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  1. The main setting for this rp would be two kingdoms. A human kingdom in the north and an Elven kingdom in the south of the continent.

    The humans had always envied the long lived and magical inclined elves. In turn the elitist elves looked down upon and frequently sneered at their human neighbors. Despite this low opinion of the human race it became increasingly clear the sun was setting on the dominance of elves and that humans would rule the new dawn...unless something would be done about those humans before they could eclipse the elves. With that reasoning the elves declared war.

    And that is where our pairing comes in.
    The war went poorly for the elves and as a result the kings youngest son became a hostage at the human court either through a diplomatic arrangement to end the war or he could be kidnapped during the war. Whatever the case the Elven prince now has to survive in an environment hostile to him as the humans try their best to humiliate their prisoner. The human princes would be the worst of the bunch with one exception.

    One of the human king's children(Can be a girl or boy, I'm not picky) would take pity on the Elven boy and befriend, even protect the prince from those that would seek to do him harm. These actions cause feelings to develop in the Elven prince for the child of his enemy.

    The rp would take place over several years, starting with the prince his arrival at the human castle as a child and ending when he is a young man.
  2. I would love to do this rp with you! I'm so interested in the whole Romeo and Juliet vibe of it all...
  3. Thanks! I'l send you a pm! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.