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Emoticon Search Tool

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Iwaku has a ton of emotes to choose from for one's post.

    However, there's so many that when you click on the button to show them all it takes forever to find one you like. Because they're unnamed, unorganized etc.

    So basically my suggestion is to create some tool or database to collect and organize these so it's easier to retrieve them.

    This could be in categories such as "Happy", "Sad", "Animals" etc.

    It could in a sense "Google" the emote you want exactly.

    Something that would make finding and retrieving a specific emote easier and faster.
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  2. Huh, thanks. :P

    Would it be possible to have the smilely face that leads to the unorganized list instead then open a new tab to this page?
    That would make accessing it easier and more seamless with post making.

    *Now goes off to create a personal list of favourite emotes*
  3. The difference is, you can't click on that page and have the smiley appear in your post. You have to type it in using the :(smiley name here): bb code. Which may or may not be an issue. I don't know how many people actually use the list. I mostly just memorize the ones I like and type them out manually. :bsmile:

    Either way, it is pretty easy to get to. Just over over the help tab at the very top of the page (or tap it once if you are on your phone), and smilies is the first option.
  4. Personally for me copying and pasting the code instead of just clicking is less of a hassle than needing to manually go open another page.
    But yea, it's easy either way. :P
    It's just a small suggestion for a small change.
    I'm happy enough as it is just having found the list.
  5. Glad I could be of some assistance.
  6. This is not a feature we feel is important enough to add. o.o Smilies are a silly fun thing, but unimportant. They dun need to be made any more accessible than they already are.
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