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Hello :3 I am Lulu. I am a mother of two and am a full time Nurse but I still have plenty of time to RP. I have two that are ongoing, albeit slowly, and am craving a third or even more. I do not have a required length of posts but I do enjoy more than one liners. If the one liner cannot move the story forard (as most cannot...) I do not like them. Grammar isn't a huge issue, I'm not going to freak because there is a fragment instead of a full sentence. Please make sure it is able to be read. I cannot understand broken writing and to decipher it is more than I wish.

All right I am open to suggestions or plots anyone is wanting to RP but there is one that has been eating at me for a bit.

My character:

Adelynn Stone lives in a metropolitan town. Though it is a few decades in the future, it isn't much more advanced. The world has changed a lot and though the politicians and heads of society wish everyone to believe life is perfect, those of lower middle class and low class know better. Creatures of the night and beasts of legend are real. On her walk home from work one night Adelynn is attacked by something not human. She is knocked out during a scuffle between the beast and a creature that saved her. But why? She thanks the man but the smile he gives her makes it clear that she was very much still in trouble.

She wakes in a fortress. She doesn't know where she is or how she got there or even what happened. She is in a room with no windows and no doors, with various women. To her dismay they are all alike in stature, weight and features. Will she be on the menu for these new creatures or does the Prince of the coven (your character) want something else?

Pm me if you wanna shoot about the plot or if you would like something else all together :)
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