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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by adabotcon, Jun 29, 2016.

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  1. My alerts on the site are working fine, they pop up and everything. But my email alerts have not been appearing in my email(I double checked my junk folder and nothing is there either.) any reason this might not be working on my end? I used to get an email a few minutes after an alert would pop up on the site.
  2. Odd. This is a question for @Diana to answer, I think.
  3. Is there any chance you could have accidentally turned off the email notification system? You can find the box you are supposed to check in the drop down menu under your username in the "Preferences" section.
  4. They appear to all be checked?

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  5. Yes it does. :)

    The only other thing I can think of is to double check the email you currently have tied to your account. If that is also correct, we probably will have to wait for Diana.
  6. Just double checked it and it looks right. Thanks for the ideas though.
  7. You know, you're given the option to receive email alerts every time to watch a thread. Try unwatching and watching a thread and see if that box got somehow unchecked.
  8. Oh weird. It is unchecked when I do that, every time I do it on the same thread. Is that normal?
  9. That you will have to ask Diana or someone who is more familiar with that gadget o.o For the time being, just make sure every time to watch a thread, manually check to see if it's set to receive emails.
  10. I checked it but it's still not sending. Or at least I didn't get the alert in my email when you just posted.
  11. The most likely problem is that your email provider is sending our emails to your junk/spam folder. D: This will happen for any site that sends a LOT of new message/alert emails because their systems will think it's just a ton of spambots.

    Check your spam folders! If we're in there, you'll need to add Iwaku to your email whitelist.
  12. I'm double checked my Junk folder in hotmail, and couldn't see any emails from Iwaku. They have worked before in my inbox and I've moved them from junk mail before 0_o , but they've stopped completely for some reason. I can't find them anywhere, it's so sad.
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