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I'm gonna be a lazy panda and use this survey thingy-ma-bobber...

What nicknames do you like to be called? Most people call me Emi. It's not my real name, though.

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya? Girl. Seventeen.

What's your favorite genres to roleplay? Can't get enough of romance. But, I also love adventure and horror type roleplays. Plus more!

Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs? I do love wolves.. Awh hell. Zombie fox plushies all the way. O: <

Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~! Too many in my head to pick just one. > n < Most of them are Akiakane songs.

I'm very excited about joining Iwaku and hope I'll have as good of an experience as everyone else~ :D
We are very excited that you joined! I'm sure you will have a grand experience. Everyone here tends to be lovely and many awesome roleplays can be found ^.^

Glad you found your way here, Twix =p I'm Celeste!

Welcome to Iwaku, Miss Twix! Or Emi. I can't quite choose but do enjoy caramel, cookie, and chocolate, so I'll just stick with Twix!

I am Iliana but you can just call me Iliana! Welcome to the community and I hope you find everything you are looking for! If not, let me know and I'll be glad to help you with anything you may need!
Good experiences, yes! >:3 Welcome to the Community!
Excitement is the spice of life! Or something like that.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Emi. Pleasure to meet you.

Since you're new to us, I have some places of interest for you!

This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here. These signups are important and most of the GMs for games here require that you fill out the character sheet and be approved before you can play in their game but no need to worry! Most people are more than happy to help modify something if it's not what they were looking for and give you guidance but for the most part, they're also a creative community with lots of leeway given to new players.

This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!

We're a site packed with friendly people, so I'm sure you'll glide right into our ranks! If you need any help, please feel free to ask. :D
Akiakane? :D

Nice to meet you, Emi! I'm Ozzie. Romance and horror are great. We have a pretty cool horror group on here.

Let me know if you need anything!