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  1. I just spent a week on tour with 26 people, one of which I have feelings for. However I've been told by many people who know him better than I do, that he only usually dates hard-core Christian girls, which I am not.

    I'm frustrated because this is the first guy I've even been able to look at since my last break up but I know that the chances of him and I getting together are minuscule, let alone actually lasting.

    Should I just confess my feelings for him in an attempt to get it off my chest, or just try to pretend that they don't even exist?
  2. I would at least confess to him if you feel like those feelings won't go away, or if you can't bear not knowing what would have been. If it does get serious (i.e. you two get together) I would suggest talking to him about both of your religious views. It can make or break a relationship so be sure to communicate.
  3. I am in a similar situation except, it is in reverse. I am super thankful that he decided to tell me his feelings because it has made me face many different things. It made me think about what about believe, my feelings, really think about the future and how what I'm doing impacts him. I'm not gonna lie... it is really frustrating, and there are hard times, but you can't be afraid to face them. Keeping communication open and really explaining out your feelings to each other is important. You can't just hold them in because it isn't good for you, and he isn't a mind reader. He had to tell me that last bit about being a mind reader >.< It came up in one of our feelings talks.

    My suggestion is, tell him how you feel! :D You don't have to jump into a relationship, you know? Take baby steps, cross bridges when you get to them. Don't stress about it because it just makes an already somewhat complicated situation that much harder, but I wouldn't change it <3