known as 9 tails): Even though the Fokkusu do not use magic there is one rare case. This person is called the Key, they are normally from the Fúkèsī blood line and are most usually elected as the Kitsune-ō. The key is able to become one with Fúkèsī wáng. They grow 8 more fox tails, and their fur and hair become white. With each new tail grown their power increases, the tails act as a seal release. They gain incredible strength and speed, as well as fighting ability. They are also able to control the Fox's flames.

    Religion: The Hú zú's religion is not a normal one. They do not worship a God as such. They do not believe that the Gods are worth their praise. However they do worship an individual known as Fúkèsī wáng. He was supposedly the original, a normal Fox that trained for many years and reached a Godly level. He is the creator of the Fokkusu. His power rivaled the Gods and they became jealous of his being. So they attacked him, disgraced by this act Fúkèsī wáng fought with the Gods, killing many of them. Eventually he was banished to the mortal realm, where he lives immortally in the race of the Fokkusu.

    Name of the capital: Kuranhausu

    Form of government: Hú zú are run in a monarchy like government. The main ruler is elected from the royal Fúkèsī blood line and is called the Kitsune-ō. Hoever the leading figure is also supported by a small council called Xiāofáng jú. These are the most powerful people within the Army, Farmers, Builders, Traders and then one person elected as the peoples representative.

    Ruler: Kitsune-ō

    Crown authority: Almost absolute

    Succession: The heirs of the Fúkèsī undergo test, whoever scores the highest results becomes the next ruler. Gender is not a factor in this government.

    Domain: kyōryokuna forest. A large forest inchanted with magic. Rich in beasts and vegitation. Under the forest there are multiple types of ore and other useful resources.

    Race: Fokkusu

    Appearance: The race look similar to other humanoid creatures. On average they are seen as smaller than normal humans, it is unlikely you will ever find a large (fat) Fokkusu. There build is normally average. However Fokkusu's muscles develop a lot faster than many other races, this means it is common for a Fokkusu to be toned with muscle. This is also helped my their high metabolism. Most Fokkusu are well built. Fokkusu have hair in the same places as most races, located on their head, under arms, legs, face if male and on reproductive areas. However there is a large difference that makes them distinguishable. That is there Fox like ears and tail. These however can be hidden at will for short periods of time by the Fokkusu. As well as having claw like nails that are very sharp, these can also be contracted.

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  9. Name of the empire/kingdom: Ki'Tan Empire

    Technology: The technology in the Ki'Tan Empire is mainly bio mechanical, with a lack of what people would consider mechanical ability

    Specialty(s): Hive Mind: The Ki'Tan share a consciousness, held together by the Queen. The Queen has lived for the entire span of the race, located deep within the Caverns of Qu'Shall. They have no access to magic but they do possess a psychic connection.
    Biological Masterpieces: The Ki'tan are essentially large ants. If you've ever seen what an ant can do, you will know why this is a specialty. Their bodies use muscular hydraulics, allowing them to lift amazingly large weights and move extremely fast. They can exert incredible force from their mandibles and a venomous, acidic sting. They have exoskeletons, essentially functioning as armour.

    Religion: None, although the nature of the people of the Ki'Tan Empire seems so fanatical to outsiders that it could appear like a religion

    Name of the capital: Qu'Shall

    Form of government: Hive Mind

    Ruler: The Grandos and The Queen

    Crown authority: The crown holds absolute power. There is no challenge.

    Succession: Succession is decided by genetics. When the Grandos dies, a new Grandos will be born and quickly mature. They visit a special area of the Caverns of Qu'Shall and gain the memories of their predecessors. They give away their name and accept the name of The Grandos.

    Domain: The Ki'Tan Empire is mainly subterranean, with vast underground cities being dug. These can stretch across countries, all being connected with tunnels. Tall, towering spires are also built for ventilation. They keep large herds of animals and tend to gigantic fungus gardens.

    Race: The Ki'Tan

    Clothing: The Ki'Tan have no concept of modesty and due to their gender roles, they do not even recognise genitalia.

    Food: Thanks to their powerful mandibles and strong stomachs, the Ki'Tan can eat just about anything. They have no special immunity to poisons but have learnt to avoid them.

    Language: The Ki'Tan communicate through pheromones and series of vibrations, made by vibrating their bodies and antenna quickly. They have learnt other languages and can speak them, although generally quite poorly, with words not being said correctly due to the impossibility of their pronunciation for the Ki'Tan

    Education: Ki'Tan are born with a designated role and the Hive Mind grants them whatever knowledge is necessary, however they are constantly curious

    Gender Roles: Gender has no bearing on Ki'Tans as the Queen lays all eggs. The Grandos is completely without gender.

    General Personality: Each Ki'Tan is somewhat cold and emotionless, with the only trait defining each individual being their level of curiosity

    Reproduction: The Queen will lay many tens of thousands of eggs every day. Eggs take varying amounts of time to fully develop, with the average taking about two weeks

    Lifespan: The lifespan varies with their role. Workers live for about a year, soldiers live for about 8 years and the Grandos has never been known to die of age, only in combat or from disease.

    Military: Every Ki'Tan is equipped to kill, with sharp claws, strong armour and crushing mandibles. Their acidic sting can also be used as a spray, giving them a ranged attack. Soldiers and the Grandos possess a thicker exoskeleton and larger, more powerful mandibles. The Ki'Tan do not bother with weaponry or additional armour. Their military strategies are essentially a blitzkrieg, overrunning the enemy quickly with overwhelming numbers. Attacks are only launched as necessary as the Empire expands. When they encroach on others territory it is generally unnoticed as the majority of the Empire is constructed underground. However, entrances to the overworld will eventually be made and if it happens that they are within foreign territory, conflict follows. Usually around 24 hours will be silently given to evacuate, although if scouts observe any preparations for battle, attack will commence immediately, with no discrimination between soldier and civilian.

    Appearance: Workers are around 7 foot, the Soldiers and Grandos are around 9 foot[​IMG]

    Credit for the extra categories goes to @Shizuka thanks and sorry :3
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  10. @Rion
    Would you be willing for our kingdoms to have a history with each other, with the Ki'Tan Empire having begun to move into the outer rims of your territory?
  11. If you're looking for war right off the bat, be my guest. O.o
  12. It's just that we're both large, quickly expanding kingdoms/empires so I thought it would be logical for us to have clashed heads. I'm not talking full out war, just maybe a few tiny villages of yours have had to evacuate perhaps?
  13. I'm still working on how I will implant my own cities. Since normal villages will be a no go due to the summer seasons, I'm thinking of a fewer large settlements instead of dozen small. I can suggest that the Ki'Tan may have made attempts to raid cities of mine but without luck.
  14. It's more likely that they will have begun to enter your territory but are yet to make a move, giving the towns a little while to evacuate. Perhaps the Grandos may request a meeting with some commander to request you leave (with an obvious lack of success) leading to the full blown conflict?
  15. Please excuse me lateness! "Crusader Kings 2" was more addictive than I thought. XD I'll make sure to get my sheet done soon.

    PS: If anyone plays or has played CK2 before, could they possibly tell me how to lead a successful raid?
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  16. My sheet will be done by sunday.
  17. when will this Rp start?
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  18. I'd be interested in this. I'll be putting forward a species of my own making sometime tonight.
  19. Kingdom of Everlock

    Ruling Family: Everstar
    "May Our Land and People Prosper"


    The people of Everlock, called Everen, are very pale beings born with very strange hair colors--blues, pinks, reds, greens, whites--and pointed ears similar to elves. Their height ranges from 5'4" to 5'10", and they generally weigh less than 100 lbs. They are not generally very strong, but they are very lithe and agile. What they lack in strength they make up for in speed and agility. Common eye colors include light blue, light green, red, and even the occasional gold. Some are born with purple irises, but this is much more uncommon.

    It is a rare thing to anger an Everen. Their culture is built on harmony and peace. They are not war-like, and they will rarely engage in war unless absolutely necessary. They are extremely nature-oriented. They believe nature to be sacred above all else, and those who disrespect nature are immediately banished from Everlock and commanded to never return on pain of death. Everen are peaceful creatures, but they will protect themselves and nature itself at all costs. They do not generally harbor envy or discrimination. In fact, they are one of the most welcoming species. However, they do not respect any race that does not respect Everlock and, more importantly, nature.

    Government System:
    Everlock has been ruled by the Everstar family for thousands upon thousands of years. Anyone within the family is highly-respected and believed to be almost god-like. They are the chief protectors of nature, and they will also protect their own people from intruders. The current ruler, Emeryll Everstar, and his wife, Arathelia, rule with a gentle but firm fist. They have only one child named Mystelia who will one day rise to the throne. She has yet to be betrothed. The royal family is pictured above. Emeryll is the one with white hair, Arathelia is the one with red hair, and Mystelia is the one with blue hair. The rulers are cycled out every 5,000 years--the son or daughter of the king and queen stepping up to the throne.
    Second only to the royal family itself, the Elders are considered the wisest in all the land. They are so old that their ages are unknown. They have seen it all: war, peace, everything. They advise the ruling family and act as mediator when there are disputes. Their word is the final law, and only Emeryll or Arathelia can overturn their decisions. Granted, the last time the ruling family overruled the Elders was thousands of years ago--before the Everstar family was even proclaimed as the ruling family (when the previous ruling family tragically died out).

    The Everen worship nature, believing it to be the embodiment of the goddess Avani. Their religion is monotheistic, so they have no other gods. Although the royal family is believed to be god-like, this is more in the sense that they were chosen by Avani to rule Everlock. She is similar to the idea of "Mother Nature."
    A shrine lies deep within the Damyhn Forest. It is believed that only those who have heard Avani's voice in their dreams can find this shrine.

    Because of their high respect of nature, the Everen people only take wood that they believe has been specially given to them in order to survive and build. This wood--called Beati (bee-uh-tee)--is dark in color and formed with special properties that can regulate temperature in minor ways. To prevent the heat from killing the wood, their roofs are covered in moss with similar and stronger properties. Additionally, since they live in the forest, they are never directly in the sun. Their magic is also another method they use to survive.
    They do not build roads or large cities. In fact, they only have one city, and it is the capital city of Alluwain. The royal family, along with a good portion of the Everen, live in the city. All others are scattered in very small forest villages.
    Transportation is on foot or occasionally by horse. They do not use carts or carriages because that, to them, is an unnecessary use of wood.
    The Everen get their water from the trees themselves, as they carry a very large amount in their roots in order to survive the scorching sun.
    Technology is quite limited in Everlock. They believe technology is an insult to the power of nature. Because of this, they do not use any modern weapons or tools. Rather, they use their magic and bows. As far as tools go, they use primitive technology to cut down trees, construct buildings, etc. In fact, often they just use their magic rather than manmade tools.

    Everlock lies within the entirety of the large and vast forest known as Damyhn Forest. Its people are generally located in the southern regions where the trees are much larger and store more water. In the north, the trees are thinner and provide less protection from the heat. Everen people still dwell there but not nearly as many. A large river flows through the region, starting in the northwest and ending in a sizable lake close to the southern tip of Everlock.
    Beneath the land there is a large cave system that contains very valuable precious minerals mined by the Earth magics. These caves are often filled with small lakes from an unknown source of water.




    Capital City
    Alluwain is quite large with a large building built into the trees that houses the royal family. There are many smaller buildings that serve as houses for other Everen. There is a marketplace of sorts in the center of the city where the people trade metals, food, clothing, etc.

    Everlock is generally hospitable towards foreigners, but they will not tolerate hostility. They trade with most regions, but they generally find all they need within their own borders. Imported materials such as clothing, tools, and others are not common.

    Everen do not have any predators within their forests. Well, they aren't predators to Everen. Any foreigners would find that the very, very rare unicorn is quite hostile to outsiders. Other beasts include "night tigers"--black and grey striped cats that have a bone to pick with intruders. There are also black-spotted leopards who don't generally get along with outsiders, either. Both are pictured below.
    In the cave systems, there is only one beast that has ever been found. It is a very large, bat-like creature the size of a dragon. It dwells within the largest of caves, and only three have ever been recorded to exist--and some think it may be the same creature. The Everen call it "Avani's Bane" as it is the only creature to ever attack their people.


    Elemental Magic
    Most Everen are able to use magic easily. However, they are limited to elemental magic only: fire, water, earth, or air. Some may be gifted with more than one element. The royal family is rumored to be able to use all four elements, but this rumor has not been confirmed.
    Limited Immortality
    Everen cannot die from natural causes like old age or sickness. In fact, they stop aging at around 18 to 22. The oldest Everen is rumored to be hundreds of thousands of years old but, again, this has neither been confirmed or denied. However, Everen can be killed by weapons, poisons, the scorching heat, dehydration, starvation, etc. So, basically, they are just ageless with the added benefit of being immune to sicknesses (stuff like the common cold, the flu, etc.--again they are not immune to poisons).

    The Everen do not have a formal military, and they do not use any sort of weaponry save the bow and arrow. Men and women alike are willing to fight and die to protect their kingdom and their forest. Their elemental magic is their weapon, and they are very, very skilled at using it. That is part of the reason the Everen have not been invaded for centuries.

    Outsiders look at Everlock and see only a mysterious land. Because Everen do not often leave their borders and because they do not cater many visitors, rumors have spread like wildfire. Some believe the ruling family to be of the worst kind of evil--enslaving their people and killing any who dare to speak against it. Others believe there is no ruling family at all. And still others know at least that there is a ruling family, and they are far from evil. The Damyhn Forest is feared above all else. The beasts are deadly, and some believe that the forest itself changes into a labyrinth to any who dare to cross into their lands with a hostile heart. It is unclear whether these particular rumors are true.

    Main Weaknesses
    +Lack of military: While they are very skilled with their magic and archery, they do not have a formerly trained military. If faced with actual war, they would be strategically outmatched.
    +Lack of numbers: While they reside in a large forest, they are not a large kingdom. Their numbers are relatively small.
    +Lack of technology: Their refusal to use modern technology puts them in a precarious position if faced with such technology.
    +Location: From certain standpoints, Everlock is placed in a very strategic location should any kingdom want to declare full-out war.

    Main Strengths
    +Forest: The forest itself is alive and will fight for the Everen. It does not, however, create a labyrinth like the legends say. Rather, it will use its branches to create walls that force armies to detour, slowing them down.
    +Magic: The Everen are very skilled even from a young age at using their magic.
    +Knowledge: They are so old that they do have knowledge on all the surrounding kingdoms. They know how to diplomatically solve any problems that might arise.
    +Lack of threat: The Everen do not wish to conquer any borders, so they are not much of a threat to other kingdoms.
    +Knowing their forest: They know their forest so well that, should they be invaded, they would still be able to defend themselves. There's a reason no one has dared to invade Everlock in centuries.
    +Archery: You won't see that arrow coming from the trees, will you?


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