Embracing It!(Idea for a Group RP?)

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  1. So uh....I've never made an RP on such a complex and professional site like this! I really want to though, because I have an RP idea I'd really like to put out somewhere besides just in my head....

    Would anyone be interested in an RP with several different 'races', supernatural, and romantic themes? Such as Incubi and Lycons and Cherubs attending the same school to name something? I mean, it's in a school kind of setting, but it's not school plot centered. I mostly want to make this for creating the world and having these students attending to be on a type of 'soul-search'. I.E., for it to be about them being general teens/adults and not having tons of focus on 'schooling' or lessons, but rather growing up as a being part of the supernatural and finding out suddenly.

    I think it'd mostly have character development and conflict, inner and between character, and be a fun idea!
  2. Well, let's see them. I don't know anyone who ever passed a mind reading class.
  3. Possibly that due to my inexperience with all these new do dadsies on this forum....I had to edit. Twice. I don't know what happened?

    Anyways, I will now edit this part as well as I beg for people to give me a little time to adjust to all these strange changes :P

    There we go~ Gah, this has been a mess already....Sorry.
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  4. I agree, that kind of idea would be interesting.
  5. Depends on what kind of conflicts I would slip into the plotline, wouldn't it? Could be happy little sunshine rays to ease the students along in their lives, or I could inject a bit of tarnish into it and see how well they face it.

    Probably both. Like usual.
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  6. Hey, look, I actually have the RP up! It should be a pretty relaxed and fun story, if anyone's interested!

    It has Incubi, Lycons, Sirens, Cherubs and Shades in it, takes place in California, and took a hella long time to make XD.

    You can choose from three dorms, go explore around campus and around the town of Tical and generally have a fun, possibly conflict-filled time! If you're interested, it's in miscellaneous, down in Group RP so you can message or PM me.
  7. Any particular reason for choosing such an unusual selection of races? Sex demons (I'm assuming Succubi will be available too), werewolves, carnivorous mermaids, ghosts and low-level angels... I can't see any connection between these things XD
  8. Exactly why I think they'll work. They're not the traditional viewing of these types of creatures; there my unique take on them. So yes, they may seem unusual to be put together, but in the way I've brought them together, I believe that it will work out well. :3

    And yes, of course Succubi will be an option. I suppose I said Incubi because it's one of those gender encompassing things, like with 'mankind', you think of all genders.
  9. I think Succubus would actually be the default for that, since they're sex demons and due to the media market, succubi are more common.
  10. Heh, thanks for letting me know...I'm not one for media traditions though. I like what's not as common as what is generally 'stereotyped', but thank you. The races in the RP aren't really set to what's expected or what is traditionally seen from them. They all have guidelines set specifically to the RP, rather than the universal understanding of these creatures. But, again, thank you~ :3
  11. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've explained those differences then? cos I'm pretty sure you forgot to do that here at least.
  12. *sheepish expression* Yeah, I've actually made the RP, over in the Info for Group RPs....That's where it's got the races as well.
  13. Oh hah, I never saw that :P
  14. Don't worry about it~! It's not a big deal hon bun 7u7
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