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Emotionless (Sci-fi)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nathchi, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. Intro (open)

    The heaven shone with an orange-yellow color that blended with the blue and purple in heaven road, the clouds were pink and its 5 degrees plus, the sun is on its way up out of the earth's edge and the wind started to get stronger. The same night as yesterday, I had heard how they shot wildly and ran after the poor who did not even have the technology to escape from the technological weapons the military had in its possession. But I had it, with the help of some dead soldiers , I had thrown one of their guns and put on my dark clothes to hide them away, I had found my great- grandfather's old gas mask he used for his purposes , but now it’s mine. With my parents dead along with my little sister, I feel I cannot stay, I must go on. Go on to the destroyed world. I had seen against the destroyed TV that crackled small, news. That they had time with the news?! An atomic bomb had been settled in a part of this city. The city that said to be so powerful that will not give up so easily. Now, the Odreans had taken back their revenge, but it does not stop there. With my dirty black military shoes that once was my father who is now on my feet, I'm starting my journey towards eternity and death. I heard people screaming but then become silent, I heard how they ran, there are people there but they do not intend to be left here to live, everyone must die under them. I'll make sure to stop it. In a world like this , there are no feelings left , shows you emotions and you are weak, you show fear, you're doomed to death, show you love then you are human. Showing you happiness then you are crazy and you show courage, you are taken as a loser. No, no one has time for feelings, not even the strongest one.

    Under my mask that I will never intend to take off from my face until it's done or until the day I die... I will never show mercy , show courage , strength or fear. This is a time where the callous, takes power. So I welcome you to your death, to your challenge and to this hour. Neither can be rescued or rescue someone, this is a senseless time we call ”Emotionless”.


    Plot: Emotionless is a virtual game where you require a helmet to play. Nick and (other rp character) is going to try this new game, but... people have warned this game to be buggy, not so good and very scary. Even though Nick and his friend have got their warning they will still play. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, just a game like any other. But the more they play, the worse it gets. Can they make out what is reality and what is a game the more they play?


    Rules: I want someone who is serious about this and can write good so that people can understand you.
    No god-mod and you can swear as much as you want, just don't do it on OOC.
    The emotionless game has its rules just like any other, so don't do anything you want with it. But the more the buggy the game gets, you can do a little changes, just don't overdo them.


    My Character(s):

    Name: Nick (Odean) Hyung Chi

    Age: 17

    Nick (open)

    Personality: Is calm but can be hot-headed at times, is nice to those who are nice to him. Can sometimes say mean things but more as a joke without thinking through it. Likes to eat and play videogames.

    Background: Were born in Korea but then moved to the US where he started his new life with his parents. He got the name Nick since his parents thought it would fit him when they later on would move to the US. Odean is his grand-grandfathers name who lived in the US. His father started to work in US for a company as an IT and his mother works with selling machine-parts such as a screw in different shapes to other companies that needs them. Were lonely most of the times but could handle himself by playing videogames, when he was 16 years old he got his first reality-helmet.


    Name: Rick Newton

    Nickname: Aiden

    Age: 18

    Ryuuk (open)

    Personality: Very smart but doesn't talk much, is a little of an douchebag but is actually very nice to those who he is close to. Don't want to talk much about himself, even though he has a very difficult personality is he still one in the three-gang with Nick and (the other rp:er)

    Background: Born in the US, was very quiet as a child too but worse, now he can talk more and more to people but is still quiet. He loves videogames and have always bought the newest ones when the games comes out. Is actually working with testing videogames for a company one of his childhood friends are in. Can be a douchebag to people he don't like, even to his own parents but he always says (more in a joking way) that it's his way of "showing love".

    Other: How he got his nickname is because Nick gave him that name after a character in a game in a way of making fun of him. But as the time went on, it got more and more as a real nickname and now almost everyone in school and Aiden's friends is calling him Aiden instead of Rick.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.