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Hi! I'm BunBunTheCatSnake (but you can call me Bun Bun for short <3). I love, love, LOVE to roleplay! I've been doing it with friends for about... Six years, I think. But I'm kind of sort of new to role playing on forums.
If you ever want to rp, don't be afraid to ask! I'm always down to ruin an OC's life (haha). Even if you think "hey, I'm going to message this person for a nice chat!" That is ALWAYS welcomed. I love meeting new people, on the Internet.

Okay... So a little bit about myself! I'm eighteen, and I make a living off of cleaning after people at a hotel. I'm a huge geek! I LOVE Harry Potter. It's my life. I grew up watching Doctor Who... And I'm unfortunately one of the poor souls waiting for the fourth season of Sherlock. I'm a fan on Supernatural (and THE supernatural), and my favorite character is a toss between Crowley and Sam. My favorite color is Violet, and my favorite band is the Cure. My real name means Cranberry, too! Ironically, I love cranberries.



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I would tend to play Modern Fantasy or High Fantasy
Welcome to Iwaku BunBun! hope you enjoy your stay here~!
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Welcome to Iwaku. And have a cookie.
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