Ello There~

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  1. Hey guys ;D

    It's nice to have finally found such a wonderful RP site! With members so generally friendly~

    The name's Ravv and I've been RP'ng for a while now, mind you I still make many mistakes (grammatical ones that is). No one's perfect, right? I haven't actually RP'd in a while but have been looking to for some time now. I feel it helps my muse and generates imagination. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and RP'ng. ^^

    Generally, I'm the fun guy ...well, I mean that's probably the character you'll meet when you see me RP'ng. I love playing the guy that easies the tension with stupid puns and whatnot. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it, I at least hope you all will.

    Nice to meet you~
  2. Hello and welcome to Iwaku. I hope to see a lot of creative works from you, and perhaps role play some time!
  3. I appreciate the kind words Raven! I look forward to RP'ng with you some time as well~
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I command you to love the site, community, and me. :P Anyways I hope to see you around.
  5. As I am ready to serve, I shall take this command, and follow it always~

    Haha. Thanks for the welcome Hunter! I hope to see you around as well ^^
  6. Welcome to the glorious mountain that is Iwaku! Believe me, this place is flipping awesome possum good! Hope you enjoy the experience, make many friends and rip up the threads with deliciously marvelous posts!

  7. Welcome. It's a delight to have another user join us, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this site.
  8. @Mana, Flipp'n awesome possum good, huh? Sound's great! xD I certainly appreciate the enthusiastic welcome, thanks!

    @Wrath, Thank you~