Emdimon Royal Academy (OC/Plot)

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  1. Long ago an elite mage by the name of Emdimon befriended a powerful dragon. War struck their friendship and the dragon died but swore he would protect the school Emdimon was building. The two died and their magic still lingers to this day protecting Emdimon the Academy. After his noble death the royal family named the school after him.

    Emdimon Royal Academy is a school for mage of all ranks and ages to learn and work together. The school surveys as a sanctuary to those out side the country whose lands think magic is a curse.

    Though the Academy is called a school its much more. The school is made up of 5 guilds. With in the guilds you can take missions for coin whether on your own or with a small group of 5. However, to be in a guild you must prove yourself by a test giving from the guild master who will choose if you join or not.

    Just because your are not excepted doesn't mean you never will be. There are classes a mage for all ranks to take whether its for combat or just because you can't master a spell. Classes are divided by rank and magic.

    Now for the fun things I need!!

    Okay I will need/Ranks: (already order from highest rank to lowest)

    Guild Master(GM):I need four people to be GM. I will choose out of the many people. You must post reagurly or at leat keep up if your not posting. You will get to create your guild and everything about it though I will have to approve.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐SS Rank: (2 per guild. GM will approve.) This is the strongest rank. You must be appointed this rank by someone a higher rank then you. In other words guild master. Most in this rank have a magic that's rare or just hard to master.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ S Rank: (3 per guild. GM will approve.) The second strongest rank. Like the last one you must work your way up to this rank and be appointed to it by SS or GM. This rank and like the last one you have a magic that is difficult on its own.

    ⭐⭐⭐A Rank: This is usually the highest rank most make it to as a normal mage. The S ranks are normally to difficult to get to so most stop here.

    ⭐⭐B Rank: This is a rank that's still a good rank and has lost of missions for it.

    ⭐ C Rank: This is the lowest possible rank in which you can join a guild and take missions.

    D Rank: This is the rank everyone starts out as.

    I Rank: This rank doesn't mean your weak simply that you have difficulty controlling/learning magic.

    Guild Info:
    5 guilds total but I only need 4 GM. 1 will be all girl. 1 will be all boy. 2 will me mix boy and girl Guild Name, Guild's Master, Info/History and Emblem.
    We wanna know lots about your guild so tell us. PM me guild info if u wanna be gm.

    The mansion of the Guilds continues underground for 6 stories. The floors above ground are the classrooms and training camps.

    Luna Illuminato (open)

    Guild Master:
    Titana Blakney (No one knows its really her tho)

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐SS Rank: (2 per guild. GM will approve.)

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ S Rank: (3 per guild. GM will approve.)

    ⭐⭐⭐A Rank:

    ⭐⭐B Rank:

    ⭐ C Rank:



    (Not sure yet)


    Styga Dracoa House (open)

    Guilds Master:
    Lezard Coreaner

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐SS Rank: (2 per guild. GM will approve.)

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ S Rank: (3 per guild. GM will approve.)

    ⭐⭐⭐A Rank:

    ⭐⭐B Rank:

    ⭐ C Rank:

    Crest: [​IMG]
    Slogan: (none at the moment)
    Lodgings: [​IMG]
    Styga Dracoa House was founded by the renowned mage Lezard Coreaner. The last of his species (in this rp), an elite race of mages whose existence is shrouded in mystery.
    When his kin died out due to a magical mishap Lezard sought refuge in the towns and cities of humans but found no such kindness. He was welcomed into the Academy with open arms and worked hard to achieve the rank he now holds high. When he was promoted to Guild Master he was given a part of the grounds to expand and build his guild. He sought to provide the same kindness to other mages as was given to him. The doors of Styga Dracoa House are open to those few who struggled in the same way as he did. The children of magic who are forced to leave their homes and received no kindness from the world because of their abilities. Those who fear their power and the outside world are trained well and are taught to be proud of what and who they are.
    “I seek only peace. And forgive those who turned me away in my time of need as you, my students, should too, for the world is full of fear that can sometimes seem like hatred. The key is not to harbour vengeance and only strive for peace. Look away from the dark my children, let the light of your abilities shine bright and rid the world of this fear. Rise with me, above the shadows of fear and hate and strive to help those who fear us see the path to everlasting prosperity. Seek not power over the world but the knowledge and strength to be a part of it!” Lezards most popular words, known throughout the entire Academy.
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  2. Photo:


    Body type:
    Hair length/Style:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:


    Do you have a pet?:

    Special Magic: (What's your technique. Magic that's yours and yours alone.)

    Special Magic attributes:

    General magic mastery: (Which magic do excel in that's a normal magic.)

    General Magic Failure: (what genral magic is not your strong point)

  3. (Not finished)
    (She doesn't do guns tho)

    Name: Titana Blakeny
    Age: 19 (Really her age is unknown)
    D.O.B: July, 15
    Rank: SS (or at lest what she says)
    Luna Illuminato

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 150
    Body type: curvy and fit
    Hair length/Style: Long with side swept bangs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: blue (like photo)
    Skin color: tan

    Likes: Rain, Lily, Irises,
    Dislikes: house cats, bright colors, pink, asswhole people.

    Do you have a pet?: Artic Fox (Lily)

    Special Magic: Blood of the Gods or God Slayer

    Special Magic attributes:

    General magic mastery: Fire, electisty

    General Magic Failure: water, earth

    Despite her tragic childhood, which is never spoken off, she finally found a place she could call home. She was taken in my the Guild Master of Luna Illuminato when she was 5 years old. He raised her to be his own teaching her a forbidden attcent magic. Though the magic is forbidden most wouldn't consider it bad. Soon after the GM's death when she was 14 years old she became the guild master. Though she was to young at the time she handed down the role to Lexus until she was older. Even now she contoles the Guild from the shadows and everyone thinks its Lexus who is in charge.
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  4. Would Chaos Energy Manipulation be somthing Considered Rare? I plan on having it based around Cards and Jester like actions. It will be chaotic in nature and hard to control at times.
  5. I think chaos energy manipulation is a sub of dark magic. The cards would simply be the unique tool you use to amplify your magic. (Like a staff, gauntlet etc.)
    So I suppose the entire idea is great and the magic style is most definitely rare.
    Though this is just my opinion. If you'd like you can ask @Titana
    Also you can pm me for more ideas and such considering I've had my fair share of magic Rps
  6. When I say rare magic I mean it Ether kills those who use it or its just magic not used. Like mine is a forbidden magic more or less dark magic and blood magic mix. I would have to hear the magic in detail before its rare or not. Also factor to make it rare is would anyone else have thought of it before.
  7. Well with this Chaos magic I mean more of a Void type magic. Calling forth magic from another plane of existence. Bringing things that shouldn't exist in our reality into existence using Cards as a gateway. Sounds like Yugioh which I just realized but its kinda like that. Its very dangerous as the things that come out can also harm the person. I based this on a character I am using in a Magical Girl Rp.
  8. Yeah okay I'll alow it only if the guilds do. Depending on the guild u wish to join.
  9. So the magic you're using is like a double edge blade. I think it's a nice idea @Titana . Not the magic in itself but the technique used. That is if it isn't too alike to yugioh or gambits technique in xmen origins
  10. Its literally chaos based. Hang on I will copy and paste what I kinda mean in a few minutes.

    Pick a Card!: Several floating cards begin to rotate around her making the individual pick a card. Each one has a different outcome but each is unique. Can only be done once as the cards float around her almost defensively. Once struck the card where the hit was will flip over revealing what kind of card it is.

    Jack of Tricks- When the card is picked a loud noise echoes before a anti-climactic fireworks display shoots out. Can be used as a trick or for Hayley to get a laugh.

    King of Blades- Hayley is granted blade like fingers for the duration of the card.

    King of Hearts- Hayley is restored to full fighting style. She looses any exhaustion and her damage is healed.

    Queen of Chaos- The area around the field is converted into something resembling a very bad euphoric trip. The air itself begins to take on a euphoric texture causing hallucinations. -Effects both Hayley and combatant but Hayley is used to the hallucinations.

    Lord of Insanity- The Lord of Insanity is called to the plain from the realm of Chaos. The being appears as a Void Wraith but very quickly hundreds of blinking eyes form on its body. Each eye is like looking into the Maw of Insanity causing the person to become dazed and highly paranoid for the duration of card. At the end the Lord releases a AOE effect like shock wave knocking everyone including Hayley back. -2nd Most dangerous card but deadly to both parties.

    Ace of the Void- A very rare card that Hayley has only seen once. When the Void Ace comes through the portal created through the card both parties suffer demoralization. Hayley herself is not prepared for such a creature. Its body is covered in eyes and its mouth is a massive hole covered in teeth. It does not attack but continues to remain until the Card is destroyed. Each eye has the ability to induced madness and insanity on its target including Hayley. At the end of the card it will explode into a large mist of poisonous gas.
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  11. I have an idea and maybe that's what you already mean xD.

    Use the cards as a summoning. Like an example would be instead of s summoners circle you have a deck of cards you can use to summon different kinds of demons. Each card is a different monster. But that's to much like those games. So instead the cards survey as different things such as weapon summoning or ever parts. Say a demons are. U can summon the arm for yourself but maybe it has a tow on your body.
  12. Yeah, In the meaning of the Ace of the Void. It literally is something that has no form but has a form making a breach in reality. So it is kinda.. Warp Rifts and Demonic Rifts. Which ever you want to call it.

    Hang on let me kinda write a sample post for what I mean or should I just make a CS. Ill do whichever after you let me know.
  13. Do both. If I don't like the idea I will gladly help with a new one.
  14. Alright, Give me awhile I am currently doing a few things. I will try to have both up tomorrow.
  15. Okay that's fine
  16. Now that I read the post I have a question.

    These cards, how did YC come to poses them? Where do they come from and what makes her power unique so that she may use them
  17. I don't know.
  18. why not make them available in a magic shop like the celestial gate keys? this rp reminds me of fairy tail in a way. lol i like it.
  19. Yeah I was watching Fairy Tale when I though of it xD
  20. I was wondering if i could break out a new requip magic for this rp called requip the warrior.
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