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  1. Well I'm back, names Tara :) I left suddenly last time for personal reasons but yeah hi I guess.
  2. Hi Tara Hatter! 8D Do you mind telling me your old username so I can merge your accounts? (Or tell me the name via PM so I can delete it and no one will know? XD )
  3. Hello and welcome back, miss.
    Hopefully you won't be dragged away this time.
    If you need help, feel free to ask~
  4. Welcome Back Tara! I may not know you but the name is Satrina :3
  5. Welcome back to iwaku :9 Don't disappear again ;)
  6. My old account was deleted when I left, since I didn't think I'd be back but thank you!

    Thank you all, I'll try and actually stick around this time!
  7. Welcome back, I think I remember you? I do! Glad you decided to return.
  8. I do not remember you. Your title reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean though! So that's exciting.
    Welcome back!
  9. Octobre: I feel like I remember you, but I've got horrible memory sorry!
    Celestialis: That's where I got it from :)
  10. Hello Tara Hatter! I'm not sure I knew you but welcome back! Hope you have fun this time around!