Emotional FxF Roleplay [M looking for A]

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I'm not quite sure, why I post this one here, but I'm looking to play an FxF roleplay about a depressed, even suicidal girl. She's lways alone and barely talks to anyone around her. Just that one time, when another girl asked her for help with her studying for an upcoming exam. The thing she didn't know was, that this girl had a crsuh on her and so on and so on.

Some details about me and the roleplay:
-I'm from germany, so don't hate me if I make a few mistakes. Also mind the timedifference.
-Answers can be 2-3 paragraphs or maybe more, depending on how long I take to answer, but I try to write a post at least every 2 days.
-Any preferances and changes can be discussed.
-I don't care if my partner is male or female. (Yes I am male)
-I try to be as enthusiastic as possible and make this roleplay exciting and would love to see the same from you.
-Writing in a thread gives me a little more motivation.

And here is the beginning of the RP I wrote, feel free to check it out. :)

A long day at university had passed and Amelie started making her way home through the rain. She forgot to bring an umbrella but she didn't really care about the rain anyways. Her way home led her over the Luana-river that parted the city and was crossed by many bridges. The one Amelie took was an old massive one, build of bricks and steel. After a few steps she came to a halt. There was a strange, unsettling atmosphere in the air, or was it just her? Her hair was already soaked by the rain and the dim light of the setting sun was casting long shadows on the water.

'What if I just jumped and end this life now and forever?' Amelie thought to herself, or to the girl she had become after her mother had died. She dropped her bag and put both of her hands on the balustrade, followed by her right foot. 'Just fall down and drown or freeze to death. It can't be so much worse than living like this.' With both feet on the balustrade she stood up and looked down into the dark water. Then she looked alog both sides of the bridge. Not a single person was around, probably because of the bad weather. Amelie stood like this for a while, thinking about the past and the good times she has had with her mother before they diagnosed the untreatable disease that eventually cost her her life. Tears began running down Amelies cheeks as she remembered the last words of her mother. 'She wouldn't want this. I can't do this to her.' Amelie climbed off the balustrade and sank down to the ground, crying in the rain. 'Why does life have to be so hard?'

There were actually people who were jealous of Amelie because she had her own apartement in the city and enough money to pay for her college and an average life. But the things that have happened to her made her unable to enjoy any of those things. She barely had any contact with other people, no friends and no real relationship to the rest of her family. Her father had left them when Amelie was only 4 years old and her uncle just helped her getting the financial things figured out. Back in time she has had a few friends but the person she was closest to was her mother. There was nothing she couldn't tell her and she always understood Amelie. Now she was all alone with nobody to talk to about her feeling and her problems.

Almost one year had passed since Amelies mother had died and her depressions were not getting any better. The fact that her birthday was coming closer and closer didn't help her getting any better either. It was the day after her birthday, when her mom had collapsed the first time and at the hospital they told her, that she only had a few months to live. It was a shock for Amelie. She couldn't think of a life without her mother. But now she was living that life and without anyone to console her and cheer her up - who knows for how long she will be able to endure this.

For over ten minutes Amelie just sat on the bridge and cried on her own. Then she wiped the tears out of her eyes and made her way home to her apartement. She opened the door and threw her bag into a corner, took off her clothes and just dropped on her bed. Out of the window she had a view on the big Ferris wheel of the town. It reminded Amelie of all the fun she used to have back then, but she couldn't feel anything else than sadness anymore. She closed her eyes and fell asleep to the sounds of raindrops drumming against the glass of her windows and dreamed about falling from that bridge. Drowning in the cold water of Luana-River. Dying. Salvation.

The rest of the week, Amelie didn't go to university. She just spent the days in her apartement, trying not to think about the past. Nobody seemed to care about her. No phonecalls or any other signs of people that wanted to talk to her. 'Nobody would miss me if I was gone. Maybe the best choice would be to just go... forever.' But right in that moment the phone rang. Amelie knew what number this was. It was that one girl from her class she had helped with studying last week. Ene though the girl just had two questions Amelie had givern her her number if she wanted to ask anymore questions. Instead of taking a knife from her little kitchen she picked up the phone. "Umm, Hello. Who's there?" Amelie said, trying to hide her sadness and the fact that she was crying.
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