Elvish cravings~

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  1. So I was just in the movie theater, watching the new Hobbit movie, and i was starting to crave an elvish role play. It could be a one on one, a group of three or four, or both, or mature.
    My plot line stands now as just two kingdoms who need to become one. So the elves of each kingdom need to interact. This could be a princess x prince. King x new queen. Anything really. Just something mythical and elvish.
    Romance is almost a must in every role play~
    In one on ones it will only be a heterosexual paring~
    Will do in message or thread~
    Prefer to play as female~
    No less then 3 paragraphs~ [Please be as literate as possible. It just more fun to have more~]
    Anything else just ask me~

    Any takers?
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  2. *raises hand* Right here
  3. I'm definitely interested.