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It begins with two people.

Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a long time. They were inseparable, practically had a kinship. They started their lives together as friends at the beginning of preschool, both were very different. Fast forwarding to elementary school - Muse B had begun to grow a strong liking to Muse A. Muse B made sure no one will ever know about his crush on Muse A. Throughout their middle school years Muse B's crush grew into love for Muse A. When Muse B finally musters the courage to confess their feelings to Muse A something tragic happens! Muse A's mother succumbs to the deadly symptoms of cancer and gradually withered - at this time Muse A is heartbroken. During this time, Muse A stayed in the hospital to check up on their mother. Muse B would visit regularly to see Muse A and their mother. One day when Muse A leaves to get their mother something Muse B is left alone. Muse A's mother spares a few words to Muse B realizing they had feelings for their child.

'Oh, (Muse B), I'm glad you're here...'

'I want to thank you for taking care of (Muse A) throughout these years...'

She spoke more, but, stopped for a moment.

'Could you do something for me?'

'I want you to take this and memorize it.'

She handed a folded paper to Muse B.

'Learn how to play this, so whenever (Muse A) is upset, they will always smile...'

Muse A's mother hands Muse B a folded piece of paper. As Muse B unfolds the paper the heart meter begins to rapidly beep. Nurses rushed in pushing away Muse B outside of the room. They could hear the muffled voices of urgency. Shortly Muse A arrived back with a bottle of cold tea. At the sight of the shut doors and muffled sound of urgency, they begin to cry. Muse B tried to comfort them, but they pushed away, wishing to be left alone. After the death of Muse A's mother, they have grown much more depressed than before. Muse A gotten into fights, became more aggressive, cried more, and separated themselves from Muse B. Muse B would be heartbroken everyday Muse A neglects them, however, they begin to work harder to learn how to play the melody for Muse A's sake. Muse B would constantly practice, eventually becoming a better pianist. Throughout the rest of Muse B's middle school years, their skill had excelled. By the time Muse B was able to play the melody with no faults, they run to Muse A's house with the paper in their pocket. They were excited to play the piece for Muse A. When they reached Muse A's house it was empty - it was abandoned as if no one lived in that house. Muse B was confused and began to ask around town; a few said they didn't know and the rest said they moved due to the memories the town kept.

With that our story begins.

Muse B becomes a famous composer and is well-known throughout the world. Muse A is currently a simple high school student who had shed themselves from the past. How these to reconnect is through a large add in the streets. One day Muse A was walking alongside their friends and stopped to see an unfamiliar man playing a familiar melody. It brought them back to their childhood when their mother played them this melody whenever a tear rolled down their cheek. Muse A decides to return back to the town to visit Muse B. When the summertime rolled around Muse A left in the earliest bus back to their hometown.

And the rest seems to explain itself.

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I love this...! ;^; Its so beautiful.

Thomaz M.

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Everything in this is masterful, I'd be totally down for it, if you haven't filled the position yet. ~