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Embers (Hana ✗ Sen)

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    As of 24/12/2015, this is no longer a Liberteen Roleplay. Past sexual content before this date would be placed under spoiler tags in accordance with site rules.

    In the land of Nora, Humans can no longer stand up to the fierce and numberless hordes of demons emerging from the Northern Lands. The demons roamed everywhere in the land, avoiding towns and killing off travelling humans. Cunning demons disguised themselves as Humans and hid in cities and towns, managing shady businesses and walking among the people.

    Before broken bonds there was a beginning. How two lives changed because of one single contract. Such contracts come with a price, to give the demon who would fight by your side anything from the summoner's body or soul. A strange, uncommon request was made.

    The adventures of a new contract pairing, Selene and Phynex began to unfold. Meeting hurdles, exploring the world, discovering new things. A future to be shared between the both of them, and they couldn't be happier.

    Main Characters:
    • Phynex the Fire Demon - Sen
    • Selene the Huntress and Heiress - Hana
    Supporting Characters:
    • Jasper the Weapon's Genius - Sen
    • Millia the Cafe Waitress - Hana
    • Aidan (Hunter) - Hana
    • Asher Averill (Legendary Hunter) - Hana
    • Alita (Tattooist and Contract Sealer) - Hana
    • Belinda (Healer) - Sen
    • Golem (One Man Defence) - Sen
    • Orion (Shadow Demon, Researcher and Historian) - Hana
    • Jared (Fallen Heir of His Family) - Hana
    • Aimee (Traumatized Huntress) - Sen
    • Ra (Hunter of the Sands) - Sen
    • Delilah (Siren) - Sen
    • Namah (Sexy Incubus) - Sen
    • Kit (Seductress Hunter and Recon Specialist)
    • Rina (Naga Snake Waitress) - Hana
    • Yuras (Hunter from the Northern Lands) - Hana
    • Huli (Hopeless Admirer) - Sen
    • Crane (Old One and Seals Founder/Mistress) - Hana
    • Kimyotake (Old One) - Sen
    • ??? (Fire Nymph Mapmaker)
    • Merith (Lumist Priestess) - Sen
    • Aisha (Councilwoman) - Hana
    • Calder (Ancient God/Being) - Hana

    Original Coding: Hana.

    Welcome to Phantisamine.

    Nicknamed the hottest place in Hell, it certainly lives up to it. A place where lava runs free on the dried, seemingly dead plains. All you can see from a glance are a sea of red and tall rocks, spewing volcanoes and an unwelcoming sight. Only demons who can withstand the ferocious heat could ever live here, and those who cannot would be burn to a crisp upon entering. No one is surprised when a roar of a volcano destroys the silence, coughing up the ash that blankets the sky and more of the flesh melting red liquid down below. The only plants that grow here are strange grey ones, thin and gnarly trees that grow shrunken fruits with an odd taste. Behind the two largest volcanoes towards the North is a demon city. Protected and hidden by the cloud of smoke from the guardian volcanoes, only natives can visit the city, with the exception of those who have knowledge of the place. Phantisamine is not for the faint of heart.

    There are many types of demons living in Phantisamine, most controllers of burning fires and the steady earth. One such demon is a young - compared to other demons, anyway - fire demon named Phynex. The size of a horse and measuring monstrously long, he was a draconic beast. Covered in welts, earned from his childhood and first contact with lava, he was armed to the teeth. Spikes lined his back and tail, his talons were as sharp as knives, he has a strange mouth like organ at the end of his tail that could act as a second mouth, lined with small pin like teeth. His body seemed to be made out of rocks and lava itself, swirling around his body but clinging to his frame instead of dripping all over the place. His front legs - that also served as arms - were corded with hard muscle from fighting and training, and although his hind legs were much shorter, they were powerful enough to let him run great speeds. He had no eyes, but he could see in another way as if he did. Wings sprouted from his back, also lined with spikes and powerful muscle. They looked like ripped cloth, holes dotted everywhere, but it was stable enough to let him fly.

    Phynex didn't truly know who he was. He knew he was born to a high-tier demon who mated with a middle-tier demon, but being almost five hundred years old, Phynex couldn't remember their faces well. Most demons lived long, but his were dead. They must have done something to anger the older demons. He recalled them just...disappearing from his life. Only when he grew up did he learn that they had been locked away from Phantisamine and never allowed to return home. Why? He didn't know. He asked, but who would give an answer? Phynex managed to survive in the land of fire, eating the wild fruits and making barely any money to live a simple life in the city by taking jobs. As he grew, he decided to go travelling. It was rare for demons in Phantisamine to leave their own land, but the demon wanted to see everything. The fire demon stood in front of the castle of Satan himself, been at the edge of Tartarus and heard the howls of the old ones below.

    He returned when he was four hundred, alone and tired. Along his journey he kept to himself, he had no companions. He didn't know how to make them. The fire demon was awkward, having no experience with such a thing. Phynex had relationships with demonesses, yes, but friends? That wasn't a word he knew the true meaning of.

    Today, after picking a few of the fruits that grew in this hellhole, he had decided to rest in one of the dug out pits. Filled to the brim with lava, he had stepped in to bathe himself. To other non-fire demons the pits were dangerous and could easily take lives, but to him it was relieving and refreshing, ease tenseness in his body and a good type of therapy. Lazily he ate the fruit, relaxing in the lava pit.
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  2. The key to gaining the contract with no harm to the hunter is through calm. I hope this is right, since I don't really want to die on my birthday.

    It had always been agreed by most people that Selene Averill was never a normal child. Most would agree even more upon learning, that upon her fifteenth birthday, she had promptly gone against her father's wishes of a relatively normal life for her, and upon doing so, changed a path that had been set for her since her bloodied entrance into the world. Had she set on the normal way of the hunters of Nora, Selene would still have made a name for herself, with the talent and skill bred and passed down from generations of born killers and hunters of demons, but by summoning a demon - the action caused small ripples on the water that was her future, and the future of the people around her, finally ending in a crashing wave.

    They said that the beat of a butterfly's wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. The Averills were known for their attachments to demons, so it shouldn't have been such a huge action in the eyes of others. Had Selene not been the final daughter of the famed demon hunting family, that is. But for now, the young girl knew only of her family through the stories of her father, and a certain demon that had a former tie with him. She knew they were a feared family, and that a lot was expected of her, but she had more reasons to herself that she didn't let others know.

    Because what real attachment would one have to people they had never known, and had never met? Her family's loss left a hollow echo in her, with the knowledge she would never meet the people who had raised her father, but in the end they were just names to her. Stories. It was callous, but her motivation for hunting, aside from protecting Nora, was a young boy with green eyes.

    Since childhood, Selene had known what she was going to do once she grew up, and had been preparing for the day since she was a young girl. She wouldn't let the painful, but necessary training that she had gone through under Kasimir and her father to be for nothing, though her father didn't have - this - in mind. Many had called her a prodigy, but it was both equal parts of talent and sheer, bloody-minded determination that had made her become a danger to demons, even without a contract.

    She remembered the argument she had with her closest friend as he was the only one she informed about her decision, before leaving and going here, all on the same day.

    "You don't have to do this-"

    "But I will."

    "Selene, it's dangerous! You told me-"

    "And I do believe this is my choice to make, Jasper. I'll see you after I have created a contract." A look over her shoulder. "Besides, you need the additional protection."

    The large room could be called a hall in its own right, with large windows letting light flood in and show onto the grey stone floor. It was bereft of anything but a girl who stood to one side, sitting on the floor with a heavy leatherbound book, the pages yellowed and crumbling with age, opened out before her. Her hair, which reached just past her shoulders to her mid back, was tied back at the nape of her neck, some of the silver locks left free to frame her face, too short to be tied back.

    She was a beautiful child, with strangely colored hair and violet eyes framed by thick lashes. Her lips were small and full, suiting the delicate, patrician features of her face and her high cheekbones, delicate jawline and chin. She was clothed in a simple black long-sleeved button up shirt, the first two buttons undone and showing the pale, slender column of her throat, highlighting her paleness along with the dark grey pants clinging to her slender legs.

    The girl wasn't yet quite matured enough to be called a woman, but had a small waist and gently curved hips, and a slight chest. One couldn't imagine someone like her to be a demon hunter at all, since she seemed more fitting to be daintily beset in fairy tale clothes or robes, and definitely not someone who would summon a demon just to gain more power. Until they saw the look in her eyes, that is.

    They were out of place on such a youthful face, that much was to be said. Her eyes were cool with determination and purpose as they flicked across the words on the aged, yellowing pages, reading across the conditions and setbacks and understanding with ease. She knew that upon first summoning a demon, getting the demon to calm down was one of the most dangerous stages, and she glanced at the painted runes that were arrayed in a circle in the center of the room.

    She had done it herself, knowing that everything had to be precise and a single mistake or smudged line could be disastrous. The arranging and planning of the runes and the summoning circle, done in black ink, had painstakingly taken her days to create, and in secret, even. No one would be able to stop her from doing this, as they would only learn of what she had done once she had the contract in her hands.

    As the time came, she breathed in and out evenly, keeping her calm for what was to come. Her redhaired 'mentor' had told her stories of the disasters that could come from summoning an angry, volatile demon and botching the first stage of calming them down enough, and making them listen through the hunter's will. Many a hunter had died from their concentration being broken from keeping the wards and spells strong enough to keep a raging demon from breaking through, either through their own terror at the demon they had summoned or through overconfidence.

    Of course, you should have little to fear, do you? Your father and your family were well-known for successful contracts. When they were still alive aside from your father, that is. She had looked over the list of demons Kasimir had suggested to her, and she had finally decided on one. How he had gotten all these true names of demons, she would never know, but maybe she was better off not knowing for now.

    Standing up, she kept her back straight and chin upright, staring intently at the summoning circle before beginning. Words sweeter than liquid honey, almost ironic due to the danger they brought, flowed from her lips as she spoke the ancient spell of her family for summoning a demon, forcefully, into the human world. The required energy would take its toll on her, but it was worth it. For the final act, she took a small breath before breathing out a word that would commonly be impossible for the human tongue to speak, but through her intent to summon the demon, she broke through the barrier.

    I summon the fire demon who goes by the name of Phynex in the human language.
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  3. Friends. What was that? Phynex tossed the word in his mind, rolling it over like ball. He knew the definition, a being that one had a connection to, a mutual affection. But that wasn't the problem. Why didn't he have any bonds? Was it because of his inexposure to the feeling of friendship and in inability to make these connections? He had bonds, bonds where there were love, but most of them were strange to him, and didn't last a lifetime. Maybe he was too strange, or she had enough of his...traits. Possessiveness and extremely territorial, Phynex had these almost distasteful traits. How many times had he tried to shrug them off? It was a masculine demon's nature; beast-like, like she was an object only he could touch or speak loving words to. Though he viewed as protectiveness, others did not. If the fire demon caught another demon looking at his mate the wrong way, that was enough to trigger that monster inside of him. An excuse to pounce out on him, tear him to bits. Dating a succubus was certainly not a good idea for him. He had been in a few relationship, but he never kept in contact with these demonesses, with one exception - a fire nymph who had travelled with him until they parted ways. When was the last time he had seen her? Many years ago, but through letters they communicated, albeit rarely.

    He had met the fire nymph along his journey, and she was on a journey herself as well. She was someone who could have been his first friend if it weren't the strong attraction between the two of them. She had the body of a human woman, naked but her skin was as red as blood. Two long curved horns protruded from her hair, which was made out of fire itself, a burning bush crowning her face. She had clawed hands, burnt pitch black, the same colour as her face. Phynex recalled her unique feet, pointed like a sharpened branch, it was equipped with a strange runic armor. A spaded tail curled around her feet as she walked, something he found adorable. But things didn't work out between the two of them, and since separated.

    Phynex lounged in the pit of lava, floating on it expertly. How was she? He did hope she was well. Feeling uncomfortable, he turned over in the pool, suddenly feeling a force pulling him back. The demon snarled and turned around, was someone pranking him or instigating an attack? But he was alone on the plains, there was no other demon in sight. The force grew stronger, almost like a vacuum, and sucking him towards the sky. Desperately he clawed against the earth, now shouting for help. But the city was far away, and considering the time, he didn't expect anyone out of their homes. The force grew so quickly that Phynex could no longer find the energy to fight it. The last thing he saw was the pit becoming smaller and smaller, his mind vision flickering into the darkness.

    Within minutes it had clearly, but his head felt like it was spinning, making him feel sick. He hauled himself up, waiting for his vision to focus. Not having eyes was not a problem for him, but if his mind was scrambled, so was his vision. He pulled his left arm back, why was the floor cold? It didn't feel like the earth of Phantisamine he was used to. And it was so bright, too bright. He lifted his head and stared at the light pouring from what looked like...outside? Phynex looked down, eyes fixated on the black ink scrawled on the ground. He stepped back in surprise, only to meet some sort of invisible barrier. The fire demon was panicking now. What the hell was happening?

    That was when he spotted the strange figure in front of the ink. A female, with tied up white hair and the strangest eyes. She didn't look like any demon he had seen before...and at this time his mind clicked to a conclusion - a human. Anger flared up inside him, red flashing across his eyes. A human? Trapping him? Angrily he threw himself towards the human girl, colliding with the barrier. His snapped his jaws at it, clawed it furiously with his claws and whipped his tail against it, but nothing was denting it, not even slightly. Phynex bared his teeth at the human girl. "You dare trap me?! Foolish human, when I come out I shall tear you to bits!" he snarled, surprised with his human tongue fluency. He had meant to speak in the demonic tongue, but it came out like gibberish to him, a strange language that felt familiar and clogged up the back of his mind.
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  4. The runes on the ground, arrayed as the summoning circle and the containment for the demon, glowed with an otherwordly light. Selene felt her heart beat faster at the strange glow that shone from the floor, and the sudden tugging feeling inside her. She recognized the feeling as the drain on her own energy, but upon gauging herself, she still had a lot to give. The Averills and most old hunter families were known for their strong vitality and life force, which made them endure much, much more than the newer hunters today, and made them by far more enduring than a normal human. She would be fine... She squinted at the sudden blinding flash that pulsed out from the center, shielding her eyes from most of the glow with her hand, then relaxed as the glow receded into an almost invisible barrier. The barrier was a faint, glowing dome over the summoning circle, and despite herself she felt great relief that that particular ward had worked. It slowly sapped away at her energy levels, but she still had enough time...

    There. Her eyes widened slightly at the flicker of fire, red and furious, in the center of the circle, before it faded to reveal an even more impressive sight. Laid down in the middle of the circle was a demon that resembled the dragons, the size of a large horse. Her eyes spanned the wings on his back, which were sinewy with muscle and corded just as the rest of the demon's elongated body. Spikes protruded from his back, like hard rock, and she could see the glow of lava from him. When she felt him rousing, and suddenly hauling himself up, she tensed before relaxing herself as she felt something focus on her, despite his odd lack of eyes. He was definitely looking at her, and she tried not to wince at the sudden feeling of hostility she felt erupt from his aura, just as he threw himself against the barrier. Selene steeled her nerves and kept her composure on her face, watching with a calm, unperturbed surface as she saw him snap his jaws - oh, those sharp, sharp teeth in his mouth and that tail flicking about in agitation - at her. "Yes, I dare summon you," she stated quietly, eyeing him with vague interest, even though deep down she could feel the nerves and anxiety, and the undertone of exhilaration.

    Selene had heard the description from Kasimir about this demon, amongst the others he had listed for her. A demon that was mid-to-upper tier, with the potential to become very, very powerful. This wasn't just a demon that was powerful from birth, she could see that he had trained himself, and had gone through hardships that had strengthened him into the feral demon before her now. Selene had an appreciation for the will to fight, though she never pushed for violence if she could help it. She could admire the ferocity of the creature before her, even though a small voice in the back of her head told her this could become very, very ugly if she didn't handle things carefully. Now, to business. For Jasper and the humans. But more for Jasper, she told herself firmly, and on the outside her eyes glinted with steely determination.

    "I mean no harm to you," she continued on, keeping a calm face in contrast to the ball of rage and fire currently thrashing against the barrier to get to her. Yes, Jasper's mutterings about her being slightly - maybe a lot - crazy had some root to it. Selene knew not to act submissive or eager to please in front of a potential contract, as the demon would zoom in on any weakness or opportunity to get much more out of a deal than the hunter would want. Her expression finally hardened slightly as she stared back with only alertness, but no fear, at the demon. "Today, I summoned you to negotiate a contract. Hear me out, before you make your judgement." In which case she had to take care to keep the barrier strong enough to get away and call for assistance, but Selene was adamant to keep this between her... And this demon only.
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  5. Phynex continued to snarl, throwing himself powerfully against the barrier but not able to break through. He could sense the powerful magic at work, keeping him inside the runes and the willpower of the human girl in front him holding it all together. He raised his arm and brought it down upon the solid air, scowling as it bounced uselessly back. He wasn't in any potential danger by being trapped in here, but he couldn't get to the girl, nor could he escape. He could barely hear the voice of the girl, calm and collected, over the sound of his bashing and angry growls. It made him even angrier, her words - though her voice didn't seem to have the motive - made her seem like she was superior to him. Who did she think she was? He was a demon, dweller of Phantisamine and certainly not someone who will bow to a puny two legged human. If he wanted to, he could snap her like a twig.

    What he didn't understand was how he was brought here. It looked like summoning magic at work, but that didn't make sense. Phynex had a very basic grasp on summoning, and knew that it required the demon's true name. A true name is a powerful source, and uttering it can affect the owner of the name, giving power to the one who spoke. But no one knew his true name, he never gave it out to anyone. Not even the ones he was romantically involved with, it was someone that was kept a secret by all demons, a true name is a taboo subject to all. This situation was impossible, a human girl would not know his true name. His true name couldn't even be pronounced in the human tongue! This was a nightmare, right? Had he fallen asleep in the pit? No, it was too real. There was that tightness in his chest, something the demon would feel when their true name is uttered, power leashed and handed to the human girl.

    Continuously and tirelessly he bashed the walls of the barriers as if his life depended on it, each one accompanied with a snarl or a roar. Once or twice he opened his mouth and breathed out blasts of burning fire, trying to burn down the walls but to no prevail. Slashing uselessly, Phynex was beginning to think it was impossible to escape unless he wore the girl down, so he kept trying, Punishing the barrier and damaging it, requiring the girl to hold the spell up. No human could last long, he imagined himself shattering the barrier and jumping on the human. He'd never tasted human flesh before, but rumors says it is sweeter than any meat in Hell. Phynex stopped to breathe, his breath ragged and laboured. "No harm to me? Ha! What is this then?" he growled, giving one strong punch to the barrier. Her words, however, piped his interest. "A contract? With me? Are you insane, human girl?" Contracts were another taboo subject. Demons who allied themselves with the humans to fight their own kind, who would want to do that? True, Phynex didn't consider himself a patriot, knowing demons are the reason why his parents were not with him today. Demons were so complicated and difficult. But the thought of being with a human was alienish.
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  6. Selene couldn't stop herself from arching a brow at his retort, before, with just as sharp return, she murmured, "Would you have listened to me if I hadn't put up the barrier?" She kept her tone even and rational before his anger, knowing the truth in her words. If she hadn't put up the barriers to bind him, he probably would have gotten to her by now, infuriated and incensed that he had been summoned by a human. It was only a precaution - a necessary one. "Do not put words in my mouth, demon," a hint of warning finally showed in her voice as she narrowed her eyes almost imperceptibly. "Neither of us will bow down to each other, if that is what you think about contracts." She wasn't cowed by his anger and his threats, though both of them knew how easily he could hurt her if the barrier wasn't there. "I haven't come this far just to back away," she said in a softer voice, speaking to herself, before she pinned the demon with a - if not commanding - but forceful look. She could feel the hits on the barrier as even more impact on her reserves, so she had to do this fast - but careful.

    Her lips curved up slightly in a faint smile at his next words. Insane? "And I assure you, I am quite aware of what I want," she continued on in a calmer tone from her earlier warning, deigning to approach the barrier even closer. It still held strong with her purpose and her will over the magic, and she inwardly felt relief that she had practiced tirelessly on spells like this before. It was a drain on her reserves, and a challenge to match her will against the demon's, but other than that it was easy to control the barrier and the other backup spells she had laid out. She leaned forward slightly, watching him snarl and snap, and not flinching away from the occasional roar. Demons could really be... Beastly. She remembered Kasimir and his decided cultured air about him, though, and knew that if she managed it, the one before her could easily be just as reasonable. "A contract between a hunter and a demon is supposed to be an equal exchange." She circled around the barrier, still keeping a wary eye on the demon and checking the strength of her barrier. Selene paced around with a supernatural grace, fluid and trained, one movement flowing smoothly into the next. "For fighting alongside me, I would offer you something in return."

    She felt more nervous about this than she wanted to admit, her eyes tightening slightly for a moment. Selene knew what demons could demand of a hunter, and sometimes, the hunter was desperate - or frightened enough - to agree to what the demon wanted. Some had to give up their souls as part of the bargain, the demon coming to reap their rewards - either as a meal, or something to torture, or a toy - at the end of that hunter's lifespan. Some demanded payment in the matters of the flesh, the hunter being forced to give their body to the demon just to get that additional power and a demon by their side. There were some that promised their firstborn, or their children, or the rest of their generations to a demon, even. She knew a hunter family that had just died out, due to a foolish decision from long ago that promised the next younger generations to the demon's leisure. Selene was determined not to let it come to that, but if she had to...

    "A contract also gives power the demon depending on the strength of the hunter," she pushed away the earlier thoughts and focused on the present, crossing her arms. He would receive quite a boon in power and reflexes, she was one of the top hunters, far advanced past others her age. "I will also teach you about the human world, as I am sure you have never seen it before?" She raised an eyebrow, from Kasimir's notes, this demon had never seen anything outside of his home world, Phantisiamine. While she would be careful not to give him anything that would give him an advantage against the hunters and humans, she could easily let him know about the other things up here in the human world. Other contract demons from before had been said to grow fond of it, after all, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad "We can reach an agreement, depending on what you ask in return," she finished, finally coming to a stop right in front of him again.
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  7. Phynex shrugged, she did have a point. He wasn't seeing it from her point of view. But then again, it was rude to just pull him when he was relaxing to some strange new world even with her intentions. Tired from attacking the barrier, he sat down on his hind legs, eyeing the human girl with his 'mental vision' or so he referred it as. Phynex had never met any humans before, in fact, he had never been up here in the surface world. It was so cold here, colder than the home he was used to. The floor wasn't the earth he knew well, but a light green with darker green lines snaking all over it like veins. Light was pouring out of the windows, the first time he had ever seen light. Phantisamine - and most of hell - was dark, the only light coming from magic or fire.

    He may not be physically attacking the barrier, but he was with his willpower. Pushing against the magic and the force, he waited for the human's power to crumble, the right moment to strike. Not only had he trained his body but also his mind, to be able to take on anything. What could a human possibly want from a demon? Absurd, taking something from the demons to use it against them? Humans had such strange magic and rules, it would have been fascinating if he weren't trapped inside these runes. When the human girl neared him, he snapped his jaw, grinning crudely at her and showing her his sharp teeth along with a intimidating growl, but nothing seemed to faze her. He had heard from other demons that humans were weak and easily frightened creatures, gulliable, as well. But this one seemed a little too different. Her face was indifferent, cold and calculating. Composing herself and not letting any emotions through. And her willpower was no joke, she could even overthrow the low-tier demons if she tried. "An equal exchange?" he murmured to himself. "Fight alongside you?" Phynex echoed, about to roll his eyes at the idea when he heard the next line. I would offer you something in return. She made it sound like it could be anything. Could it? His grin faded. A demon could ask for anything. Many stories have reached his ears, and he had heard his fair share of stories about demons being the masters of humans, through their mind and body. Souls being promised to the demon and reaped, a painful process at the end of a life. "And I may ask for anything?" he asked with new curiosity to his voice.

    "You are saying if I fight by you, I receive power and anything I wish?" Phynex growled at her, "What is in it for you, human?" he said in his deep voice, accusingly. The scales were imbalanced, it looked like he was getting more than the human girl. An 'equal exchange'? Didn't sound like it to him. The idea of being able to ask for anything was tempting, he had never had a wish granted. What could he ask for? He peered at her, examining her closely. He could follow the examples of the older demons and make her his slave, become a dominant figure. But was that what he truly wanted? What did he want? Phynex didn't know, or did he? He knew about his lack of connections and bonds, how he had no friends. Nor did he have a family. Truly, he was utterly alone. He had no companions...no partner. Phynex took one more look at the human girl, would companionship be a strange request?
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  8. She tilted her head, eyes narrowing as she caught the growing interest and curiosity in the demon's deep voice. How he was capable of human speech in such a form was anybody's guess. But now, she honed in on his piqued curiosity, and nodded. "You may ask for anything, and I could either agree or not agree, or look for other options with you. This is a negotiation, demon, make no mistake." Selene concurred, but her voice was firm and immovable. She smiled again, a faint smirk on her lips, at his next question. "Yes, power, and an agreement on something you want," her voice was a little grim at the later part, but Selene had already made a decision. She could feel this demon's will imposing on hers, but she carefully hid any sign of strain away, knowing he was looking for an opening. This demon was no fool; she had seen demons that could be dunderheads for all the lack of cunning and finesse they had, believing they could push humans through brute force and intimidation.

    And ah, was he looking for the catch in this agreement? Her smile widened slightly, though it wasn't a friendly expression. Leaning forward, she met the demon's eyeless stare. "What's in it for me? You will fight for me, and alongside me. The power exchange, despite your assumptions, goes both ways," she dropped the smile, staring him down, eyes roving over the corded muscle and spiked rock, and the lava that glowed red. The hunter would gain additional power and reserves from just the mere bond with the demon, and with the demon lending his fighting with the hunter, it was a pretty even deal.

    Had the demons not demanded too much of the desperate ones, that is. "We both know that I know your true name," her voice was carefully neutral, neither mocking nor gloating about the power she could hold over him with just that knowledge. "And with that, I can summon you wherever, whenever you are, through the contract. You are also held under the clause that you cannot harm, or kill, your contracted, until the contract is either broken off, or it is a part of the deal." There were laws, ancient magic binding rules that had been set long before Nora was overtaken, or even came to be, that had been put over deals. Sadly, demons had found some ways to get around the rules and still cause more harm than good sometimes.

    "I also get a partner that would work with me," Selene's voice had gotten quieter as she leaned back. One reason that she would never admit willingly was, no one of the other hunters wanted to work with her. The older hunters already had their own groups or partners, but the ones her age, currently, saw her current standing as something to envy. She remembered her early days just starting with the other young hunters, all aged ten to twelve, with slight bitterness. The young girl back then had expected to meet people who would understand her, maybe even be friends with her. It became clear as time passed and Selene started proving herself that no one really liked someone who was so far ahead. Even then, she never really understood how friendships worked, aside from her one friendship with Jasper. She was pretty sure that if she had met the boy later rather than sooner, when they were so young, he wouldn't have liked her either.

    Apparently, to her supposed peers, she was arrogant and a know-it-all in the words of the other youngsters. She was flaunting her family name and using favoritism. She was the freak that only stayed with her books and only trained like a robot and had no friends or a life outside of it. Why they thought she only cared about training when she actually wanted to get to know them... And she was doing it for Jasper. She knew she had so much expectations to meet, but she only really did it because of her best friend. And these other ones her age... They only ever talked to her whenever they wanted her help, and even grew angry at her if she reminded them they had to learn through experience. So yes, friendship with others her age was off. Other than Jasper, she didn't really have much other people to talk to other than her father or Kasimir. Selene was starting to understand they weren't exactly what you have for a normal childhood, if the unnerved looks the trainers and the other kids would give her. "Ruthless, colder than even some of our colleagues at our age," she had overheard one of the older hunters say about her, shaking his head.

    "So, Phynex," Selene murmured his name in the human language, getting a feel for it. "What do you want that I could try and give you?"
  9. A chance, Phynex saw it as. A chance to try something he never did before. He could have asked for slavery, her submission, body or soul, but he wanted something a little different. "Companionship, human. I want your companionship," Phynex said in a low voice, tilting his head. If they became partners, would she be by his side? He found life lonely without a companion, and the journeys he had taken were slow and silent. He ate alone, slept along, walked through tall forests and weaved through mountains alone. The brief moment he had with the fire nymph may not be significant to others, but it was very special to him. Hundreds of years had passed since they parted ways. Now it was time to start a new journey, in a new world, with a guide who would hopefully be a friend.

    Clearing away his initial anger and doubts away, he saw more opportunities. Working with the human would be like bonding, yes? He would see new sights, learn things about the human world. A completely different place altogether with new people, plants and food. He felt like an alien. And the shared power didn't seem bad now, if she received new or improved powers, he will too. Maybe it was time to start afresh, forget the lonely life he had back in the underworld. No more prowling the streets searching long forgotten answers to his dead parents, no more living simply while hearing the buzz of other demons with their friends down in the streets below. No one will know him in the human world, no one to recognize him. This human girl could be someone that could help him, a hand in the dark that could pull him out.

    Phynex glanced at the window at the sound of chirping. Outside, he could see the clear blue sky, an oddity to him, living in a world where the sky had always been a grey colour. Peeping out from the corner was what seemed like a spiky green cloud, growing from the floor, attached to what looked like the gnarled fruit trees back in Phantisamine but fuller and thicker. Was that a tree? It was shockingly green, the colour not registering in his mind. Phynex had been to the forests of the underworld, where they were tall and blocked the sky, leaves a murky brown and spiky like quills. The human world was a stark contrast to his own world, and it fascinated him.
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  10. Companionship? I'm not sure what kind of companionship you're asking for... Selene had been expecting something along the lines of 'your firstborn', 'your body', or 'your soul', and when he stated that, so simple, the girl could only blink. After a moment, she murmured, "Companionship, huh? Is that all that you want?" She asked, cautious as ever. Companionship could mean any number of things, and knowing demons, they might try and find loopholes in any agreement. She looked to where he seemed to be looking at, outside the wide windows. Despite his lack of eyes, she could feel something like... Curiosity? The demon seemed curious of the outside, and she remembered he probably had never seen anything like that in Phantisiamine or in hell. Kasimir had given a small chuckle at what it was like, and murmured, "Not pretty, that I can say," when she asked him about it.

    The demon seemed to have calmed down, she couldn't sense too much hostility from him, and he didn't seem to be pressing against the barriers as much as he had before. She couldn't let her guard down, though, not when the contract hadn't yet been finalized, with the demon giving his word - sworn an oath by the laws that bound contracts - that he had accepted the contract. Only then could she let herself relax even a little with the knowledge he had sworn by the contract, with the very bond binding him from attacking her or trying anything.

    His request was odd enough in itself, a demon asking a human for companionship? She didn't know the demons would appreciate anything like that, hearing that they loved power and maybe the lustful endeavors, as well as material wealth when it came to the human realm. But for him to ask something like this... Had he never had a companion before? She could pick up on how he gingerly said the word, as if he didn't really know what that meant, and it felt like he never had one before. She hoped that was what he meant. If he meant the other kind... She would still push for the contract and try to find another way or option, but if it came down to it...

    The girl turned away for a moment, pursing her lips, though she watched him warily from the corner of her eye. Selene, after a few moments of watching the demon look out the window, murmured, "Well, if you're asking for a companion, you should probably call me Selene." She couldn't believe it, but her voice had taken on a slightly sarcastic tone. "I don't think companions call each other by 'demon' and 'human'."

    She looked back at him again, and wondered how this decision would affect everything. Selene had come expecting large demands that she would try to wrangle an agreement from, but he had stated something that seemed so... Easy. Though maybe she was thinking too far ahead. Selene didn't really know if she made a good companion, she only had Jasper to speak about her, after all. "Do we come to an agreement, then, Phynex?" She breathed out. "Do you swear, on your life and your magic as a demon, to bind yourself to me through a contract? Do you swear that you will fight alongside me, and lend your power to me, as I will give back what you ask for through this deal?"
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  11. Phynex nodded, his 'eyes' still focused outside the window, trying to find the source of the sound. It was beautiful, what was it? Only demon made music rang through the air of Phantisamine, if you excluded the old one's wails in the pits of Tartarus and the screaming servants being whipped by Satan's dearest followers or something morbid like that. Phynex saw a flash of blue, followed by the sound of flapping wings and a small animal flying away and out of sight. "I seek, and wish for companionship, yes. Is it a strange request?" he asked, the lava where eyebrows would have been if he were a human flowing the other direction, almost similar to it being raised. But thinking about it, most demons had friends. Even the murderous ones who were merciless, killed any human or demon on sight, with their also murderous friends, not a lovely group but they had company.

    He could tell she expected him to say the ones he had heard about. Her soul, reaped at her deathbed where it could be eaten or tortured. The demon had the choice of bringing the soul to the underworld where it would be damned and stuck for eternity. Her body, where it could be used to his advantage, no harm may come upon them, according to the rules she had told him, but that didn't mean a demon could use a human to satisfy himself. A doll to play with to the demon and a shameful experience to the human. Demons were also notorious for shattering lines of generations, stealing and killing descendants or raise it to turn away from their own families. For a long time demons have been viewed as malicious and deceiving creatures, even though it was a generalisation.

    "Miss Selene," he greeted, his mouth widening to a smile. "Since you know my true name, would it be fair if I have your last name?" Humans had no true names, but Phynex liked a balanced scale. Selene could control him just by uttering the word, summon him whenever she wished to calm him down. The demon would gain no benefits from learning her family name, but it sounded fair to him. He had strange morals.

    He didn't know what to feel about his whole process of betraying his own kind, but something at the back of his mind, his dead parents, tickled him. That was right, demons didn't care about murdering their own people. Demons who wished to inflict pain on others were a disgrace to his species, this mindset planted its seed inside his mind. If it meant he could eradicate the ones who made the humans create this stereotype for them, Phynex wouldn't mind being on board. He nodded and bowed his head, "I do."
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  12. "For a demon, perhaps," Selene chose to reply bluntly, not seeing the point in skipping around, when both of them knew what she was referring to. "It is a surprise," she acquiesced, nodding as she watched him do the equivalent of raising an eyebrow on his face. It was strange, seeing the lava that seemed to be his eyebrows form that expression. It made him seem more like an intelligent, close to human, being, than the feral beast like how he had almost seemed to be earlier, when he was snarling and snapping at her. Though she still had suspicions in the back of her mind at his request, if she only thought about it on the surface - this demon wanted a companion. A companion is someone to travel with and talk to, to get to know, wasn't it? They would already have much of that if they were going to work together, but Selene had the feeling he was asking for more than just a hunter to fight alongside with. She didn't know what to think - she didn't particularly look like the friendliest sort, despite having Jasper, who was possibly the kindest boy her age. It would probably be laughable irony if she managed to become friends with a demon next, Selene thought wryly, though she knew of her father's past friendship with his own partner.

    But she couldn't deny the strange sense of relief and lightness. He didn't seem the type to use humans like dolls or toys to play with and to kill, like how she had seen some really sick bastards do before. From how he spoke, Phynex seemed like an intelligent, but young person - even though he probably had centuries living already. It was odd, how the demon seemed young, but at the same time world weary and knowledgeable. She knew he had already known what she was expecting him to demand. But she kept her expression businesslike again, reminding herself this was still a demon. He would have to do a lot to prove or ingratiate himself with her before she even let her guard down around him, and if he proved to be the wrong sort, that would never happen. It could go any way now. She could have a demon to rely on to fight with, a good partner at most, or someone she had to be on guard around, and at constant odds with, at worst.

    "Averill. Selene Averill, fair enough," she murmured, watching his teeth bare at her... Was that a smile? It felt different from the teeth baring snarls he had shown her earlier, there was something more amiable about him now, though she couldn't yet ignore the glinting, sharp teeth. He did bare them at her earlier, after all, but this felt like... A smile. How strange. A demon smiling, and asking for her family name, just to be fair - though they both knew her full name wouldn't give him the same hold she had over him.

    At his reply, she already felt the ancient magic of contracts rousing around them, a subtle feeling working its way inside her. But one more thing... "Then," Selene spoke his true name aloud again, feeling the taste of power and magic at the utterance leaving her lips. "You must swear, using your true name, all that you have agreed to." Her voice was solemn. "And in return, I, Selene Averill, will be your contract partner, and I will fulfill what you asked for as best as I could." She just hoped he would be fine with a taciturn partner, she was never the talkative type... And Selene could admit that she was unintentionally cold sometimes. Though she would be teaching him much about the human world as soon as they sealed the partnership, which meant she had a lot to talk about in the first few weeks of knowing him.
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  13. "Miss Selene Averill," he murmured, repeating the name to familiarise himself with it. It was very beautiful, it sounded very elegant. But Phynex himself was comparing it to demon name, having no other human names in his kind. It just sounded very elegant to his ears. What did her name mean? Did it even have a meaning? He had already asked her for her last name, it would be rude to ask for a meaning as well. The demon kept those questions to himself, much to his regret and ignoring the itch to display his usual curiousity for everything.

    So his request was a surprise...like his prediction. Hopefully, Phynex wasn't the only one out there not to have many bonds. He examined Selene, all he knew about her was the cold and collected look upon her face, something that looked like she had practised for or eerily natural. Her expression irked him, but what could he do about it? Phynex didn't know anything about her, and assuming she knew his true name, she would know a few things about him. Again, the unbalanced scales have reappeared. Would they get along? What if his personality clashed with hers? What if his underlying traits emerged and put her off? The demon was anxious, having a friend was challenging. For now, he should try to appear friendly and easily approached. The answer wouldn't be the usual snarls and growls, snaps and roars in an attempt to show who was in charge, display dominance and power and create fear. They didn't affect the girl anyway. Phynex knew she wasn't an ordinary human. There was something special about her; her extraordinarily powerful willpower that he knew could surpass low tier demons, the way she took her stances and the runes that surrounded him - assuming she was the one who set the spell up.

    As soon as he said those two words, he could feel something swirling inside him. Powerful magic that was nor angelic, human or demon. The magic of ancient bindings charging up his entire body and making him feel more powerful. Who knew two words could do so much? But when Selene called out to him with his true name, the effect was more powerful than the binding magic looming in the air. A sudden tightness that was now familiar, it felt like someone had grabbed his chest and was dragging him around. Phynex shook his head, shaking off the jolts of power coursing through his body from the tip of his tail to the tip of his curled horns. "I swear upon my life and magic that I will bind myself to Selene Averill with a contract, fight by her and lend her my power in return for my wish."
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  14. The magic around them responded, a sudden warmth washing over both of them, a gentle caress, as the ancient magic let them know they had accepted the contract. "It is done," Selene let out a breath she had been almost subconsciously holding, oddly feeling unburdened, like a great weight had been taken off her shoulders. But at the same time, a sudden weariness came over her, and as she now knew the contract had been cemented by the demon's word and his true name, she let the powerful barrier down. She resisted the urge to rub her temples. That had been draining. She was at a relatively low point currently. Those runes and barriers had leeched a lot from her, and it was still quite early on in the day. Her friend would be wondering where she was now, considering what day the day meant. The girl sighed inaudibly, at the very least her father knew not to panic or look so hard for her, and probably assumed she was spending her day as she liked. If Jasper hadn't told on me to Father.

    Despite the urge to just sit down and lean back, take a breather, Selene found she couldn't relax any further. She was relieved that the contract had gone through, but the presence of a demon - and such a powerful one - so close to her still set her on edge, though she didn't show it. Even if he was now her contract partner... Then there was his odd request. What kind of companion did he really want? Selene looked out the wide windows, a small frown passing across her face before quickly disappearing. She then gathered up the heavy book on the floor, and the paper that contained the names of the demons. She would burn the paper later. It wasn't good to keep around copies of demons' true names, even if it wasn't spoken. She had already gotten a contract partner, so there was no reason to let it linger. Her father would have a stern talking to with Kasimir, with the kinds of demons the redhead had put down. Demons with vicious poison ranging from large insectoids - Selene had no desire to be with a large spider or insect at all - to slimy, slithering snakes with slitted eyes and even a basilisk-like power, a large tiger demon that was like Byakko, a corrupted manticore-like creature... Yes, Kasimir either thought she would like such demons, or the smiling demon had it in for her. It was confusing which.

    She wanted someone who could do battle beside her and who she could teach to work with her. The snakelike demons were one of the hardest to put your trust in, the tiger demons were prideful and vicious, but would have made good mounts if you could actually get them to be willing, and what was she going to do with a manticore? Phynex's power of fire would have seemed simple in comparison to a basilisk stare, which would have been useful, but Selene didn't underestimate the power of fire. She didn't need fast, coiling snakes, she needed someone who could balance out with her own skillset.

    She looked at the demon in front of her. "Did I interrupt you from something, earlier?" The question was direct, but Selene offered no obvious apology as she looked at him, scrutinizing. It was still disconcerting that the demon so swiftly went from seething rage, a snarling, snapping beast, to the almost friendly looking demon that now sat on his haunches before her. She had an odd feeling that he was trying something, or that he expected something from her, as he looked upon her.
  15. He could feel strange power flowing through him, breathing a new life into him. He wondered what he had truly done, why he signed a contract. But Phynex could sense deep inside that this was right, it seemed right. He wasn't cut out to be a pure demon after all. Betrayal never felt so...good. Still sitting on his haunches, he took his time looking at his now contractor. He could tell it was a human female, a slender body that was surrounded by flowing white hair. She had beauty, compared to the demonesses he had met, but it was a strange yet alluring beauty. Phynex saw the look on her face, calm, cool and collected, even indifferent, and that ruined the image of beauty for him. Her eyes were strange, a mixture of many colours that he'd rarely seen in the depths of the underworld. Blues and violets, contrasting the powerful reds and browns that clearly dominated the landscape of the underworld. Even forests seemed so gloomy, not like the bushy green trees outside the room he was in, surrounded by beautiful noises like the song he had heard earlier.

    Phynex watched the barrier disappear, like a ripple in the air. Cautiously, he raised his arm and held it out, trying to pass the boundaries he was trapped in mere seconds ago. The fire demon gasped, watching his hands pass the runes on the floor. Joyfully, he sat up and walked around the circle of runes, feeling more free than ever. His hind legs were short compared to his front, but they were still strong nevertheless, bounded in muscle from years of travelling. But because their strength were nothing compared to his arms, standing on his hind legs was physically impossible. Phynex roamed the room, his back severely hunched over, sniffing everything and peering curiously at the strewn books and out the window at the human world beyond.

    "Indeed, yes. I was taking a bath," Phynex mumbled. For some odd reason, that seemed like ages ago. Was this another effect of the contract he had just been binded to? It didn't seem like he lived in the underworld a few minutes ago, bathing in a pool of lava and relaxing, it seemed like years ago. Phynex felt like he had lived in the human world for ages, that he belonged on the human plain.
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  16. She thought Phantisiamine didn't have any water at all, being only earth, earth, and lava, and fire? Hmm... Lava was almost like a liquid, maybe. "A bath? In Phantisiamine...?" Selene blinked, her curiosity piqued, even as she watched him happily step past the runes. She half-murmured her curious response to herself, warily knowing that it might annoy the demon. The demon did have a rocky and fiery exterior, so maybe lava was like water to his body. She knew he probably wouldn't take well to water, after all. Now this... Phynex almost seemed like a small animal, with how he curiously sniffed at everything in the wide room. It was at odds with his large, powerfully built body, how he seemed to be curious and awed by everything around him. She held the large book closer to her. "I'm going out for a moment," she called out to him from across the room, moving towards the exit, the wide, double doors.

    She turned her back to him, though her attention was still ever on him even if she wasn't looking. "Or do you-" she stopped. How could he get out now, at broad daylight, without calling attention to her and himself? She had summoned him in a hunter's district in the city, which was mostly empty buildings and hunters' dwellings were either underground. There was rarely anyone, but she didn't want to risk anyone seeing him just yet, though she did tell one older hunter that she was going to get a demon. The man had laughed a little, indulging what he took to be a young one's wishful and prideful thinking. Maybe after a time, he would be able to get his human form as he gained enough control and grew used to the human world. Now, they could only go together during the night.

    "I'll be back," she finally said, voice even as she pushed open one of the double doors, the heavy wood swinging open. There was a creaking sound associated with an old place, and wind soon sounded and rushed in, brushing back her hair and seeming to seep through her clothes. Selene shivered slightly, feeling oddly cold despite the sun shining down, and attributed it to the exertion from summoning the demon, keeping the barrier up, and finalizing the contract earlier.
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  17. "There are many pits, we are free to slip in and take a bath if we wish," he explained. The lava pits were a common sight, especially around the outer ring of Phantisamine, beyond the volcanoes. The pits that resided near the erupting hills were the warmest, but not considered safe for earth type demons since the volcanoes were mostly active, spewing the liquid at any given moment. Such force could easily take out a non-fire oriented demon, who would enjoy the moment. Phynex was a bit of both, he wasn't sure if his father was the fire demon, or his mother. But the fire demon steered clear from the volcanoes, even he found it very unsafe. His thoughts were broken at the voice of Selene. Phynex had been examining the room, which was rather large, and finding everything fascinating. The marble floor was so cold, and he found himself following the green veins like a puppy chasing a tennis ball. The books that he could see were not familiar to him, not written in a language he knew very well, but he could tell they were about the summoning rituals, pictures of spells and runes for the inexperienced. At her words, he moved towards her, wanting to come with Selene and see the outside world.

    But then he stopped. Humans would not welcome the sight of him. Phynex was terrifying, a gruesome creature that would give any human nightmares. It would be better if he stayed here, away from the outside world until he was ready to come out. Humans and demons ever got along well, and he knew there were some out there who would shoot him upon sight. The war he had heard so much about was a bloody and long one. The fire demon shook his head and returned to the books, sitting down on his hind legs and watching the huntress go. If she said she was going to come back, then he believed her.

    He felt the cool breeze of the outside world, a familiar feeling he related to one of his adventures, but it felt alien as well. Human air was strange smelling, but much clearer. Not filled with ash and smoke that choked foreigners, something he was used to. It only lasted for a brief moment, before the woman stepped out and closed the doors behind her. Blinking to himself, Phynex picked up one of the books and flipped it to a random page, examining the words with curiousity.
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  18. As soon as she had closed the door behind her, Selene leaned against it and breathed out. She had done it, she now had a contract with a demon following the ways of her family. Despite not acting or saying it openly, she had always been worried that she would somehow disappoint in the eyes of her father, or not live up to the family's supposed notoriety. Even if Jasper would tell her that her father would value her safety first, she was the only one he had left, how would they know? She looked around her, feeling somewhat disconcerted. With this action, she had the feeling that everything had just tipped over on an already slightly tilted axis. Despite that, everything still felt normal. This area of the city was mostly occupied by hunters and their families, and it wasn't an odd sight to see some openly displaying or hinting at the weapons they carried, along with the view of some children listening and enthusiastically trying to mimic the adults. She remembered that when she was their age, her peers had usually played a version of tag called, 'hunt the demons', in which the players - the 'hunters' tried to find out who was the demon, and the demons had to tag the 'hunters' and convert them.

    She said nothing to anyone she passed by and kept her distance, only heading inside one of the few small bakery or cafes. After ordering some food to take away and a cup of coffee, she quickly hurried back to where she had left the demon. On her way back, she was halted by the hunter she had talked to about getting a demon contract. The man, or young man more precisely, he looked to be in his early twenties, had light blond hair that reached just past his shoulders, and was tied back much like hers. His face was clean shaven, and he had dark brown eyes. "So, little miss, got your demon yet?" He asked with a smile, as if he was sharing some kind of personal joke with her. He also called her 'little miss', oddly like Kasimir in that respect, but he never looked at her as a potential danger, or someone to look out for like the demon did. This man's personality towards her was indulgent, and a little condescending, but Selene only nodded. He had given her some useful advice and some good places to hide away from the demons, and even how to get away fast enough - not that she intended to follow that advice.

    The young man blinked down at the girl, clearly not expecting such a blunt reply. "I formed a contract about thirty minutes ago," she explained, and the man seemed to reconsider her. Doubt about himself and a little bit of apprehension was forming in his eyes, but after a moment it was replaced by that indulgent smile again. "Oh, really? Can you show me?" Selene stared at him for a long moment, in which he started to feel a little uneasy at the young girl's gaze. Could she trust him not to run to her father or the others? Not that it really mattered, she couldn't really get Phynex out without them not knowing. She also knew that this would cause a stir among the hunters, since she would be the youngest hunter to ever form a contract in the last three decades - only her father beat her in that respect, having had his demon partner at thirteen.

    "Do what you want," she mumbled, moving past him and nearing the building. Pushing open the door, she glanced behind her to see Aidan hesitate, before slowly walking towards her direction. Without a word, she closed the door behind her and looked at Phynex. She blinked upon seeing him rifling through a book, his face seemingly curious.
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  19. Phynex felt alone, being in this strange world. Even with this new connection to that girl - Phynex placed a red clawed hand over his exposed ribcage - and there certainly was something, he didn't know much about her. Who was she? What did she do? She was a just as stranger he felt closer to now. It felt like a long chain had connected the two of them, the contract's magic securing this chain. And was this...shyness? Was he shy about his new partner? A human, and a female at that? The fire demon was already awkward with the opposite sex, he wasn't going to feel comfortable with a human girl. Mumbling to himself, he focused back on the book he was looking at. It was in a human language, not something he excelled at. Phynex had no idea what it was about, and there were barely any diagrams for him to decipher the subject of the book, but he did find the typewriting very beautiful. All of the books in the Underworld were handwritten by either scribes or the ancient ones, their letters elegant and cursive, not like blocks in this book.

    The door creaked open, making the fire demon lift his head quickly, who was it? A head crowned with tied up white hair peeped from the door, and Phynx relaxed. If it was someone else, a stranger, that had walked in, what would they think? A giant draconic monster sitting in the corner of the room bent over a tiny book would be terrifying. Behind her stood someone he didn't know, a young male with tied up blonde hair and deep, dark brown eyes. Phynex immediately jumped into a defensive position, his lips curled back into a snarl, revealing sharp teeth he wouldn't hesitate to use and tear someone apart. His body was hunched low, arms and legs spread apart to make himself look bigger and coiled ready to strike. His claws, made from what looked like solidified magma - God knows how this was possible - tapped against the marble floor, a clear and intimidating growl resonating from his throat. All sorts of alarms were ringing through his head, he didn't know this new human, and that was enough to put him on edge.

    Ignoring the book, he slowly padded towards the only familiar person in the room; Selene. "Who is that?" he asked, his strange deep voice gurgling out from amidst the never ending growl. His tail swished and twitched nervously, the strange organ at the end gnashing its long thin teeth in excitement. Phynex's body was anxious, he had not gotten in to a fight with anybody for a long time, he wasn't rusty when it came to combat, but he almost missed the feeling of using all his strength to fight.
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  20. The man's and Phynex's reactions to each other were almost comical; Aidan had flinched openly at the menacing snarl that the demon had displayed at him, his hand moving towards his weapon. She heard the hunter bite back a slight yelp, and saw his face burn slightly in embarrassment before he seemed to realize she was watching him and reddened even more. Selene saw the visible effort that he took in calming down, and even putting on some bravado by angling his body in front of her. It was as if he forgot that she said she had her contract demon in here, in the first place. "Who is this demon, Selene?" He demanded, forgoing his usual politeness and his nickname. He kept his eyes on Phynex. Selene gave him a flat stare. "If you listened to what I said earlier, you would have known that he is my contract partner," she stated pointedly. "And he didn't mean you harm, if you would look for yourself." Phynex's position was defensive, while menacing it was a look that said to just back off. He wasn't going to attack first unless someone did something to him.

    Instead of calming down or even stepping back, the hunter gave her a disbelieving look, a look that irritated her more than she would like. He glared at Phynex as he finally calmed down a little, padding towards her. Selene noticed his hand still near his weapon and glared; her eyes narrowing a little. "Don't draw your weapon or you will worsen things for yourself," she warned him, then turned to look at Phynex. Meeting his eyes, and seeing his wariness, she quietly replied, "He is another hunter. Don't attack him." Really, Phynex's body seemed ready for a fight, muscles coiled and ready to spring upon Aidan. The hunter looked intimidated, clearly never having seen a demon like him before. Aidan swallowed, flicking a glance at him, then turning an again disbelieving look towards her. "I told you before I was going to form a contract and you didn't believe me," she ignored his slight flush and when he opened his mouth to retort, shook her head. "I only told you, in case something wrong happened."

    "How can you form a contract? You're fifteen," he blurted out, finally, and Selene mulled over what to say. "I wasn't sure for certain, but now it's done," she looked at him blankly again. "Now please, let me have my breakfast with my partner in peace. I have a lot to talk to him about." She was regretting letting him follow her, if this was how he was going to react. He didn't have to act protective or her or doubting her abilities. Walking closer to Phynex, she was stopped when the other hunter grabbed her wrist, and she glared. "Don't act so familiar with me," she stated coldly, eyes flicking to his hand around her wrist. Even if she talked with him and let him give her his advice, they weren't really friends. He seemed to see her as some sort of pet project, seeing as she had no real friends among the hunters. He seemed to look at her, frowning and feigning a hurt look. "I'll have to tell some of the superiors about this," he finally said, as she yanked her wrist out of his grip. "I was expecting that," she walked over to Phynex. "But tell them the contract cannot be reversed now."
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