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  1. The emotions that we all carry have now formed into people. They can have powers weapons, and other things that make them almost supernatural. Only they live in their own realm, they don't live with humans because that can alter the emotions in which they carry in their hearts. Some of these emotions aren't that good, and some are far too good for some. The world where they live is full of many things such as beasts, school, life, and discovering more than one emotion that they posses. Will you be an emotion as well?
  2. This seems cool. I'll join! :D
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  3. Awesome there's one :3
  4. Haha, I was just thinking "I came up with a really cool emotion-based ability, I wonder if anyone made anything that it can fit in". That's actually the reason I'm currently browsing the interest check. Count me up for sure! I'll be taking the emotion of Naive Optimism.
  5. I'm deciding of I want to do one emotion per person or something else.
  6. Ah, ok. Well, I'll still say I'm interested.
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  7. Alrighty that's cool
  8. I'm interested too!
    That sounds like an original idea!
  9. Well it's half original I too an idea of an old rp I did with someone and decided to make it for a group rp.
  10. So I'm considering if the emotions should have some sort of ability
  11. Well, I have an interesting proposition for you. These people live in a realm created from emotions, right? Well, what if, when they experienced particularly strong forms of emotion, it warped reality in a certain way to accommodate that? For example, the character I have in mind is so optimistic that they can actually prevent extremely bad things from happening (although moderately bad things will still happen). They're so good at pretending bad things don't happen that bad things genuinely don't happen near them.

    Anyway, just an idea, and possibly one that could be difficult to implement for more complicated emotions.
  12. I don't know what you mean with you idea it is a little confusing.
  13. Basically, if they believe something enough, it'll become, for the most part, true...? I'm a bit confused as well, but it still seems like an intriguing idea.
  14. More, if they have a strong emotion it will. So someone who was the embodiment of hatred might be able to force something to change to fit their hatred, so say this embodiment of hatred truly believed that every muslim was a terrorist, then every muslim would become a terrorist to suit that hatred. I dunno, I accept that it's quite confusing and very limited, it was just an idea to set the discussion going.
  15. Hmm, maybe, people who possess emotional powers would be able to manipulate elements, which are close to their emotions?
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  16. I'm thinking of creating the thread soon.
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  17. Interesting. I'm not sure I understand the idea completely but I am curious to see where this goes.
  18. Yeah I think I'm considering a certain emotion uses a certain ability.
  19. Like:
  20. Yes like that for instance.
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