Empire Lands (fantasy, displacement, post-apoc, dictatorship)

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  1. The world at Ianna's Feet.

    Empire Lands is a small world, only a few hundred miles across at its widest. It rests on an isolated ocean-side peninsula. The land around it is entirely wasteland.

    These lands are ruled by a harsh Mistress, the Empress. The common people do not refer to her by name, only by title, and know that to do her will is to live and be rewarded, and disobedience is the path to a painful and shame-filled death.

    Roughly every two hundred to two hundred twenty-five years, the Empress disappears for two years. It has been one hundred eighty-nine years since the last time, and the people grow nervous-- especially the longer-lived races, who have observed that she changes in some hard-to-define way when she disappears.

    With this growing tension, and the rumors that someone from another world has arrived, it's up to the Empress to keep her people calm.


    1. Ability
      I expect my partners to be capable of proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and to use readable sentence structure. I prefer a length of between two sentences (for dialogue or action-heavy scenes) and two pages (or more, I won't be scared off).

      I expect careful attention to tense and person, and I will only roleplay in third person, past tense, and I will correct those who use the word "would" in place of a past tense verb. I can supply examples and explanations on request.

      As an important note, typos and very occasional errors are fine. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.

      By Iwaku's standards, I am Adept to Advanced.

    2. Roleplaying Manners
      I ask my partners do not take control of my characters (including NPCs). I also ask that said partners do not try to use their characters to overpower the setting or antagonists, or to alter my characters or settings in ways not previously asked about and consented to.

      When I am GMing for a partner, I expect that partner to adhere to the rules of the world and to the notes I have listed. I have put a lot of work into my settings and plots, and I would appreciate said work being heeded.

      Another request I have is that my partners do not steal art and edit it. Artists put a lot of effort into their work, and seeing someone take it, change it, and not offer even a line of credit to them is disheartening.

      For prospective partners uncertain about good roleplay manners, please ask, and I will do my best to explain further.

    3. Characters
      My expectations for characters are what a person might expect in a good book. I expect flaws, personality, and relatability. Without these, a character will not hold my interest.

      I also expect my partner to do a bit of research and enjoy learning about wherever their character is from, be it my setting, their own, or even just a stereotypical random fantasy/modern/scifi setting-- this means knowing, or being willing to learn, that a sword won't beat most any other weapon expect a sword, that modern people live twice as long as people from medieval times, that higher oxygen in the atmosphere makes for very large lifeforms, and more.

      I ask a bit of work beforehand so that the RP doesn't pitter off and end before the story does. A bit more time preparing means a lot more time playing.

      Also on the subject of characters, please do not bring in characters who are built for the sake of Deus ex Machina, and to that end, please run all details by me. I have had bad experiences with people who hold secrets about their characters using it as an excuse to destroy all the tension and drama I've created in a single post. Few things feel more pointless than filling up a balloon and beginning to make a giraffe out of it, only for the person for whom it is intended to pop the balloon.

    4. Format
      I will play either in PMs or threads. I will not play over skype or any other instant messaging client. I might be convinced to play over Google Documents, but it is unlikely.

      I like to discourage fanciful post formatting in the roleplay, because I have a hard time reading when text is colored or small.

    5. OOC
      I am seeking neither OOC romance nor roleplay with one person exclusively. Few things make me feel more uncomfortable than a jealous partner.

      On the subject of reminders (because sometimes I do take a long time to reply), I would like my partners to remind me to post if I have taken more than two or three days. My mind is not always up to the task, and if I cannot post for some time, I will inform my partner and ask that we continue when my mind is once more able.

      If I take more than a week to reply, it may be that I am having difficulties with my depression. I ask my partners please understand, and to be there when I return so that we can continue. As with before, I will try to let my partners know when this is the issue. I pride myself on being an honest player.

      I will not roleplay with anyone below 21. Even though I am not looking for a sexy RP, there will be language, nudity, and gore. Likely, the roleplay itself will be placed within Libertine to keep the kiddies out.

    A Few of The Possibilities

    Location Ideas
    • The throne room.
    • The Emperial bedroom.
    • A strange fortress in the forest.
    • The middle of the Capital City.
    • A dark, dank dungeon full of danger.

    Arriving Character Ideas
    These are by no means required-- merely ideas. Feel free to deviate.
    • A mercenary.
    • A criminal.
    • A soldier.
    • An everyman.
    • A cop.
    • A historian.
    • A religious nut.
    • A staunch atheist.
    • A spaceman.
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  2. I'm willing to try this.
  3. This looks like a good idea, I'm willing to try this ^-^
  4. Awesome! Do either of you have any ideas about what you want to explore in the world, what kind of character you want to play, and what kind of people you want to meet? Knowing those things, I can work on an awesome plot. =D
  5. I don't have any ideas for what I want to explore but I do have an idea for a character. I don't know much about who I would like to meet.

    Maybe we can discuss about it and we can figure it out.
  6. Sure thing! Could you send me a PM?
  7. I'm looking again. Please PM me if you're interested!
  8. I'm still looking. Please remember to PM me if you're interested!
  9. The search is not over yet!
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