Ello my lovelies!

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Do you want to roleplay with me? x3

  1. Ewwww, no. No way. ;-; (If you choose this then idek why you're here xD )

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  2. Omfg, yes! Roleplay, whoop!!! Sign me up! ^~^ (That's the spirit, people!)

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  1. Hai, I'm new here, I'm looking for new friends and a good roleplay. I'm always in the mood to roleplay so yeah... Facebook roleplaying hasn't been much fun lately so I decided to come give this site a try. Just a curious new-comer is all. cx
  2. -kicks wall down- I shall give my common greeting. Ahem. WELCOME TO IWAKU!!!! HAVE FUN RPING!!!
  3. Wooh!! Welcome! Feel welcome in any of my RPs!!!!!! Hope you have fun here!!!
  4. ^ Ma'am you must know Cry
  5. Yep!
    But it's definitely true! :)
  6. -nods in agreement-
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku! (:
  8. Welcome to the Madness xD

    Enjoy your stay and so not get lost here.. We don't want to find you hanging with the Crazy bunnies after all xD
  9. Greetings Luna Love! :D Welcome to the site!