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  1. Hi! Well, I'm new to iwakuroleplay, but I think I got it figured out. I missed the post in member central, and I've already posted in a thread, and its reeeallly awesome! I changed my avatar, my title and I am obviously having some exploring time with my text<3 Anyways, I'd like some friends, but I don't know how to accept friend requests, is it in Notifications? No ones sent one to me (that I know of) so I guess it could be extremely obvious... haha!! Anyways, yeah! I swear I'm a better writer when I roleplay not full of ANYWAYS' haha.. Or haha's. I'm going to stop typing before im giggling in your face.. Must resist urge to laugh
  2. Yeaaah. If someone sent you a friend request you would get a notification.
    I'm glad you have things figured out!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Whimsy!

    Hello and welcome to the forums! <3
  4. Hello there ^^
  5. You're awesome, and I'd love to roleplay with you sometime! :D
  6. Thanks Everyone!! And Vinylscratch (by the way, I'm a brony/pegasister as well(; ) I'd love to roleplay with you, too!
  7. **Fumbles around blindly for the exit**

    I'm Kitti, welcome to Iwaku.
    Have fun, look around, etc. etc.
    If you need help, please do ask.

  8. AAAAGHHH! MY EEEEYYYSSS!!!! *Blinded by the awesomely eipc purpleness, Viper falls backwards over a chair*

    Welcome to Iwaku, Whimsy! I have to go and grab an anti-concussion kit now...

  9. Just send me a message anytime and we can set something up, Whimsy! :D
  10. Welcome to iwaku! Join some awesome games! Post a lot! Let us know if you need anything!