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  1. Hi!
    I'm new to the site and I really want to join in but at the moment, I can really only access emails so I was wondering if anyone was interested?

    I'm pretty much open to anything other than horror and smut (some is fine but not too much). I don't mind which gender to play.

    The only thing is I'd like someone who handles more than one character to make the story more interesting since it's a 1x1.

    Please PM me or reply here! I'd love to hear your ideas and am ready to let my creative juices flow! :)

    I hope this kind of thread is okay?
  2. I'd be interested, do you have a gmail?
  3. I don't do extremely well with emails, but I've done them before and can try. It's just harder for me to look back sometimes. But...I'd be happy to try.
  4. [MENTION=3288]Krag_Jorgensen[/MENTION]

    Thank you guys! Happy!
    I use gmail so it's easier to check through what's happened!

    Can you PM me your email addresses if you're still interested?
    Thanks again!
  5. Hey I'm always up for a email rp, and playing a more than a single character always an attractive trait that gets my attention. If you still wanna, let me know X3
  6. [MENTION=3218]AceofMana[/MENTION]

    Great! Yay!
    Can you PM me your email address and we can plan?