Emi's Super Club for the Abnormal

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  1. Today was the day. Emi had another look at one of the many posters she had put up across the school a week ago. She was proud of the brightly colored poster with strange designs all around it and it's bold, all capital letters.

    Today was the day of the first official meeting of Emi's Super Club for the Abnormal.

    The bell for the end of school rang just moments before she found the poster. And now that she finally had the image of her wonderful advertisement in her mind, it was time for her to go set up the club's meeting room, which was really just her English teacher's classroom. Emi rushed down the second floor hallway and stopped herself right in front of his classroom. She opened the door and had a quick look around. There didn't appear to be anyone else in there yet, exactly how she wanted it to be. Just to be sure, Emi had one last look around before beginning her organizing.

    With no one to be found still, Emi began. The streaks in her hair began to glow. Once she lifted her right arm, the telekinetic powers were activated. She focused in on a group of desks in front of her first. She began to lift them, one by one up into the air and setting them down near the front of the room. Once she finished moving each one, the result was a neat little group of desks for each member of the club to sit at. Emi grinned and ran over to sit at the desk at the end of the group. This one was made for her, the leader of the club. Now all she had to do was wait for the other members to show up...
  2. e v e
    There was a weird tingling sensation shooting through her arms and legs. Goosebumps rose on them. Her nerves were all on edge, and it felt .. well, not very good. She felt her legs trembling, subtly as to not draw unwanted attention - which was basically any attention. She kept tugging at her skirt and pulling up her knee-high socks, and she didn't dare allow her eyes to meet with anyone else.

    What was the cause of this mess? Well, today was the first day of the club known as Emi's Super Club for the Abnormal. A long name, yes, but it seemed to be made with great excitement behind it. She saw the club among the other odd groups around the school, and it struck her as appropriate for a shy little thing like herself. Abnormal could also include being a therianthrope, but she highly, highly doubted that it'd have anything to do with that kind of abnormal. Nobody believed in that stuff. They'd probably send her off to some government testing site if they learned about her.

    With a shaky inhale and exhale, the girl turned a corner into a corridor of the 200 doors. The club was said to be held in room 203, Miss Sephine's classroom. The girl spotted the numbers next to the door and closed her eyes, coming to a halt a couple of feet away from it.

    You can do this. Don't worry, it's for weird people and you'll be fine.

    Opening her amber eyes, the small girl approached the door and placed her dainty hand on the door knob. Pushing it down with a click, her thoughts whispered to her, No going back now, and she slowly pushed open the door. The hinges creaked noisily - making her want to bolt away. Make a scene, why don't you?

    Swallowing, she looked inside to only see one girl there. The desks were arranged nicely and neatly .. which seemed very odd, since the bell only just rang a couple of minutes ago. She didn't really look like a weight-lifting champ either. Dismissing the odd detail, she stepped inside and made a cautious approach to the table, as a prey animal approaches a trap.

    " .. Uhm - " she looked from the neat desks to the girl, asking in her quiet voice, " .. is .. is this the club for the abnormal, or do I have the wrong classroom?" Her legs had calmed their shaking a bit, as she hoped to get a positive response from the girl about her location.
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  3. A boy walked into the room carrying a decidedly unmanly pocket mirror. "Just leave me on one of the desks. I'll call for a ride home when we're done," came a voice from inside the mirror. The boy did as he was told and left, meaning Midori was free to poke her head out.

    Midori had ironically never been able to look at herself when she came out of her mirror, but some of her friends had told her it looked like a no-budget knockoff of that scene from The Ring when the girl comes out of the TV. Or was that The Grudge? She always got those movies mixed up. Either way, it started with her hand coming out and grabbing the edge of the mirror, using it as leverage to push herself up and out. Or at least, as far up and out as her curse would allow her to go.

    Midori smiled at Emi. "Looks like I was the first one to get here. Hope some other people show up."
  4. Morgana gave a bored sigh as she walked down the schools hallways. How long had she been forced to go to this...damnable school? Way too long in her opinion. She should be back in her fathers home, being waited on hand and foot. Her boredom quickly turned to annoyance as she walked, her pace quickening as she silently walked through the emptying hallways. Most people ignored her, though some shot a few glances her way, causing her to smirk a bit. She had a reputation as a bit of a...well, not troublemaker really. Just as someone who didn't really think much of others. She was sort of that popular girl that everyone liked, but no one wanted to approach because of her semi-bad attitude.

    That didn't bother her in the slightest, at least. She preferred things being that way. She had no intention of getting close to any of these despicable humans. She believed, while it was true she wasn't the nicest of people, she most certainly wasn't the meanest. She simply stated what she thought was true.

    And in her mind, she was better than all of these people, and she let them know it if they ever tried to be friendly with her.

    Still, being constantly...unfriendly with people wasn't going to solve her predicament of currently being trapped in this human body that her father put her in. She needed to find a mage...someone who would be willing to help her for a bit of...compensation. That's how a demon did things, anyways. Deals with people in return for something. Unfortunately, her luck with finding mages had so far been null.

    That was, until she saw a poster on the school walls a few weeks ago. Something about a 'club for the abnormal'. What a stupid name. At least try to come up with something creative. In any case, she was desperate. She needed this seal undone, and she needed it undone ages ago. It was probably just some stupid club full of people thinking they had some weird ability, and no one with any actual abilities. But there was a small chance it wasn't, and that was a chance she was going to take.

    It didn't take her munch longer to reach the classroom. It seems she was the second one there. A timid looking girl was standing in the classroom, and a mirror was sitting on a desk. Well, aside from the person who was obviously Emi - the one who made the club, there didn't seem to be any people she should try to be particularly friendly with.

    She sighed, taking an empty seat in a desk, folding her arms against her chest somewhat impatiently. "This is the club for the abnormal, right?" She asked.
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  5. "This is it..."

    A young magician, Karasuma-Fox Alice, found the room she was looking for. This was her task. The task to prove herself worthy. The task given to her by her mentor. She hid underneath her hat, before following the lower-twintailed maiden(Eve) in front of her. Said maiden had a certain aura to her.

    Yup, this was it, this was definitely it.

    She followed behind the maiden. "Uh- umm... I believe this room is the correct room..."


    "So, you had that dream again, huh Saturn?

    "Mmmhmmm... really... odd..."

    The duo of a rather average-height teenage boy and a very petite blonde madamoiselle, the latter resting on the back of the former, were walking along the corridors. These two, these two were Kisaragi Teru and Saturn, just Saturn. No last name, no initials, just Saturn.

    They encountered the entrance to the room they attempted to find, seeing a petite, twintailed maiden, and an even more petite, pink-haired madamoiselle.

    "Confidence, ladies. You'll need it," he smiles at them as he walks in, revealing two sheets of paper in both palms. "Here are the sign-ups. My name is Kisaragi Teru. And she over here..."

    The half-asleep little lady on his back spoke, almost dozing off. "Saturn..."

    One could feel a divine aura emitting from Saturn.

    With that, he took a seat, while Saturn climbed onto his lap. "I know this club is called the Club for Abnormal People, but is this basically a paranormal investigation club?"

    "Teru... Saturn feel something... somethings... odd... not good... not bad..." Saturn spoke.

    "... or it's exactly as the description says," Teru continues, "well, one thing all clubs in common have is making friends, bonding, club stuff. I hope to do that," he then tips his glasses.

    He observes the pink-haired madamoiselle walk into the room. She seemed a couple centimetres taller than Saturn. The lass hid her face with a witch hat as she took a seat. "I... think it's safe here..."

    Next, Teru looks at the one known as Suzuki Emi, the leader. "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss. These few years... I hope it will be more than the usual club fun."
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    @Crow @The Alchemist @daird @Gore @Lunar-Eclipse

    The school bell had rung a couple of minutes ago, signalling the start of the free period. Students had already started flooding out of the front door like some sort of sweaty, prepubescent stampede from hell, crowding the outside with their loud gossip about what shoes some girl in class 307 wore or how guy from class 213A had gotten a new haircut. It was nonsense prattle, clogging the gentle breeze that wafted through the summer air. It was the picture perfect scene from any teen slice-of-life that every Otaku had watched in their day. The sun was out, people were happy, girl in cute school girl uniforms, and the warming rays of the sun. Perfection for everyone....except one.

    On the roof of the school building, hidden just by the door under the shade of the multiple air vents, squatted the figure of what appeared to be a kid. His hair was the color of vomit; green of course; and his skin, which was darkened by the shade which he seemed to cling to, was almost bone white. His thin, rather lanky form of about 5'11 (even though he would try to fool you into thinking he was 6'0) was squatting, back against the wall as he held a a flyer between his slim thumb and fore finger. His sky blue eyes, big and expressive, stared down at it with a rather bored expression...yet...he was honestly contemplating. His free hand came up, wrist adorned with random brown leather bracelets and assorted bands, and moved through his messy locked to brush back the thin sheen of sweat that had started to form on his pale forehead. Today was a hot day, and he honestly would rather be inside, but with all the people roaming around he second guessed himself.

    His head bobbed to a set beat, being that his ears were covered by large bright red headphones. The song that was playing being able to be heard through them since he apparently wanted to blast his ear drums out in a single blow. He gave a sudden huff, falling back on his bum as he spread his legs out before him, his space ship socks just visibly under the cuff of his uniformed pants. He shielded his eyes as he stared up at the sun from his shaded spot, a deep frown setting on his pale pink lips.

    "Emi's Super Club for the Abnormal, eh? What kind of name is that?..." The boy grumbled in a slightly raspy voice. He lifted the flyer once more, tired eyes glancing over it intently for a moment as he thought it over. "Well, Ishiba-kun...what do you have to lose?" He asked himself, digging into his pocket and pulling out a lollipop. He unwrapped it and opened his mouth, rows of sharp fangs glittering in the sunlight for a moment before he placed the light blue lolli on his waiting tongue. "Hmm...well...I would be losing out on precious naptime, Ishiba-kun." He answered himself, sucking thoughtful on the lollipop as he scratched his hairless chin. "...I mean...It could be fun to just creep them all out. I bet none of them are even abnormal...Just a bunch of want-a-be posers trying to stick their nose where it doesn't fucking belong." He grumbled, wiping another bead of sweat from his forehead before lightly tugging on the yellow sweater vest he had decided to wear over his white uniform shirt. He loosened his green and yellow stripped tie then, tapping his thumb against the flyer. "I mean....I guess it wouldn't hurt to meet people like me...maybe some cute girls will be there?..."

    He paused for a moment then, blinking at the flyer before chuckling softly. "Pfft...yeah right, like that will ever happen....It will probably just be a bunch of fatass nerds obsessing over Hentai..." He huffed, dropping his head for a moment as he stared at the grey ground. "well...what if there are cool people...stop trying to act like your a badass and just go....what harm would it do?"

    He sighed once more. pulling his headphones down and around his neck before standing up and dusting himself off. He brushed another hand through his hair, balling up the flyer and tossing it into the sunlight. "Damnit. You have convinced me. It seems that Ishibashi Kono shall join a club today." He gave himself a reassuring "hmph", nodding his head in agreement with himself before sliding his hands in his pockets and closing his eyes. "Room 203....going down."

    In a flash, it was as if a gust of wind had burst up from below him, blowing his wild hair up along with his tie as the shade below him visibly darkened. With another flash, the shadows around him shot up, licking at his legs and clinging to his clothes with a loud "hiss". The seemed to take no notice of this, actually cracking a smile as he teased. "Stop trying to show off and just get me down to the second flo-" He was cut off then, yanked down with a loud "slurp" and leaving no trace behind....as if he had never even been there.


    Kono reappeared under the stairwell, the dark shadows opening up and spitting him out with a small "POP!" He stumbled upon his exit, releasing a small curse back at the opening. "Damnit! I wasn't ready, asshat!" He stood straight then, fixing his tie and hair for a moment before stepping out of the shadows into a relatively empty hall. He glanced around, fiddling with with lollipop between his tongue and teeth before lightly patting his chest. "ehh..." There were voices coming from down the hallway to his right. He turned slightly towards them, feeling a sudden lump rise up in his throat. {Why am I nervous?} He asked himself as he took a few apprehensive steps down the hall. {I mean...this is all just bullshit, anyways...what do I care if I make a good impression?}

    He growled then, taking a few bounds down the hall before stopping in his tracks, eyes lighting up with sudden interest. He jumped into a random empty class room, peaking from the door for a moment as he watched a couple people enter into classroom 203. A shy girl with brown hair, some bossy red-head, some chick with a weird hat, and a weirdo with a mirror, and even some guy carrying a girl on his back. Kono had been rather lucky, being that he had been coming down the opposite hall; however, the knot in his throat only seemed to grow. He stared at the room from his hiding spot, scooting back in the shadows as he only decided to watch the people enter...not necessarily wanting to be one to enter himself...especially since there were more people that he thought would show up.

    He gulped, cursing himself for feeling so nervous about all of this and shaking his head. He gave a nervous laugh, grip tightening on the wall. "ehh...was wrong about the fat nerds....and there are some cute girls going in...hmm...maybe I should join." He took a step out from his spot...only to step back and lean against the wall. It would be best to wait it out for a couple of moments...He did not want to have to small talk with random strangers.
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  7. Should she go in? What if she was wrong and there wasn't going to be anyone there? No, that wasn't true. This group was her best chance at finding another vampire or food source. Still, she wasn't eager to go inside. They'd probably all laugh at her and say that it was impossible for her to be a vampire. Just like everyone else who she'd told. Kara tried to steel her nerves before she went inside but it was no good. As Kara started down the stairs just before the meeting room she noticed someone with puke green hair leaning on a wall.

    Should she even say anything to him? He looked kind of... skeevy. It was times like these that Kara was glad she's decided to start wearing bike shorts under her skirt, to prevent people from taking pictures and to keep her from flashing people. It was better off to keep them away anyway, because she wasn't even sure she could show up in photographs anyway. Why did our uniforms have to have such short skirts anyway?

    "Are you waiting out here to see if they're the real deal too?" Kara asked the strange green person. Like she could talk though, her hair was neon green and she had strange tattoos on her face now. Which sucked but hey she wasn't buried and dead like people thought she was. She'd take that over being in a coffin. "I'm Kara, what's your name?"
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    Kono jolted forward slightly when he heard a voice just beside him. The noise radiating of his headphones had momentarily distracted him, as did whispers of the shadows all around him; however, a look of momentary annoyance crossed his face as he glanced down at the shadows and hissed softly. "Why...the hell did you guys not tell me someone was coming?..." He turned slightly and glanced down at the girl with a half-lidded gaze. His expression seemed almost all but friendly. In fact, he just looked annoyed with her. He continued to stare at her, almost dumbfounded when she asked for his name. His head gave a tilt to the side, a slight smirk coming to his lips.


    With a flash, he reached out, grabbing her by the front of her shirt and dragging her into his hiding spot with surprising force.. He pulled her next to him, raising a finger up to his lips for a moment as he glanced back around the corner to see if anyone was coming. The hallway was completely empty...well said for himself and the nosy girl just beside him. The noise of the classroom was luckily blocking out whatever question she had asked, and honestly he had not really been listening to her; however, with the coast clear for now he turned back to take in her features.

    She was almost a whole head shorter than him, her neon green hair sticking out like a sore thumb in her uniform. Her big, doe eyes were an odd orangish yellow color, standing out against her paper white skin that was almost paler than his own. She had an unusual appearance and in all honesty Kono rather liked it...not just because she was a girl, but because she actually looked like a real life manga character...especially with those weird black markings on her face.

    "oi..." He started, a look of curiosity flashing across his face as he leaned down slightly to her, moving a little closer into her personal space. He found it rather fun to do this...especially since girls these days always seemed to freak out when a guy got too close. He half expected her to blush or push him away, calling him a creep or something, but he just wanted to get a better look at her markings. He reached out then, blatantly pointing at them with a slim digit as he stared at her intently. "...Looks like you fell victim to a sharpie prank, girly..." He chuckled as soon as he said that...right before pushing her back against the wall as he turned to stare back out into the hallway. "Now...just sit there are keep quiet. You're crapping my style...I'm trying to people watch..."

    ...He honestly was never good at interacting with people...Even now he had completely ignored her question, too wrapped up in spying on the club for any more members before making his own entrance. He also could not help the sudden discomfort of actually having to talk to someone, so maybe that was why he was acting this way. People made him nervous...even if that person was a cute girl with sharpie on her face.
  9. e v e
    Eve was taken by surprise when a couple of other people entered the room. Her senses shot red flags high into the air as her head turned quickly to look at the others. They passed by her and sat at the desks, and though it was a bit of a late realization, she assumed that this was the correct classroom. All who entered looked a bit .. odd.

    Her question, though, was verbally answered by a soft voice next to her. The small girl looked towards the source of the voice to find another girl, petite like her and holding a similarly timid expression on her face as Eve was.

    Well, at least she wasn't the only nervous one.

    Though she didn't know the girl, Eve nodded to her. For some strange reason, she got this weird feeling from this girl. It was like .. it was like some kind of connection? As if they shared something. It was very, very strange to feel towards a stranger, so Eve simply tried to brush it off and started towards one of the desks, carefully. Always carefully. In case it was a mere assumption she had made and the room wasn't actually for the club. Taking a brief second to choose, she took a desk a little from the general populace of students and set her bag down, placing her arms on the desk's surface and setting her chin down on her forearms. Her eyes avoided those of other students, as usual.

    She half expected the other quiet girl to sit on one side of her. They seemed to share the whole 'nervous in front of strangers' thing. But she also half expected her to sit alone, like Eve had done. There was also that weird, kind of warm feeling she got from her. Whatever way, she wasn't much planning on getting personal with others.

  10. Ross walked around in the courtyard, his backpack laying next to the trashcan. Most people outside could hear his voice, " Why? Every single free period everything gets so boring, " Ross mostly yelling, as his arms swung next to him. A piece of paper hit him in the head with a soft crack of the paper. Curious, he bent down and picked up the rouge ball of paper and unwrapped it, revealing a flyer for some sort of club for "The abnormal." Ross looked around at his surroundings, Nothing around. I guess it is something to do. Ross thought to himself, going over to his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. He walked over to the doors and went through, letting the cold air conditioned hallways cool him from his warmth. He may be a fire demi-god, but being cool has its benefits.

    Ross briskly jaunted down the hallways, almost if he was in a rush to get to this club, he had no reason to. It was not like he was excited or anything, just, it was something to do. Ross rounded a corner and was faced with a hallway with only one door open and a few posters hanging on the wall. Normal high school stuff, posters for student council, posters for "motivation", and posters for...Emi's Super Club for the Abnormal? He placed a had on the poster, feeling the feeble paper in his hand. Ross looked down the hallway again, looking at the door open in particular, That is were the club should be... he though to himself, No one may be there. Ross walked towards the door, leaving a small portion of the sign burned off, before flickering out as Ross headed towards the door.
  11. @Gore

    Alice found herself sitting beside the other, equally shy girl. She was tasked to look over the club and look over the dangers they faced. If she couldn't even open her mouth to speak to her new allies, how would she open her mouth to speak for them?

    Actually, she uses violence if it comes to that but that's another story.

    She then turns towards the twintailed damsel beside her. She attempted to initiate a conversation.

    "So... ummm... my name is Alice... what's yours...."

  12. The second he started whispering to himself Kara began to regret going over to talk to the odd green haired, pale boy. How do I manage to walk right into traps? I've managed to find only crazy people since I became a vampire... As he looked back up at her, she found her presence to only have irritated him further into insanity. He even seemed confused when she asked him name. Oh come on it's not a crazy question to ask, jerk. Kara began to think about walking away from the ball of crazy and into the room where the members were meeting and talking about what they were going to do next.

    That was when the crazy guy grabbed her by the shirt and dragged her into the dark corner with him. While she was grateful to be out of the sun, she didn't enjoy being dragged into the crazy corner with the guy. Geez this meeting was going downhill quickly. Kara quietly hoped that he would just let her go soon and she could just enter the meeting in peace. Unless somehow this gave her the opportunity to somehow get the jump on the group in the room. She did like making an entrance when she could... and it wasn't like her secret was the biggest one in the school if everyone was supernatural too...

    He even made the motion to sush before checking the hallway for other people. Goddammit I've managed to find the crazy in the group without even trying... He was slightly taller than her, but she looked like she was a bit thicker. His eyes were big and blue, and she was pretty sure that he looked like that when someone punched him. Kara had the distinct feeling of wanting to jab him in the eyes while looking at him. Somehow, she thought that she'd be avenging many a girl who had been creeped on by the guy. Most notable, however, was the giant pointy ears on either side of his head. Maybe he was actually an elf?

    That would make sense, the guy apparently didn't understand how humans dressed in the least. Or apparently about personal space as he leaned in and poked at her cheeks with a finger and told her that she'd fallen prey to a sharpie prank. She'd managed to stay quiet up until this point, but mostly out of spite she replied to the strange boy. "Do you honestly think that anyone would try to prank me? Much less with a sharpie prank? Also, the level of detail is a bit much if you're trying not to wake someone. It's better to write moron on their forehead and move on."

    She continued on, disregarding his request to stay quiet and let him people watch, "also. There are people right over there and you could just go in? What? You're worried that they're not going to believe you? Believe me, I know I would. Whatever it is that you are. So we're going in there or I'm going to start yelling very loudly about how there's a pervert in the hallway watching this group of young girls..." She smiled, glad to return the favor of being uncomfortable and pulled into a bad situation.
  13. Titos Scala
    Titos had just endured his first week at school in Japan and he was rather eager to get home. After all, he'd rather walk on four legs rather than just two. The centaur really didn't understand just how humans managed to prance around on only two feet and get anything done. However, a poster in the hallway had caught his attention and he had committed to checking out this supposed "Club for the Abnormal." Titos wasn't fond of humans at large, but he'd be willing to investigate a club dedicated to the abnormal just to see if there were any others like him lurking around. He had done well at the school in Greece, establishing bonds with other supernatural creatures and those with different abilities. The centaur walked down the hallway that the meeting room for the club was supposed to be in, his guard up as he traversed the practically empty hall. He was reaching room 203, but before he could get too far he lost his balance and the end result was falling flat on his face.
    "Oww...damn." Titos mumbled as he struggled to get to his feet.
    Really, how the hell did humans do anything with just two legs? Once he did manage to get to his feet he walked the rest of the three feet to the front of the door and looked in. There were many more people than he had expected, and that only put the centaur even more on guard. He put a hand on the door frame before carefully stepping over the threshold.

    "Is this the Abnormal Club meeting?" Titos asked, his foreign accent still extremely apparent.​
  14. ~Morgana Lilet~

    Morgana silently watched as other people slowly filed into the room. Most didn't seem particularly interesting. There was the shy girl from earlier. She took a seat a bit of a ways away from her. Shortly afterwards, she was joined by another timid looking girl. Tsk. If this club was going to be full of introverts, that was probably a good thing. She wouldn't have to get all touchy feely with them. Yuck. Alternatively though, she could take over the group as their leader. The thought obviously amused her, as she started smiling, a smug and confident smile as she entertained the idea of taking over the group, and then the rest of the school. The students would have no choice but to bow to her, and wait on her hand and foot.

    Her thoughts were quickly silenced as she looked at another member of the group. The girl who was being given a piggy back ride by a boy. Something about her struck Morgana as...odd. She had heard her name as...'Saturn.' The girl was small, but a growing sense of dread ran through Morgana the longer her gaze lingered on the girl. She clearly had a bit of 'divine' nature about her. As though she was some sort of holy being. The demon found herself unconsciously shivering a bit until she tore her gaze away from the girl. Something was odd about her, that was for sure, and while she was curious she was fairly certain getting involved with her would be more trouble than it was worth.

    Her usual smugness returned soon after though, as another kid came bumbling through the door. Morgana watched him as he asked if this was the club. She simply gave a huff of annoyance and rested her chin on her hand, and ignored him. So far, there didn't seem to be anyone Morgana was that interested in. Aside from that girl named Saturn, and she was definitely going to be cautious around that...girl until she knew more about her. For now, the demon remained quiet and waited for something to happen, or for someone to try and talk to her.
  15. More students entered the classroom, which was a relief for Midori. She'd figured that there were other supernaturals in the school, but she had no idea there were so many. Nobody seemed to really be talking so Midori offered up an idea.

    "Say, Emi. How about an icebreaker? I think we should each introduce ourselves, say what we are, and what we can do. It would help get to know each other better, as well as get the shy among us to come out of their shells."
  16. [​IMG]



    Kono has been almost content with the annoying girl beside him...well at least that was what he told himself. He was always quick to label off everyone as annoying, whether they were or not...and he had honestly thought of trying to go back and be civil...almost regretted being rather snappy to her....that was until she kept talking. "What is with girls and their inability to shut up..." He mumbled to himself, lightly twisting one of the many piercing on his ears for concentration.

    In the girl's defense, she had had every right to speak. Who was Kono to just grab her and tell her to shut up, but to Kono he had believed himself rather polite. He had not even heard her ask his name and he did not hear her tell him hers...Possibly due to his extreme selective hearing. He glanced over his shoulder when she spoke in her defense, eyes -half lidded- staring blankly at her. His head gave the slightest tilt to the side, a small frown forming on his lips. "Well I wouldn't know, girly...I don't run around writing shit on people's faces..." Was that the only comeback he had for that? He mentally cursed himself for sounding so stupid in front of a pretty girl, his ears visibly drooping as a pout formed on his face. That was until he heard clumsy steps down the hall.

    He reached out and covered the girl's mouth, momentarily silencing her as he glanced around and watched a boy enter the room. Kono's eyes narrowed for a moment, lightly chewing on his left over lollipop stick as he dropped his hand from the girl's mouth. "So apparently there are about 5 or 6 girls to two males in there...rather unfair ter-"

    He stopped mid-sentence when the girl started ranting once more. He was honestly offended by her words, a look of mild shock crossing his expression as a twinge of hurt came to his eyes. What kind of person did she think he was? He had not even done anything to her, yet she was already calling him a pervert and mocking him? He was only watching to see how many people would show up. It was a sort of solace for him and it helped him to be braver and more open to groups. He had never been a fan of surprises, so knowing how many people were there only helped his overall fear of social interaction.

    ...He would never voice any of this though. He did not even know this girl, so what did he care what she thought of him. He shook his head, dismissing the shock and replacing it with a blank, uncaring stare; however, he was forced to swallow the hurt that she had so quickly caused him....It made him honestly second guess his decision of even trying to come to the club...was everyone this quick to cast him off as some pervert or creep...Well, he could have been nicer to her, yes, but just because he told her to be quiet so he could people watch....made him a pervert or a creep? Maybe she was just playing with his head, trying to get him to do something with threat of social embarrassment. He honestly did not care about it. He did not care what anyone thought of him...or at least that is what he told himself....So why was he actually thinking about going through with her request?

    Did he actually want to make a good impression on these people...Well that had clearly failed with this girl before him...Hell, he had already failed with her before he had even began....

    "Oh..." Kono blinked suddenly, realizing he had been staring intensely that this girl without saying a word the hole time. He shook his head, waving his hand as he quickly bottled himself back up in his usual "I don't give a fuck" shell. "Pfft....Do you honestly think I give a shit what these people think of me?...what YOU think of me? You're so quick to cast me off as some pervert when 1.) you only just met me. 2) You started talking to me first, and 3.) I have not even done anything to earn the title perverted. Weird? yes, but perverted? Clearly your judgement is flawed."

    He stood up from his spot then, dusting off his pants as he decided that this club may not actually be for him...Maybe he had been foolish to think that anyone could understand him. "Oh, and to answer your question. I don't need them to 'believe' me. What do you think this place is? Some sort of back country place where everyone is a fucking skeptic? I was counting how many people were joining the club. I wanted to be the last one in because I wanted to give a grand entrance; however, you have just made my mood shit for the day. " He was lying partially about that...He did not want to make a grand entrance, mainly because that would mean all attention would be so easily on him. He turned then, stepping from behind the wall as he continued tot contemplate on just going back up to the roof and remaining there until the club meeting was over. He did not want to join anymore...and honestly this had been a stupid idea.

    Or was it? Was it so dumb to meet you people? Was it so dumb to have a sort of safe haven?...Well he did have one, and that was his shadows, but he needed something more than just interaction with those lifeless things. He sighed, instantly regretting his snappiness with the girl, turning back slightly to glance at her from over his shoulder. He gave her a once over before turning back away and placing his hands on his hips. {Who the hell does she think she is? I don't even know the girl, but she is already talking to me like she knows me....the fuck?} He thought to himself, taking a deep breathe. He did not want to leave...he wanted to be here and take part in this shitty club..even if it turned out to be stupid...Even if he had to deal with people like HER.

  17. OF COURSE! Will thought as he ran down the hallway. He was always late for everything! Why'd he have to oversleep once again, and not only miss his first class, but also forget that there was that cool new club starting. Feeling like an idiot, he tore down the hallway, his bookbag bouncing wildly on his back as he ran. He was barely breaking a sweat, even though he had been running everywhere that day. Passing some students, he could feel the wind pick up from his speed, followed by the usual gasp and yell from a teacher to slow down, which he would promptly answer my a snicker and a wide smirk. He loved running. Of course, being what he was, running was second nature to him. He could run for hours without it bothering him. Albeit, he gets distracted easily and tends to stop running. This time though, he was determined to get to the classroom quickly.

    As he neared the door, he slowed down. Suddenly, his common sense--at least, what little of it he has--kicked in. He was about to rush into a room that was full of people that were like him; different. The outcasts of the school basically. He wasn't sure if he was ready to meet the students that he passed by EVERYDAY, and realize that they too were hiding something from the humans. That they too, were "abnormal." This could be a very life changing ordeal for him! Was he ready for this? Was this okay? He had now stopped running and was standing outside the door. He could hear people talking on the inside, but he wasn't sure he was ready to go in quite yet. If he didn't, he would never know who was different. If he just walked away right now, no one would know that HE was different.

    This could be a very life changing thing for Will. He didn't have that many friends, so this could be his way of making new friends. But did he want that? Did he want friends? Of course he did! Why else would he be going to school if wasn't to make friends right? He shook his head, his grayish blonde hair falling in front of his disguised blue eyes. His actual color eyes were amber, but that was weird. To have amber eyes, so he learned to disguise his actual color eyes with contacts of a bright blue. He hated them--they itched terribly.

    With a big breath, Will opened the door and stared at all the people in the room...this could be a very life changing thing for Will. ​

  18. It became evident that he had not been listening to her this whole time. He was doing it as she explained the finer points of sharpie-ing someone's face, twisting an earring in one of his pointed ears as she talked. While she didn't catch what he muttered under his breath it only angered her further. What kind of person was he anyway? I ought to flick the tip of his stupid ears to get him back. His snide comment following his mumbling was... a good point actually. Kara forgot how boring some people were when they didn't like to pull pranks. Also, the boy was now pouting so much that Kara felt like saying sorry. Almost.

    Kara opened her mouth to say sorry but then he gave her that look. The kind a puppy gave when you scolded it for doing something harmless. I am the worst human being... Kara thought as she shrank under his gaze. You know what they say about assumptions, and I've just done the latter part of the saying. Fantastic, I meet another supernatural being and I manage to anger him.

    Finally he broke the silence as he stared at her and told her that her judgement was flawed. Kara might have also managed to convince him to not join the club as well. Wow, she was on a roll today with diplomacy and tact. Not only that, there was every chance this guy was a vampire too. He was pale enough and liked to hide in the shadows apparently, but Kara had to remind herself that her first assumption had been wildly off the mark and she now to smooth things over somewhat.

    Well, worst comes to worst... Kara could just tell him the truth, but frankly Kara never liked telling the truth. People seemed content with lies and simple pranks that they didn't have to look too close at. Now she had to try and convince this person she'd managed to anger to actually listen and care for once. Why this task had to fall on her shoulders was beyond Kara. Kara sighed and stood up, moving out from the stairs behind the strange boy.

    Here goes nothing, Kara thought. She braced herself to at least try, regardless of how she thought the outcome was going to be she had to at least try, darn it.

    "So. How about we try this again? We both got off on the wrong foot and that colossally screwed everything up for the rest of the conversation. I won't scream and call you a pervert, you won't grab my shirt, and we can have just a conversation before we go into the meeting." Kara offered, trying to do her best smile and holding out her hand to shake. "My name is Kara, what's your name?"
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    Ross walked towards the open door and poked his head in. Seeing that there was only chessboards and people huddled over them, he presumed that he had the wrong classroom. "Heh, sorry," Ross quietly said, walking off again and pulling out his little flyer and glancing over it again. Oh, wrong floor. He thought to himself walking towards the stairs and starting to walk down the stone steps, his feet echoing through the quiet school. Reaching the bottom, Ross fixed the red tie and smoothed out his shirt while gazing around at his surroundings. He thought he saw movement under the stairs, but just thought it was his brain playing tricks on him. Ross carefully walked towards the door that he heard voices come from. Presuming that, that was the club he was going to. He stopped, a few feet before the door, placing his hand onto the wall beside him. He should at least wait outside and see if this was the actual club this time and not walk into the wrong one again.​
  20. [​IMG]




    Kono turned once more when the girl addressed him, almost bumping into her since she had decided to move right behind him. He jumped back slightly, the smallest hint of pink coming to his pale cheeks before he quickly shook it off and stared down at her with an irritated gaze; however, that gaze seemed to break slightly when she offered they start over. He felt himself deflate slightly, the smallest twinge of guilt coming to his eyes as he looked at her face. She looked as if she had just had all of her chocolates stolen on Valentine's Day...and he never liked that look on a pretty face. He seemed to look rather uncomfortable then, glancing around as he rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "I....mm..."

    He did agree with her. They had gotten off on the wrong foot...as he usually did with new people. He knew he was an odd person, and he honestly had a habit of playing into that as a sort of defense. Make fun of yourself before others could, ya'know? This girl seemed to be slightly the same as him; however, she seemed to put up a high defense rather than mock herself. Kono thought this over in his head, momentarily brooding before the girl spoke again. This time she even offered her name.

    "Kara..." He repeated the name aloud, eyeing her for a moment before following her gaze to her extended hand. His head tilted slightly to the side, a look of mild confusion crossing his features. Why was she reaching out to him? Did she want him to hold her hand? Well he knew the part of the hallway they were in was rather dark at the moment, and the emptiness could terrify some people who were not so use to it...

    Kono extended his free hand and lightly took hers in his own. He even laced their fingers as a sign of protection...at least that was what his Mama told him to do. Her hands were a rather small...and surprisingly cold, but he did not mind...at least he would not have sweaty palms. He did feel a bit of warmth come to his cheek, unable to halt the bit of embarrassment of being put on the spot like this, but he did not want to seem rude and he did not want to further cause trouble with this girl. He stared at her in silence then, at least for a moment before he realized she had asked him his name. He blinked releasing a small "Oh.." before he spoke. "Ishibashi....Ishibashi Kono...but I guess you can call me...eh...Senpai!"
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