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  1. You know what I'm talking about; those scenes in your favorite book or movie, written or spoken in such a way that it moves you, whether it uplifts you or brings you to tears. I want to know your favorite emotional scenes! Please post a video or transcript if possible!

    Here's one of mine;

  2. Oh, emotional stuff? Those usually require some context. Let's go broadway for this example, shall we? A classic Phantom of the Opera scene.

    All I Ask Of You

    Dawww, such a sweet scene, isn't it? How Raoul comforts Christine in her time of fear and anguish by professing his love for her?

    Little did they know that they were being watched.

    All I Ask Of You Reprise

    Now that, ladies and gents, is a broken heart. One that knows naught but rage.
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  3. This little scene from Justice League.

    You know what Flash is to the League? He's their little brother. He's the lovable, goofy little kid with a heart of gold. Watching him ask Batman to show up at his museum opening is like watching a little kid go up to his aloof big brother, and asking him to watch his match, even though he knows his big brother's busy.
    And then the big brother agrees to go, and the look of sheer joy on his face is the single greatest thing in the world.

    The cherry on the cake is how he just looks at Orion when he says he won't go, as if he's telling him "Flash is family. You're coming with me whether you like it or not."
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  4. Alright, not sure if something from an anime series counts but here it is.. If you haven't watched Clannad (an anime series) then major spoilers! But here's just one of the scenes that I thought was one of the most emotional ones...
    Show Spoiler
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  5. I chose this scene because not only does the characters in the whole movie give such depth to the story, but this song could really explain what hardship in life is, and how it could be dealt with even though it's hard. It really speaks out to me as something that tells it's watchers that yeah, shit that happens isn't always alright. In fact, it may never be. But you can't keep your head in the past because you'll forget what you have in your life now.

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    And Pikachu's Goodbye
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  7. Nothing made my heart twist into sad knots like The Green Mile. Especially the scene that took us to John Coffey's execution. v__v

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  8. @Fluffy
    Like the drink, only not spelled the same. ;-;
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  9. Doby's death! Of all the people who die in that series, Doby's death strikes me closest to home. Such an innocent, beautiful little life, lost for no reason. I re-watched the scene before posting this, and now I'm tearing up again... :cry:

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  10. Cause_it_made_me_happy.jpg
    "Why, I just have to know Why."
    she asked the cannibal before he smiled, tears swelling in his eyes,"'cause it made me happy".

    o.o this was a Torchwood scene, a spin off show of Dr.who. The villain of this episode was not an alien, was not a strange monster, or anything other-worldly, It was just a family of human beings out in the mountains of bum-F%#-nowhere hacking up and eating other human beings for their own 'happiness'.

    It was a moment of reality that hit me, just how Illusory Safety truly is, and exactly how subjective Happiness is defined from one human being to the next. this one scene Hit me hard and with feels I have no words that would be able to describe why I will never forget it.
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  11. And Becuase it broke my heart

    "What do we say to the god of death?"


    "Not Today"
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  12. Have you guys seen the movie: The Mist

    It's actually a very good horror and if you haven't seen it, please do!
    But the ending I just couldn't stop crying omg.

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  13. @Tiltshift
    A very good movie indeed; I've watched it a dozen times at least!
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  14. @JUDGE It is a great movie, it's just so sad, ugh. I can't bear it. ;-;
  15. I suddenly developed some severe allergies in the eye region during the entire second half of Revenge of the Sith. When I read the novelization, I cried so badly that I couldn't actually see the page anymore.

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!"

    Ah geeze.
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  16. @Tiltshift

    I've read the short story the movie is based on. It's equally sad in that instead the main character killing anyone he forges ahead, and with the help of a faint radio transmission, decides to risk himself, his child, and the remaining survivors in an effort to find safety. The thing is, if I recall correctly, they never say the transmission is one of safety or warning. They just know something is transmitting and are banking on it being what they need.
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  17. Also this is a scene that really got to me. From Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. Flash delivers a letter to Batman from his father, Thomas Wayne, who became an alternate version of Batman when, in his reality, Bruce was shot as a child.

    In case you're wondering some guy in the comments managed to figure out what the letter says, which is just another karate chop in the feels:

    Dear Son,
    Theres only one thing that I know about life.
    I know some things happen by chance.
    We fight for what we lost.
    Love always,
    Your Father
    Thomas Wayne

    In the comics, the letter shakes Batman so thoroughly he falls to his knees and ugly-cries. Pretty nuts.
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  18. The uncut, true ending of Leafie. I had a cruel friend make me watch this movie, and didn't give me any warning that the ending was sad, knowing that I cannot handle all the feels.
    I saw this ending coming a mile away.
    I still bawled my eyes out.

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  19. This scene I think is sad too because after all that he dreamed, he was treated so badly. Yes, it had a happy ending but things like this never leave your memory.

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  20. This scene from AnoHana always makes me cry. It's just such a beautiful and heartbreaking scene. They were finally able to find their childhood friend just to let have to let her go. And it's just HNG! Anime, your destroying my heart!

    Also there is one chapter in the book the fault in our stars, where one of the characters knows s/he is going to die and wants to hear He/rs friends funeral speeches. There's no words to describe how much I feel for that particular scene.
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