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  1. A continuation of my RP with @@FiliaFlammae

    (May contain Mature content.)

    The way Kris had seemed to abandon the task of dressing himself made Faelwen smile. She still liked the way it showed a portion of his stomach. Hmm, it did seem as if it would be a long while before they'd be bare before each other again. Her stomach churned at the thought. Just when would they be able to spend the night with each other again? She couldn't insist that he teleport to her room every so often. While it would be a safe enough option, seeing him in that much pain after passing through the barrier was hard. Hmm, it would be odd if she asked they make an exception to the wards. Depending on who the mage was, they may even report to the king directly. So whatever would happen, they may even have to wait until they were again able to be out on the town.

    Her mind hardly even registered that Kris had finished tying up her dress until he pressed a kiss onto her neck. A warm thrill passed up her body with the gesture. Ah, that had been a nice shift in moods. She easily twirled around to face him as he gave her a small nudge. She giggled slightly as she watched him fiddle with his buttons. "Well then I'll help you dress too." Her feet carried her over to the pile of clothes at the door. It seemed he would need to tuck in his shirt, then put his belt on, and then the vest. Well, he could put his belt on, she honestly would think up some sort of mischief if she were in charge of that article of clothing. However, his vest would be easy for her to assist him in. She quickly picked up the vest and shook out some of the wrinkles. His belt was lifted next, carefully to be sure she didn't happen to catch her skin on one of his knives. That would not be a pleasant experience. Fae then walked back over to Kris as he was about to tuck in the shirt. She shifted the belt to rest over her forearm, and held out the vest for him to slip his arms through. "Here. I can button your vest while you put your belt on."
  2. ((Don't worry, they're in leather sheaths.))

    Kris had just started trying to tuck his shirt in when he was surprised to see a few of his belongings suddenly appear in his peripheral vision. "Oh! Thank you." He hadn't expected Faelwen to do that, but then again, what else would she do? Sit there bored? Regardless, he was grateful, and the thought of having her hands so close to him as she helped with his clothes was one that made his heart flutter a little. He slipped his arms into the vest and took the belt from her with care. Belts were very useful things, but combining their different utilities into a single garment had taken some puzzling when he rethought his outfitting several years ago. In order to avoid the need for bulky double-belting, which he'd relied on for the first year or two, or (worse, in his opinion) removing and re-fastening his sheaths and wallet every time he changed clothes, he'd invested in a pair of pants with belt loops that secured with one small button each rather than being sewn in place. A wise investment it had been, for a few different reasons; aside from the belt issue, the pants had proved quite a bit hardier than he could've hoped for and had served him well for years. That said, using both hands to secure his belt in this fashion proved a little bit difficult with Faelwen's hands at his midsection because he was trying to stay out of her way, but with some fiddling—and maybe a couple of tweaked muscles, ouch—he managed to fasten all five. After she was finished he buckled the belt in front. From there, his socks and boots were quick to pull on. "Aaaand...there!" he announced as he fastened his cloak around his shoulders, as if he'd just accomplished something important. "Ready for the day. You have my thanks for the assistance, sweet." He dipped his head to her before stepping over to the door and opening it for her. "Shall we be off?"
  3. ((Yep, wasn't sure))

    Faelwen tried her best to stay out of his way as he fiddled with the belt loops. Hmm, this was harder than she imagined. Her nimble fingers did make quick work of the buttons though. She was finished within a couple minutes, and soon began to smooth out the wrinkles of his shirt and vest. There, he was ready to go. She moved to take her own faded cloak in hand before swinging it around her shoulders. Again the hood was put up to cover her silvery hair. It seemed that Kris had finished putting his boots on. She nodded in responce to his thanks. "It was a pleasure to help." Her basket was soon take up with the package and other purchases in it. Delicate feet slid into worn slippers before she again joined Kris. "I do believe we shall, sir. You'll have to help me learn what normal people do when they check out of a place like this." Yes, she was still rather curious about this commoner life. It wasn't every day she was able to witness their lives first hand. The princess allowed Kris to take the lead as they strode down the hall. They had all day....just what would they do with that time?
  4. "Oh, not much. We paid for our two nights already, and since breakfast's usually included in the base price, all we need to do is give the key back." Kris locked the door behind them, returned the key to his hip pouch, and offered Faelwen his elbow. There wasn't much reason to, but it felt nice to be able to link arms when off duty. It felt right. Felt cute, if he dared think such a thing. "I admit I personally am curious about your tastes in food. What does my dear lady Vanya prefer to take as her first meal of the day? It's important to get freshened up and energized in the morning." He placed his free hand on the railing as they took the stairs at a comfortable pace. Huh, this was the first time he'd done that, or even used the stairs in a direction other than up. There was activity downstairs at the moment but not much of it, as only overnight guests were here now. "Well, take your pick of seating," he offered. "There's a lot of it."
  5. Taking his offered arm, Faelwen allowed him to lead her down to the main dining area. Faelwen giggled lightly, "I usually eat fruit and a roll. Though, I often have the option of eating anything I wish." She glanced around the room to find a great many tables empty. She had been about to simply take one of the closer tables, but a certain familiar face made her change direction to sit further in the back. It seemed the tod had been up for a while. His red hair was mussed up and unkempt, as were his garments. He seemed to be looking for something....or someone rather. It didn't take long for a rather busty woman capered over to his side to slide into a seat next to him. Her hair was the same orangish red, but her eyes were bi-colored. One green and the other a pale blue with a dull grey pupil. Fae couldn't help but wonder why the woman had this oddity. Was it from being born of parents who were close relatives, or possibly just bad care when she was a child? Either way, it was likely that the woman couldn't see much out of that one eye. With another small pitiful glance at the happy couple, the princess sat down at a secluded table. "So, do we order our food like we did before? Or is it like a buffet?" She looked around, trying to find an example present in the room.
  6. Kris was a bit surprised to see Faelwen choosing a table far from where they currently stood. If he wasn't mistaken, she'd glanced nervously at something in the opposite direction before moving, and when he followed her gaze, it didn't take long at all in such a sparsely populated room to notice a certain pair of redheads. He had to admit he was surprised by the tod's persistence and luck. Well well, Ruscion. I'm impressed. Now the question is whether you two treat each other right. If you do, congratulations on proving me wrong.

    In any case, he followed Faelwen to her chosen seat. "Depends on the place. Sometimes it's completely self-serve, sometimes you order, and sometimes you have a place like this that's a bit of each. I believe right over...ah, there." He pointed to a table against the wall near the kitchen entrance. "You should be able to find fruit and bread. But if you want something hot, you order it. I like it better that way, I don't trust eggs that've been left out in the cold." He chuckled before raising a hand in order to get the attention of whichever waitress was on duty at the moment. "I'll order some eggs myself. Go ahead and find whatever you like, and bring me back a roll too, will you?"

    What Kris had barely noticed but failed to consider fully was that the small buffet was on Ruscion's side of the room. Were Faelwen to walk over there, the chances of her catching the tod's attention were high. Sadly this didn't occur to Kris as a potential problem.
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  7. Faelwen nodded along with Kris's explanation. So it seemed that one would walk up to get the cold items, and order any hot items. It seemed easy enough of a system. She also scanned the mentioned table for any drinks, hmmm, a glass of orange juice would be lovely. Not seeing any, she turned back to Kris. He would know where they were located. "If we order drinks, I would like an orange juice. I'll be back in a bit." With that she strode stiffly toward the table of arranged fruits. She chewed on her lip as she cast a nervous glance at Ruscion and his companion. So far he didn't seem to register that she was in the room. That was a huge relief. At least the tod had found someone to spend the evening with....That's odd. They have the same hair color, and share a similar shape in their faces. Is that really his partner? Or just a relation. She seems much more awake than he does, but she is wearing similar clothes. Her's are so much better though, gold and green, a nice combination.

    Her thoughts continued as she now stood behind a rather large man who was currently loading his plate with two or three of everything available. Geeze, he had to be either a boar or bear as his land form. Maybe elephant. Either way, he was stacking the fruits on top of each other nice enough so they wouldn't fall. Who knew a man as large as him would be so delicate. It made the princess smile. Can't judge a book by it's cover. As the man walked off, Fae was able to browse freely. Taking a plate, she slowly choose which fruits she would like. Strawberries, honey dew, and mango were her choices. At the end of the table she also took two rolls. However, before she had been able to walk back to her table, a mess of red hair and rumpled garments blocked her path. Ruscion.

    "Pardon me, I've left my partner waiting for me." She kindly excused herself and attempted to walk away.
    The tod again blocked her path with a flirty smirk. "Oh, I think he'd allow you to chat a couple moments. Caramiriel, this was the girl I was talking about last night. Isn't she just perfect?"
    To Faelwen's dismay the red-headed female, now known as Caramiriel, stepped up to circle her. Caramiriel looked the princess up and down, as if judging her looks. At the end of this inspection, she looked closely at Fae's face since it was slightly hidden inside the hood of her cloak. "An arctic fox? Really, brother? I thought you had found another red fox. The way you went on, it sounded like a perfect species match. She is pretty though....I'd put you two as a couple." She shrugged as if not really caring that she just made the situation worse for the taken woman. "Has she found a mate yet?"
    "Not one that's half as close as me. I mean, the dude's a bear, or something like that. Totally not going to work."
    Faelwen found herself peering around the two apparent siblings for Kris. Why did this have to happen? Couldn't Ruscion take no for an answer? And now he brought someone else along to try to win her over.
    The red vixen looked around rapidly, as if expecting an attack. "If she's been claimed as a mate, then you've lost all ready. Don't you think her mate would be upset if he caught you flirting with her? And if he's a bear....you do realize you'd be on the losing end of that match right? You can barely wield the dagger you do carry."
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  8. It only took a minute for Kris to get the attention of the waitress on duty, and fortunately it wasn't the grumpy human girl they'd had the other night. A portion of scrambled eggs was ordered, but the moment the waitress turned away, Kris' ears picked up voices on the other side of the room. He spun in his seat to eye the source of the commotion, and immediately his expression went sour. "Oh, for fuck's sake…" he growled under his breath, and no other phrase would have done his thoughts justice. Could that moron just not take no for an answer, no matter how many different ways they tried to force-feed it to him? What with the moon now waning, Kris had reason to believe Ruscion wasn't an immediate threat anymore, and the edge of Kris' temper was dulled too. He felt more exasperated than full-on angry. He still didn't really like watching the scene, so he stood and began to walk across the room. Hopefully they'd be able to wrap everything up in a civil manner this time.

    Hm, either Ruscion was so smitten with Faelwen that he was willing to abandon his date, or that other redhead was a friend or relative. He'd come close enough by now to make out what they were saying, just in time to hear the word "brother" from the woman's lips. Ah, that would explain some things. He couldn't help but feel just a little bit smug that Ruscion had failed to track down a vixen after all. That said, this woman who was apparently Ruscion's sister seemed to have a head on her shoulders, so that was comforting. They weren't a whole family of idiots. He found himself chuckling as he approached, and he kept a smirk on his face as he strode into the conversation. "Well, I have heard it said that a wolverine is a bear in a smaller package. I admit, I've always found the comparison flattering." He came to rest next to Faelwen and sized up the other two, his expression sunny. "Morning, Rus. I take it the night passed well. And who's this fine young lady here?" He eyed the sister up and down. Up close, the two gingers really did look related. Huh, the woman looked to have a bad eye, but Kris was well-practiced at ignoring such things when talking to people. Staring was impolite. "Oh, forgive me, I don't think we ever introduced ourselves last night. Perhaps we should start over and get off on the right foot this time, yes?" He bowed at the waist. "My name's Kris, and this lovely creature is Vanya," he said as he straightened up and indicated Faelwen. "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

    Not even Kris was entirely sure why he'd just taken the conversation in this direction. While he did hope they might be civil to each other from here on out to avoid any trouble, he doubted Ruscion's character after last night and didn't really expect a reconciliation, nor did he really want one. This tod was not yet forgiven. He supposed that more than anything else, Kris just couldn't resist the opportunity to push the other man's buttons.
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  9. (I may make Ruscion one of her suitors. He would come after Durion in that case, cause Rus is smart enough to put two and two together. It could be an interesting way to expose their relationship.)

    Relief flooded Faelwen's otherwise timid face as she heard the heavy steps from a pair of familiar boots. A smile actually replaced the firm grimace her lips had been set in a moment prior. She too was frankly tired of this man's advances. Could it possibly be some child-hood dream of Ruscion's, or some odd fetish that made him so persistent? What if she were the first personification of hope for him? That could also potentially be an option. No matter his reason, it was still flawed, and she wasn't available. As she was introduced, Fae nodded. Stars, she had been so close to mentioning her real name. That would surely spell the end of any relationship between her and Kris.

    Caramiriel paled as Kris walked up and mentioned he was a wolverine. A bear could be talked down, or easily out run by them, but a wolverine....their chances of surviving a fight unmarred were slim. Why didn't her brother seem to grasp that idea? And of course it seemed her brother had caused issues with them before. She shot a small disapproving look toward said man before smiling at both Kris and Faelwen. "I do believe it would be a wise idea to begin correctly once more as well. I am Caramiriel, the sister of this block head, and daughter to Turin, the owner of many textile shops in this kingdom. Perhaps you have heard of us: Tinusumé Hammad ar Bach (Translated: 'Surname of the two' Clothing and Wares). I believe we are more popular among the nobles due to the our standards and pricing. We do have a smaller chain of stores that are more cost effective, those go by...."
    "Sister, that is quite enough. We are here for this lovely expression of beauty, not a sales pitch." Ruscion interrupted. He gave a polite bow to 'Vanya' and merely nodded to Kris. "You already know my name, and I prefer to go by Ruscion, not 'Rus', Thank you." The male was slightly agitated. Mostly because his sister seemed to be trying to mask his presence. Why should he hide his desire for this woman when she wore no sign of matrimony. The two weren't engaged. She was fair game. He did find it interesting that rather than a large bear, he only had to deal with a wolverine. In that case, they were quite possibly closer in size, giving, in his own mind, him a slightly better chance of surviving. "A wolverine you say....I should have guessed a such. I do believe a bear would have a larger, more intimidating presence....rather than being....is there a delicate way to put this?" With one hand he made a motion as if he were comparing his own height with Kris's.
    The woman shook her head at her brother's stupidity. As of right now, she wasn't even sure she wanted to help him out of the hole he was digging.

    Faelwen's eyes lit up as she heard the name of their shop. That was precisely where her seamstresses went for the unique fabrics. Well that would explain a few things. Namely, the way the fox siblings dressed, and the tod's arrogant behavior. She had heard the owner of that shop had been quite the ladies man....and as the saying goes, 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. Perhaps that was also the reason for his sister's eye. Did the father carry the same expectations and tried to find a species match? Perhaps the father settled on a relative since he had ill luck elsewhere. Due to these new thoughts, Fae kept silent about knowing the shop. It was probably a good thing too, stating that she got fabric there would immediately make her fall under suspicion of being a noble or higher in rank.
  10. ((Ooooh, I like it. Kris and Fae are so screwed. XD I'm still trying to come up with another suitor I might be able to throw in too, but I don't have much yet… I'll keep thinking.))

    Kris felt he owed at least the sister some respect, so he nodded at the appropriate times as the siblings spoke to indicate that he was listening. So they were from a wealthy merchant family. That explained not just their high-quality clothing but much of the brother's entitled demeanor. "I prefer 'compact,'" Kris supplied, only slightly bothered by how Ruscion didn't see him as a worthy threat. He was also slightly amused by his fumbling for something politically correct to say, so the two canceled each other out. "But if it's easier on you, you can call me Shortie. I'm used to it." He smiled again in preparation to end the conversation, as he didn't see much reason to stay here. "Well then, Ruscion, Caramiriel...real cool name, by the way," he interjected, pointing at the woman, "we have some breakfast to get to, but again, it's been a pleasure. Enjoy your stay, and good luck with whatever your endeavors may be." He turned away, catching Faelwen gently by the elbow as he did so in the hopes that he could steer her back to their table. He wanted to be back in his seat before the eggs and drinks arrived. He'd asked for a glass of orange juice for Faelwen, as she'd requested, and apple juice for him, though that had honestly been a spur-of-the-moment order so as not to feel left out.
  11. (Awesome. No pressure for that.)

    Ruscion nearly fell over when Kris supplied a word to use. That was meant as an insult, so why did the man act as if it didn't faze him? What elf wouldn't be insulted if they were called short? By the time Ruscion thought of a comeback, both Kris and Vanya were gone.

    Caramiriel smiled at Kris, and gave a small curtsy to be polite. "Thank you, Kris. It was a pleasure to meet both you as well." She watched as they left before turning to her flabbergasted brother. With a small chuckle, she nearly dragged him out the door. Those two were mates, and she would be sure her brother didn't bother them any more today.

    Faelwen smiled and returned the small curtsy as farewells were said. She let out a small breath as they finally made it back to their appropriate table. "Thank you for stepping in. I don't know why he's so persistent. It's almost beyond reason." She set down her plate before gracefully sitting in a chair. Her eyes watched as Caramiriel led away the rejected tod. He looked depressed now. It was almost hilarious, the way he plodded out the door. "I think he's upset that you got the last word in."
  12. Kris eyed the fox pair as they headed out the front door. "Yeah, beats me. Well, with any luck we won't ever run into him again. I'm surprised his sister was so reasonable, though. She seemed nice." He chuckled. "'Caramiriel' is one name I'll have trouble forgetting. Makes me think of caramel, and caramels are damn delicious."

    Their waitress returned just then, and with a few smiles, nods, and thanks, the small plate of scrambled eggs and the two glasses of juice were set on the table. Kris wasted no time in attacking the eggs with his fork, as he was rather hungry by now. Mmmm, and they'd been left slightly runny, just the way he liked them. No more comments were made as the hungry man dove happily into his meal. One of the rolls was moved from her plate to his after a moment, and he was soon grateful that he'd asked for something to drink as well.
  13. Faelwen nodded in agreement, though did find a small stab of jealousy enter her being. Of course, Kris hadn't meant what he said in a romantic way. She knew that. But for some reason she felt a need to prove herself more worthy of his attention and memory than Caramiriel. Silently she began to consume the fruit. Her roll was delicately cut in half and had cream spread on the warm center. Unlike Kris, Fae took her time to eat, as the many years of etiquette training began to show once more. She nearly laughed at the veracity Kris used in attacking his food. "If you were that hungry, I could have taken a rain check on my massage." She let the comment slip between bites of food. Honestly, if he had been this hungry he could have just said so. She wouldn't have minded. Ah, what's done is done, and now she had something else to tease him about. A silly smile wiggled it's way across her lips as she recalled two sleeping habits that he may or may not know about. Oh, this would be fun to bring up, just to see his reaction. But first, she wished to finish her own food.
  14. Kris perked up and hummed a short questioning noise when Faelwen spoke next. He hurried to chew and swallow his mouthful so that he could answer her. "No, no, don't worry. You come first, sweetie. You always come first." He reached across the table to take her cheek between his thumb and knuckle and give her face a playful but very gentle shake. He released her after a moment and gave her cheek a little pat before he went back to his food. It only took another minute to clean his plate, and when he did, he stared down at it for several seconds as if not believing what he was seeing. "Ah...I must've been hungrier than I thought," he observed. Embarrassment gave his cheeks a faint tinge of pink. He ran a hand shyly through his hair. "Goodness, I...if my eating was sloppy, I'm sorry you had to see that." He brought his half-finished glass of juice closer to him and began to sip it almost painfully slowly and carefully as if to compensate, avoiding eye contact with his partner. The last thing he wanted to do while dining with anyone, not just Faelwen, was come across as a pig. It was highly improper.

    He was a few sips into the job before it happened. He was fortunate to have just swallowed but unfortunate to have opened his mouth to breathe right afterwards, because right then a violent hyic! noise lurched out of his body. Immediately he clapped a hand over his mouth as his eyes widened and his face turned red as a beet. Oh, no, not hiccups! He hated hiccups! Nothing embarrassed him more! No doubt the whole room had heard that one...just his rotten luck that his mouth had been open. I guess this is my retribution for eating too fast...!
  15. Faelwen had pouted slightly as her cheek was pinched. Stars, she wasn't a child anymore. She finished her food soon after he did due to the fact she hadn't had nearly as much to eat. Her grey eyes looked up to find Kris slightly embarrassed about the way he had eaten. She shook her head with a small laugh. "Don't think about. I'd assume any man that has had the activity you have in the past several hours would be equally hungry. Besides, it's a nice break from the formality of a breakfast with my family."

    She found it incredibly endearing when he lost his manners, even if it was only for a few minutes. She watched him drink, a small smile playing on her lips. After another moment she too raised her glass of juice to drink. She had just taken in her first sip when a sudden noise nearly made her choke. The liquid was soon swallowed, and her eyes again looked to the man with her. His expression of silent horror and embarrassment was priceless.

    Thankfully, Fae was able to keep her laughter quiet. She hid her smile behind a feminine hand, while the other clutched at her side. It took her a few moments to suppress her giggles. She looked over to him and managed to pull off a serious face. "You're adorable." Not long after this was said her smile returned. The princess moved over a little to sit closer to Kris. Her arms wrapped around the poor man in hopes of easing a little of his embarrassment. She giggled each time he happened to hiccup. An idea suddenly struck her, one that would be rather fun to try out. She had heard that holding your breath was a cure. If that were true...Perhaps a kiss could also be a cure. Of course, that kiss could be seen as improper in public. She pulled away from the man, and gazed seductively into his green eyes. "I've got an idea for a cure....If you'd be up for it."
  16. Adorable, she said. He removed his hand and glared at her. "How do you figure tha-hyic!" The thought that a lack of manners could possibly be seen as cute rather than offensive was beyond poor Kris' comprehension. He closed his eyes, lowered both hands, and took a deep breath in through the nose, trying his hardest to calm down and project serenity. He let the breath out through his nose as well and repeated the process. Keeping his mouth closed would make sure any more hiccups would be much quieter, but unfortunately no less physically taxing. But he could do this. He felt Faelwen hold him, but he tried not to react. Calm, yes. He could calm do-hyic! "Dammit," he growled, his expression faltering. He resumed the breathing exercise, but now he looked more strained.

    Faelwen spoke up. Kris opened his nearer eye to look at her with suspicion. "Not sure I trust your tone," he grumbled, "but sure. Show me what yo-hyic!" Augh, another loud one. He scowled and cleared his throat before continuing, "what you have in mind."
  17. Faelwen was almost tempted to leave him as he was. The show he was giving was quite entertaining. But he did look as if he'd break something should the process continue. Her flirty look wavered in a moment of doubt. Wait, now? There were people here...more than would be appropriate. Her eyes darted around the room as a blush seemed to make her face glow in the shadow of her hood. At least no one was paying them any mind at the moment. Finally her gaze locked with Kris's face. Aw, hell with it. She crashed her lips against his, almost demanding that he kiss her back. Her right hand slid up to gently play with the short hairs by his ear. To be sure he couldn't pull away as a reaction, her left hand pressed against his shoulder. Until one of them desperately needed oxygen, she would keep this position.
  18. Faelwen took a moment to prepare, and then in a flash, she slammed her mouth into his with frightening force. Kris could do nothing else but emit a rather startled "Mmf!!" against her lips as she nearly toppled him out of his seat. In the moment of panic, one hand flew to the table and the other to the top plank of his chair to keep him from falling. There...phew, stable. What on earth was Fae doing? Sure he liked kisses, but this one was so uncharacteristically firm, and they were in the inn's dining room besides. His breath was held tensely as he tried to process the strange situation. But...oh, of course that was it. She was forcing him to hold his breath. She'd just done it in a playful manner.

    The mission was to starve his hiccups of their fuel. Okay, he'd play along. They kissed. A little stiffly, but they kissed. His breath was let out slowly and carefully. Mm... Perhaps he could get away with kneading her a little. Just a little, not so much that he would stir up too much activity in his body and bring the hiccups back. Nice...and gentle...his eyelids fluttered closed as he felt his grip on the chair relax. His weight eased back into the seat with some help from the hand still on the table, and the one that had been on the chair moved to the back of her neck. A kiss, a nice kiss he had to try and hold as long as he could. Hold it... He could feel his lungs burning. But he couldn't let himself gasp for breath. He had to inhale steadily. Hold it...a little longer...and then breathe in carefully... Burning. It was getting unbearable. Right...now.

    He broke the contact, and with all the willpower he could spare, he took a deep, measured breath in through the mouth until he felt he couldn't possibly draw any more air into his lungs. He'd also taken the moment to rise fully back into his chair. But he couldn't drop his guard yet. He pressed himself against Faelwen's mouth again. This would be an even longer gradual exhale than the first time. They had to starve the hiccups out. It's working...I think it's working! He held her face against his as he kneaded her...gently, gently. A single, long, slow exhale as they kissed the second time, gently. Wait for the burn. Wait for it. There. And push it. Push it...and then you'll breathe, one, two, three.

    He released her fully this time as he took a deep gulp of air, as deep as he could, and then sighed contentedly. "I think that did it," he said as he opened his eyes. "Phew. Thanks."
  19. Of course the sudden bang of Kris grasping the table, and the chair scooting back slightly drew a bit of attention. A small feminine giggle was heard first, followed by loud hoot, cat calls, and wolf whistles from the love-drunk men. A few even went so far as to encourage the kiss to progress further. Even fewer shouted out the obvious of how inappropriate that had been.
    "Whoo, get some!" "Get a room" "Damn, gotta get me some of tha' action." "Tha's how it's done, boy!" "Ha! Look at 'em go!" Just a few of the things said. The comments could have been worst had the full moon not been the night before. Nearly everyone here had a date they spent the night with, and those that didn't were either absent, or hung over. The waitresses, who all had a wonderful night with a few regular guests, came out to flirt with the single men awake at the moment. The calls for an encore erupted next when Kris broke the contact, and a loud cheer went up as their wish was answered. At this point most of the males shared a kiss with their female companion, attempting to hold it as long as Kris and Fae were. Only a few managed. After the second kiss ended, the guests applauded the show, all thankful for the small encore of the prior night. It was always a treat to get a morning kiss. One man even yelled over the cheers for Kris and Fae to kiss again.

    Fae even startled herself a little with the force she was able to manage. Oops. At least Kris had been able to save them from a fall, now that would have been embarrassing. She smiled against his warm lips as they moved in unison with her own. Ah, she could get used to doing this every morning. A sudden yell made her eyes fly open. Oh, god. Now they had gotten the attention of every single person here. Kris seemed to relax though, and if he didn't care, neither would she. Or she would try anyway. Her eye lids softly closed once more, soon sending her into a blissful world where only two people lived.

    She felt herself beginning to get lightheaded. Her lungs also began burning for oxygen. Just a bit longer....she sighed softly before taking a large gulp of air. Ah, that had been amazing, as always. Mmm, dare she think it, she could go for another. The cheers made her blush, but that was soon forgotten as her lips were once more captured by Kris. Faelwen melted into him, enjoying their second, gentler kiss. Rapture, bliss, utopia, any such word could very well serve as a reminder of this moment. She gave a small moan of pleasure as she matched his pace. Both her hands crawled behind Kris's head to begin playing with his hair. Stars, she loved his hair....even if it were all prickly when he shifted into his half form. This kiss seemed to last longer, much longer as a matter of fact. However, the princess wouldn't have stopped it for anything in the world. She smiled softly as they eventually parted. Her breathing was slightly ragged as she attempted to make up for the time without oxygen. The applause suddenly shook her out of her dizzy stupor, causing a heavy blush to wash over her face and neck. In an attempt to hide, Fae simply rested her head on Kris's shoulder, leaving him to deal with the calls for them to kiss again. "You're welcome....I'm glad it worked." she muttered into his clothing.
  20. Kris had tried to ignore the catcalls in order to focus on his breathing. Now that the ordeal was over, his hearing seemed to click back into gear. This was quite a round of applause. Well, at least they'd made the aural majority of the room happy. He found himself grinning, slightly dazed, and spoke up. "Now that, ladies and gentlemen," he announced to the room, "is how you cure some damn hiccups." No reason to let himself be embarrassed if he could get a joke out of it. He rose to his feet and tucked his chair into place under the table. "Well," he said, his voice now low and geared to conversation, "now that that happened, I'll go ahead and check out, and we can be on our way. We've still got quite a day ahead of us, don't we, love?" He leaned down to peck her on the forehead before he spun on his heel and started fishing through his wallet as he walked back to the innkeeper's desk. He did make sure to apologize for the commotion if it wasn't desired, and either because the innkeeper hadn't minded it or he liked Kris' attitude, he waved the matter off. That was nice. The key was handed over, words of thanks and parting were shared, and Kris headed back to his table with his thumbs hooked on his belt loops and a 'Ready to go?' look on his face.

    ((Fun fact, I tallied up our PMs, and they added up to a good 39 or 40 FR forum pages' worth of writing. Add that to the twenty-something we left off with and that's quite a story we've been running!))
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