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  1. Over the past few months, I have been more of a guest here, rather than an actual active participant. But one can satisfy his curiosity by reading announcements for only so long, so I've finally decided to step out from anonymity and start slow, working my way up.

    First of all, I would like you all to bear in mind that I am rather strict and uptight about my Roleplaying. If you are a person who is easily intimidated, offended or overall manifests a low-tolerance towards teasing/mild trolling/swearing/etc. PLEASE TURN AWAY NOW.

    You have been warned!

    Now, on to the matter at hand. I guess I should start by sharing my personal preferences. Here they are, in a succint list:
    • 3rd View - This means I enjoy and always write in 3rd person. I would like for my partner to be able to do the same.
    • Talking - OK, I talk. A lot. And I would like for my partner and I to not only engage in IC conversations, but also in OOC ones as well, and not just plot related ones. Getting to know each other will make us sync better, I trust!
    • Genres - I can do almost all genres, EXCEPT ANIME and FANDOM. Those I simply cannot handle for the life of me!
    • Posting Length - Normally, I am more of an "quality over quantity" fellow, but I can easily write over three or four paragraphs per post. If I'm given enough to work with, I can even go on!
    • Posting Speed - As a high school student in his last year, I may have limited time to reply and so patience is advised.
    • Genders - Since I myself am male, I identify more with male characters than I do females, but I can do those too and strive to get it right.
    Well, now that that's out of the way, let me show what I'm looking for!
    • Little to no grammar mistakes - It irritates the hell out of me when I'm struggling to read something nearly incomprehensible.
    • At least 2/3 paragraphs per post - I do not believe I'm asking for too much here. I like details, I like to read words that paint a vivid image in my head. Thus, one liners are an absolute No-No. If you feel stuck, by all means, ask for my help and I shall offer my two cents.
    • Patience - Appart from our virtual life, we also have real ones, which may become unfortunate and render us unable to find time to post. If that occurs, please contact me, as will I contact you. If you vanish for more than 2 weeks without a plausible explanation, I will consider you've lost interest and will abandon the RP as a consequence.
    • Interesting Characters - I believe we all agree that perfect characters are simply too boring to play with. So, I will not accept any Gary Stu/Mary Sue type of characters. Originality is the new trend!
    • Collaboration - I certainly do not wish to lead the whole storyline by myself, therefore, I require a partner who can think for himself and talk to me about possible twists and plot points, etc.

    Pretty demanding, I know, but that's just who I am. Trust me, all these restrictions are there to make sure both I and my partner-to-be enjoy ourselves in the blissful hobby that is RPing.

    One final thing: I would request of you to respond to this recruitment thread in the thread itself and not through Private Message. Before I will choose a partner, I will peruse many of your former posts as to get an idea if our styles are compatible. If I decice our styles match and we could get along just fine, I will Private Message you to possibly start an RP together. I also reserve the right to refuse your offer, should I find us too different in writing styles.

    Those who could get offended by this, I also beg to leave, for that may the case for many! I apologise, but that's how I handle matters.

    Know that I will ONLY be taking 1 partner at this point, since that is all I can spare time for. At a later date, if my schedule clears up, I will most likely search for more.

    Thank you for reading this long post (if you've lasted so far without throwing your hands in the air and screaming out "F*** this s***!). I wish you a good *insert time of the day here* and happy RPing further on!
  2. I'd be glad to work out a plot with you - PM if you're interested. I can get sample posts/answer whatever questions you might have.
  3. @J_"Kraken" Thank you very much for your interest, but I'm afraid someone already contacted me (though through a means I specified not to) and caught my eye. Fear not, as soon as my chaotic life clears up and time allows it, I will contact you immediatly to set up a grand RP!
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  4. You may want to change the tag on this thread to "filled request" then, to let other people know you are no longer looking for a partner. You can always change it back later if your time opens back up! :D
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