Elves and Clockwork

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  1. Oriske clung to the metal skeleton-like rafters of the airship Erica's Doom, trying to keep his breathing quiet. Below him were various lords and their ladies, all going about their business and entirely unaware of the thief who was just above their heads. Erica's Doom was a fine ship, built to please the noblemen and women who had the money to afford such luxuries. Of course, one could be sure that none of the people below him were named Erica.

    Slowly reaching up, he brushed aside his dark mahogany hair, feeling a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face. Brushing that away as well, he scanned the crowd below him, searching for any signs of the bounty hunter that had been tailing him for the last few months. He hadn't done it, but word got around that he had assassinated someone very high in society. And every time he tried to tell the bounty hunter that, whenever they met, he wouldn't listen.

    Sighing softly, he straightened the long jacket he was wearing. The people below him must be heading to the various dining rooms in Erica's Doom, as it was nearing dinnertime. Slowly crawling towards a dark corner of the rafters, he waited until no one was looking before dropping down and landing with a quiet thump.

    Straightening his clothes again, he checked that he looked like a nobleman in one of the mirrors hanging in the hall before joining the crowd, composing himself like a proper young man. It would definitely be difficult stowing away until they reached Liberty City, but once there, he could lose the bounty hunter for quite a long time.
  2. Lanterns flickered to life as the sun faded and night crept in. Noble ladies and men walked casually through the elegantly furnished ship. Smiling and laughing as they looked at the beautifully designed architecture and paintings. The ship gave a soft hum from the steam powered engine, a sound that added to the casual conversation and laughter that filled it’s halls. A few noble patrons speaking louder than the rest as a result of the drinks they had been sipping on during their travels through Erica’s Doom.

    A male elf jerked his head towards the loud patrons, tussling the dark chocolate brown hair that was held back in a pony tail. A stray lock had escaped and danced above almond shaped amethyst colored eyes. The male elves face was thin and held a scar down the right side of his cheek. Gloved hands pulled back the black jacket he wore to show his watch. Tiris took note of the time and looked around. He gave up his normal relaxed attire so as to blend in with the noble crowd. Trading his jacket and jeans for a suit and dress pants. But setting him apart from the nobles was the modified pistol on his hip, as well as hand cuffs and other various assortment of flash bombs and medi-kit. Though he made sure to keep his jacket closed so as to hide these items.

    Tiris leaned against the wall as he looked around again. He’d first been tracking a known thief. Said to have had his hand in all sorts of robberies but it would seem he stepped it up a notch. The unfortunate elf assassinated a noble, but not just any noble. The Lord Regent’s son. Tiris didn’t think he had it in him but the evidence was over whelming. Tiris came close, and when he did the poor sod claimed he was innocent. And he seemed to repeatedly slip from his grasp. The thought made him scoff as he shook his head. Damn thief should have stuck to stealing instead of killing. He knew Oriske came this way but he wasn’t seeing him.

    The ship was sprawling but there were only so many places Oriske could hide. Tiris took long looks at male noble elves as they passed, looking for the man he came to capture. As his purple eyes scanned he paused as he saw someone that looked familiar. He narrowed his eyes as he walked quickly towards the figure. Once he got close enough he spoke his name. “Oriske.” He said in hoped it was the man he was after.
  3. As soon as he heard his name, Oriske twitched slightly. Throughout the years, he had tried to teach himself not to respond to his own name whenever he was on high alert, but it was a difficult trick to master, and as soon as he moved, the young elf knew that the bounty hunter had found him. "Tiris," he said lowly, frowning. He hadn't brought any weapons on the airship, not after having to go through several nights in prison after being caught with a pistol aboard an airship. Not only did he not have time for that, but he also did not fancy spending another night in prison like that.

    Reaching into his vest pocket, he took out the silver and bronze pocketwatch that he had bought a few weeks ago. Almost nonchalantly checking the time, he snapped the lid shut before turning to face the elf that had spoken his name. Upon immediate inspection, it was obvious that it was the bounty hunter who had been hunting him. "I've told you," he muttered, "I am innocent. I don't know who could have placed my old jacket there, but it wasn't me!" He had made sure to keep his voice soft, not wanting anyone nearby to hear them.

    A while ago, before he had been framed his favored brown jacket had been stolen, right out of the flat he had been living in! And it had been while he had been sleeping. That was the worst part, that someone could sneak into his own home and take his things, all the while, he was asleep in his bed. And then, the thief had the nerve to plant his jacket at the scene where that poor bastard had been killed. Such insolence! And since then, he had needed to buy a new jacket, and though he liked the two rows of silver buttons that ran down its length, it wasn't as soft as his old jacket had been, or fit him as well, and it most certainly didn't have the memories the old one did.

    Fixing his gray-green eyes upon the bounty hunter, he said, "I don't have any weapons on me, and I am guessing that you have the Lord Regent's arsenal in your jacket, so I don't see a point in fighting you. Arrest me, but please not while there are noblemen and their ladies about. Would you care to see me in my chambers?" Knowing that to show too much wealth could have him killed amongst such high company, he had found a tiny, but empty, third-class room beneath the boiler rooms, which only had a single porthole that looked outside. It wasn't much, but Oriske would much rather prefer to be arrested there than out here.
  4. Tiris' body was tense like a coiled spring ready to fire. But to his surprise Oriske didn't run. When he reached into his pocket he laid his hand on his gun, sighing as as the other merely pulled out a pocket watch. "You didn't do it I know. It was the one armed man, right?" He scoffed as he leaned his weight on one leg. His hand moved off his gun to sit on his hip as he also spoke in a casual tone. "We both know you never leave home without that jacket." He said as he stepped closer to his target.

    Tiris' amethyst eyes narrowed on Oriske as he surrendered. Was he giving up? Tired of the chase? It seemed a little odd to Tiris but this meant he'd just get paid sooner. His face scowled and he thought to snatch the elf where he stood. But Oriske did have a point. Nobles were not the brightest, or so Tiris thought. If he arrested him now and caused alarm that a murder was on board there might be panic. Tiris didn't need that sort of head ache. "Hm fine. But don't think you're worming your way out of this." He said moving next to Oriske, motioning him to move.

    "In the room you can enlighten me with your side of the story." He said in a flat tone. "Since I am curious as to why you moved from petty theft to murder." He said with a grin to give the illusion that their conversation seemed harmless.
  5. Oriske nodded slightly. Already, he had a plan forming in his head how he could escape, but upon glancing around at everyone, it became obvious that escape would be much more difficult than any other one he had made. In truth, he was actually surprised that Tiris had agreed to letting him be arrested in his chambers, given how notorious he had been for disappearing. However, Oriske had to admit that he was tired of this old cat-and-mouse game, and he just wished for it to be over.

    Turning, he led the bounty hunter through Erica's Doom, occasionally nodding his head at someone whenever they shot him a questioning look. Gradually, the number of people thinned until they were the only ones in the hall. Down several flights of stairs they went, past a room that read 'Boiler Room--Authorized Entry Only', and to a small doorway that had the had the numbers 009 on it. "Here it is," he said softly. "Home sweet home."

    Taking out his key, he unlocked the door before holding it open for the bounty hunter. Inside, it was sparsely decorated, and included not much more than a bed and a tiny dresser. Oriske's trunk was set on the bed, though he hadn't had the chance to open it yet. Tea had been set out atop the dresser, though there was only enough for one person, as Oriske had ordered. "You can have the tea," he said, his stomach tying itself in knots. "I don't think I could stomach anything right now." Sighing, he walked into the room, shutting the door and leaning against it as he closed his eyes, trying to collect his thoughts.
  6. Tiris looked around as they walked, trying to make mental notes on their route. He nodded as casually as he could at passers by. Trying to appear as the two elves were friends. Even in one friend did keep his eyes trained on the other, his hand sitting on his belt ready to flip back the coat and grab his gun from his belt. The longer they walked the more Tiris scowled. Where was this man leading him? To a secluded place so as better to deal with him? Well this certainly wasn't like Oriske.

    His eyes looked over the sign. 'Boiler Room--Authorized Entry Only'. This whole thing felt like a trap and it made his nose twitch. But if wanted that pay out he had to catch Oriske. "Charming." He retorted as the other said 'home sweet home'. Tiris waited for Oriske to enter the room, fearful if he went first he could be locked in the impossibly tiny room. He turned with the other elf, making sure he was facing him at all times. Oriske mentioned the tea and it made Tiris realize how thirsty he was. Hadn't had a drop to drink since he'd been on board. "don't mind if I do. I'm quite thirsty." He said pouring a bit of tea in the cup provided.

    He took a few sips as he looked at Oriske. Since he wanted to finish the cup before placing Oriske in hand cuffs he took this moment to feed his own curiosity. "So. While I drink my tea tell me your side of the story." He said taking another sip. "Not that it'll change my mind. I'm just curious."
  7. Sitting down on the tiny bed, he folded his hands in his lap, looking up at the bounty hunter. "My side of the story," he said, breathing out a humorless chuckle. "I don't even think I have a side to this..." He thought for a moment before saying, "I'll have you know that I couldn't kill the Lord Regent's son because I have an actual alibi...But I don't think they'd be willing to speak for me..."

    Taking a deep breath, he let it out in the form of a heavy sigh before saying, "I was out on a job that night...Lord Castamare in Ashanti City. I remember, because I took a pretty necklace of his wife's. Silver and emerald chains. I hadn't brought my jacket because I was having it cleaned. I know that sounds like a convenient coincidence, but it's the truth. While I'd been at the Lord's manse, I'd forgotten about his daughter, who apparently had been left at home with a lazy governess while her parents went to a party. The governess had been asleep, but the daughter was woken up when I tripped a security automaton that was hidden in the closet in the lord's bedroom. She came in while I was disarming the automaton, the lady's jewelry box wide open. She screamed, I grabbed the necklace, and out the window I went."

    He frowned at the memory. It had been a sloppy job, but he was desperate. A close friend of his had caught some disease and they needed the money to have him see a doctor and get medicine. After he had sold the neckalce, he had gotten enough money to pay for both, and the Lord Regent's son had been assassinated.

    "The girl probably won't want to protect the man who stole from her family, but that is what happened," Oriske said, looking up at the bounty hunter. Glancing over at the tiny window, he frowned, wondering if he couldn't fit through it. Perhaps...Suddenly, Oriske imagined himself attempting to climb up the side of Erica's Doom and having his hands slip, to let him fall the hundreds of feet to create a stain on the ground. No...that was too big a risk.

    "Just put the handcuffs on me, then, if you don't believe me..."
  8. Tiris narrowed his eyes as as Oriske talked. Was a new experience for someone to tell him of the crimes, the robberies he committed. But he didn't interrupt him as he spoke. "Hm..." His tale sounded outrageous but as it were there was an interesting twist. The Governor and Governess in fact had little remorse for the thief. Claiming it was another thief that took their gem studded necklace. But the daughter...

    Tiris held a quizzical look on his face, looking away a moment before rubbing his brow. Once the drink, and Oriske, were finished the cup was placed back on the table. Facing back to the other elf as he crossed his arms across his chest. "Some nobles have this thing, where when their right... They get quite upset when you tell them there lying. Her pompous mother and father say it was someone else... But the girl described you to a tee. Minus the coat."

    He shifted his weight as he looked at Oriske. "I had my doubts that it was you, since... The coat wasn't mentioned. But the girl was persistent." He watched Oriske's reaction. He wanted to see the truth in his eyes.
  9. Oriske frowned at the bounty hunter. "I'll have you know, I probably have the slip for my jacket somewhere. It says the exact date that I gave my jacket to the cleaner." Remembering something, he made a disgusted noise in his throat, before muttering, "But whoever killed the Lord Regent's son probably had the foresight to take the slip...I left it at my flat in Ashanti, so they've probably gotten it by now." Frowning, he reached in his pockets again, pulling out all manner of odds and ends...but no weapons. Leaving the crumpled pieces of paper and small change on the bed next to him, he searched through the junk for anything that might prove his innocence.

    Not finding anything of us, he sighed before saying, "At least the girl isn't a liar. I really was the thief, and I guess I'm lucky that she saw me...otherwise, you'd probably have already arrested me by now..." Fixing his dark green eyes on the bounty hunter's, he tried to tell him with his eyes that he was telling the truth. Brushing dusty blonde hair from his eyes, he sighed before getting to his feet.

    "Just arrest me now," he said sullenly. "We can get another airship to whoever's paying you when we land in Tylonia in a couple hours..."
  10. Oriske started to pull things from his pockets as Tiris watched him. Never did the bounty hunter feel he was in danger. There was truth not only in the other's voice but in his eyes. Tiris nodded. "Your flat has already been searched and... There was no mention of a receipt slip from a cleaner. But then again I'm sure they weren't looking for it." He watched Oriske a moment more as he placed his hands on his hips.

    Something about this story made Tiris' nose twitch. And not in the way that suggested Oriske was lying. Tiris couldn't place it but something felt a little out of place. With the whole situation. The thief was just that or he had always been. Not a killer. As he looked at the other he was met with truthful pleading eyes. Those pleading drak green eyes holding a certain beauty in them, reminding him of the forest he spent his childhood playing in. He sighed and looked away.

    "Lets say I believe you. And you really are innocent... Who would frame a jewel thief?" He replied in a gruff voice as he cross his arms over his chest.
  11. "Someone who doesn't want to get caught," Oriske answered immediately and simply. "They aren't stupid. It would be easy to frame someone such as me. The public already believes that I'm some monster, since I terrorize the lords and ladies, their beacons of hope and happiness. Whoever is paying you--who is he anyways? The Lord Regent?--Regardless, whoever is paying you could take the credit, and make their fame rise. Make sense?" he tilted his head again, his eyes flitting over to the window again.

    He could do it...maybe. He certainly was lithe and flexible enough to fit through the small porthole, but his shoes might be a problem. Oriske had to admit, he had a few guilt pleasures that he indulged in, and the chunky shoes that had been amazingly popular among the younger populations were one of them. His were boots that went to his knees, but the actual shoe part made his feet twice their size. Fitting through that tiny porthole would be impossible with them on.

    Oriske sighed, brushing back his hair and looking at Tiris. "Is there any point in this?" he asked, a tired, beaten-down look in his eyes. "I don't care anymore. If you let me go, I'll still be an outlaw, and some other bounty hunter, who doesn't care if I am innocent or not, will come after me. If you take me in, then we won't have that problem...and you can go home happy."
  12. So the man wasn't sure who could have framed him. Although no knowledge could neither disprove or prove his innocents, Tiris would have expected him to point out a claim of someone if he was lying. Trying to pin the murder on someone else rather than take a gamble on 'I donno who dunnit' type of approach. Oriske sighed as he rubbed his temples. That thing in his gut told him this didn't feel right. That thing was always right.

    "I suppose there is no point." He snapped a reply back as he looked at the other. His eyes glanced at the port hole momentarily, though he wasn't catching on to the possibility of escape flowing through Oriske's mind. He glanced a moment at the clouds passing by, at the calm sky they were currently flying through. He frowned as he flipped the coat back and grabbed the metal hand cuffs on his belt, motioning to the other elf. "Makes no sense to me why your not fighting for your life but what ever. C'mon lets get this over with. I'm moving you to my room... Which is at least a little larger... And where I can keep an eye on you till we dock." He said in a gruff voice.
  13. Oriske stood up after Tiris had finished speaking. "Very well," he said softly, watching the floor. The sight of the handcuffs sent a wave of panic through him, and he was suddenly feeling like he was in a fight or flight situation. However, he hardened his resolve, and bowed his head in defeat. Moving in front of the bounty hunter, Oriske stood up as straight as he could, waiting for the cuffs to go on and focusing upon the world just outside the window.

    And then...he had an escape plan. Trying not to let his body react to this, either by making his head perk up or to start or anything, he couldn't stop his eyes, which now held a familiar, confident gleam. Forcing a resigned, beaten look to return to his eyes, he tried to force back any ideas of escape. What would change? If he ran away, Tiris would keep coming after him, and he would inevitably get caught. That's what happened in the end. In all the stories and tales about thieves, they had a good run, until they were eventually caught. Maybe this is the end to my story? Oriske thought. Maybe there is nothing else I can do anymore...

    And maybe I'm some pushover amateur who gives up the first time he's caught. Frowning, he made his decision, and would act as soon as he had his opening.
  14. Tiris stared at him a moment, still surprised that he actually was willing to just give it all up. If he were in the situation then he'd be fighting till he was dead. But then again his ex's always told him he never thought things through and was too trigger happy. He shrugged off the thought of his failed love life, thinking his way of thinking and acting had worked out for him so far. He was still alive after all.

    "Right. Well c'mon now." He said grabbing Oriske's arm, not roughly but not tenderly either. With a flick of his wrist he clicked the hand cuff on his wrist. Turning him so that his back faced him, reaching for his other hand to cuff his hands behind his back.
  15. As soon as Oriske heard the click of the first handcuff, and felt the cool metal against his skin, he quirked a grin for a fraction of a moment. Clenching his hand into a fist, he brought it around to strike Tiris square in the jaw. The moment he felt his hand connect, he completed the spin before bolting down the narrow hallway beneath the boiler room. Finding the stairs to get back up to the upper levels of Erica's Doom, he took them two at a time, not daring to turn and see if the bounty hunter was behind him. Shoving the hand with the handcuff on it into his jacket pocket, he continued running, adrenaline hitting his system in seconds.

    Bolting into the second-class level of the ship, he immediately melded himself with the few groups mingling in the hallway, slowing his pace to an acceptable level. Finding one of the few biological security men idling in front of a door, he threw himself onto his knees before pleading with the officer. "Help!" he screamed. "The murderer of the Lord Regent's son just tried to kill me! He's back near the boiler rooms...I think he was going to do something horrible to me. He tried to handcuff me so I couldn't move!" Showing the security officer his one handcuffed wrist, he let a few tears fill his eyes, as if traumatized by what had happened.

    Immediately, the officer took out his lightning shooter, calling through the message pipes to the other security stations for help before running down the hallway towards the boiler rooms. A few of the people nearest him approached, offering words of consolation. In such a state, even if it was fake, he looked years younger, which added to the facade. Thankfully, none of them recognized him, through a combination of the Lord Regent not sending out information about him and from his own countermeasures: spreading rumors, taking down the pictures of him, and changing information that the people received.

    As a kindly couple helped him to his feet, Oriske rubbed at his eyes with the backs of his hands, wiping away fake tears. "Thank you..." he said, right before a group of security officers rushed past them towards where he had left Tiris.
  16. Easiest arrest ever. This had to be. Oriske was making this so easy. Maybe too easy? But it didn't matter to Tiris, all that did matter was the pay check he was about to get and the cold beer that he'd be sipping on at the end of it. Maybe Tiris was assuming too much and dreaming too high. Suddenly with out warning the man turned and got one really good hit on his jaw. Nothing registered when it happened. All Tiris knew was there was instant pain in his jaw and he was knocked into the wall. He stumbled and sat a moment in shock before he shook his head.

    Then his expression turned to appalled. Did he just do what I think he did? "Oriske! You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!" He bellowed furiously as he drug himself off the floor. He never saw that coming. And for a shrimpy guy he sure as hell could throw one hell of a punch. He bolted from the room, his feet slamming the ground heavily to catch up. It didn't take him long before he saw Oriske in his sights. What was he doing? Talking to someone?

    A security guard? Whom now looked at Tiris as though he was a villain? Tiris had made a dire mistake when he boarded. His decision to not show the Captain and the security guards Oriske's picture was now coming back to bite him. He didn't show them for fear some young dumb guard would try and take Oriske down by himself. And spoil his arrest. Now he wished he had at least showed the captain. "What ever he told you don't listen! I'm a bounty hunter hired to capture him! He's the Regent Lord's killer!" He tried to plead. But with out puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears no one believed him. Damn that Oriske.

    "I'm gonna beat your ass Oriske! You just wait till I get a hold of you." He said with a sneer, as usual the hot headed hunter's mouth getting the better of him. In this case it made the situation worse. The two guards now walking towards him now had their stun guns drawn. The possibility of being shocked while trying to reach for his bounty hunter badge was very high. But he'd be damned if he was getting arrested just so the weasel get away.

    He held his hands up and backed away towards a decorative thin table that stood against the wall. Glancing at the vase full of flowers before he flashed a charming grin. Suddenly he grabbed the vase and threw it at the two men coming at him. They shielded themselves and Tiris took the moment to rush away. Towards Oriske.

    ((Died laughing by the way when I read that Oriske punched Tiris. LOL))
  17. Eyebrows rising in surprise and fake fear when Tiris began shouting, Oriske let his voice rise half an octave, to make him sound more and more young and scared. "That's him! That's the man that was going to hurt me! He's mad, he thinks I killed the Lord Regent's son!" Letting himself be pulled into a protective embrace by an older woman, emitting a scared squeak when he heard Tiris saying that he was going to hurt him. In reality, though, he wasn't scared at all, and was watching everything carefully out of the corners of his eyes.

    An older gentleman, whom Oriske recognized as a well-renowned inventor from Ashanti City, approached him, gently pulling him away from the woman. "Let me get that off of you," he said, pointing to the handcuff. Oriske nodded, holding out his wrist. The inventor produced a small, electric circular saw, powering it with the push of a button. He must have had a weapons permit from the Lord Regent to be able to have that on the airship. And indeed he did, producing it when one of the officers approached, an odd look on his face. Pressing the blade to the handcuff, Oriske pretended to look away with worry as sparks flew. In seconds, though, the handcuff was off, falling to the floor.

    By that time, Tiris had already threw the vase and was heading for him. Grabbing the inventor's tool from out of his hands, he spun away from the group, stuffing the saw into his pocket and sprinting down the hallway. Finding a door that led to a viewing balcony, he opened the door to the airlock. Shutting it, he spent only a second to check for a lock before seeing that there wasn't one. Frowning, he stepped out onto the balcony, letting the outside door clang shut. Stepping to the ten-foot-tall railing that kept most people from jumping, he forced his foot into the space between two of the bars, climbing up so that he was perched atop the railing. Looking out at the landscape, his breath was momentarily taken away.

    I would've become an airship pilot for this, he thought to himself, wondering if it was too late to go to the University of Aerotechnology. With Tiris chasing after him, probably yes. Sighing softly, he felt a strong wind blow across him, sending his blonde hair into a whirlwind. Holding onto the top of the rail, he waited for Tiris to catch up with him, forming a continuation plan already.
  18. Tiris was beyond furious now. The vase flew from his fingers and hit the two in front of him, but he still had the third. The third guard fired a shot at him, the bullet missing him by inches. "Whoa! I'm the good guy you idiot!" He bellowed as he ducked. His eyes catching Oriske as he ran away. But there was no time to explain to the guards that the other elf was lying. Oriske was like a slippery fish and would easily get away if you didn't tighten the net. He groaned in annoyance as he bolted after him.

    His body tensed and he winced inwardly as he horn sounded, no doubt to call more guards to the scene. And to Tiris. Boy he'd have a lot of explaining to do when he got out of this. If he got out of this. Tiris had just caught a glimpse of Oriske darting out to the balcony. Why out side? Why do criminals always opt for heights... The answer was one that Tiris himself would not admit, even in the face of it. Because people like Tiris were scared of heights. That fear gave the criminal the edge, as long as they didn't have the same fear. Tiris burst through the door and skidded to a halt, letting out a rather deep whimper as he saw the land below.

    Miles above the ground it was like they flew over a very detailed map. Patches of trees and rivers cutting through the land towards the mountains in the distance. Tiris had unknowingly held his breath and when he looked at Oriske he gasped for air. The sounds of the guards behind him and the PA system told him he needed to move. He turned and shut the door, looking a moment like the other elf did for a lock. Only to frown more when there wasn't one. He looked again towards Oriske. Of course. He's on the railing. Where else would he be. He though sarcastically to himself.

    He bounced a moment in place, taking deep breaths before he followed the same path Oriske took. "If I die I swear by my father's name I'll haunt you!" He bellowed angrily at the other as he made his way. Albeit much slower then the other.
  19. Seeing Tiris arrive on the balcony, Oriske almost stood up, until a frightening blast of wind forced him to stay on the ground. No way was he going to let himself be killed by falling from an airship. Quirking a smile at the bounty hunter's words, he asked, "Scared of heights?" in a sing-song voice. Getting into a slightly crouched position, he moved along the railing, his jacket flying behind him like a cape.

    Drawing the inventor's device, he examined the blade for a moment, deciding that it would a grisly end to whoever met it. Still...it might be useful in keeping Tiris at bay. Reaching over towards the side of the airship, he said, "You don't get paid if I jump, do you?" Smiling again, he grabbed onto one of the rope ties on the side of it, taking a deep, steadying breath before stepping off of the railing, hanging on by the rope. The wind whipping at his hair, he suppressed his fear. Inherently, he wasn't afraid of heights, but it didn't matter when the only thing keeping him from becoming a stain on the ground was a rope. Bracing his feet against the side of the airship, he edged his way away from Tiris, hugging Erica's Doom.

    Heart thrashing in his chest, he tried to keep his breathing steady, not wanting Tiris to know how scared he was. It wasn't the heights that scared him, he decided, it was falling. Aiming to go to a balcony above and to the right of him, he reached a shaking hand up to a tie just above him, his other arm straining with his weight.
  20. Oriske mocked Tiris and it made the elf want to beat him into a coma even more. His eyes narrowed and glared at the other man. His anger starting to weaken the fear and made him able to continue to scoot closer. The gust of wind made him groan in fear as he clung on tighter. There's no way. He's not worth the money. I can always hunt him down later. Was the hunter's thoughts as he clung to the railing with his eyes closed. He heard motion and looked up.

    Was the man insane!? He wasn't thinking about using the rope was he? Tiris couldn't believe his eyes as he watched Oriske flail about like a monkey in the tree tops. His taunting however fueled his rage and pushed him forward. Scooting closer and with more speed. "I can still bring you back in a bag and get paid!" He bellowed in return. He was lying of course. Falling from this height it would be impossible for the stain on the ground to viably resemble Oriske, if he fell. But he hoped his bluff would not be called.

    A bullet pinged the metal railing behind him, reminding him that the guards still were on his tail. He winced and jerked his head back to look at the guards. "Damnit Oriske! We're going to both die because of your stupidity!" He complained as he watched him climb to the balcony above him. He shook his head as the rope became the only thing between Oriske and death. Don't think. Just act. He tried to coach himself as he reached up and grabbed a rope of his own. But his journey off the ledge was not as voluntary. The guards fired once again at him, the bullet grazing the hunter's leg.

    It was nothing more than a flesh wound and in it's self was not fatal. But the instant and sudden pain shocked Tiris and he jerked. The motion causing him to fall from the railing. He let out a yelp of pain and surprise and a wail of fear as he clung to the only thing keeping him alive. "I'm gonna kill you! I swear I'll kill you!" He said as he winced and looked up at Oriske.
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