Emotions, or Love?

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  1. Is what they are feeling emotion for each other, or something deeper? All you can do is figure out...

    My character:
    Name- Tom Giradin
    Age- 16/Junior
    Sex- Male
    Desctiption- Brown-haired boy with deep green eyes. Thin frame; he doesn't weigh over 130 pounds. He is skinny, but of average strength. 5'8".
  2. Name: Annabelle Smith
    Age: 15, almost 16/ sophomore
    Sex: female
    Description : bright blonde hair with blue eyes. Hair reaches to waist, curly hair Very skinny weighs 100 lbs. She us bery small, 4'9"
  3. Tom was rushing to class. Once again, he had taken too much time studying for AP European History in the library and now he only had five minutes. Not only was he late for being early, he was about to be late for being on time. He was speeding down the hall, clutching his books and pencils in his hands.
  4. Annabelle was new at this school. She walked out of the office. She smiled. She was going to head and find a class. She suddenly fell. She was ran iinto someone. She went to help pick up the books . She hated that she couldn't speak either she had just lost her voice. She looked at the guy. Oh my goodness it was tom an old friend of hefs
  5. Tom was winded from running into her. He moaned and sat up, then felt her hand him his books. He looked up and held back a gasp. It was Annabelle from his old town, his old state. He couldn't believe it. Annabelle, here? He sat up, "H-hi."
  6. Annabelle smiled and mouthed, " Hey." She looked down thinking. She felt bad. She then got a notebook out, I missed you, Tom!!
  7. Tom stared at het, not even believing it, "it is good to see you again, Ana." He blushed.
  8. Anna smiled sweetly, she nodded. She then put the notepad down, looking to the side, she was still sitting there, then she wrote, Well we moved again.... and so I hope this is the last time, I don't want to lose a friend like you. She thought about something, Oh and I lost my voice and I don't know sign language so I am using paper to communicate :P
  9. Tom blinked and walked closer to her, "oh my Ana...I'm So sorry, that isn't fair. I know sign language, remember?" He took her hand, "do you help to class?"
  10. Anna blinked her eyes softly. SHe didn't know what to think. She looked around and smiled, she shrugged. She then got up and nodded. She would like that.
  11. Tom smiled warmly at her, holding her hand gently. He looked at her schedule and beamed, "you have all but one period with me!" He smiled, "come on!" He guided them.to class.
  12. Anna smiled as she giggled. She nodded. She tilted her head. She bit her lower lip. She held onto her stuff.
  13. Tom enjoyed the school; it was just small enough to know people, but not large to cause issues. He sat at a table with Ana, "I can teach you sign language, I mean, if you want..."
  14. Anna looked over at him as he spoke, she smiled and nodded. She bit her lower lip. She then yawned, before holding her stuff.
  15. Tom showed her the basic hello and goodbyes, "...Then move your hand up..." He held her hand and helped her do it.
  16. Anna smiled softly, she let herself be taught this. But don't they have to get to class. She giggled as she failed, but then letting him touch her hand and show her. She smiled sweetly.
  17. Tom pulled her to the side of the hallway, "do you want to go to class or...or do you want to go somewhere?"
  18. Anna bit her lower lip thinking. She was happy. She shrugged and then went to write on her notebook. She wanted to go to classes so she can get the stuff she needs.
  19. Tom shrugged and helped her to class. As before, had all but 3rd together, and 4th is lunch. He sat beside her in class.
  20. At lunch she was looking for Tom, which soon he found. She smiled sweetly. She looked at him and hugged him before heading to a line.
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