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    Name: Jaxon Willow
    Age: 17
    Personality: quiet, loyal, honest, hyper when in a good mood
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    Name: Auden Trist.
    Age: 17
    Personality: Sweet and witty, sarcastic and funny.
  3. [Okie so lets say this is about the middle of the year :3 ]

    Jaxon got up early that morning, he couldn't go back to sleep after waking up at 5:30 for some reason. He got ready for school fairly quick, and made breakfast for his father before he woke up.

    No, he didn't do it just to do it, he didn't exactly have a choice. He father was a drunk, and abuser. "Your breakfast is ready" he said as his dad walked out of his room and to the table grumpily. Luckily in the mornings his dad wasn't awake enough to do anything to him, usually.

    He started walking to school like always. All the other kids would drive by and make fun of him, not too many walked to school now that they could drive. He wasn't allowed a car though. Despite all the sh**, he felt weirdly excited for the day.
  4. Auden woke up with twenty minutes until class.
    She took her shower and did her hair and makeup, then chose her outfit.
    She drove by Starbucks and ordered a coffee and a muffin for breakfast.

    Today was her first day at the new school, and she was nervous to say the least.
    When she parked her car, and locked it, she got out and went inside, looking for her first class.
    "Emo!" Someone called out, as she walked to her class.
    Ignoring them, she found her class and sat down in a back seat.
  5. When Jaxon arrived at school, he headed straight to his class. He didn't mingle in the halls with others, meet up with friends, or do anything extra.

    He didn't have a friend group, there were no others like him. He was the only 'emo' in the school. Sure, there were goths and all but the attempts never worked out.

    He walked into the classroom ignoring the whispers and things yelled at him like always. They seemed to like to mess with him, even though he didn't respond much.

    He saw a girl in the back of the room, a new, rather pretty girl. And she was in his seat. Nobody sat in the row except him. He sat down in the seat next to her though quietly. Maybe he'd have a friend finally..
  6. Auden smiled at the boy who sat next to her.
    He was cute.

    "Oh, I love your scarf." She said, grinning at him.
    "And your jeans."
    She sighed and continued doodling, then looked back over at him.
    "Do you shop at Hot Topic?" She asked.
  7. Jaxon looks up from his sketchbook and smiled at her. Not many actually talked to him, and she seemed nice. "Thank you; and yeah actually" he said. "Do you?"
  8. Auden nodded.
    "It's my favorite store."
  9. "Cool" he nodded. "My name's Jaxon, you can call me Jax though." He said right as the bell rang and teacher came into the class.
  10. Auden smiled.
    "I'm Auden." She said, holding her hand out.
  11. Jaxon reached his hand out to shake hers before class started.

    -fast forward to the end of class-
    The lesson was done for the day and the class was given a little 'free time' to talk or draw or do whatever.