Elven Dynasty

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  1. I knew I was different since the beginning. Not because I had blonde hair when my family had chocolate brown. Not because everyone I grew up around had tan skin and I was always pale. Not because I had ocean blue eyes that seemed to pierce ones soul. Because my power was far more powerful than anybody else's. Because I was maltreated my entire childhood for those reasons. Because I am the last of a powerful empire of elves. Because I, Zeia, am a Spirit Elf.
  2. Savisal glared at the council and kept arguing, even though he had already been doing so for over an hour.
    "NO! no no no no no! You can't be serious...she is only a kid, has had no training in the art whatsoever and I will not do it!" The head council member slammed his fist on the table, the ear shattering echo reverberating around the room demanding silence.

    "ENOUGH Savisal. In this aspect, you are being given no choice. She is the last of her kind and we are in desperate need. You are the last of your kind as well and so you will understand her pain more than any of us ever could. You will go to her tonight and explain what is going on and what she is to do."
    Savisal grumbled. "Still, you all are council members! Surely she would work better with one of you at her side! I am one of an elite few...I am supposed to work with masters! Geniuses! Crafters of the art! Not....a novice!"

    "You utter one more outburst Savisal and so help me...I'll strip you of your rank and your gifts and shove you into a twisting abyss!!!" He became silent after that threat.
    "You have your orders and you know what's at stake here! Now get going!"
    Savisal sighed as he bowed to the council. "As the spirit council decrees..it shall be done."

    He turned to leave. Sure, it was true a spirit elf hadn't been around for nearly a century, but she had no training. She wouldn't know how to use him to his fullest potential..but he had his orders. He would have to go and help this girl master her craft. He was Savisal, the limitless transmogrifier..and now she was his master.
  3. A woman with curly lavender hair and washed out pink eyes yawned as quietly as she could. Moraine had watched the council meeting in silence from her position in the corner of the room. As a necromancer and one of the principal guards for the head of the high council, she had liberties given to her. One of them was the ability to be present in the ever secret council meetings. This one in particular had proved to be very interesting. She'd had some suspicions about what that girl truly was but it was not until this moment that she knew the true. A spirit elf. There had not been one for quite some time and Moraine was delighted by the idea that she would get to observe and study one. Perhaps even experiment...
    She bowed to her master when he dismissed her with a strict order to make sure Savisal performed his duties. She did not doubt the man would, but he was such a pompous fool she could never be too certain. Moraine quickly caught up to him, looping her arm with his. "Why the long face Savisal? Surely you must know what a great honor has been bestowed upon you?" She laughed teasingly, knowing his obvious aversion to having to train the young girl.
  4. He felt an arm loop with his and he turned to see who it was. "Moraine...figures it would be you. What do you want?" His athletic form continued to stroll down the hallway, his red and blue tinted hair waving with each step. His misty grey eyes avoided her piercing gaze as he continued to move.
    "Did your master send you to babysit me? If so, then get lost. I don't need a chaperone!"
    Normally he would be excited to work with a spirit elf..but with one so young..and inexperienced..it would not go well. For her or him.
    He normally wasn't this harsh with her, but she was quite the mischievous little thing and he wasn't in the mood for it right now.

    "Maybe it is an honor..but not so much this time. She doesn't even count as a novice and they want me to serve her! Be honest..you'd be just as furious if they put this on you!"
  5. Zeia sat in the middle of clearing, stroking a sparrow that had walked over to her. She always seemed to have a way with animals. She had discovered the clearing a few years ago, when she had blindly run into the forest after being bullied by her siblings. She came here often, after school, between mealtimes and even at night occasionally. It was her only escape from her life as a freak. Not long after discovering her secret sanctuary, she slowly began to develop powers. She would never dare practise them in the village, only in her hideout. Zeia sat in silence as she focused all her energy on a single spot on the ground, watching as a tuft of grass slowly rose out of the dirt.
  6. Savisal glanced upwards, sighing audibly.
    "well, seems she's calling me. Whether she knows it or not is another thing altogether. I gotta go."
    He started gathering his energy for a powerful launch.

    "By the way Moraine, since I am bound to this girl now..that means I'm her guardian..regardless of my personal feelings. You try any funny business like the last time..and I'll pound you and your devil summons into obliteration..got it?"
    Launching himself high into the air, he started burrowing into the tunnels, making his way to her location. Soon enough, he'd slowly emerge from the ground somewhere near her, like a statue rising on a pedestal.
  7. From the top of the highest tree, Cherie saw that the girl is there again in the clearing below. She wondered for the 100th time if she'll reveal her presence. "Better not. It would complicate things."
  8. Zeia watched as the grass rose out of the ground, excited that she was mastering the skill so quickly. She tried a flower, but more grass just grew. I'll be able to grow a flower once I've done this; one thing at a time! She thought to herself. She suddenly felt a pang of loneliness. Why bother doing all this? Nobody's ever going to know, I'm always gonna be by myself. Nobody's going to remember me, spirit elf or not. She lay down on the ground, looking up at the cracks of sun shining through the canopy. She sighed to herself, fantasising herself as a princess, the core of a social world.
  9. Despite what she just said, Cherie was intrigued when she saw that the girl was growing grass or was it the flower? "Now, that's interesting.." "Haven't seen anyone with that kind of magic before..Feels familiar.." She shakes her head. "No, no, no. Don't think like that"
  10. The ground behind her cracked and shone with a orangish, redish tint. The cracks grew in size and the ground began to shake lightly. Suddenly,his fist erupted through the crevices..allowing his whole body to come into view.

    "So this is the spirit elf huh? Definitely looks like a novice...anyway, I am Savisal..your appointed teacher and summons from the spirit realm. What may i ask is the name of my newest master?"
    He could not have hated this speech more right now.
  11. I slowly got to my feet as the ground began to crack. Was I doing this? Was this what I was capable of? Is this what I'm doing subconsciously when I'm feeling lonely? I watched in astonishment as a fist came up through the ground, leaping back as the man's entire body appeared out of the ground. I sat on the ground, shaking and whimpering. How had he found me? Was he going to take me away? What was he going to do to me? I jumped at the sound of his voice as he introduced himself as Savisal and asked my name. "M-me?" I stuttered, still in shock.
  12. I looked at her stupidly. Was there anyone else here? Well there was in the trees, but he wasn't talking to them.
    "Yes...you! Spirit elf girl...what..is..your..name?"

    He sighed. Training her was going to get real infuriating..real fast. He could already tell.
    "Well, do you have a name?"
  13. Then Cherie suddenly saw some scary guy getting out of a crack that looks like from hell. She laughs at that thought. They seemed to be talking. Wonder what they're talking about. She whistled like a bird to call her favorite friend, Maya. Maya is a small magical brown bird. She can talk telepathically.
    "You called?" Maya asked.
    "Yeah. Can you see those two below?" Cherie said.
    "What about them?" the bird answered.
    "Can you go near them and tell me what they're talking about?" Cherie requested.
    "Sure. But why?" Maya said.
    "Just curious, you know." She answered.
    "Ok" her friend said. Then flew and landed on a branch of a tree right where they are.
  14. "Z-Zeia" I finally managed to choke out. How did he know I was a spirit elf? I had never told anyone! I never knew how, but I always had a feeling nobody was meant to know. I was terrified of this man, having suddenly risen out of the ground, knowing what I was, and asking my name. It was then I began to cry. This was all to much for one moment, I still had no idea what was happening, who this man was.
  15. "The guy knew you're up there" Maya said.
    "Oh? He must be good to sense me" "What are they talking about?" She asked.
    "You're not gonna like it." the bird told her.
    "And why? Now I'm really curious." She insisted.
    "Coz...." she trailed off.
    "Hey, coz what?" Cherie asked. This is not feeling good.
    "She's crying!" Maya said. Sensing what Cherie's about to do, she said "Stop!" But it was too late.
    "What?!", without thinking she jumped towards the girl.
  16. He sighed. Yep...definitely going to be a hassle. He closed up the hole in the ground and grabbed some dirt from the ground..transmuting it into a tissue.
    "Need a tissue?" he asked her handing it to her.
    Spirit elves were proud spell casters..and yet just him emerging from the ground and pointing at her caused her to cry. Somehow he felt that they were in a lot of trouble.
    His senses went berserk and he glanced around, seeing the girl leap from the tree to the elf.

    He sprang into action, his hands grabbing a short stick. Transmogrifying it into a shield, he swung it in front of him so that he blocked her from Zeia. Now this girl would crash headfirst into the shield instead.
  17. She saw the shield a nanosecond before she hit it. And instead of crashing she kicked the shield and she landed a few meters away from him.
    "Why did you make her cry?! Look at her." She hissed at him. Then asking the crying girl, "Are you alright?"
    Maya said in telepathy, "Now you're in trouble"
    She answered, "I know! but she's crying!"

    Looking at the guy, he's definitely crazy. "Why? Answer me!" He looks like he's a stubborn and very angry man. To hell with it, she thought.
  18. I was amazed at how he produced the tissue from the dirt. I began to trust him a little more, maybe this Savisal was really just trying to help me. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw something leap from the trees, and before I had time to look, Savisal leapt forward, a stick he grabbed turning into a shield, and jumped between me and whatever was in the trees. I put my hands up defensively, before realising Savisal was protecting me.
  19. I heard a thud on the shield and then something land on the ground on the dirt. Peering out from under the shield, I saw a girl, blaming Savisal angrily for making me cry, before turning to me. "I'm alright, it wasn't his fault" I assured her quietly, still taking in the situation I had found myself in.
  20. "I'm alright, it wasn't his fault" the girl said.
    *sigh* "Oh, that's good, then" then glares at the guy.
    "I guess I was misunderstood the situation."
    Before leaving, she silently used an incantation to make the flowers bloom around the girl.
    "There. Hope that makes you smile. I'm sorry to cause trouble."
    Cherie smiled at her and turned away.
    *flicks her fingers* She grew some solid elven tree roots on the guy's feet just to annoy him.]

    "Told you to stop.." Maya started.
    "I know so shut it." Cherie said.

    She leapt towards the tree.
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