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  1. Story Overview (open)

    16 year old Emi Suzuki has always felt alone in the world with her secret. That secret being her telekinetic powers she's had since birth. However, Emi isn't one to accept defeat. What's her solution? Start up a club at her school for all the other supernatural students! Knowing the variety of others at her school, she knows there must be some others out there just like her...right? Well whether or not they want to show themselves, Emi's going to make it her goal to find others just like her!


    • All Iwakuroleplay rules apply
    • Stay as active as you can. If you're going to be gone for a period of time please notify the group.
    • No fighting ooc
    • Try to keep a variety of characters. I don't want a bunch of people with similar species/abilities. Be creative with what your character is or what they can do.
    • Each post should be around a paragraph long.

    Character Sheet:

    (Appearance here. Preferably anime/cartoon styled art)




    Species: (Human, Vampire, etc.)

    Powers/abilities: (Maximum of 5)

    Personality: (Brief descriptions are perfectly fine)

  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Karasuma-Fox Alice

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human with magic capabilities (Witch)

    Origin: Japanese mother, English father. Lived in Japan since eight years old.

    Height and body type: 140cm, petite and dainty

    Powers/abilities: Alice can access various forms via the mythos crystals that can be placed on the easily-materialised golden gauntlet on her arm. This is a kind of magic that was taught by her mentor, Stilton. For each state, her physical prowess and senses are enhanced in one way or another, since she has transformed into a supernatural being. For this RP, she can use three at first, while taking one form at a time:
    Valravn (open)

    Valravn, an odd medieval knight with crow-talon-like arms and wolf feet, as well as traits of both wolves and crows, such as a lupine tail and crow wings. Appears to be pretty bloodthirsty in nature and stands at a whopping 2.5 metres. Its helmet is that of a crow's head. Adept in swordplay and flight. This form comes with an extra European longsword. How cool is that?
    Kitsune Reynard (open)

    Kitsune Reynard, an odd amalgamation of a french folklore fox and a Japanese Kitsune, created through unknown means, who is about the same size and has the same figure as Alice, and practically looks like her with the only difference being the fox tail and fox ears, as well as the different eye colour. It is likely that it was amalgamated from more than just those two, and more likely a mixture of various mythical foxes, dominantly Asian. This little rascal tends to hover and jump about, and is difficult to catch, mischievious in nature. Filled with trickery, and is unpredictable. The power of lightning and flames is imbued into this form.
    Lilith (open)

    Lilith, a succubus-based form with the ability to drain life and charm people. She seems to be a little flirty in this form, and is about 1.85 metres tall with a wingspan of 3 metres. She resembles an older version of Alice. Lilith's sharp, retractable claws are on par with Valravn's sword. While this form can fly, this magician's apprentice does not seem to be capable of controlling this form's flight. She has... other abilities that will not be shown due to the rating of this Roleplay.

    Her forms may change her personality to some extent. At her current level, she cannot remain in a form for too long, or else she will go haywire or even worse - the beast will take over her. This has happened before to Mythos Crystals she had previously lost prior to the RP.

    Additionally, she can use similiar, empty mythos crystals to seal demonic entities, and to a lesser extent, other supernaturals. Works best when said entities are near death or very weak. Will not work when said entities are healthy and fine. This ability is not neccesarily used on enemies, but on dying friends to be preserved.

    Personality: Alice is a very shy individual who always hides under her witch hat. She is kind of introverted and cowardly, refusing to use her capabilities unless most required. She will run away from a situation instead of tackling it if given the choice. She doesn't appear to trust people very easily. She really wants to open up and make friends, but doesn't show it.

    Bio: Alice's family consists of her magic bloodline father, Karasuma Kosuke, and her regular human mother, Anastasia Fox. Alice wondered if she could be as powerful a mage as her father, who seemed to specialise in some sort of odd transformation magic, later discovering it was performed via 'Mythos Crystals'. Alice asked her father if she could one day hope to learn it, which lead him to leading her to his former mentor...
    Alice trained as a Mythos Crystal Magician, as the Apprentice of a powerful Magician named Stilton. This magic can be summed up very easily - creature sealing, then transforming into the beast within. It may sound simple, but it definitely isn't all that. She trained well under him, and while not a master yet, she definitely did great. As he was more of a jack of all trades, he believed that she could learn more from herself than him.
    Stilton has now given her a task - the task of entering Suzuki Emi's odd club, to perform the one thing he believes magicians were built to do - protect it from possible harm, inside and outside - as well as to learn a little more about herself and improve herself as a person, as well as many other things he believes that magic cannot truly achieve
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  3. Well, I'm all done. I'll insert her transformation pictures later.
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  4. tumblr_mbwxcoYhjT1qbeqcyo1_500.jpg

    Extra Appearance: Bright natural red hair, tattoo of Salamander on right arm, red eyes

    Name: Ross Valentine

    Age: 17

    Height and body type: 6"/182~cm

    Grade: Junior

    Gender: Male

    Species: Elemental, Human Form

    - Fire Creation
    - Fire Manipulation

    - Fire Resistance
    - Transformation: Salamander
    - Transformation: Fire Elemental

    Personality: Ross is chill with most things, usually full of puns and or jokes. But if you flare him up, he has a fiery attitude and will not back down from a fight. In other words, he is laid back but can be dangerous if you piss him off.

    Ross was just a normal boy in a small time town, were everyone knew everyone and news spread fast. At the age of six, his mother left to the store to pick up food for the week. Unknowingly leaving the stove on, burned down the house only leaving a smoldering wreck. No body was found of Ross, leaving his mother in shambles and needing to be put into a mental institute. But enough about her, back to Ross.
    Ross awoke, not within his house or in the burning wreck of it, but found in a desert. A salamander slithered up to Ross as he watched the creature turn into a burning woman. The woman asked him to be her servant, Ross agreeing was reborn as a new found teen inside of a orphanage with his powers of fire. The boy looked as he was a normal human being, with a tattoo of a salamander on his right arm and bright red hair.

    TL;DR : Ross died in house fire, reborn as fire elemental.

    Fire Elemental Transformation Explained

    Ross bursts into flames, with seemingly no reason, then a burst of ash and a gust of wind flows through the area as a flaming body stands before his target. He can only retain this form for minimal time, for as he needs help from his god.
    (Ross just turns into a fire monster and grows like 2x his size.)

    Ross has a un-natural warm aura around him, making others feel warmer when near him.
    Tattoo glows occasionally
    Ross has sharp, fang like teeth
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  5. [​IMG]

    Kara Vidler

    16 (turned recently)



    1. Night vision.​
    2. Faster than average movement.​
    3. Doesn't die in direct sunlight but sunburns very easily, which has to heal at an average human's pace. She also doesn't tan at all.​
    4. Above average hearing.​
    Overall, the regular abilities of vampires.

    Childish. A good liar and prankster you can never take what Kara says seriously. Even if it is the truth. Kara is often in fights when someone doesn't believe her over something she said. This year she has been in three already, since she told three people that over summer she was turned into a vampire.
    She's constantly on edge due to lack of blood and the paranoia is starting to show in class. Kara as of right now is significantly weaker due to not knowing how to get blood safely.

    Kara was your average student with the urge to prank people before the summer hit. The last week of summer, Kara stayed out until dark with friends. However, when she started to head back home she was ambushed by muggers. Kara tried to fight back but was quickly overwhelmed and it looked like the end for her. That was when a vampire came swooping in to the rescue and drained the muggers. When the muggers were dead, he saw Kara and made the decision to turn her in order to save her life. However, the police showed up shortly after he turned her, thus separating her from him.
    Kara doesn't know who sired her and likely never will. As the school year progressed she began to piece together what happened to her, and the result was terrifying. That was when she discovered Emi's group for the abnormal. She hopes that there will be at least another vampire there to help her curb her cravings and hunger, or maybe help her understand her new situation.​
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  6. I did it! Hope you all do not mind puns.

  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Will Tor

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Werewolf

    Powers/abilities: Speed, strength, healing ability, ability to shift into a wolf at anytime, super hearing

    Personality: Will is the most sarcastic guy in school. He's also very hard to keep the attention of. His ADHD is to blame for that. He gets distracted easily, unless he is in his wolf form. It's almost like a complete switch of the mind. He is more serious and down to earth in his wolf form. He is very nice and very fun to be around, and can make the mood of the room switch in a just a few seconds of being there.

    Bio: Will grew up in a pack that lives on the outskirts of the town. He is the youngest of his siblings, and finds himself having more challenges than anyone else in the family. His father pushes him very hard to get over his ADHD and to focus on the rules of the pack for he might be able to lead a pack himself. He doesn't see himself doing that any time soon, but his parents think he should start acting like it anyways. He has four older brothers and one older sister. He tries very hard to keep up with his family, but he often loses his way and gets distracted heavily. Even in school he is having hard time. He feels alone sometimes when he is in school but he feels that there are not many others like him. ​
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  8. ...
    I have a vampire.
  9. Perfect ;)
  10. Appearance:

    Name: Nils Maupin

    Age: real age is 137 years old. He looks like an 18 or 19 year old.

    Gender: male

    Species: Ghoul (undead)

    Above average strength
    Can manipulate his body in ways impossible to humans (detach head, break his own arm, etc).
    Can regenerate from practically any wound given he has enough matter digested.
    Is able to eat and digest any sort of living matter.

    To those who have met Nils, they would describe him as a slacker that can make Koalas look energetic. Nils hates doing anything that requires more than minimal effort, whether it be school, work, or sports. Nils prefers to spend most of his time sleeping, eating, playing guitar, or reading. The only exception is if he uses up all his energy from healing himself. If this happens Nils reverts back into a feral state, where his mind becomes focused on only eating the closest living being.

    Nils was raised from the dead back in the late 1800's by a novice necromancer. Unfortunately the necromancer forgot about the ghoul's appetite and was devoured by Nils shortly after the ceremony. With no memories of his past life, Nils wandered America and learned many things along the way. After a century of lonesome traveling Nils decided to settle down and try to live a normal life. Unbeknownst to many Nils is actually very wealthy, being that he invested early in several companies that became the giants of their markets, (Microsoft, Facebook, etc). This has allowed Nils to live in comfort and not worry about getting a job that would require any actual effort. While Nils never attended school before now he is knowledgeable about many obscure things that he learned over his lifespan. So far Nils has somewhat enjoyed high school life but nothing really caught his attention. That is until he heard of the Supernatural Club. Curious and wanting to meet fellow supernatural beings, Nils has decided to check and see if it is worth his time.
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Ainsley Gardner
      Age: 18-19
      Gender: Female
      Species: Human?
      Powers/Abilities: Astral Perception and communication​

    • Personality:

      It’s rare to find Ainsley unaccompanied, she prefers crowds, especially when their attention is focused on her. She can come across insensitive at times by calling attention to changes in other people. This often happens because she has a tendency to take action before thinking things through. Sadly, she isn’t the type to dwell on mistakes, so these occurrences have a habit of repeating themselves. On the bright side, her progressive outlook on life assures a confident disposition that isn’t hindered by negative comments. Surprisingly, she takes critiques well.

    • Bio:

      Ainsley comes from two long lines of dimensional hoppers. In his youth, her father served as a medium between humans and supernatural beings. Both of her parents possess the ability to see creatures from different planes of existence and can communicate with them. This ability allows her to understand all earthly dialects. Growing up, people viewed her as an eccentric and somewhat loopy individual. Ainsley attributes this to an instance where one of her classmates witnessed her conversing with a bee. Nowadays, she attends a local college, and tutors students in foreign language courses at Emi’s school. After hearing about the supernatural club, she decided to check on its validity.
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  11. Say, are multiple characters allowed? I'm currently deciding from a variety of mythological basis for said character.

    Well, character interaction will be fun. It will be very, very fun.
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  12. Ooh.

    This looks like fun.

    I'll get me up a CS soon~
  13. Ok my CS is finished. Also when is the estimated start date of this RP?
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Morgana Lilet

    Age: 143
    Appears no older than a highshooler, however.

    Gender: Female

    Species: Demon, Princess of Blades
    Demon Form (open)


    - She can summon any number her blades from where ever she is. It is limited to her rather vast collection of blades. However currently she had most of them taken by her father and has been left with just twenty.
    (The more she attempts to summon at once, the harder it is to summon the next)

    - Can control her blades through telekenetic means.
    (The more she attempts to control at once, the harder it is to control them)
    - Inhuman speed
    - Inhuman agility

    She avoids anything of the 'holy' nature
    Despite being a 'demon' her physical abilities are not too spectacular. In fact, she's comparable to a human in terms of physical strength/stamina, much to her dismay. Using larger demonic blades is fairly impossible for her to use.

    Personality: Morgana is easily annoyed by humans, and quick to antagonize or hate them. That said, she doesn't actually get into physical fights a whole lot. She tries to remain friendly, despite her ability to get annoyed at even the smallest thing. She still thinks she's better than humans though, and carries an air of superiority about her.

    Basically, she's a spoiled brat.

    She has a fondness for spicy things, playing the violin, and anything sharp and pointy.

    A demon through and through, she's from the world of hell. Her father was the 'King of Blades', a fairly high ranking demon with the ability to summon countless blades to destroy his opponents. It was a fearsome ability, and one he lamented passing on to his daughter.

    Who is a spoiled brat.

    After doing nothing but living in her fathers care for most of her life and doing nothing but instigating trouble, looking down on humans, and pretty much being a not so nice person, he had enough. He demanded she attend human schooling. He kicked her out of his house, sealing most of her sword collection and her more powerful abilities. She would be allowed back under the condition she learned that just because she was a demon, did not mean she had to be a blood-thirsty monster. Learn not to be a selfish person who cared only for herself or desires, and make a friend and not a 'servant'

    He warned that if she tried anything, such as harming humans even in self defense, he would have her permanently banished from hell, and if he had to, seal her away.

    She just learned of this 'supernatural' club. She joined, only to find someone who can undo the sealing spell her father put on her, so she can return to hell, and kill him herself.


    Haha. Sorry if that took awhile. Finding a decent set of pictures...I swear.​
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  15. Every sheet so far is accepted~
  16. I can't wait to see this started! I am very unnaturally excited for it.
  17. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Name: Kisaragi Teru & Saturn

    Age: 16(Teru), Pretty Ancient(Saturn)

    Gender: Male(Teru), Female(Saturn)

    Species: Human(Teru), Fallen Deity(Saturn)

    Origin: Regular Japanese teenager(Teru), Former king of Mt. Othrys(Saturn)

    Powers/abilities: Teru is skilled in Taekwondo, which he tends to use in succession with Saturn's attacks. While not exactly a power or ability, he is the only one who can truly keep Saturn calm, which is why the two are rarely seen without each other. He shows signs of being capable of using Saturn's power to some extent, although for now, this is limited to slightly increased physical prowess
    Saturn, as a fallen deity, has great physical prowess despite her tiny size. She has a pocketwatch around her neck, which is capable of slowing down time of an area or individual by 8 times, for ten seconds, making this time feel like 80 seconds. She is skilled in the usage of her Adamant gunscythe Harpe, and by swinging it fast enough, it can create sonicbooms. Her scarf can unfold into wings, but for now, they can only glide.
    She can enter a Berserk, angered State, dubbed 'Cronus', where she gains the additional ability to fly, whenever an inner personality attempts to break out.
    Harpe is secretly a key to Tartarus, but where is the gate?

    Personality: Teru is your average level-headed man with common sense. He tries not to drag himself deeper into potential disaster, and he is shown to be the straight man in arguments. He cares a lot about Saturn, and is rather protective of her.
    Saturn is an anmesiac young girl, and acts like the child she resembles despite being a lot, a lot older than a High School Student. She is most curious and clueless about many things, and is often depicted as half-asleep. She loves company and the very thing she hates is the exact opposite of that.
    When Saturn unleashes her inner personality, all she wants is 'vengeance' against these 'Zeus and the Olympians' guys, whoever those are. She will then act violently, in a berserk manner. She also talks about 'freeing' her 'brethren'.

    Bio: A long, long time ago, the ancient Titans ruled over the Golden Age of Greco-Roman Deities. However, the King Cronus heard a prophecy - a prophecy that his children would one day overthrow him. With that, every time his wife, Rhea, bore a child, he would swallow the little one whole. When they got to the sixth, Zeus, he was replaced by a rock instead and sent to another caretaker.
    Once Zeus had matured, he caused his father to puke his siblings out, rounding them up and initiating the Titanomachy. It was a grand battle, but evantually, the Olympians, as Zeus had referred to as his siblings and him, were victorious as the Titans were banished to Tartarus, with Cronus being placed in a special, seperate prison. Cronus sought revenge, and swore to free his brethren.
    When he finally did so many eons later, an odd spell caused something to happen to him. It started off with him losing his memories...


    Kisaragi Teru was an ordinary young man, nothing extraordinary, yet. Like the others in this tale, lady luck eventually responded to his calls and changed his life forever. Well, not that drastically, for now. But it's probably forever, one way or another.

    It all started off when Teru was walking around one night when he saw a doll-like maiden descend like a feather from the heavens. He caught the maiden with his hands, and the words she spoke were:

    'My name... is Saturn...'

    From that day, things happened and the two started living together, and attending the same classes. Teru wished to help the mysterious young maiden find her lost memories. A couple weeks after living together, Teru then found something odd yet intriguing that might just help him find out more about this mysterious lady. It was not a thing, it was a coagulation of many entities. A club, to be exact.

    Other: I put them together in one app as one single character, mainly because Saturn needed a human caretaker to accompany her, like a child requires adult supervision. Plus they're close to inseperable, moreso than a Master-familiar relationship. Plus, Teru is just a regular human.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Name Joseph Constantine
    Age 17
    Sex: male
    Race: reaper
    Origin: L.A, California
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Personality: There are times that Joseph comes off as uncaring and a bit of a smartass. Though it's mostly due to the occupation he has. Though for those that know him there are times that he will show what appears to be compassion, though he may try to deny it.

    Background: Joseph was once just a normal high school student. He had hopes and dreams about his future. He thought that he was invincible and that he could take on the world. Though he found out how horribly wrong he was.

    One day he was in a convenience store buying some snacks when someone held up the store and shot him dead. When he arrived to the other side he was scared and wanted to go back. That's when he made a deal with death. He was to become a reaper. His job was to guide souls to the afterlife to be processed and to sort them out. He was also given the job of making sure no dangerous demons caused massive harm to humans. if they did it was Josephs job to send them back. he has been given a set of powers and a sythe that is concealed in the form of a pen.

    He was given super strength, enhanced speed, and the ability to glide. He is allowed to bring people back to life if he is fast enough. He also can possess people if he can concentrate.
  19. i'll reserve two characters, male and female.