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  1. I want to make a world sort of, this will be a group. Just a really big role play. It will take place in a sanctuary of sorts, 4 small castles next to eachother in the mountains. It's called Elysium Sanctuary. This idea is based off of a story I started on a while ago so I have set characters, but I'm leaving the choice (for set characters or to make characters) up to those who wish to join. If you guys want I can post the made characters for you to see if they are interesting or not. Anyways back to the plot.

    The castles each contain one race:

    Show Spoiler

    Magena: This is where the wolves live, learn, and train. Wolves can freely transform into their wolf form. When they first awaken, they lose control of their humanity for a few day, they are very angry, powerful, and most of all hungry. The head of Magena usually finds the wolf before this happens, and locks him/her in the basement to adapt to his/her's new form and instincts, they are fed very well and practice dummies are set out every day for letting lose. Also on the night of the full moon they lose control of their humanity, Megena will be locked up tight and watched by the elders of the other castles. Wolves have advanced hearing and smell, a wolf form, quick reflexes, and speed. It has been nicknamed The Doghouse

    Leila: This is where the Vampires. They are cursed to drink blood, which Leila has a large supply of. (I'm going kind of vampire knight with the vamps) There are very few pure Vampires, at the most, 3 live in Leila. Pure bloods can make more vamps, though this is strictly forbidden (Unless its for saving someone and there is no time to get help. It's the last resort), punishable by being locked in the cellar for a month the first time then add 2 more months for each time this rule is broken. The cellar is under Leila, and the vampire is chained up to a wall and fed the minimum amount of blood possible, along with some whipping here and there. Vampires are smart, very persuasive and they have one power. It has been nicknamed The Bat's Cave.

    Melantha: This is where fallen angels (or simply fallen) live. They are descendents of the fallen angels of the past. Every night, on the new moon, each of them must stand outside and be struck several times by lightning, as if the gods were punishing them for what they were. Fallen Angels can have a companion that sometimes helps them, though companions are animals and sometimes unknown small creatures. (the set characters that I have, one fallen angel will have a human companion.) They have functional wings, good intuition, and one power. It has been nicknamed Purgatory.

    Iolana: This is where the Half-breeds live. Half-breeds are shifters that can turn into one animal excluding wolf. They have to spend at least 4 hours in the animal form a month or else they will start to lose their humanity. They can partially turn into their animal (not counting for the 4 hours) as well as going into the complete animal form. They are also skilled when it comes to one weapon. It has been nicknamed The Zoo.

    There is a town about 5 miles away from Elysium called Purgatory. It is where people live if they do not train at the sanctuary, i.e. elderly, children 5 and under, disabled people, and those who just want to live away from humans but don't want to get involved with Elysium. (No one will be in this town, it's just a place to visit and explains where the people who come to them to seek protection go if they don't want to get involved in the affairs of Elysium.)

    Since the story's plot was surrounded by the one main character I can't really use that plot so I'm still thinking of one. Elysium isn't the only sanctuary in the world, and some cause trouble with the others. Plus its impossible for someone to like everyone, enemies will be made among the sanctuary.

    I will continue to try to come up with a plot. If you have an idea pm me and I'll see if I can incorporate it in the plot. I will have the rest of the pictures and characters up soon.
    (Even though it's not a school, I'm going to call them students because it's easier that was lol)
    Set Characters (Option)
    (Warning: Some of the history may be gruesome and/or sexual. [this isn't a mature roleplay though, there is romance and whatnot but once the clothes start flying off then fade to black.])
    (Also if we do the set characters I don't mind if you change a few things, though please let m know if you do.)

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    New To Elysium...
    (They all live in a town near a mountain range called Rioto)
    (We would start out with these characters entering Elysium.)

    December Winters:

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    She is a 17 year old wolf. She is new to Elysium and only recently discovered her power (so she doesn't really know how to control her wolf yet, though she has already spent her time in the basement of Magena. She is kind, determined, caring, and funny. She is childhood friends with Wyatt, Alex, May, and Gavin. She comes from a wealthy family, living with her mother and younger sister in a mansion in the city though they were murdered supposedly by the new maids and butlers they recently hired. This was when she discovered that she was a wolf, she ended up eating the maids and butlers who murdered her family. Her friends found her afterwards.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wyatt Devine:

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    He is an 18 year old wolf. He is new to Elysium and discovered his powers at 16, yet he was able to control his wolf without the help of Elysium. His hunger is greater that those who did go into the basement though. He is quiet, smart, logical, and sometimes just emotionless but he sometimes shows his softer side proving that he cares for his friends and is very protective over them. He grew up with December, Alex, May, and Gavin. He lived with his mother and alcoholic father before he moved to Elysium with his friends. His father wasn't abusive, in fact he loved Wyatt very much, but he depended on his son and wife too much. His mother is strict yet caring, everything she does is for the good of the family, she tries to make her husband stop drinking but this task was harder than she thought, she continues to try to make him stop. When he left he told them he was moving away because he wanted to become an adult, they were reluctant at first but they let him go as long as he visited every once in a while.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Alex Faylan:

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    She is an 18 year old fallen angel. She is New to Elysium, though she has know about the sanctuary, through May, for some time now.

    She is stoic, speaks her mind (no matter how harsh it is), judgmental, rational, sometimes full of herself, and she is almost always bored, she makes sure everyone around her knows. She has a very soft side for May.

    December, Wyatt, May and Gavin are her childhood friends.

    Like December her family is rich, and she lives in a mansion. She spends most of her time in her families library and she can always be seen reading a book, her memory is amazing (not photographic though). She has been spoiled rotten her whole life, mainly because her parents felt bad for not being there for her all of the time. They are away most of the time on business trips, she was left in the care of a nanny who she ran all over. She discovered her power at 17 and used to go into an old well on the night of the new moon to hide her electrocutions.

    Her power is Enhanced synesthesia which is is the ability to visualize sound waves as colorful light waves and manipulate these lights to change sound. (Sometimes its hard to see the lights if the sound is quiet. Later on when she gets better at controlling her power she can see the sounds batter and can even recognize them enough to predict the patterns, she can also use the sound waves to harm people [<-think Kinuta from Naruto.] though these things will happen over a long period of time.)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    May Faust:

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    She is odd, even in the magical community. She is 18 (2 months younger than Alex), and is Alex's companion.

    She is very childish, loving, and passive. She does what ever she can to help her friends. She can also be very sensitive. When she is upset pulling the petals off of roses helps calm her down.

    She grew up with December, Wyatt, Alex, and Gavin.

    She lives alone is a small apartment. Her parents abandoned her and her older brother when she was 16. Her brother was 18 at the time so he took her in. When she was 17 her brother was brutally murdered by some thugs while she hid in the cabinets. She watched the whole thing which scarred her ever since. She begins to go insane every time she sees large amounts of blood. She continued to live by her self but visits her grandmother often. Her grandmother is the Alpha wolf at Elysium so May knows a lot about the supernatural world though she never went to Elysium until now.
    She can heal. Starts off with minor wounds like cuts and bruises, as she gets stronger she can heal bigger injuries. She cannot cure diseases or heal a fatal wound.
    She discovered her powers when Alex's were awaken.

    Gavin Everett:

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    He is an 18 year old half-breed dog. He is new to the sanctuary and hasn't heard of it until the month before arriving, which is also when he discovered his power.

    He is a trickster, almost never serious, very curious, and has a lot of energy.

    He grew up with December, Wyatt, Alex, and May.

    He lived happily with his mother and father. His father was as much of a trickster as him, they would go out and play pranks on the neighborhood children together. His mother was sweet and kind, though every once in a while she would surprise them with a trick or two. They knew about their son would be a half-breed and allowed him to go to Elysium with his friends.

    Already in Elysium...
    (Elysium is completely surrounded my mountains. The only way in or out is by a tunnel through the mountains that ends a mile away from Rioto. A barrier is above it enchanted with illusion magic to keep their existence hidden from humans.)


    Adam Fowlman:

    Show Spoiler
    He is 18 years old and has been living in Elysium ever since he was 8.

    He is somewhat extroverted. Also he's quiet, neither a leader nor a follower, and very loyal. He's a perfectionist and lives for the moment.

    His best friend is Rajani and he has a crush on December.

    Rajani Gray:

    Garth Roukan:

    Dru Kalyn

    Miranda Talley


    Brilliant Valacari: Taken

    Show Spoiler
    She is a 15 year old pureblood Vampire. Her family is friends with the council of Elysium so they put her in when she was 4 to become a strong pureblood.

    She is childish, outgoing, energetic, and playful. She loved playing pranks on Aveira and when Aveira confronts her she usually uses her illusions to get away. She can be serious though, when she needs to get a point across, protect someone, or if she is extremely upset or angry. These times are rare, so it's surprising to those who don't know her.

    She turned Aveira and Malik. She was 7, when she turned Aveira. She had run away from Elysium to Rioto and found Aveira beaten almost to death in an alley. With no idea how to prevent her from dying she decided she would turn her. She was 10 when she turned Malik, this was purely to spite Elysium.

    She greets newcomers at the entrance of the cave with Aveira, and shows them around the sanctuary.

    She has illusions, She can choose to feel what her illusions are feeling or not to. The bigger the illusion the more energy it takes.

    Aveira Moretti:

    Show Spoiler
    She is an 18 year old vampire. She has been living in Elysium ever since she was 10 when Brilliant turned her.

    She is seductive, sadistic, yet outgoing and friendly. She always wants attention. She has an obsession with blood, more than a vampire should, so she'd always getting in trouble for almost biting another student. When Brilliant pulls pranks on her she resorts to violence, chasing her around with the nearest sharp item. This is just to get her anger out, she can't really hurt Brilliant because of the bond. If she does hurt her it's most likely an illusion.

    Her master is Brilliant and she is dating Malik. Its a priority for her to know everyone at the sanctuary.

    Before she was a vampire she was a slave to an organization of cruel people. They tortured her, raped her, and she had to deal with it. She had to act seductive to reduce the beatings. One day she got caught stealing a gold necklace from one of the members. They beat her almost to death when they found out that she had been stealing from them for the past month. Not to mention she caused a lot of trouble around the manor she was kept in and she would tell rivaling groups about weaknesses and plans. When Brilliant turned her she was granted eternal life and strength. At the time she was too weak to take out the group who tortured her but she gets stronger each passing day, she plans on getting revenge on them. Her history is what made her sadistic and seductive.

    She has Fire manipulation. Starting out with small flames and blasts, but she needs a source of fire, lighter, match, etc. As she gets better her flames get stronger and when she has almost mastered it she has a fire form. In her fire form she has greater control of the fire and can create it, but when she comes out of fire form she is weak and needs rest.

    Malik Ryle:

    Mara Auditore:

    Amanda Kyan:

    Gale Damar:

    Lyren Hendrix

    Fallen Angels...

    Early Deshan:

    Show Spoiler
    She is a 10 year old Fallen Angel. She has lived in Elysium since she was 6 when Day found in a foster home.

    She is rebellious, determined, and causes a lot of trouble, mainly taunting Vampires with her blood. She also speaks in third person a lot.

    Her powers were discovered at a young age. She was 5, and her parents saw her as a demon. They dropped her off at a foster home that only had one other kid, who bullied her. At 6, Day, one of Elysium's teachers, found her and took her in. She has been training under Day in fencing since she was 8.

    She can control her blood. For now she can only form scabs. Later on she can move it around in the air, harden it, and sharpen it.

    Adiana Jade:

    Haiden Tanji:

    Zaire Bridger:

    Kail Murusil:

    Leyna Ingel:

    Jiblis Maleea:


    Seven Parisa:
    Show Spoiler
    He is an 18 year old fox half breed. His parents went to Elysium and are now living in Purgatory so he has been in Elysium almost his whole life.

    He is a flirt, charming, sometimes perverted (though knows when to stop), and loves to joke around. He hates to be serious and just makes a joke or flirts when things get intense, awkward, or depressing.

    He doesn't have much of a back story. His parents constantly push him to train and be the best but he just wants to chill. Feel free to come up with more.

    He is skilled with throwing knives.

    Lenore Jean:

    Celest Arlo:

    Braylin Turner:

    Lathan Ormarr:

    Jaron Calix:

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