Elswen: Trapped Island



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Welcome to Elswen!
Elswen is an island town just off the Washington state coast. It's home of "The Chronicle" newspaper (a supernatural tabloid like Weekly World News), a great little book shop called The Page Turner, the coffee shop Freedom of Expresso, and many other little specialty shops. Of course, Elswen doesn't seem to be a normal town... Weird things are always happened in the area. Unexplained sightings, ghosts, vampires, werewolves... and its even rumored that the local famous sisters, Sasha and Kendal, are from a long line of natural born witches. Elswen is strange, just about anything could happen...

Who are you?
You can play any kind of character you want (even from another world/dimension) but remember that you are still on Modern earth. So if you're not a human, you might want to hide your real identity. Not all people take kindly to supernatural beings, even if Elswen IS a little strange.

So what's the plot?
For reasons that your character doesn't know, the island is trapped. No one can get in, or off the island, or rather close to it. The barrier seems to be about a quarter mile out into the water and this distance seems to be about the same above and below, since commercial aircraft could fly over the island, but you can't get out going up. Magic doesn't seem to work on getting around the barrier, and even advance technology that should not exist on the island can't seem to grapple with it. You are trapped!

Alright, so you're on an island that's currently under some barrier, annoying but no big deal, right? Wrong. Someone has raised zombies and they are shambling into the town from the local cemetery. Someone has released all the inmates from the local insane asylum. Then to make matters worse, magic seems to be working oddly. Empathy and some of the more personal magics don't seem to be affect, but outward projected spells and especially those that are in the classification of seeking and direction are doing some bizarre things.

Your main objective is to survive of course, but be you resident, or visitor your other goals might differ.

The IC is now up!

GMs: Diana & Ocha

Bio Template: Those denoted by an asterisk are not mandatory.


Character Name:


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
*Inner Personality:


General History:

Present Life:

*Special Historic Notes: [/noparse]

This game will stay open to new characters until we get close to the conclusion.


Vel Rhys - Demon - Bookseller (Kitti)
Gregory Faltman - human psychic - asylum patient (Vay)
Priscilla Morgan - human - lawyer (Ocha)
Andrea MacGregor - human - student (Diana)
Calli Lyens - human - student (Penguin)
"Sam" Bremen - human wizard - Detective/Professor (Seiji)
Bianca Snow - goddess - jewelry shop owner (Ocha)
Woogie Woo - shade - lost (Jumi)
Risako Natsuyaki - human witch - student (Zypher)

Character Name: Vel Rhys
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Demon
Age: 762
Birthplace/World: Abyss
Occupation/School/Grade: Bookseller
*More: Vel served his stint as a guardian of Abaddon, but he's vacationing now and looking for a little less excitement in his life.


General Appearance:

Strengths: Agile and superhumanly powerful, he cannot attack without the condition that a life is in danger if he does not, as per his bond to be allowed to reside on earth.
Weaknesses: Coffee. This has to be the one thing humans really got right.


Current Goal/Purpose: To spend a hundred years or so vacationing on Earth before going back to work.
Talents: Vel just seems to have a knack for knowing things that are going on elsewhere, through some sort of supreme intuition and perhaps a sixth sense.
Inabilities: Vel is not used to having to walk places. Thus, Vel falls a lot. Stairs are a lot to ask of the poor guy.
Fears: Being discovered by someone.
General Personality: Vel is easygoing and generally likable by all outward appearances.
*Inner Personality: Vel is a little condescending, he thinks humans are inferior since they destroy themselves without even needing anyone to kill them.
*Secret: Vel likes puppies! Oh, and he's a demon.


General History: Once he'd decided what he wanted to do, Vel worked his way up through demon ranks for about three hundred years, spent another three hundred and eighty working as a guard for Abaddon, and has finally decided to cash in on the vacation time he earned after one hundred and fifty years, so he's relaxing on Earth.

Present Life: Vel opened up a bookstore on the quietest place he could find in the travel guides - Elswen. Unfortunately for him, he seems to be trapped here now. He's not sure if this will mess with his tracking devices put in place by the Demon Council, but he's definitely worried about it.

*Special Historic Notes: He was so proud of being named second-in-command at the guard station when he was about five hundred, but he hasn't gotten a promotion since!

Character Name: Gregory Faltman
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human psychic (empathy and mindreading)
Age: 23
Birthplace/World: Randomville, Colerado
Occupation/School/Grade: Former orderly as the asylum.
More: Currently a patient at the asylum.


General Appearance: He stands at 5'3" though has a pretty solid build. Hes one peculiarity is that hes naturally completely bald, no hair anywhere on his body and never had had. He doesn't know this but its a side effect of his abilities. His skin is also almost unnaturally pale, though still nowhere near albino territory as his dark brown eyes testify.
Strengths: Psychic, the asylum only hires orderlies strong enough to restrain insane lunatics.
Weaknesses: Almost constantly on sedatives, he only human.


Current Goal/Purpose: Make sense of things
Talents: Reading people.
Inabilities: Psychic power induced paranoid schizophrenia
Fears: Cats, for good reason.
General Personality: When not drugged into a near stupor hes generally just trying to get by, except at odd moments where he'll talk to no one, scream, shout, argue with brick walls, beat brick walls with his fists, head, shoulders, knees, strait jacket...
Inner Personality: According to him theres more than just a brick wall, or chair, or person. Theres cats. They're everywhere and talk to him. Sometimes they'll offer him advice, or say things that he can't understand and sometimes they'll scream at him. He does not notice that others can't see him. He doesn't notice that the number of cats keeps changing or that its mostly different cats all the time. All he know is one day they were there.
More: He does not know he has any powers.


General History: Hes always been good with reading people and knowing what they feel. So after dropping out of community college he decided to get a job as an orderly somewhere his ability to know what to say would help. The asylum fit the bill perfectly. But thats when the cats started coming (actually facets of the personalities of those around him brought on by his mind trying to make sense of his awakening mind reading abilities. The cats in the asylum were the locked away consciousnesses if the patients, bellowing howling and screaming at him in pain and madness. He tried to shut them up, with water, hissing at them, covering his ears and running. They they started speaking to him and in a last ditch effort he started attacking them but could never catch them.

Present Life: Locked in a padded cell most of the time, and still they're everywhere. How do that get in? Hes asked he doctors to get them out and lock the door. He's not crazy, its all the cats.

Character Name: Priscilla Morgan
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human/Eastern European descent
Age: 23
Birthplace: Springfield
Occupation/School/Grade: Lawyer


General Appearance: Model tall, full figured woman with wavy shoulder length blonde hair, blue green eyes and an ivory complexion. Tends to wear low cut blouses with long sleeves.
Strengths: She's fairly average in the physical feats. She's not a bad aim with fire arms, and knows how to swim.
Weaknesses: Not much in upper arm strength or stamina.


Current Goal/Purpose: Priscilla would be hard pressed if asked this question. She's just getting by one day at a time. She is looking for a pleasant hobby.
Talents: Manipulation, working the system, legalese
Inabilities: She has a distain for stupid people and if she can't make a snide remark right away she will dwell on it, until she can. Numbers are not her friend either.
Fears: Being cornered, blind alleys, anything that makes her feel 'trapped'
General Personality: Priscilla comes off as a sweet, if slightly ditzy young woman who gets by in life more due to her looks then anything that's going on upstairs. She seems to be at least competent at her job.
Inner Personality: People expect her to act the part of the blonde, and so she does. In reality she can learn more about a person during a casual conversation then just what they say, though often she can get people to accidently say more then they indent when around her. She doesn't believe there is any universal justice in the world and is loyal only if shown loyalty back.


General History: Priscilla's father was emotionally abusive. At about seven years of age her mother finally had it and got a divorce. Her mother soon got into a new relationship. This time with a man that was physically as well as mentally and emotionally abusive. Fortunately for Priscilla she got off light compared to her mother. As a teenager she tried to get herself emancipated, but the system declared her too young and not in any danger. What she didn't know was that her mother at the same time filed divorce papers. Priscilla's mother then moved them both into an apartment. This enraged her stepfather and while she was away at one of her many sleepovers away from home, he killed Priscilla's mother, making her an orphan.

Years later, Priscilla has worked hard to go through college to make her life better. She went into law, not to protect other women, Priscilla does not believe the legal system really helps anyone, nor that there is real justice. Priscilla became a lawyer to make money and live better then an orphan should.

Present Life:The night she passed her bar exam she went out to celebrate. During the celebration some very not nice men tried to rough her up while she was walking down the street alone, perhaps not the smartest idea on her part, but she was feeling on top of the world. These men had an enemy though, with a hobby in mechanical science. A plasma cannon is nothing to laugh at, as they might have realized too late.

Priscilla has befriended her savior, a mad scientist some would say, but he has the most interesting toys, and he's inclined to share. She's done target practice with him when she's gone back home to visit, and he's even given her a nice present when she chose to move out west. A large ion blaster, that folds up to fit in her brief case.

Special Historic Notes:

<b>Character Name:</b> Andrea MacGregor
<b>Gender:</b> Female
<b>Species/Race:</b> Human
<b>Age:</b> 22
<b>Birthplace/World:</b> Portland, Oregon
<b>Occupation/School/Grade:</b> College Student


<b>General Appearance:</b> Black hair and light blue eyes. Andrea's figure is stick-thin, and often looks very unhealthy. She's constantly having to deal with people asking if she's been eating enough. Her fashion sense can be a little quirky, as she only wears clothes she made herself or her designer friends made.
<b>Strengths:</b> Even though the -looks- unhealthy, Andrea takes pretty good care of herself. She rarely gets sick, has pretty good endurance.
<b>Weaknesses:</b> She doesn't have a lot of muscle, but that's never been an issue before.


<b>Current Goal/Purpose:</b> Have a serious conversation with her big brother about her college studies. If she can FIND him.
<b>Talents:</b> Uh... Andrea has no idea if she has any talents. She's still trying to figure that out.
<b>Inabilities:</b> Bicycling, cooking, singing, dancing, driving... the list goes on!
<b>Fears:</b> LIFE. No, seriously. Thinking about her future and what she's gonna do about it has been a big fear for her. She also can't watch scary movies, especially supernatural ones as that shit freaks her out. She's barely dealing with the "normal" world, she can't stand thinking about anything else.
<b>General Personality:</b> Andrea is a little bit jaded about life, but it's not because she's a critical or pessimistic person. She's just a bit "lost". A couple years ago she had everything figured out, but something must have changed, cause now she doesn't know what's right anymore. For the most part, she gets along with people pretty well, but she won't hesitate to mention when she doesn't like someone. Her temper can flare up over little unimportant things, but she can be amazingly patient when stuff gets rough.
<b>Inner Personality:</b> ...What? That's all she's got. Andrea's a bit lost about who she is as a person, and it's something she's openly admitting.
<b>Secret:</b> She wishes she HAD a secret, that might make her life more interesting.


<b>General History:</b> Andrea's father died while she was too young to really remember him, but her mother always told her and her older brother interesting and often unbelievable tales about his Irish family. Her childhood was pretty normal, and didn't come with anything to extraordinary. In fact, her entire life has been nothing but the expected. Going to school, getting good grades, going to college. Yadda, yadda, boring blah.

<b>Present Life:</b> Recently Andrea has had an epiphany. Her life is going nowhere. Sure, she's in school and working on her degree, and everything is going exactly the way it's supposed to... but... She's really not happy. Something is missing, she just doesn't know what it is. Andrea has come to visit her big brother in Elswen to have a chat and see if he can give her any useful advice!
Character Name: Henry Jacobson
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human/Hispanic
Age: 23
Birthplace/World: Elswen, Washington/Earth
Occupation/School/Grade: Librarian


General Appearance: A small and meek-looking individual, not popular with people (although that is possibly because he doesn't attempt to be) and always wears his "Buddy Holly" glasses. Always wears a white button-up shirt with black slacks and shiny leather dress shoes (literally has 7 white shirts and 7 black slacks in his closet).
Strengths: Very knowledgable, good memory, and an amazing shot with guns.
Weaknesses: Doesn't communicate as well as he should, last person to play the hero and definitely not someone to risk his life for another's (unless a beautiful girl is involved).


Current Goal/Purpose: To kill all the zombies and "get the girl".
Talents: Marksman with pistols and rifles, agile and sneaky, knows the basic fundamental rules of zombies (he read ALL the books and has a copy of Zombie Survival Guide with him at all times)
Inabilities: Doesn't always pay attention to what's going on in a situation, more or less focusing on what he is doing and ignoring everything/everyone else.
Fears: He is afraid of trying new things, of meeting new people, and deathly afraid of cats (there was an incident when he was young where a cat killed his mother with a bowie knife, although the cops never believed his story).
General Personality: Very much a loner, appreciates operating and living alone without fear of being put down by others.
Inner Personality: Extremely friendly and happy when he is alone, prone to singing to himself or dancing in his underwear.
Secret: He watches porn for the storyline.


General History: Grew up with a single mom, his father killed himself because he wanted a daughter. Never got along with kids his age, was always sticking his nose in a book or getting it shoved into a locker. As he got used to bullying because of how he acted, he began to study and learn about the people who did it and learned to avoid such behaviors and people. Unfortunately, this was the majority population where he grew up so he ended up avoiding pretty much everyone. He never got into girls as much as some guys, but always dreamed of getting a girl to fall madly in love with him after he saved her life. Once zombies became a popular discussion, he began to fantasize about two things: being the hero who gave his life to save millions, or being the guy who saved the girl from an untimely death and gained the love and admiration of everyone. As he grew old enough to purchase a weapon, he took it upon himself to take the fantasy further and jump a few steps ahead. He began to purchase pistols and rifles from gun stores, taking them to firing ranges every chance he got so he could become proficient with them. He couldn't bear to not be prepared for the zombies. With more and more practice he became an amazing shot, never missing the heads on the practice sheets.

Present Life: Currently he worked at the city library, keeping quiet to ensure nobody ever discovered that he was a gun-crazy guy. He goes home every day and starts his daily ritual of opening his secret compartment in the dresser with a Glock, a Desert Eagle, and a heavy duty revolver and cleaning them, afterwards he goes to his closet and opens the secret compartment containing his .44 Henry Rifle, a scoped .30-06 Winchester, and an M14 his father brought home from the war, cleaning them as well. He always felt that he could never be too prepared when it came to the zombie apocalypse.

Character Name: Risako Natsuyaki 夏焼 梨沙子
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human, Japanese
Age: 21
Birthplace/World: Los Angeles, California
Occupation/School/Grade: College Student


General Appearance: Long brown hair, typically kept up in long pigtails near the top of her head. She's a girly-girl and loves to look pretty, but she makes sure to not overdo it on the makeup. She wears nice clothing (typically a season or two behind on fashion unfortunately due to her lack of funds from school)
Strengths: Risako can run in heels no problem and isn't hampered by them in any way, shape or form.
Weaknesses: Risako isn't very strong physically, only when she has extreme bursts of adrenaline can she really do any feats of strength.


Current Goal/Purpose: Keep her powers a secret while still maintaining a good GPA
Talents: Witchcraft. Risako is a natural witch (meaning she was born into the powers) she has a wide selection of spells, potions and charms at her disposal...provided she can find them in her Book of Shadows. Her only innate power is healing, she can summon powers within herself to heal wounds on others, this however takes quite a bit of time and leaves her vulnerable as she has to keep concentration. Her magic is also tied to that of her sisters, Miyuki and Sayumi who lives in Seattle. When they are together their natural abilities are strengthened and they also gain the ability to summon fireballs and conjure magical weapons that can be used to fight supernatural enemies.
Inabilities: She cannot heal people that instantly kill people, such as a bullet to the head, or other gruesome deaths. Her charms, spells and potions aren't very useful, they do simple tasks and most of them require her to be in close proximity to her targets. (In the case of potions at least) When she is seperated from Miyuki and Sayumi by a long distance (like when her sisters were visiting family in Japan) her natural abilities diminish to almost nothing only being able to heal scrapes and scratches. With her sisters in the confines of the same state their powers are moderate at best.
Fears: She is deathly afraid of demons and dark sorcery.
General Personality: Risako typically looked like your average stressed out college student with way to much on her plate at the moment. She's easy to annoy and tends to be more reserved and quiet but extremely focused on her work. She's a major in photo-journalism so she always can see the big picture, especially when behind the lens of a camera. She has a natural investigative approach to all situations, willing to study and search out the answer before jumping to conclusions.
*Inner Personality: Risako always fears the supernatural in the back of her mind, even when it comes to the simplist of problems. When she encounters a tricky situation she always has two trains of thought going at the same time, one is the logical response to each situation and trying to figure out how to fix it without the use of her magic, but at the same time she's wondering what spells would solve the problem in the same way.
*Secret: She is known as a Wiccan around campus but she keeps it a secret that she can actually do something with those powers.


General History: Risako's parents are first generation immigrants from Japan who moved to LA to give their girls a better life. During the first few years of her life her parents tried to keep her powers hidden from her. When she was 11 she began noticing that whenever one of her sisters would get hurt she would be able to fix it with minimal effort, placing a band-aid over it and a moment later the wound would be gone. At the age of thirteen her mother finally let her in on the family secret and introduced her to the book of shadows for her family. During her teenage years Risako had to keep mostly to herself having to return home to study with her sisters but still managed to balance a regular social life with her friends. As her training finished and she became a full fledged witch she, along with her sisters ended up moving to Washington. Her sisters to open up a shop that specialized in Occult objects and Wicca and Risako to go to school.

Present Life: Risako goes to school just on the mainland, a small ferry-ride away. She frequents Elswen Island to relax and rest, especially at the coffee shop to work on homework. She typically keeps to herself but has a couple of friends back at the school as well as keeping close contact with her sisters.

*Special Historic Notes:

Character Name: Calli Lyens
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human/ Caucasian
Age: 19
Birthplace/World: Florida/Earth
Occupation/School/Grade: College Student



General Appearance: A blonde american with shoulder length straight hair. Her eyes are brown, and she looks slightly overweight minus her waist which is extremely thin. Similar to the thinness that would come with a petite body. She's short, and always wears fitted tees and this gray jacket because she almost always freezing cold. Occassionally people catch her without the jacket, but then her waist attracts the wrong type of attention so she puts it back on.
Strengths: Very very sneaky
Weaknesses: Not physically fit


Current Goal/Purpose: Stay alive
Talents: Puts a smile on your face, emphathetic of how people are feeling, good judge of right and wrong
Inabilities: Scared to hold a gun, crazy innocent, refuses to fight
Fears: Guns, Shadows, loneliness
General Personality: She's the mediator of peoples arguments even though she'd rather stay out of them. She clings to the people that like her, and always remains the smiling help that cringes at the thought of fighting. She makes people laugh with her head tilting and lack of awareness. If she can't make someone laugh she just kind of backs off and tries not to tick anyone off. People tend to notice she gets depressed if no ones smiling.
*Inner Personality: Inside she's a fighter. She doesn't want to be gawked at for her innocence, and would love to get over her fears. She's the type that secretly wishes someone would get her to fight back. She craves peoples laughter more then they crave hers. Happiness is key for her to stay sane.
*Secret: (I think I might make her become a fighter secretly.)


General History: Calli did grow up in Florida, sun on her hair, beach twenty-four seven, but her boyfriend changed that. He was getting shot at and she couldn't stand the thought of someone killing him. As the events became more and more frequent she just let herself be hi-jacked from her innocent world and ran. They ran as a couple.... She felt guilty for it all, but she promised herself she would never try to call home because he would go to jail. What if her family pressed charges?

Unfortunately running away, even with a destination in mind, didn't go so well when the boyfriend called home. He couldn't let his siblings and friends suffer, and she noticed he was giving in, and how much pain it caused him. So she didn't try to stop him. She told him once the consequences and the arguments began. They'd had disagreements, but they'd never seriously fought before. He didn't want to see her cry, and she didn't want to see his pain so they ended up separating. He was seventeen so his family forced him home to another state. Calli, being eighteen got her high school finished and never had the guts to face her family. She wrote once, sent a picture of herself and mentioned how she was finishing high school in Washington.

Present Life: Calli's just finished high school and been accepted for college in Elswen. Her life is gradually improving, but the zombie part isn't helping. She's trying to stay positive, and is scarred, but finding a way deep inside herself to fight. She's not so innocent anymore. She's faced enough to be considered a fighter. Can she fight back?

*Special Historic Notes:


Character Name: Samuel "Sam" Henry Bernard Bremen, Ph.D
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 29
Birthplace/World: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Occupation/School/Grade: Wizard, Detective, Professor


General Appearance: Stands at 6'1" and weighs roughly 170 lbs. Very dark brown hair, cut short, pale skin, and blue-grey eyes eyes. Usually has wisps of beard. Lithe and athletic build.

Strengths: While 'skinny', Sam hides an exceptionally athletic physique within his lithe frame, able to run several miles without stopping. He studied fencing from an early age and while he can box, he would prefer not to.

Weaknesses: While he has exceptional endurance, he lacks any great physical strength-- he's nominally 'average' in that department. Sam also has poor eyesight, and wears thick-rimmed glasses.


Current Goal/Purpose: Hunt down the things that terrorize and go bump in the night; to expand his wizarding knowledge.

Talents: Spellcasting-- Sam is a Wizard of high aptitude and great potential. He is highly intelligent, and knows a great deal about the occult and the religious and mystical practices of the various cultures of the world. He also has a fair grasp of history, especially religious history.

Inabilities: Sam has a terrible grasp of current technologies, nearly all of his mental focus bearing down on the past. He has passing knowledge of e-mail and word, and he has a cell phone, though he barely knows how to use it. The most he knows about cars would be how to change a tire.

Fears: Losing his ability to manipulate and read magic; to allow one of the more daemonic presences of the magical world to hurt an innocent.

General Personality: Sam is a pleasant enough fellow, but a realist and has a sarcastic streak. He sometimes comes off more of a smart-ass than he realizes or even wants to, and that gets him into loads of trouble. When dealing with the occult and the supernatural, Sam tends to 'take over', but in anything else, he takes a backseat, sometimes even becoming lazy and uncaring.

Inner Personality: Because of his massive and strong knowledge of magic, supernatural and the occult, Sam takes it upon himself to be judge, jury, and sometimes executioner, for all things magical. He hates seeing people dabble into things they know nothing of, and while lecture and bully those he thinks have done stupid or wrong. Sam also has something of a saviour complex, and while he might come off as standoffish with certain things, wants to always 'save the girl'.

Secret: When he was teenager, Sam tried summoning a daemon with disastrous results. He will not talk about what happens, and this singular event causes him many sleepless nights.


General History:
Sam was named after his father, and grandfather on either side of his family. Born the eldest and only son with six sisters after, Sam has always had the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He looked out for his sisters, protected them, and even guided them in certain things.

However, his home life was hardly normal-- Sam came from a family of wizards.

While no official 'Wizarding' school, there is an official 'Order' of Wizards that meet and greet several times a year. The main means of teaching and learning comes from an apprentice system and, after several years of learning under his mother (his father was a normie, that is, he couldn't use magic), Sam went off to apprentice under his grandfather, Bernard.

Sam was always a bright student, and highly talented. He showed talent in all areas of magic (save for illusions), and had a knack for magical languages and symbols. Unsurprising, Sam showed a remarkable strength in divination in the form of tracking and seeing spells, and he also showed a similar strength in evocation-- that is, he could easily conjure fireballs and the like.

Following a tragedy in his teen years, Sam struck out on his own, his grandfather passing away not soon after. He fell out of contact with his family, and made a living from reading fortunes and finding people and things that could not be found. Eventually, he made his way to Oxford College and earned a degree in History, and Magical, er, Religious Studies.

Present Life:
Sam makes a living out of both teaching and being a magical detective. As a matter of fact, when one does a Google search for Wizard, his name appears second-- right behind Gandalf. The webpage is still under construction, though...
The IC is now up, however please give me time to get part two of the intro up before you all get yourself trapped. Thank you and I'll let you all know when you can start posting.
All approved characters may now start posting.

Character Name: Woogie Woo
Gender: Assumed Male
Species/Race: Shade
Age: 1400
Birthplace/World: The Underworld
Occupation/School/Grade: Lost Wanderer, Assumed to be the resident Boogie Man



General Appearance: 3'6, weighing in at around 60 pounds soaking wet. His physical manifestation shows only a pair of glowing orange eyes, and small human like hands, that extend past his dark, and dusty overcoat which he sports with what appears to be brown pants, with some very old, and poorly made brown leather boots. The bandolier he wears over his coat is also very old, but remarkable well kept compared to the majority of his appearance which is mostly seen as a shadow, and appears to be very frail, and sickly.

Strengths: Woogie's strengths revolve around the use of his legs for running away from any danger he encounters. Despite his lack of strength, this little bugger is incredibly nimble, and quick on foot.

Weaknesses: Woogie is physically weak, and has a very hard time seeing in well lit areas due to spending the majority of his time in the dark. In a nut shell, he has light sensitivity, and go momentarily blind if he's exposed to bright flashes of light, with no gradual exposure prior to.


Current Goal/Purpose: Find his way back home, or make a home here if circumstances permit.

Talents: Woogie is an amazing illusionist which involves his own unique style of sorcery, which is generally used in aiding his retreats from danger, but he does tend to use it to more creative methods, such as creating shadow puppets, and even temporary beings that he can communicate with in order to cope with his deep loneliness.

Inabilities: Woogie has a very difficult time controlling his curiosity, and usually causes quite a scare when he goes to explore, and interact with things he's never seen before, as he likes to touch, and taste various things in order to feel in turn with his environment. He seems to have an apparent weakness for stray cats, and dogs, and refers to most of them as 'Friendzies.'

Fears: Woogie has a fear of most things taller than himself, as most often people scream the words "MONSTER!" at him, sending him into a fit of fear assuming that he's being chased by monsters, or the fact that people begin taking brooms or other pieces of hand held cleaning equipment in his general direction with reckless abandon, and no regard for his personal safety.

General Personality: Very skiddish, and cautious to nearly anything with a heartbeat as he's learned that most humans either fear him, or just don't plain like him. This makes him seem rather depressed, and or anti social, for the few that haven't attacked him outright, but it's apparent the little guy has a bright outlook on life, or it appears as such.

Inner Personality: Woogie has a heart of gold, and seems quest driven to do just about anything in his power to make the area around him a better, or at least, more enjoyable place. When he finds someone who's nice enough to him, he opens up slight showing that there's more the Boogie Man than most myths, and that in all reality, he's more of a child at heart. He has a tremendous love for music, and secretly listens to it as he sleeps through an old Sony Walkman that he found in the trash, if, and when he can find batteries for it.

Secret: Woogie was disowned, and cast out by the higher powers of his world, due to the fact that he wasn't quite evil enough... or evil at all.


General History: Woogie's parent's were your typical bad, bad monsters that go bump in the night, n' all that jazz. Their child, Woogie however... wasn't an apple that fell remotely in the same field of orange trees. None of the other Shades could quite put their shadowy fingers on the child, but it was eventually chalked up to Karma sending them a wild card in the gene pool.

Low, and behold, they booted his ass out of the underworld in the hopes of ridding themselves of the runt, and going back to doing their wicked, and very mean things to humans. Woogie however spent the better part of five hundred years looking for a way back home, and it was only now that he's began to understand that he's not wanted back in his home plane. Something he thought was an accident, being left behind during on of the many incursions into the human world, by his people.

And so, Woogie wandered the world in it's shadows, exploring to dull the pain of his abandonment, and hopefully find something better on this side of the bridge between two very different worlds.

Present Life: Woogie spends his days rummaging through the garbage, and trash of others discovering new, fantastic, and wonderful things that he'd never imagined, all the while avoiding the very people who have left behind their discarded wares.

*Special Historic Notes:
Yeah, under a lot of a pressure from outside sources, I'm backing out of this one.
Sorry to hear that, but thank you for the heads up. When things are better feel free to plot back in.