Elusion: Darkness Rising

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    • Elusion: Darkness Rising

      Elusion is a new technology, sweeping the country. All you need is an app, visor and a wrist band, and you're teleported into the realm of Alteria. A virtual gaming system, Elusion puts you into the game, allowing you to fight the monsters themselves and just enjoy your time. You don't have to worry about the outside world. So when sixteen strangers meet, and team up together, is it a coincidence that things in Alteria begin to go wrong? Possibly. What the strangers don't know is that something dark and sinister is rising in Alteria and if not stopped, it will grow to consume the country and soon ruin the lives of everyone. Can they stop it in time, before more and more players flood in and the game captures their souls forever?

    • [I gave up on trying to number...]

      1. Iwaku's rules must be followed

      1. Replies and Lines
      Please attempt to write 5+ lines, but if you cannot since you’re on mobile let me know, I myself understand the struggle! I don’t allow major text talk, until your character is texting someone. This is an intermediate to advanced role play.

      3. Drama Llama
      Add drama! Just don’t get too overboard with it. Okay? Okay.

      4. Character Form
      I don’t wish to see Mary-Sues / Gary-Stus throughout your form. Please do have at least an enemy or two, and don’t be so friendly with everyone! (real life doesn't work that way). For your OC, please don’t be an attention hoarder, at least have focus for both persons you will roleplay, because I find it rude when you give your character all the attention.

      5. What I Allow
      I allow you to use vulgar language, but not in every damn line or sentence thank you! I DONT allow is for you to god mode my character. I will allow you to god mode another character if you ask first, thank you very much. ♥

      6. POV:
      Please, I mean please, do not use First POV or Second POV. Use Third POV, such as 'He went to the store to go and get milk, after that, Jared went home and decided to bake a cake using the milk he bought.' I'm sorry, but I don't like First POV.

      7. Crushes:
      No, your Crush cannot fall in love within less than five responses and then are together in one page. I like it if the OC and OC Crush development (since there can be romance in this rp) is slow, it creates more characterized development throughout the RP. Dont force a character on someone either, let it happen naturally.

      8. Last Minute Thoughts
      • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be nice on here, gentleness is key.
      • Grammar is nice hint hint
      9. Lastly
      Please have a good time!

    • [This will be updated as people Apply. Let's try and keep an even balance please.]


      4 spots open



      4 spots open

      Reserved for Brea

      3 spots open


      2 spots open (this can always be changed. If you have any other creature than above, please talk to me about it)


    Each species has a strengths and weaknesses. Which one will you choose?

    Humans are....as you say no the smartest creatures out of the bunch. Though their strong will and determined spirit makes for a great team member. They are well rounded in a lot of their skills. They are not the strongest creatures nor the best at magic but they know that with practice they are able to become better. Sometimes though, humans can be very hard headed which could lead to a lot of problems.

    Angels are part of the light beings and are full of wisdom and intelligence. The rely on their magic powers which can use up a great amount of their mana. They do not always have the best agility so they try to stay at a distance where enemies do not focus. Angels are usually really good at using their magic to heal other team members, again one of the reasons they stay in the background.

    Demons descend from the dark part of beings although they are not as bad as you think. They help fight against evil beings with their dark magic or weapons. They have a great amount of strength and rely on it in hand to hand combat with their weapons. They usually make great tanks and defense.

    Elves who usually live in the forests right? Well these elves are here to fight. They usually are best with their bows and arrows and their aim is exactly precise. Some do though branch off to work with other things, such as becoming warriors or clerics. They do not all stick to archery.

    Character Sheets

    Appearance: (real life)
    Age: (Probably High school age)
    Avatar looks: (More...anime style)
    Avatar Name:
    (Feel free to add anything that you feel may be missing)
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  1. eserved for Brea

    3 spots open

    Hmmmm... May I reserve one elf and one angel?
    Also, for this roleplay will we be using realistic images (actual real life people) or digital art for our characters?
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  2. Of course you can lovely! (I hope more people join!)

    And you can use realistic images and then digital art for their avatars (if that makes sense)
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  3. You just posted this thread today, so I'm sure people will begin to bite soon enough. However, I do have a tip: In your rules I noticed you often referenced OC and 'your love interest.' I'd suggest changing this, because all of the character's are going to be OC, and this is a group roleplay, not a 1x1. Just a suggestion though, because when I was reading the rules I was slightly confused on whether this was based off of something and we'd be able to play characters from the show or whatever, and I also wasn't sure if it was intended for a big group... Just thought I'd help you out since this is your first thread on this site ♥

    Anyways: I have a few roleplays I need to reply to before I even think about making characters for this one. However: I should have my characters up by the end of the day on Wednesday.
  4. Ah, I thought I did change that.OTL, I'll go change that now, thanks so much Lex! <3 I can always count on you.

    And I cant wait to see your characters, they are always Bae, like I seriously just love them. Sheer perfection, though now that I think about it, I should probably post a form...right?
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  5. Haha, yes. That would be helpful (P.S, I called them forms in the beginning, but most people on this site call them 'CS's', or Character Sheets. Just so you know ♥). Oh, and thanks! I'm glad you like my characters!
  6. I have changed it! Haha and I should probably call them CS's so I dont look like a newb, huh? (though when I think about it, I kind of am a newb. XD )
    Seriously though bro, you're characters are love and life themselves.
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  7. You are a bit of a newb, but that's all right. You're a fast learner, I'm sure you'll be used to all the different stuff here in no time ♥

    Let me know when the CS is up!
  8. Haha I'm a newb that you love though. <3
    And okay, I have to get my homework done, answer our rp and then it'll be up...or maybe it'll be up after I get homework done.
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