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    Elston Academy was supposedly one of the top schools around. It's extra exclusiveness was very enticing, since you could only get in by recommendation or passing the impossible test. (Bribery has also been known to work, but keep that on the hush) The school some how manages to get some of the top grades in the country, leading everyone to think it's all military style. The few who go there know otherwise- though they'll never admit it to an outsider. That's how the school lets every one keep their freedom. You can do any lesson you want at any time, or even just skive off a while. Romance is encouraged, just don't think your girl friend's just yours. Weaponry such as snipers, shuriken, and spears. There's only one time of year the students aren't screaming with joy- that's study month. A whole month of study before the tests. I'm sure you can sneak in a few drink though.

    Ellis had just joined, being reccomended by his brainiac cousin Steve. Ellis' silky blond hair fell in front of his face as he wondered about the school shrouded in mystery. Even his own cousin wouldn't speak a word of the boarding school hidden in the mountains. Ellis laid back his small shoulders against the rough chair of the taxi. He wondered how long it would be till he got there, biting his scabbed lips. The petite boy sighed. He hoped nobody mistook him for a girl, like at his old school. He'd even worn shorts instead of a skirt, and worn his hair down in stead of in bows. He was about to reach down for his book, when he remembered he'd been forbidden to bring a single thing. He was so used to the comfort of his book he'd forgotten.

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    Minda sat in the car as she was rove to the new school her wretched father was making her go too, she dose't even know how she got into the school, but whatever. Minda sat in the back seat of a cab, with only her clothes with her. "I hope this school doesn't make me wear a uniform." Minda said, no one was in the car with her except the driver, but he was too deaf too hear anything anyways. She looked ahead and saw a tall building, it looked gloomy, she snickered at the though of her being the only girl there. "Too bad." Minda thought too herself, she was bi so most guy's avoided her, romance wasn't really something that happened with her often. she thought it would be nice though if it did. There was a car in front of hers, a black one. She wasn't sitting there for much longer until the car came too a stop and the door was opened. she huffed and got out, her black converse crushing the leaves on the pavement, she glanced over and saw a skinny boy with blonde hair getting out of the car in front of her, she was tempted to saw sup, but decided against it.
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    Ellis stumbled out of the black taxi just after it had stopped. He was soon followed by several other students, including his cousin. As the others headed towards the grand schools entrance he look over his shoulder to see another taxi pulling in. From what he could see this one only had a single person in, a girl it seemed. He remembered something on the school leaflet saying girls would be gladly welcomed, as the girl boy ratio was 1:9. Good thing he was bi. Anyway, this girl seemed a bit down. He decided to take as long as possible to walk to the entrance, to see if he could cheer her up- one of his favourite activities along with sewing, cross dressing and reading.
  4. Minda continued to walk her regular speed, which was quite fast. she eventually caught up with the guy she saw getting out of the car. "Hey." Minda said with a slight smirk on her face, her hair blowing across her face from the slight breeze. She continued walking looking at the boy from the corner of her eye. He was small and very thin. Minda heard behind her a group of boys snickering and talking about her skirt behind her, it didn't really bug her at first but they continued so, Minda said something. "Hey! Listen, its a skirt okay, you don't like the way it looks, deal with it on your own time. Okay! Okay." Minda turned back her skirt lifted slightly from the breeze as she turned, exposing the rim of her black underwear. "My name is Minda, by the way, what's yours?" Minda smirked slightly at the guy as she continued to walk into the school.
  5. "H-hi Minda, I'm E-Ellis," Ellis stuttered, scared of the boisterous crowd behind them. Although the unique dressing of the girl startled him just as much. She was dressed so ornately, compared to his loose white shirt, opal jeans, and... he just realized he was still wearing his sky blue slip-ons with a neat little bow instead of his sneakers. "Maybei can distract those boys from her skirt with my shoes..." he wondered, too nervous to elaborate in his plan. Speaking of which, he should get back to his first one. "N-nice hair..." Ellis complimented, "Where are y-you from?"
  6. Minda chuckled as the boy stuttered. "Hi, Ellis, your shoes are cute and I am from Rome, you?" Minda was a flirt so complimenting the boy was really no big deal too her. "Your stutter is cute too, are you scared? Or do I make you nervous?" Minda had made plenty of people nervous in her life time, "I guess I should have dressed won huh? every one else is so un-formal, I guess for me this is kinda dressing down, My dad was a "very important person" back home so i always have to dress nice. But you probably don;t care about my life story." Minda chuckled, she had a problem with rambling on and on. They walked into the school and a woman in a gray uniform greeted them and made them all listen as she instructed them all to grab they're schedules and dorm room numbers, and settle in, classes didn;t start until tommrow anyways, not that Minda would go too them.
  7. "T-Thanks?" Ellis replied, startled, "I'm from P-Paris with a French m-mother and English father. I'm u-usually scared, sorry! And y-you look very nice!" Ellis managed three whole sentences due to the shock of the strange girls friendly rambling- amazing for him. Ellis walked into the school with Minda to be greeted by a woman in a Gray uniform. She recited a boring introduction, which Ellis learned by heart with each word spoken. Having an identic memory meant Ellis remembered the most useless things- though this probably wasn't one of them. Ellis was about to ask Minda something, when a large, buff man stopped right in front of Ellis and Minda.
  8. Minda looked at Ellis after the lady was finished talking, but a buff man stepped in front of them. "Can i help you sir?" Minda was kinda scared , she didn;t know if he was a student or a worker, he was big enough too be a worker, but so were some of the kids, Minda had seen walking in earlier.
  9. The large man grumbled "I believe your father sent me? Or am I looking for somebody else?" The mans booming voice made Ellis cower behind Minda for protection. Big men in black suits just made him think of freaky fbi agents slaying aliens, like on those horrible scific shows his brother used to watch. Ellis didn't really like TV in general, since it was so bright, unpredictable and... loud. Like this man. Ellis was trembling with fear behind somebody once again, before lessons had even started. Ellis hoped Minda didn't mind.
  10. Minda looked up at the man, she had seen him before, he was her fathers guard, and her father sent him too look after her. Minda thought for a second. "um, I believe you are looking for somebody else, My name is uh...Linda." The man grumbled and Minda grabbed Ellis's hand and pulled him out of the crowd and started running down a corridor away from the man. After a second or so, Minda heard the man yell after her. "Hey, wait come back here!" Minda cackled and continued running pulling Ellis along with her, she pulled him into a small closet around the corner, it was very small actually, there bodies were pressed together, Minda didn't mind, she tried not to laugh. She heard the Man come around the corner and look around, she thought he was going to open the door, so Minda rested her head on Ellis's shoulder to keep from laughing. After the man passed by Minda reached up and pulled on a string and the light turned on. Minda realized just how close they were and she chuckled, opening the door and pulling him out. "Well, that was fun, don;t you think?" Minda said putting her hand on her hips, and smiling at Ellis.
  11. From behind Minda, Ellis heard Minda lie "Um, I believe you are looking for somebody else, My name is uh...Linda." Minda then abruptly grabbed Ellis' hand, and tugged him through the thick crowd of students. From a distance he heard the bulky man shout something angrily, with Minda cackling at him. Ellis' head was spiraling at the craziness of all this. This wasn't exactly what he was used to. Too late for that now though. Moments before he dragged into a minuscule closet, one of Ellis' cute, blue shoes flew into the throng of people. To make matters worse he compressed against the erratic girl. He could feel her jagged breathes against his soft skin. She even buried head into his shoulder. His cheeks set a flame from embarrassment. After a minute the light flickered on, accompanied by the girl asking "Well, that was fun, don't you think?" Not really his usual idea of fun, but he had to admit it had been new and exciting. Perhaps not quiet fun, yet almost. Minda wasn't the type of girl Ellis usually made friends with...well he didn't usually make friends at all...this girl seemed extremely interesting though. He nodded in agreement, unable to speak. He attempted to move his hand to scratch an itch on the back of his neck, but found himself unable to in the confined space.

    He could tell it was going to be a chaotic year.
  12. Minda chuckled as she felt Ellis attempt to move his hand. "need some help." Minda reached her hand behind Ellis's neck and rubbed it. "We should probably get out of here now." Minda said as she opened the door and stepped out. Minda looked down and noticed Ellis' was missing on of his shoes. "Were did your shoe go?" Minda looked down the hall and into the crowd of students, they were all conversing by now, she saw a little clue thing on the floor in a group of students they were kicking it around. "Hey, can I have that shoe Boys?" Minda said as she started walking down the hall. One of the boy's picked up the she and stuck it partially in his pants. "If you are brave enough to get it." The boy smirked at Minda and winked. "Oh palease, I have done more daring things this morning." Minda reached for the part of the shoe sticking out and pulled it out. "Thank you." Minda said with a wink and a smile and walked back to Ellis. "Here ya go Ellis."
  13. Ellis didn't think Minda would ever cease to amaze him. How she had the nerve to strut out the cupboard and pull his shoe out of a guys pants, he didn't know. When she handed him the shoe, he felt a little awkward taking the dainty thing from her in front of so many people. He tried to take it from her and put it on as discreetly as possible, but just ended up in a heap on the floor. Great way to avoid a attention. He slipped the shoe on, then scrambling up as quickly as possible. From the other end of the corridor he could smell delicious scents of cooking, sweet, savory and sour. "Do you want to go checkout what that smell is? Or we could go find our dorms, if you want," Ellis inquired.
  14. Minda giggled as Ellis fell too the floor. Minda thought Ellis was the cutest thing in the world. Minda helped him up and then turned toward the corridor. "Sure lets goo see what the smell is." Minda grabbed Ellis's arm and started to pull him so that he was caught up with and then she let go and walked beside him. "So, tell me about your self, Ellis." Minda thought Ellis was really quite adorable and she thought he was interesting, he was clumsy and so unlike her.

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    Ellis stumbled along beside Minda, pondering where to start. "Well... my names Ellis Suoh, i'm from Paris as you know," he began uncertainty, "I like to sew, cross dress and read. I'm not a fan of bugs, loud noises or large groups of people, but I like flowers, bows, and... Oh my! What a delicious strawberry cake that seems to be!" They had arrived the bend in the corridor, where an open door revealed the wonders of a kitchen.It was full of vibrant colours, clinking and clanking sounds, toast warm air plus wonderful smells of every kind. Ellis peered in, despite the noise, mesmerized the the strawberry cake. Ellis didn't realize he was beginning to drool as he mumhered, "Must...eat...strawberry...cake...". A short, jolly looking man then appeared in the door way, dressed in a stereotypical chefs out fit.

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    Minda chuckled a little as Ellis started to drool over the cake. The man in the chefs clothing smiled at them and started to talk in a really cheesy french accent. "welcome to the cafe, everything you could possibly want to eat is here, cake, fruit, meat, anything and everything." Minda looked around him and noticed a beautifully decorated strawberry cheese cake. Minda's mouth dropped and she ignored the chef, walking around him and to the lady serving the cake, she grabbed a plate and smiled at the lady. "Can I have some of that cheese cake?" The lady smiled at her and put a piece on her plate. Mind was oblivious toi where Ellis had gone, she loved Cheese Cake and she was happy to be eating it.
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    Ellis paced toward the serving area of the canteen, subsequently buying 8 slices of rose red, sweet scented, creative and crumbly strawberry cake. Afterwards he grabbed a fork while he looked around to find where Minda was sitting with her cheese cake. When he spotted her, he cautiously hobbled over to her, not wanting to drop any of the cake balanced on his hands. He was concentrating so hard he didn't notice somebody nick a slice. When Ellis finally reached Minda, he slid the two plates piled up with cake onto the table. He began gorging on the cake, as he asked Minda "Fo, bwy donbt bu tell mei abouf boar pelf bu?" Soon he was blushing at the nonsensical question he'd asked, plus the large amount of cake he was rudely consuming. He swallowed his cake, then repeated, "Sorry about my bad manners, but why don't you tell me about yourself too?"
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  18. Minda concentrated on her cake. Minda looked up slightly when she saw Ellis sit by her. Minda chuckled a little when Ellis started to talk with his mouth full. "It's alright." Minda took a bite of her cake, it was so creamy and smooth. "Ig ojay" Minda giggled and swallowed. "I am from Rome, Like I said, I am 17 and I don;t really get along with my parents much. I am kind of a rebel." Minda giggled again and took another bite of her cake. After she had finished she got up and took care of her plate and she went back to sit down next to Ellis and noticed a very small girl walking slowly towards Ellis, she looked really shy and kinda scared. Minda sat back down and the girl walked up to Ellis and said Hi, shyly. "Hi, Ma-my, name is Mindy and I-I was wa-wondering i-if you wanted to um....show me to ma- my dorm." The girl looked up she had lite pink eye's she looked about 5, but Minda knew she had to be at least 16. When Ellis didn;t look up and pay attention to her, Minda nudged him and whispered in his ear what the girl had said, then waited for him to act.
  19. "I am from Rome, Like I said, I am 17 and I don't really get along with my parents much. I am kind of a rebel." Minda giggled again. Ellis began to wonder how many times Minda had already giggled today. His mind began to wonder, and Minda had to nudge him to remind him that somebody was speaking. He looked up, seeing a petite girl, with soft pink eyes. Her hair was pale blonde, almost white, and had vague ringlets like whispers. She had a small build, and seemed to be about 5- though he assumed she wasn't, and that she was a student like him. Minda mumhered to Ellis, "She said "Hi, my, name is Mindy and I was wondering if you wanted to show me to my dorm.", to you."
    "Um, h-hello Minda-y, I'm new so I-I don't really know w-where the dorms are either. W-would you l-like to take a s-seat and have su-slice of cake?" Ellis suggested, not quiet sure where this would go. If she agreed he'd be sitting next to two completely opposite characters: a rebel and shrinking violet like him. Ellis shakily crossed his legs as a droplet of sweat rolled down his forehead, not used to the company of being with two other girls...I mean being with two girls.
  20. Minda looked at the girl. "Oh-okay." Mindy sat down and looked at Minda, she was practically staring at her. "What?" Minda said kinda rudely. "Oh, uh nothing, I-I just thought maybe you could leave...." Minda's eye's went wide at the girl's daringness. "Yeah i can leave." Minda sat up figuring, Ellis and her would get along better with her anyways. Minda stood and kinda jumped at the girl, she squeaked, Minda smirked and started to walk away, she heard the girl start to ask about Minda and Ellis. Minda smirked again and began too look for the dorms. She eventually found them, they were decent looking, there wer some of Minda's clothes from home already in the closet. "Dad must have sent these here." Minda walked over to the other half of the dorm, another bed was there and a closet full of clothes, they looked like the kind of cothes that the Mindy girl would wear. Minda groaned hoping they weren't