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a nuclear holocaust is averted by a computer named ARDNEH (Automatic Restoration Director – National Executive Headquarters), which initiates what is intended to be a temporary modification (later called "The Change") to the laws of physics to make nuclear explosions impossible. However, the enemy has a similar device, and when the two expanding wavefronts of The Change collide, the effect unexpectedly becomes permanent.

Following The Change, most technology ceases to function, while magic now works. Magical beings are also created. Demons are born from acts of violence at the time of the change; the most powerful is Orcus, a nuclear bomb caught at the exact moment of exploding. After eliminating potential rivals, it establishes and rules the evil Empire of the East. Eventually, it is tricked and overthrown by John Ominor, its human second-in-command, who then becomes Emperor of the East. However, the tyranny remains the same. Orcus is locked away in a magical dungeon by Ominor

Now here is where our story begins the east is about experience the awakening of gods masks that have been endowed by their creator with great power they will turn a man into a god or at least the avatar of one

Deep in the wastelands there is a place under the control of the fey what was once a biodome in the old world a way to live out the change in an isolated world has become a hidden oasis where powerful magical waters of the lake of life can restore the dead back to life and gives those that live there intelligence and magical powers of life and healing.
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