PORTRAIT REQUEST Emelia Kyle (Sci-fi security chief/marine)

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  1. Hey lovlies!

    I want art for one of my newest characters: Emilia Kyle. She is the chief security officer on board and exploration cruiser in an epic sci-fi saga, but her uniform is what of a marine, since that's who provides security.

    I am willing to bribe you with a month of donor member status if you submit a portrait! If you are already a donor you can give the month to anyone you choose!

    I am actually looking for TWO portraits of her. One of her in uniform and the other of her in a slinky dress.

    Here are the important bits:

    Emilia is short, but on the buxom side. Incredibly fit as a marine should be and is probably in her late 20s. She sports short red hair in a no-nonsense but cute cut like this.

    Her eyes are green and she has a large scar on her right cheek that she either displays proudly, or when she dresses up covers with makeup.

    She ALWAYS has at least one gun on her, more likely two even in a dress (most likely strapped to her inner thigh in that case)

    The uniform:

    The uniform needs to look inherently smart and presentable but at the same time combat ready. It doesn't need to be armored since it's for every day wear but we can bullshit something about superlight alloys, it's sci fi after all!

    Anyway thanks for reading! If you have questions post them and I'm looking forwards to seeign what you guys come up with!
  2. I might give this a shot while i'm on break.
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  3. A year later I got started on it.


    Tonight or tomorrow ill get started on the one with her in a dress.
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  4. I dunno how I missed this but COOOOOOOL! O________O NICE JOB!
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