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    If you're part of the supernatural, you've got to know about Lionheart Academy. Most likely, you've received your admittance already in fact. After all, it was run by the President of the entire society of the Supernatural once upon a time; that is, the incubus Levi Lionheart. It was then passed down to his sons, the very different twins Carter and Desmond, who now keep track of their father's hope as Co-Headmasters. The only problem is....There's been a huge influx of new students to the Academy this year. And they all need to get along for the Academy to continue running. But a lot of these teens, like the original founder himself when he came of age, only just found out what they really are. This means there could be a lot of trouble started here, especially with such emotional turmoil in these new students' lives. For being a new place that is only a few years old, Lionheart Academy already seamlessly molds around students with bloodlines running into the obscure supernatural world around them. That's what was really needed actually, to keep them out of the wrong hands or turning into 'monsters'. Now, these young adults can learn in a place specific to what they need and hey, now they'll fit in just fine. Sure, maybe not all the students will get along perfectly, and maybe there will still be the normal problems of a regular academy, but they can still learn and be free to be what they are. But as for actually accepting that they are not human? Learning about what they are and what they are capable of? That's the real challenge here...


    [​IMG]Incubi are very lovely creatures. They are the most common and they are highly special creatures. Attributes are gaining unique horns and tails and an extreme brightening of eye color while under extreme emotions; examples include purple to lilac, brown to gold, black to grey. They also feed off of emotions that environments emit. The emotion they associate then will factor greatly into personality and the incubus's coloring. Incubi, once past the age of sixteen, will most likely need to be in a meaningful relationship to keep themselves healthy. This relationship could be with any other race. Incubi often have a "voice" in their heads, personifying the incubus inside of them. Often, when late into the year they turn sixteen, they often experience intense hormone changes that greatly affect mood and emotions, meaning the incubus's "voice" will be more to the forefront of their thoughts, making them highly and intensely amorous and in need of attention. There is guidance if these changes seem to be too sudden, or if the need to find a mate becomes a distraction. Upperclassmen incubi will often help you along with these processes and are available after school.

    [​IMG]Ah, Lycons, the most passionate and some of the rarest. Attributes include, only explicitly to the full or new moon, transmorphing into a large wolf. According to status and bloodlines, the wolf form can be up to twelve feet in height while on all fours and, from nose to tail, around thirty foot in length. Alphas are known for having silver colored eyes. Coats vary greatly and are inherited from their hereditary genes. Often times, before a full moon, a lycon will experience throes of mildly aggressive behaviours, extreme moodswings, and inexplicable urges to go to their Pack's usual designated running spot. Lycon students will be allowed off the school grounds with two days to complete a full moon cycle, the day before and the day of, before returning to campus. Lycons are encouraged to practice their running and most athletic skills, due to the fact that physical exercise will help keep their wolf forms more calm and in check. If you have trouble with transmorphing, holding yourself back from a potential mate, or have any questions, upperclassmen lycons will be there with support after school and most likely after many sports activities.
    [​IMG]Sirens are the most elusive creatures to attend the Academy, due to their mesmerization. They are beautiful and have very potent voices and body language that are hard to control, but will be taught by siren experts from around the globe so that nothing unfortunate happens. These usually shy creatures are on the artistic and musical spectrum so very often, the band sectors and art classes are likely to be found filled to the brim with them. Sirens are slightly vain about their appearances, for the most part, and the majority have always worn their hair long. Other attributes include almost translucent appearing skin, piercingly colored eyes and unusual hair coloring. And, to debunk a very popular belief, they do not live in water and have no need whatsoever to do so, despite the siren often being compared to a mortal legend of a 'mermaid', the creature thought to be a hybrid of fish and man, but these 'mermaids' do not exist. If a siren has trouble with keeping their voice under control, there are, of course, upperclassmen sirens who are very happy to aid you after school activities are done with in the afternoon.
    [​IMG]These happen to be the most mischievous but most adorable students in the academy. Attributes include having an 'angel-like' appearance, often white wings that they are able to tuck inside their backs, very pale gold blood, and have only light hair color while eye color varies diversely to the point of cherubs being the most common to have heterochromia. Often cherubs are the ones found to be making mischief and playing pranks on the staff and other employees who visit. Though pranksters, cherubs are very intuitive of love and deep feelings or connection and will use arrows to an advantage, if they see true love. We encourage cherubs to use their wings and have set aside time to flight and proper care of wings. After, teachers complain that this gives the troublemakers the advantage of coming in through unguarded windows as opposed to the locked main doors, allowing them to plant surprises for the teachers arrival next morning. If a cherub feels like they need extra help, they most likely will only find tricky upperclassmen cherubs who will teach them their ways of making trouble instead of actually helping them.
    [​IMG]Kitsunes are the most calm and graceful of the students attending Lionheart Academy and appear to carry wisdom and elegance like a cloak wherever they may go. Attributes for these regal students are transmorphing into very large fox spirits when they feel a righteous need for vengeance or have a rage of emotions, which is why they stay calm, have slit pupils and slightly pointed canines. In kitsune righteous forms, they can nearly fill a dining room, their eyes turn fiery, and they gain multiple tails, the number varying with age until nine, usually around the twentieth year. These students are amoung the most intelligent and charming, often helping any students when they are needed. Kitsunes are fiercely protective of 'territory', or their possessions, such as clothes or books. Often, when a kitsune gains a mate, likely during their third year in the highschool section, they are aggressive to others and get very easily jealous for a few weeks; then they go back to their usual collected selves. If a kitsune has any issues, please ask other kistunes on what to do for help from upperclassmen kitsunes because it seems to be a big secret for them.
    [​IMG]Shades tend to be the loner students of Lionheart Academy, due to their preference for quiet and their habit of being mysterious and a bit reclusive. Attributes include the tendency to have dark coloring in the hair and eyes, along with paler skin and a more willowy build, with constantly colored nails. The nails are a natural birthmark of being a shade and do not have to be taken as a feminine sign. Shades are learners in shadow and dark magicks, which are not evil and should never be encouraged as such, and are able to manipulate actual shadows around them, be it for misleading persons following the shade or for simply cloaking themselves. Shades are academic people who prefer to focus on studies and school rather than frivolous activities, so it is very hard for other students to get them to leave the school. Sometimes, shades undergo physical changes that seem very scary to themselves or their mate, such as spontaneously lengthening hair or nails, silvery eyes, or control over their powers waning. This is natural and not to be feared for it will pass. If a shade has any trouble, though it is unlikely, there are always upperclassmen shades available for guidance.

    Lionheart Academy takes place in the fictional town of Trical, California. There is a small population for the city to be located in Cali, but that is merely because of all of the supernatural beings. It is centered near the coast with a large estate, huge gardens, and a needlessly ginormous gate around the campus.

    A town nearby proves entertainment and a fun night out, if you get permission from a headmaster. Otherwise, you'll have to sneak out. I hear it's worth it though, since the best pizza place ever lays beyond the campus walls. Not to mention kickin' dance clubs and a huge, beautiful park by a city-made lake.

    Places To GoPie High: The best restaurant in Trical, this is the spot most students go to hang out and goof off. Includes an arcade and a slightly, but certainly comically, malfunctioning cheese dispenser.
    Club Valentino: A very chic club to be seen at, Valentino's has the chilliest music and deepest bass you can generally spazz out to. Unfortunately, there are a few rooms in the back that you aren't 'allowed' in.
    Lionheart Campus Library: Now this is a peaceful place to be. Five stories of books and comfy seats, this is where most students come to nap. I mean, study. With huge windows and an enclosed roof area, this building has some of the best views in California.
    Triosk Mall: Where all the useless trinkets and overpriced food you could ever want resides. Triosk coins the names of Trical and Doisk, two towns adjacent to each other, and puts it on a large sign just so this chaotic and money fishing shopping/dining combo has a name.
    Wismdale Park: The pretty sprawling grounds of the town of Trical, made into a beautiful park. Sporting thirty-eight different species of trees and eighty-two species of flowers, even the air around this gorgeous, carefully landscaped park is lovely.

    On campus, there are three dorms for students to join according to interests:


    Grayvel- Students with interest in athletics, sports, learning combat and becoming a leader. This dorm area is for intelligent people with a passion for strength and protecting.

    Westwill- Highly intuitive and social students with gifts in academics and aiding others. This dorm area is for learning, teaching, and technology.

    Fastrauli- Very shy and quiet students gifted in arts. A peaceful group, with a dorm area of paintings they have done and decorated, reading, and'chilling' areas for honing their skills.
    Character Sheet




    Weight(According to a reference of a height chart with appropriate, healthy weights):


    Grade(For this RP, 10th through 14th. In tenth, students are either 16 or 17, then increases in age until 14th, when students are 20 to 21. Upperclassmen in all races are 13th and 14th):

    Specific Attributes To Character(For Race):


    Why Did You Decide To Come Here?:




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  2. I'm very much interested in this group!
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  4. Seems interesting. I do have a few questions, though.

    From your descriptions of the different races, it feels as though you're limited to a very specific personality type for each race. While I do understand that some species might be more prone towards a particular temperament, I think a bit more freedom of choice would do wonders.

    Also, could you please elaborate a bit more on the setting? Do humans know of these races/ or the academy? Do they generally get along, if they're aware of it? Or are the Supernatural species supposed to blend in and avoid letting out their secret at all costs? I'm getting a Hogwarts sort of feel from what you've explained about the academy so far. Is there only one of these? Is the Supernatural community small enough that only one such place would suffice?

    What about hybrids? Can these races procreate with humans or people of a different supernatural race than their own? Is it like a 50/50 chance as to which parent the child takes after?
  5. Oooo im interested in this not sure what race I might pick though
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