Emperor's Reign: A Candlelight Retribution (Rain of the Night & Arcadia-Sama)

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  1. Please, your Imperial Highness, I di---

    The citizen hadn’t had time to finish what he wanted to say; the axe descended and yet another head rolled onto the ground. Emperor Lavander was quite pleased by the sight of it; a wide smile rested on his lips. Another one of those foolish, weak human beings that tried to talk about the Emperor had been executed to set an example to the citadel. Ruling by fear was the easiest way to go and Lavander proved that he could put his money where his mouth was. Of course, he had a little help from his Jaeger Terminas members whose life he would put in their hands. There was nothing that could be done. He was untouchable, or so he thought anyway.

    Sitting upon his throne, he was discussing with one of the members of court about the uproar of rebels arriving. Unimpressed with the news, the Emperor dismissed him without hesitation after he heard what he wanted. He didn’t want information about the rebels, it wasn’t his problem. The members of Jaeger Termina would probably want to hear the rest. In fact, Sirolos had been present with the other two members, in the back, listening in. Narrowing his eyes as the court members left, he turned to his two comrades with a concerned glare.

    Candlelight. They’re growing stronger by the day and their numbers are going up. Keeping this bastard alive is a hard task.” He said with disdain. Lazerous shrugged, not sure what to think about it. It meant there were a lot of new recruits they could simply slaughter and scare the rest away. The Emperor got up from his throne and went to go see his three assassins, a wicked, amused smile on his face.

    What are the lots of ya still doing here? Get out there and get these… rebels.

    Gerald had to gather the members of Candlelight as fast as possible. Someone had spilled the beans about their presence within the citadel and they needed to act fast. He needed to act before the Jaeger Terminas would fall on them. Hopefully, this meeting would help the newer recruits to the rebellion to stay strong even at the news.
  2. Flicker frowned at the news that Candlelight was stronger every day. That meant he had more and more chance of seeing his despicable twin, Spark. Looking toward Lazerous, he gave an evil smile. "Laz. Let's go hunting." He exclaimed, taking out his blade, Shattered Existence. He was ready to help Emperor Lavander roll some heads. Hopefully he would be able to roll his own brother's head. In due time, of course. He wanted to make his brother suffer for the treachery of becoming a rebel. He wanted to drip him dry of his blood. In due time. In due time.

    As soon as he had heard the news, Spark came running toward Gerald. "Gerald! We have to go! If the Jaegers find us, we're doomed." Spark exclaimed as he though for a moment. Eren would need to hear this. He was probably training. So, off Spark went to fetch him. Surely enough, in he plated and sealed room, Eren was training with his weapon, the flaming Keyblade known as Garudan Glory, said to be birthed from a phoenix feather. "Eren. Gerald wants us. Bring your weapon and alert any others. We have to leave." Not fond of speaking, or in a state of transient concentration, Eren simply nodded and fled, whilst Spark came back to Gerald. "Eren is dealing with the rest of the recruits. They'll be coming shortly."​
  3. Lazerous had return Flicker’s evil smile with one of his own, quite excited at the idea of making a few heads roll. There hadn’t been any kind of action around the citadel lately; just a few Candlelight rookies that had to be disposed of. Now, knowing they had grown in number and power, it would be a much more delightful event when meeting one of them. So, he drew forth both his axes, the Dancing Devils, and was about to follow Flicker right out of the throne room, but stop when Sirolos spoke.

    You two are doing a foolish mistake. Going out there isn’t what you are going to expect.

    Lazerous turned to the oldest member of the Jaeger Termina, scowling at him. “Then why don’t you help us this time, huh? I haven’t seen you do one god damn thing other than being condescending to use! We haven’t even seen the weapons you use! Damn fine mentor you are.” He was clearly irritated by Sirolos’ words. The veteran had yet to really show his true colors, but Lazerous turned away once he saw his eyes… It terrified him. His glare was a scary one. Sirolos looked at the both them a moment, then walked towards them.

    Fine, but if I say we retreat, we retreat.” This actually came to a surprise to Lazerous. He had accepted instead of offering a swift rejection. They would finally see what this man was all about, why the Emperor praised him so much.

    Good Eren…” He looked behind himself, seeing the palace of the Emperor on the other side of the citadel. The monster would die, he would make sure of it… But really, the Emperor wasn’t what he was seriously worried about. There was two things that had to be considered. The first; Sirolos was somewhere with the Emperor. The second, Spark’s brother was also there. Two very dangerous people. He turned back to Eren, speaking in a worried tone. “… If Sirolos shows himself, we get the recruits out of here as fast as possible. And if Flicker shows himself, we stay with Spark.

    With that, Gerald started to march towards the meeting.
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