Elves from different worlds.

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  1. Hello everyone I am looking to start an RP between my Drow Palithio and a surface elf.

    The Drow (Blacken elves) by nature distrust their surface kin as well as any race not born under the swarthy shade of the Underdark. Their history spins a tale in which their brethren long ago out of jealousy and hate cast their ancestors down into this dark and mysterious world. Where they saw only death and misery, the Drow's saw a new world to tame. Through the help of their dark Goddess Lolth the once vulnerable species endured and subdued most of this alien world.

    Drow society is Matriarchal, a culture run by women and where men are by nature considered inherently inferior. Even the lowliest of females outranks the most prestigious of men. Their appearance, architecture, art, warfare and even inherent magical abilities is a direct reflection of the beauty that can be found in conflict. Their home is one of what most define as chaos. Where society is split into various houses, and children are sent at an early age to pursue their predefined vocations till they die.

    It is common place for one to raise their position and authority by killing those above them, even at times to purge an entire houses population to move up from house 10 to 9. Murder is only frowned on if you fail and thus are caught. It is a place of paranoia in which a saying has become prevalent in society, "Treachery. Deceit. Death. This is the Drow way."

    The RP need not take place in the Underdark, seeing how Palithio is an assassin and scout for his house he is often sent to the surface world. Perhaps he could have been injured and a surface elf found and healed him after a failed assassination. Or Maybe she is the daughter of the target and or the target? Another example could be that she is a mercenary or bounty hunter sent to track and stop Drow activity in the region? These are examples and if you have any other ideas even if they may not be aligned with the basic idea of this thread let me know.
  2. This sounds very interesting,I would much rather do the Perhaps he could have been injured and a surface elf found and healed him after a failed assassination idea if you don't mind.
  3. This works fine, Expect some Distrust at first, shall I start us off or would you rather make the introductory post?
  4. It would probably be better if you make the first post,just so I can see how you write and your length,just to be able to match your length of post each time.
  5. Still looking?
  6. I will get started on something tomorrow most likely.
  7. Sure thing, though what exactly did you have in mind?
  8. Unless you have a preference to one example scenario in particular, we could probably do multiple.
  9. Both sound fine to me.
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