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  1. Well... Hello might as well get it over with :)

    Went from newbie to member in a little over a day. YAY! I'm excited to get RP-ing. It's been quite a while since I have with college and work swamping my time I won't be a perfect player so to say... BUT I will check it daily more than once and on my days off I'll probably be soaking in the rays from my laptop as I scour rp's :)

    That's about it :3

  2. Do I know you from somewhere? -shot-

    Seriously though. Welcome! I just started yesterday too. You get to "new member" after about 6 or so posts I think. Member takes 20 posts and about 2 weeks, so we have a while to go for that.

    So you're a college student, hm? Might I randomly ask what you're studying? I haven't started college yet myself- need my GED first. But once I get that done (which my grandmother offered to pay for, thankfully), I plan on going into education...And furthermore, into special ed. :) Though it was recently brought to my attention I may do well studying library science as my cousin is. I must admit, it may be tempting...
  3. Library science sounds interesting never knew you could study for that :3 I am a nursing student with a little over four semesters left until my bachelor's degree in nursing which is by far the most amazing accomplishment I will have received. After that... who knows? Maybe someday there will be an MD behind my name :3 One thing is for sure for whenever you do start your future studies, study something you truly like and want to. My sister spent years studying mechanical engineering when her true passion was mathematics and she wasted so much time and money and exhausted her brain with all this engineering stuff she ended up switching her major after three painstaking years and having to take two more to get a bachelors in mathematics in the end. Go for your dreams no matter what =)
  4. My cousin went to law school. She's in her late thirties right now and just recently restarted to go to school for library science, thus how I found out. She couldn't handle law in the end- her OCD actually makes it really hard to work with, so she ended up having trouble with work. Thus, she's switching gears. I still feel passionate about the idea of teaching special education...I went to special education schools myself, and I really found it wonderful, and my teachers really were inspiring. However, I wouldn't complain about working in a library either. I love books, and I used to volunteer when I was younger at the library helping with a two kids' craft classes :)
  5. Hello!! I'm Keagan. I'm really new too since I Just joined yesterday.

    Yeah I hear you about college. I'm slowly easing myself back into school after being out of high school for almost two years. Right now I'm only taking two classes. Semester just started last week, but hopefully I do well. I'm an art major at a local college, but for sophomore year I hope to transfer to an arts college to get my BFA in Illustration.

    Nursing is a good degree to go into. :) Bedside manner is so important though, but you seem nice so I don't think you'll have any problems with that. ^^ I could never be a nurse. I panic too easily and if I see someone vomiting or something I'll probably end up throwing up too lol.

    It is definitely important to choose something you enjoy. It took me about 4 years to accept that art was truly what I wanted to do. I've always loved drawing, but everyone discouraged me, not because I wasn't good, but because it wasn't practical. So I basically wasted my entire time in high school taking classes that would relate to a more practical career. I almost went in as an art therapy major. Filled out my application to the college and wrote my essay, had it all ready to mail off. But then as I was walking to the mailbox...I had a moment of crippling self doubt and threw my application in the trash.

    I'm glad I did though. :) My heart is in illustration.

    Also, what genre do you like to roleplay? XD
  6. Any really ha. I haven't roleplayed in about five years and have been missing it so very much since then. I was never on forums then though, msn and those on my contact list were my rp partners so this is all very new to me. I just want to build up my strengths and challenge myself :) I'm open to anything at the moment lol

    I'm glad that you're passionate about art and it's what you really want to do. My little sister is a senior at the moment and has always been an amazing artist even before she took classes to refine her art and she even received a scholarship to attend temple university in the japan campus but she's thinking about turning it down :( She also thinks that she won't be able to live. She assumes she'll be a struggling freelance artist. I do hope that she, like you, changes her mind and follows her true passion
  7. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku, :).

    My cousin is currently taking nursing courses to build up her GPA but she really wants to be an anesthesiologist and her boyfriend wants to be a doctor, =D. I've worked with special needs stupids for about five years? I got pretty sick with asthma so I had to leave and I'm trying to get back into it. It's not my dream career but it's an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience. I wanted to do art as a career path but I've decided that I'm more interested in Criminology, Sociology and joining the FBI to catch serial killers. ...Drastic change, I know =D.

    I wish you all luck in your dreams!